Friday, June 29, 2007

On the lake

This weekend we are going to the lake with Scott and Jenna. Jake will be meeting us too. It will be a fun day with good weather. Zoe likes going with us when we go places but we will leave her at Jenna's while we are at the lake. This coming week is also July 4th. There is bound to be a lot of traffic and we will be at the lake again. Summer is a fun time, don't you think?

Def Leppard Tickets

Do you enjoy going to concerts? Well we sure do. I found this great website,, where you can check out all kinds of bands, concert dates and more. There is a page filled with def leppard tickets. It has the time, date and event all right there for you with easy access. It's extremely user friendly. All tickets are delivered Federal Express to the cardholder billing address. How easy is that! Pick them up today for an unforgettable experience with Def Leppard.

Weed Eater

For the first time I had to replace the plastic line in my weed eater. I am surprised that I never had to do that before. It was cheap to replace and easy too. The line diameter isn't quite as big as the old one but the salesman recommended this size. When it ran out of line today I was only about half done with the yard. I am looking forward to trying it out sometime soon. I am sure it will work fine.

Outdoor Fireplace

Summer is sure great! It's fun to be outdoors enjoying God's beauty. In the evening my husband and I like to go out and sit on our swing on the deck and watch the wild life. We often will see squirrels, birds, bunnies and more. One thing we are missing, I'm told by our daughter, is an outdoor fireplace. I have seen many different kinds and they do look like they would be fun to own. A person could have their own little camp fire. Kids could enjoy making smores. May have to invest in one.

New golf club

Today we were in a neighboring city and stopped off at the local golf shop. I looked at some of the new drivers, which were very expensive, and then checked out the barrel of assorted irons just inside the doorway. All of these were just $10 each. I am left-handed so there usually isn't much to choose from. Most of these clubs were used but there were a few new ones also. A majority were 6 irons and I spotted a very clean, possibly new, Taylormade. It had a stiff graphite shaft and looked quite nice. I had a 6 iron in my set at home but I thought I could always use another, right? I mean, you never know when you might feel like trying a different club. The manager said that this club would normally sell for well over $100 new. It looked new to me and I bought it. I will keep you up to date on how it works for me.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


My husband and I don't have much opportunity to watch TV. If we can, we always enjoy watching CSI Las Vegas. It is so fascinating! The cases are always different and it's interesting and informative to watch and learn how they use DNA to track down the criminal. There is so much they can do scientifically these days. Isn't it great!

Unhappy People

There seems to be so many unhappy people today. Mixed up and confused, there are horrible things going on. The news is filled with all of the sad lives and crimes committed towards innocent people. From College campus shootings to (9 month) pregnant women taken at their prime. Families killing each other and men stalking women. It goes on and on. What the world needs is to get back to Jesus. He is hope, peace, love, compassion, faithful and the list goes on. I pray that people will turn from their sinful lives and live for Him.

Company Profiles

Do you have a business or company that you would like to see an increase in production and revenue? I'm sure that would be a goal for most of us in the business world. Now there is a great new website that can aid you in a quick search for many companies across the globe. It is called masterseek. It is a global search engine, providing an awesome service that is free to access. You can find information, products and services for more then 45 million companies in 75 different countries. It may aid you in your search for a new business partner or in a boost in sales opportunities. Look into this great site today!


WOW! Woke up with a stuffed up head and it's causing me to have a migraine. Have any of you found that this Spring/Summer you're allergies have been worse then usual? Mine sure have been. I've had to take my meds to help control some of the symptoms. The weather has cooled off and I would love to open the windows up, but I don't dare do it. It wouldn't help matters.

Extra Cash

Today there are many people who have started up blogging. I am one of those. While sharing some of my favorite interests I have found that I can also make some extra cash. Who doesn't love making some additional money on the side. Well, there is this great new site, Bloggerwave, that gives you the opportunity to do just that. Don't wait. Check them out today. You'll be glad you did.

Endangered Species

I'm sure most people have known that the Bald Eagle,America's bird, has been on the endangered species list. It has been on this list since the 1960's. This morning on the news I heard that this magnificent bird is no longer on the endangered species list. That means that there are more Bald Eagles around today and it is because of peoples efforts to protect them. Thank you all for ensuring that our treasured bird is in greater numbers. Once in awhile I have seen them soring above the nearby state park or feeding on a dead deer in a field. They are fun to watch.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Police CD

WOW! Have you checked out the new Police Cd? It is a 2 disc compilation CD that was released June 5th, this year. I love this band! Who couldn't enjoy this great music. I can remember hits they've had from way back when I was much younger. This band seems to still be going strong. You usually don't see that happen to often unless they are exceptional and this group is! My daughter recently got the new CD and it is so good! They are finding themselves listening to it whenever possible. Now the band has a new Eyewonder banner on line. The banner gives you the latest on this awesome band. There are several different links you can go to which will allow you to learn more about the Police. You can even check out some of their music and videos. There is also a Track List / Jukebox. If you're looking for their tour dates, you can find that information there also. There are contests you can enter or maybe you want to send some of the latest information to a friend. It can all be done right from their banner. If you're like my son and son-in-law you may want to check out their ringtones that can be found on the site. I personally enjoy going through their music tracks and listening to some of their greatest hits! Can you tell that I really enjoy this band?! I think you will too! The new CD that is out now also comes with a vintage poster. I thought that was a great bonus to an already get deal! It's on the shelf just waiting for you to buy. Don't miss this great opportunity to own some awesome music!

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2nd Anniversary

Our oldest children, who are twins, got married two years ago this month. They were married 8 days apart. Now they are celebrating their 2nd Anniversaries already. WOW! Time sure does fly. They are now both expecting their first child this fall. The girls are due just one day apart. Isn't that something? What will these kids do next. :) Stay tuned.

Drug Rehab

There are so many problems in the world today. Sometimes it seems that people have trouble coping with life and turn to false highs such as drugs and alcohol. They can often find themselves in need of a program dealing with drug rehabs. It's not easy to take on an addiction by yourself, so it's great that there are places out there that can aid in the healing process.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Have you noticed that there seems to be more and more negative type news in the media? There is a lot of sadness in the world but do we need to hear about it all of the time? I think that there are people that get ideas from the media and it isn't all good. They hear about certain crimes and they attempt to duplicate the act. Then some would say that is wasn't really their fault because they would not have done the act if they had not seen it or heard about it in the media. Maybe they are right. Perhaps we shouldn't see all that goes on in the world. The media is a money making business, not just something to help keep us informed.

Transfer Tank

Have you ever been driving down the highway and seen a stranded motorist who is out of gas? You most likely would need to head back to the nearest town in order to help them out. If you had a transfer tank with you, you would be able to aid the motorist in giving them some gas right there on the spot. It could be a pretty handy item to own.

Informative Site

There are so many blogs out do we know which ones are worth our while and which ones are not?! Well, by word of mouth of course. That's why I'm here to tell you about Scott and Jenna, a married couple, who have blogs that are interesting to read and very informative! They offer information about their personal lives, as well as viewpoints on the news and interesting topics such as faith, family, technology and so much more. Check out both Jenna's Site and Scott's Site today!

Losing Weight

What a constant battle it can be for some people to lose weight. I need to shed about 10 pounds and would sure like to find some kind of aid in doing so. There is a Tenuate pill out there that is an appetite suppressant. I think I will check into the side effects, interactions and indications of this drug.

Expand Your Knowledge

There are so many blogs out do we know which ones are worth our while and which ones are not? Well, by word of mouth of course. That's why I'm here to tell you about Clare's Blog that is interesting to read and very informative! She offers her viewpoint on the news and interesting topics such as faith, family, education and more. Check Clare's Blog out today!

Range of Knowledge

Hey, I came across a really neat site today! If you are wanting to catch up on anything from sports to politics, Diana’s site is for you! Just take today for example! Diana wrote on topics ranging from the death of WWE wrestler Chris Benoit, to Paris Hilton getting out of jail! Not only does she talk about all kinds of news going on, she also adds links and photos that will really grab your attention, and help you get the whole story! The wide range of knowledge you will gain from visiting Diana’s site will amaze you! Visit Diana’s site today!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

House Hunting

Our daughter and her husband have decided to look into buying a house. We came up and stayed with them and looked at four different places yesterday. Boy, it's something what people are willing to live in. Makes you appreciate your own home. We did however look at two that were pretty nice. I think that the kids are considering looking further into the one. Will wait and see what happens. :)

Diet Pills

It seems these days that so many people are fighting the battle of weight loss. While the pounds seem to go on so quickly at time, losing it is not always that easy to do. We try eating less, but with all of the temptations that are in front of us, it becomes more difficult. In searching for a weight loss diet pill that can meet our need, we also want it to be without harmful side effects. Suppressing your appetite would seem to be the most logical answer to weight loss. There's the hoodia weight loss diet pills that are different then what most were use to trying. They work at suppressing your appetite in a more natural way. They have become somewhat popular among famous Hollywood stars. If you want to give these pills a try, you can get a free bottle and only pay for the shipping costs. Check them out and see if it helps you shed those extra pounds.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Isn't God great! We can just go to Him with anything that we may have on our hearts. It's so neat to know we can have a relationship with Him and that He will never leave us. I can talk with Him anytime, anywhere. No matter how small or how big, He cares about everything in our lives. It's so awesome! I'm never alone. :)

Celebrity Gossip

I often enjoy reading the different magazines out there that have the latest updates on many of the celebrities. I don't always have access to them, but have found a site that I can sit down and go to right at home on my computer. It seems to have everything when it comes to celebrity gossip! There are pictures and articles on the rich and famous. It's a new site that a person can become a member for free. There's a celebrity profile list from A to Z. Just look them up. You can even leave comments as to what you're reading. Check it out. It's pretty cool!

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Blue Tooth

If a few years ago, or maybe not even that long, you would have heard the term Blue Tooth you would have considered someone having need of a good dentist. Not today! It seems like most people have these devices on their heads. I know that my wife sure loves hers. It makes it easy for her to keep doing what she was doing and still be able to hold a conversation with others. It makes it safer for people who are driving also. Keeping both hands on the steering wheel is good thing! I don't have a Blue Tooth yet. I don't think my phone is capable of using one. Maybe next time. If you use a Blue Tooth you are in the majority I think.


I love beaches! Not only that, I find it fun to create e-cards! I found a site that I can combined both of my interests at the same time. When those special occasions pop up, I can always go to the internet and find an awesome card to send. I also find myself receiving quite a few over the year. So I know that there are many of you out there that also enjoy creating your very own person cards and sending them. While on this site I realized that it was perfect timing for this time of year. Summer fun! It was all about the beach and what you could add to the beautiful scenic picture. You get to build your very own sandcastle. It was great fun to be creative. It can be as small or big as you would like. You can even add multiple Sandcastles if you want too. Each piece you choose can be made smaller or larger, change the color, set it out front or behind, there are many choices. It also has additional features such as flags to put on top, or maybe you want to have a crab passing by in the sand. The site is very user friendly. Gather your children around and let them explore. They will love it! Check into it today.
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Time to mow?

I know you have heard me say I would rather mow than shovel, right? Well, I want to mow tonight but it looks like it might rain. I haven't mowed since last week about this time and it is kind of in between that time when it isn't too long but could be mowed if time permits. Do you know what I mean? Last night it was clear skies at home and lightning off to the north. Today is supposed to be near 90 with chances for rain later in the day. I guess I will play it by ear and mow if I can. I don't really have time tomorrow and Saturday, well about Saturday....... can't mow and golf at the same time now can I?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tour Dates

My husband and I enjoy all kinds of music. He likes to listen to his MP3 player while running, resting, shopping, you name it. I enjoy listening while working in the house or just driving along in the car. We also like to take in a good concert now and again. Well, there's this great new Britain music website. They have an unsigned chart with free music downloads. It is amazing. They have information about new artists. Also the latest upcoming gigs that are out there. You can go on and read blogs, giving there opinion on the site. There are even videos you can watch. Look into this site today. Here is a recent press release.
Press Release:

tourdates.Co.UK, Britains fastest growing new music website, has launched a chart for unsigned bands.

The site allows new bands to upload promotional tracks, announce gig dates and create profiles to promote themselves alongside major artists such as the Artic Monkeys and The Twang.

Tourdates Jarrod Robinson says, there are some fantastic unsigned bands in the UK and we wanted them to know how much our community likes their music, an unsigned chart seemed the perfect answer.

Chart results are announced on the site at 19:00 every sunday, the sametime as the No1 single of the week is announced on BBC's radio 1.

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WOW! What a day! Got up early and went to work. Spent my lunch hour running around with the dog, trying to get somethings done around the house and on the phone. Back to work and home by 5:20PM. Then had supper and sat down to start posting. The computer just hasn't been running right. Sounds like it's trying to load all the time. Took me over 2 hours to try and get some things to load. Finally shut down and restarted the computer. Now it's working, but it's after 9:00 and I'm tired. Would like to do one more post before quiting for the night. Don't know if I have it in me or not. Do you ever have days like that?

Reno 911 Miami

My husband and I love to collect movies. We have over 250 DVD's and are continuing to look for new ones everyday. Well, a must have is the new Reno 911 Miami Unrated Movie. It is just hilarious! Just to touch on the movie a little bit, it is about some officers from the Reno Police Department. They have decided to attend the National Police Convention in Miami. It takes you through what all happens as the convention is attacked by terrorists. It is a comedy, so if you're in the mood for something light and funny, this might be your ticket. I was on their site today and saw that they had some great games to play. There are several of them and they are enjoyable and interactive. I found the one called "Calling all Units" to be my favorite to play. It was fun to drive a police car around. I'm not the best at trying to maneuver the car, but found it a challenge anyway. I was wrecking houses and cars along the way. I'm a pretty poor driver, but the game can be quite addicting. My ending Salary was $24,000.00. The cost to the city was $40,000.00, WOW! Not so good. And my bustin bonus was $1000.00 which I thought wasn't to bad. Check into this site and check out their games. Also look into the "Reno 911! Miami The Movie" DVD release now.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gorgeous Day

What a gorgeous day it was. Except for a little bit of wind, it was so nice outside. I wish I could have enjoyed it more. Worked all day and then when we got home, we were so tired that we laid down after supper and took a nap. Now it's already 10PM and the day is over. It's just nice to have it a little cooler outside. The air conditioner doesn't have to work so hard.

Writing Pens

I enjoy writing. When I do, whether it is at home or work, I am very particular about my writing pens. They are all so different. It's funny to be writing about this, because I was just discussing what a variety of pens are out there, with my son-in-law. He is very choosy about the pen he carries. We both think that there are different things to consider, such as, the weight, style, color, grip and of course the way the ink flows is a very important factor. No one dare steal our pens. :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Long day at work

Do you ever find yourself very happy when the work day is done? I am not saying you don't enjoy your job, but there are times when you just know that it is time to go home and forget about work until the next day. It is important during those times to make sure you don't dwell on the 'stuff' that took place, while you are at home. In other words, don't take your work home. Or at least don't take that 'stuff' home with you. I know a guy that used to say 'don't sweat the small stuff, and it is ALL small stuff'. Today is an example that proves he was right.

Burn Notice

If you are like me you look forward to new television shows, hoping they are just the kind you enjoy. On June 28th one of those shows will begin. It is the USA Network's Burn Notice. Michael Weston, played by Jeffrey Donovan, is a CIA operative who gets terminated and gets a 'burn notice'. He has no idea who is behind it all or why this is happening but he plans to find out. He heads for his hometown Miami to find the reason for his current situation. Who can he trust to help him if he can't go to his usual contacts? What would you do if you were in his predicament? Who could you turn to? With all of his talents he will need to do his best to track down the person or persons responsible. This new series is one that I am definitely going to watch. I checked out the video previews of the show online and it already has my attention. I think I can put myself in Weston's place and would be very secretive in all the things that I did. I would try to pull strings with whom ever I could safely trust from my past. It will be exciting to see what unfolds in this exciting new series. Tune in on June 28th.

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The Month of June

The month of June is a big month for wedding anniversaries. I think so many people get married in June because it's a really nice summer month...usually not too hot and not too rainy. Two of my kids were married in June two years ago. My daughter and her husband are celebrating their two year wedding anniversary today!! My son and his wife are celebrating their two year anniversary on the 26th. Wow, time just flies by when you're having fun!!:)

Fantasy Football

I'm sure many of you out there are huge football fans!! Although I'm not one who gets into the football season much, my husband likes it and my son and son-in-law are football fanatics!! They love football season, and that's all we hear about during that time of year. I think it's great that they're so passionate about it!! They actually get involved in a really neat Fantasy Football league as well. Does this sound like something you or someone you know would be interested in?? Basically you put a team together and compete for great prizes at You can see some of these huge prizes on their website and information about the competitive leagues offered. This is a paid post.


Boy, if you've ever had to deal with migraines then you know how horrible they can be. I made the mistake of staying up to late the other night and woke up on Sat. with an intense migraine. Two Imitrex later and quite a bit of sleep and I started to feel a little bit better. It was well into the late afternoon before I could semi function again. I have learned throughout the past years that my sleep patterns are very important. I know better then to stay up so late, but did it anyway and paid for it dearly. I have also learned that taking my meds when having a migraine, I must also sleep and they seem to take affect more quickly. I have always enjoyed staying up late and enjoy visiting with my kids until the wee hours of the morning, but physically I just can't do it anymore. Have to catch up with them in the morning. ;)

Pet Insurance

I don't know about all of you out there, but we have a dog and she is like part of the family!! We treat her like a little human...she is so spoiled, but so sweet!! The only thing with our dog is that she's a Bichon, and Bichon's are known to have more skin and allergy problems. These types of things get very expensive when we take her to the vet. My husband and I feel that she is part of the family though, and are willing to give her the healthcare she needs. I'm sure many of you are pet owners and feel the same way we do. Sometimes the vet bills get so expensive though, that's it's hard to focus on Zoe's health and not the big bills. That's where PetCare Pet Insurance can make things a little bit easier. pet insurance can make it so you can focus more on your pet's health and not so much on the money it is costing you. Pet Insurance is becoming more and more necessary, as vets are charging more and more pets are going to the vet each year with different concerns. I think we're definitely going to check into this, and I hope you will as well. This is a paid post.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


My folks are wishing us a very happy anniversary today. Mom isn't able to use her right hand to send a card in the mail and she feels bad about that but we know they love us. I can't believe this is our 28th anniversary already. Where does the time fly by? Next year we will have 2 little grandchildren walking around or trying to. Won't that be fun?

Score Learning

If you really want your children to learn their subjects and do much better in school, then look into this great website Math Tutors as they are the experts in tutoring children ages 4 to 14. They know how to make learning fun, therefore, they learn much more quickly. They have the know-how to teach your children all their skills in many subjects.

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It looks very ominous in the northwest and north and looks like rain. We don't want it to rain until at least Monday as there are so many outdoor activities going on this morning. There is a big christian band deal - 50 bands or more - BASH ON THE FARM going on in the next town and so many people are planning to attend again today. Rain is the last thing they need.

Reading Tutors

Remember when you were in school and how hard reading was at first? My brothers had an awful time and had to go to summer school in order to pass and keep up with their grades. Now there is a great website Reading Tutors you can contact and get set up to have your child have a lot of fun, and in having fun, they have learned that along with having fun, they learn so much more quickly. Check them out and see for yourselves.

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Father's Day

Sunday is Father's day and we are meeting my folks for dinner out. Dad loves to see us and we will have a good time visiting over a good meal. Most of the kids are far enough away that they don't come home so I know Dad is especially happy when we come over. My one brother has to work all weekend but he called the other day.

Innovative Tutor

We have raised three wonderful children. Sometimes they have had a bit of trouble with their various subjects. We found the perfect site Innovative Tutor to give them the extra help they needed. They have the knowledge and training to help our children enjoy their studies so that they learned at a greater rate. We feel all parents will benefit by contacting them. Do it for your children's sake, won't you?

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Busy, Busy

This morning bill took off early to Mason City to have tires on the truck fixed. It didn't take nearly as long as he had thought it would. Jake, Jen and Scott are all home, and if the rain holds off, I think the guys are going to meet Bill in Clear Lake to do some golfing. It's kind of their Father's Day outing with him which is nice...Bill loves golf and spending time with his family. Tonight we have a wedding to go to which should be fun too. One of Jen's friends and classmates is getting married here in town.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Premium Dog Food

We have a wonderful dog. It's very hard not to spoil her. My kids can't always understand why she gets away with so much, when they didn't. She is a Bichon and her name is Zoe. She has been such an awesome dog and we think she deserves the best. That's why we like to feed her Premium dog food. We know if we can help in someway to keep her healthy, then we will be blessed to have her around longer. We'll always make sure she's feed well.


Boy, it is hot out today! I went out to water all of my new plants and I was sweating. I also noticed that the mosquitoes are out in full force. They seem to love me. Wish they didn't. I don't want them to ruin my summer. If I stay up out of the grass, it's not to bad, yet. I enjoy sitting on my swing on the deck and watching the birds. I'm not going to let those pesky mosquitoes run me off.

Used Car Sales

It seems like often we are looking for a different car and it can be a difficult task to try to find something in our money range and that is close enough to go and see. We have traveled hundreds of miles without finding what we need. We've also traveled a distance and bought a car that maybe we shouldn't have, but since we had gone such a distance we went for it anyway. Well, a person doesn't have to do it that way anymore when they're hunting for that perfect Used Car. With the website, BuyYourCar, it has been made simple. This site has been up and running since Aug. 2006. They do things differently then other car sales sites. There is more to it then just showing you pictures and listing an assortment of cars. There are huge advantages for the Dealers that are placing stock on this site. It's also very user friendly for us, the public. There are standard listings and individual listings. You can more readily search for just the right car by your Price range. Or maybe you want to search by the make or type of vehicle. BuyYourCar might be fairly new, but it is original and it distributes excellent valuable content for the person wanting that great car that suits their needs. Look into this website today!

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Boy, you know, in the spring so many of the programs have there Season Finale's. Then for the summer, there just doesn't seem to be anything on TV to watch. We don't have to much time anyway when it's beautiful out and a lot to get done in the yard, but it would be nice to have something you enjoyed watching throughout the week. Maybe they could run a short series just for the summer. Who knows, it might just take off and become a fall hit! Well, I guess their not asking me for my opinion. ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Good TV Shows

Do you have favorite TV shows? It seems like more and more people talk about how there is not much to watch. There are lots of good shows on but there are some that aren't so good either. You just need to decide what you are going to let in your home and what you want to influence you and your family. We like to watch some old western shows at night, such as The Rifleman. It makes me wonder if some of the actors are still alive and if they have been in other shows or movies. Tonight is one of those nights where there is a good old western on, made in 1956. Wow, that is older than I am.

Summer Camp

Do you ever find that your child or children could use some assistance in a certain subject in school? Would it be nice if they could attend a summer camp that could help equipped them with the knowledge and learning skills they could apply when starting back to school in the fall. Well, there are the Score Summer Camps set up just for that purpose. For the ultimate summer learning experience that also works well with the family on the go, check into this site!

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Graduation Reception

Have you noticed the differences in the food at graduation receptions? We have been to several lately and none are the same. I am not saying that is a bad thing. One of the moms had made everything from mints to salads and sandwiches. Another this past Saturday had a little machine that had flowing chocolate so you could coat strawberries. Wow, was that ever good!! Still another had walking tacos and a little snack bar with sodas and candy. When our kids graduate... wait, they already have!! I guess when our grandchildren graduate maybe we will see more of these great ideas.

Traverse City Massage Therapy

Have you ever had a massage? If you haven't you should. It can be so relaxing and help to relieve your stress and tension. If you can travel and would like to have a great massage, check into Traverse City, Michigan for some great traverse city massage therapy! The Massage Therapist is trained in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Prenatal Massage, Integrated Massage and Hydrotherapy Techniques. Also an implementation of Steam and Essential Oils help with the rejuvenation process. What's really unique about Vitality Massage and Bodywork is the ability to relate to the client and what "they" are looking for in a technique. Be sure to check into this service and you too can feel refreshed and relaxed.
Vitality Massage and Bodywork is located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. To set an appointment or contact the Therapist, please call 1-231-499-9990.

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We really like to grill whenever we have the chance. Summertime is when we grill most often but we have been known to break out the 'ol grill in winter too. I am sure the neighbors give us strange looks when we are cooking outside in the cold but that is OK. Tonight we grilled big Iowa chops. In fact, they were so big that neither Bill nor I could even eat a whole chop. They were very good and juicy. We also peeled, cut up, boiled and grilled potatoes. And to top off the meal we had peas. Jenna, you could do without the peas right? I think maybe the potatoes are best when grilled. If you have never fixed them that way I would encourage you to try it. You just peel the potatoes, cut them up and boil them to make sure they aren't very hard( this helps speed up the grilling process). You then wrap them in foil with butter, salt,pepper, cheese or whatever you want and then put them on the grill. YUM.


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Aren't cameras great! I have a Sony 3.2 mega pixel Cyber-shot camera and it is so handy. I know that now a days they are making them much bigger, but mine is working just fine. It's so handy to quick shoot and send a picture to someone. I'm not afraid of just taking any picture because I can delete it if I don't like it. Use to be you would have to worry about using up expensive film and then also the development costs. Yeah for the new digital cameras!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Coupon Codes

People are so busy these days. I'm no different then the rest. If I have a day off from work, I seem to have a list of things I have to get done. Shopping on line has made my life easier. I'm always looking for a great deal and so I was very pleased when I came across They are awesome discount with over 1000 different stores to choose from. I enjoy looking into the Kohl's site. They are always running some special. 15% off entire order or free shipping for Kohl's gift cards for example. They have also recently added "how to" screencasts to many of their top merchant sites. Check out this great website and it can save you money today.

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Home for a quick bite to eat. Always things to do when I'm home. Do you ever have that problem. The minute I walk in the house I see things I need to get done. I hardly sit and relax. Mail, dishes, clothes or deal with the dog. What ever it is, I guess I'm lucky I can run home and get some things done. Less for after work.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Now a days it seems that every one's needing some extra cash. It's sometimes hard to make ends meet. My son was away at college and needing a job and began to search the internet. He came across many different ways to possibly earn some money. Most of which were costing him money instead. Then he found that he could make a profit through his own personal blog. He found Blogsvertise! This is a great site where a person can write for Advertisers helping give them exposure and publicity and at the same time will be paid for doing so. How great is that?! Blogsvertise is a great source of income. I don't know about you, but I love blogging and if I can write about some websites and products I love and get paid while doing it, all the better. My son has now gotten other family members involved in Blogsvertise! Check it out if you would like another source of income and enjoy posting!


This spring we decided to plant some new bushes and perennials. We had pulled up all of our old trees and bushes, last summer. It's really looking nice and they are starting to grow. It takes some watering, but I think it will be worth it. Once you start to plant, I have found that you begin to enjoy it and want to do more of it. I also planted some new hosta in the backyard. They are beginning to stand up and stretch for the sun.

Life Insurance

I can remember when my husband and I were first married. We were starting out our lives, buying a home and having our children. We realized how important it became to have Life Insurance. If something where to happen to one of us and the other was left to care for our family alone, globe life insurance could help meet those needs. It is not only important to think about in your younger years, but also as we age we have found that we would want everything taken care of for our children if we were no longer here. I'm glad there is Life Insurance out there for every family situation.

Little Bird

Yesterday we were on the deck when I was startled when a baby bird flew from under the swing we were sitting on. It flew a short distance out into the yard and began to chirp. Bill started to make little bird sounds and said it would be funny if the little bird came back onto the deck. Guess what? As he chirped the bird did the same and started to come back towards us. It was a baby robin and it came right back onto the deck and tried to fly into the house. After it bounced off the siding a few times it flew from the deck out to the grass. Today I saw the little bird again on the deck. We hope to see more of him in the days ahead.

Math tutors

Do you have a child who struggles in math? At some point over the years our school age children have had some difficulty in the subject. Some kids don't feel comfortable asking their teachers questions about certain math problems but they would feel so much better and confident if they knew how to perform better and gain skills in math. Have you considered the use of Math Tutors like many of us have? With Score Educational Centers our children can gain confidence in math and enjoy the learning process. I am excited to have found valuable information like this for my child's benefit.

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Last minute golf outing

Yesterday afternoon Scott called and said to get my golf clubs ready and meet him at six o'clock. He had to work all day and I was surprised that he would have the time to golf. We got all of the eighteen holes done by around nine o'clock which I thought was pretty good. We couldn't have done it without his grandpas golf cart. I hope we can get out there again soon.

Orlando vacation home

We have been to Florida several times as a family and each time have tried to get the best vacation package deal we could find. I am sure we will go there again but this time we plan to stay in an Orlando vacation home. One of the many great things about these are the fact that they are within fifteen miles of Walt Disney World. We have had great times in Florida but our next trip will be even better because of where we stay.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


There are so many mixed feelings about our being involved in the war we're in. I hear people expressing how frustrated they are as loved ones are called out once again to return to Bagdad or placing blame totally on our President, when we know full well that it doesn't take just one man to run a nation. There are many men and women around him helping guide his decisions. I recently heard the President of Iraq on the news state that he hopes that the US will not pull their troops out yet because their troops, will not be totally ready to aid and protect their country until the end of 2008. So is it our responsibility to stay? There are many different opinions out there. What's yours?

Night Vision

Are you interested in some of the neat night vision gear that is out there? There is an awesome online store that offers all kinds of top brand optics. They have brand names such as Yukon, Bushnell, Weaver, Aimshot, ITT and more. There are optic selections like night vision goggles, night vision binoculars, night vision scopes, night vision cameras, night vision monocular and night vision rifle scope, with thermal imaging and heatseekers too! They have knowledgeable customer service that can aid you in choosing just the right one to suit your needs. They also carry military and tactical gear, flashlights, rangefinders, tactical gloves and a lot more. Look into this OpticsPlanet site! It seems to have everything you might need in night vision gear! This is a paid post.


Do you ever watch Scrubs? I never use to, but then my son was home on college break and he got me started. It's a pretty funny show. Sometimes it's nice to just sit down and watch something that's not so intense. Glad he introduced it to me.

Charlotte Cosmetic Dentist

Another day at the dental office. I work in the dental field and it can be fun and interesting. It's great to help and see success completed in others. To watch their smiling faces as they are leaving, no longer in pain. Or smiling because they now have a new smile due to a cosmetic procedure. The charlotte cosmetic dentist, Dr. Tom Farley, has a neat practice. They strive towards quality, excellence and comfort. It's good to know that there are caring dentists out there today.

Golf Day Is Near

I bet you can't guess what will be happening on Saturday. It has to do with a set of clubs and a small ball that gets struck , attempting to get the ball into a hole. OK, you are aware of the great game of golf I see. This day has been planned for a week and I am ready for it to come. Scott and I will be in the nice warm air and having a blast. Jake might come too. I don't think the weather is supposed to be bad at all, which I am thankful for. I have golfed in wind and rain and maybe even some snow. This time, though, should be just right.

Spy Sweeper

Have you ever had trouble with your computer and thought that it was too slow or just getting old? Maybe you even went out and bought a new computer. I was ready to do the same believe me! I imagine you have heard of the term spyware. It has to do with computer software that collects information from users without their knowledge or consent according to a website that I recently checked out. Sometimes this information collected is sold to advertisers and no real damage may be noticed. Other times a computer with spyware might give up a password or other vital information that is yours alone and not to be shared. I had an experience with spyware that I wish I would never have had. My kids had installed a popular program to download music. I didn't realize that the program could be so malicious until checking out some websites after the fact. I really don't know to this day how much personal information was collected but my computer would constantly freeze and when it did work it was so slow. This went on for months and I got tired of wasting my time so we finally reformatted the hard drive and made sure that those particular programs were never installed again. If only I would have known then what I know now. A friend of mine told me about Webroot Spy Sweeper software. He told me that I needed to protect my computer from harmful invasions that spyware can cause. Spy Sweeper can protect your computer so it does not get infected with spyware. If it already has spyware, Spy Sweeper can find it and completely destroy it. Don't let spyware frustrate you and cause you problems that you can easily avoid. Try Webroot Spy Sweeper. You will be glad you did.
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Wow, was it windy this afternoon! The radio was issuing a tornado watch for our area and although I didn't see any, we did have some small twigs and quite a lot of leaves on the ground in the back yard. I also saw many semis on the road today that appeared to have trouble keeping the trailer straight. I wouldn't have wanted to have been in one. I thought one might even blow over. I hope it isn't as windy tomorrow. They are still saying we could get some rain. I guess we will wait and see.


I don't think there is anyone that enjoys having debt. The reality is that there has been a sharp increase in the number of people that not only have debt, but also have problems in handling their financial obligations. In the past two years the numbers have continued to climb. People now find themselves taking out larger loans at much great interest rates then ever before, to help pay off balances due. They find themselves at a point of possible bankruptcies or even loss of their homes. What is IVA? Well I found this site that explained what IVA meant. It stands for Individual Voluntary Arrangement. It is a binding contract made between the borrower and his or her creditors with regards to repayment of a debt. It can allow affordable payments while reducing your debt levels and at the same time possibly protecting your assets. So if you're interested in knowing more about the pros and cons of IVA, look into this site. Here are a couple of articles I found interesting. This is a paid post.

Don't fall for a debt collection scam

Foolish debt consolidation options

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Well, I did it. I varnished my cedar chest tonight. Wasn't sure if I should or not, but it seemed somewhat dried out after stripping off the paint this past weekend. I'm glad I did it. It has seemed to have brought out the richness in the cedar again. Should be dry and ready to bring back into the house by tomorrow. Then I'll have to pack away all of my precious possessions into it again.

Police Tour

Many of you are now aware that The Police are going to be on a worldwide tour. How great is that? I can't wait and would love to be at one of their concerts. This group has been around for many years and I remember their songs quite well. The police cd is going to be great and I plan on owning it. I think it is absolutely awesome that this group is still so very popular. I am of the older age group but don't consider myself old by any means. The Police still sound very current and I never get tired of listening to them. I would have to say that I enjoy most of The Police songs but my favorite on the new compilation CD is 'Every Breath You Take'. As I recall this song came out in the early to mid '80s and was played what seemed to be all of the time. I think it was played for good reason. It was a great sound! I really enjoyed the pace of the song and the lyrics. I recently read online what someone thought the lyrics were about and it totally surprised me. You will have to check it out for yourself because I don't know for sure that this site knew what they were talking about. The music of The Police is so unique and no other band sounds the same even though others might think so. Others can sing their songs but none came do it the way The Police can. I think that The Police have had a huge impact on music and have had a major influence on bands all across the world. Many bands play even the older of the songs by The Police which tells me that they respect and appreciate the band and are giving tribute to them by singing their songs. I would encourage you to buy The police cd.

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Do you ever have trouble deciding what to make for supper? At our house the making of the meal is usually the easiest part. Sometimes we put something in the crock or we might discuss with each other what sounds good for that nights meal but many times we don't plan supper until evening. Like tonight for example we are busy doing other things and have not planned the meal! We might just have something simple and quick like a breakfast meal. I know we aren't the only ones in this predicament. Many of you do the same thing, right? Well, time to go look through the frig and cupboards.

Score Learning Centers

Do you have children who may need a little assistance in a certain subject? Maybe they just need a little extra help over the summer so they are ready to go when school starts up again in the fall. This website has a great Summer Program that is exciting and fun! In the past I thought that a program, like the one that Score has, would be for younger children, elementary age. I was wrong. Their programs are for ages 4 to 14. It will help your children attain their goals and achieve their academic potential in areas of reading, spelling, math and writing. The programs have personal guidance, positive support and a core curriculum that will work along side the child at their pace, meeting their personal needs. This great program is making a difference in thousands of lives! Check out this site today and develop a love of learning!

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Last night Bill made some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Yum, they were very good. We still have lots left over. I am sure we won't eat them all. That is what usually happens. We make about four dozen and we maybe eat one dozen in a few days. Oh well, that is ok. Tonight we were going to grill chicken breasts and Bill had started the grill when he said he should probably buy some new LP for the grill tank. He then went out to check the food and guess what. You can imagine right? The grill had shut off because the tank had run dry. Bill then took the tank to the gas station and exchanged it for a full tank. I am so glad he was able to do that. Supper was great. Then to top it off, we had a cookie.

The Supernatural

My husband and I enjoy going on dates together. We will often take in one of the latest movies out there. There are so many different kinds to choose from. It kind of depends on the mood we're in at the moment. Will it be comedy, serious, suspenseful or down right scary. Well I came across this new movie that is now out. It's the 1408 Movie , by Steven King. This movie looks like it could be somewhat intense. So I thought I would look into it further. It's about a novelist, played by John Cusack, that believes in only what he can physically see with his own two eyes. He's not a believer of the unseen. He feels that there is no real proof of life afterlife. In the 1408 Movie he decides he will check into what is know as the haunted 1408 Hotel room, as his latest venture. He must stay and survive the night, even though he has been warned by hotel manager, Samuel L Jackson. Maybe he'll actually become a believer of the supernatural and then again, maybe not. We'll have to watch the movie to fine out what happens.
As far as what I believe, I definitely feel there is a real and true supernatural world around us. There is both good and evil. I believe God is the ultimate of all good and He wants nothing but the best for each one of us! Due to all of the sin and corruption that is in the world today, I do believe there is the darker more evil side also. Maybe somewhat like the ghostly characters in the movie, evil and scary. I have not had a supernatural encounter and I believe that the evil spirits around us can not harm me. For greater is He that is in me, then he that is in the world.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Wow, what a nice day outside today. Bill had training all day then came home to mow the yard. It is getting dark now but still very nice. I think I will open the windows tonight and let some fresh air in. Usually we have the air conditioner on at night but not tonight!! Bill enjoys golfing and it would have been a great day for him to be out on the course. I have never been golfing but even I think it would have been fun to golf today.

Stephen King Is Awesome

No one can deny that Stephen King is the greatest, awesome, almost genius, master of the scary movies. As an author, I don't know how he continues to come up with more and more spooky, scary movies such as 1408 movie. Go to the website1408 Movie,if you dare, and have a look. In the past he has come up with movies such as Carrie, which was so good they have made a remake of it. His movies don't just scare you half to death, they stay with you and haunt you for a long time after. You don't want to go see his movies alone. You want someone with you to hold on to during the movie because you will hardly be able to stay in your seat. I still haven't forgotten Carrie and probably never will. Then there was Salem's Lot. Now there was a DEADly bunch. And who could forget the Shining? Not me, that's for sure. But Cujo, the deadly rabid dog, that kept the woman trapped in her car with you thinking that any minute he would break through a window and get her. I felt scared for a week. So along came Pet Sematory another gruesome masterpiece of Stephen King's. And Children of the Corn left you with shivers for a long long time, just as the 1408 movie is going to do. His movies aren't just scary or spooky, but they are horrifying, dreadful, shuddering, hideous and almost make your hair stand on end. Shivers run up and down your spine and you get goosebumps all over and cold chills all over. This new movie tells of a motel room where no one survives more than an hour and when it gets down to the last second and the man thinks he is home free -- well you have to see for yourself.

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It's getting late, but I think we're going to grill chicken and potatoes tonight. I just love grilled food. We even find ourselves grilling in the winter sometimes. Snow flying and everything. I'm going to whip up a batch of Greek spaghetti to go along with supper. Boy, I'm making myself hungry. Gotta go eat. :)

Spooky Story

The most spooky story I ever heard was the movie "Psycho" with Janet Leigh. She was a beautiful young woman who stopped to stay at Bates Motel one rainy night. The music itself was so scary it had you sitting on the edge of your seat, eyes glued to the screen. Norman Bates, the Motel Proprietor, was a wierd sort in himself and he lived in a huge ugly old house on the hill above the motel. It looked like a haunted house itself. The music rose to a pitch as she went into the shower, when suddenly a hand reached through the shower curtain and stabbed her to death. Her eyes lost their lifelike look and the blood was draining down the drain. Norman, in the meantime, was in the house (we thought) talking to his aged mother who sat in a rocking chair facing the window. We couldn't see her face. As I remember, when the murder was investigated and someone finally went into the house, Norman was dressed like his mother. He was totally crazy and when they whirled the chair around, there sat his mother, a skeleton, all dressed in her clothes. I always have loved scary movies but that was almost too much for me. I couldn't take a shower for years without thinking about that, it was so scary and I can still hear the music in my ears today when I think about it. It has been replayed in reruns over the years but I still wouldn't want to watch it again. The new 1408 movie starring John Cusack is even more scary. Go to this site 1408 Movie and preview the movie. Based on the movie by Stephen King, 1408 movie it is even more scary than Psycho was.


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Monday, June 4, 2007

Paris Hilton

Boy, you hear about Paris Hilton in the news everyday lately. What do you think about this whole thing? I'm not sure if she's sincere in what she's saying before entering her 23 days of lock-up or not. She sounds like she wants to be treated like anyone else that would be in her same situation. No special treatment, but she has to know that she will still be treated differently simply because of the need to protect her while she serves her time. I'm just glad that the justice system is laying out some consequences for her actions. I just hope that she will learn something from all of this. I guess we'll see in the future.

Local Business Directory

Are you ever searching on line for a certain type of business and find that it can be quite time consuming? Well now there's a great site that can quickly aid you in the process. It's a Local business directory. You can find thorough, detailed information or read and give reviews on just about every type of business that there is out there. There are businesses such as dog kennels, museums, auto manufacturers, dermatologists and many more on the @List site. If you're looking for an Education Directory or maybe an Insurance Directory, they have it. Just about anything you may need. Look into this great directory today!

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Back to Work

Do the weekends go fast for you? This one sure did for me. We got a lot done which is a good thing. We are leaving the grass a little longer right now so we only mow about once a week. After church today we went to see Bill's mom. She was sound asleep so we didn't stay very long. We also put flowers on his dads grave. It has been over a year since Bert passed away. It is sad yet to this day but we know he is with our Lord. Tomorrow it is back to work.


My youngest son has always been interested in astronomy. Since he was little we would get him different types of telescopes. Now there's this great website that seems to have everything a person could want in the field of astronomy. Their newest and latest astronomy gadget, the Meade MySKY, is a viewer that will instantly identify over 30K celestial objects at a simple click of a button. It is similar to the well-known Celestron SkyScout. What a neat way to explore our magnificent universe. It is interactive, easy to hold, just point and shoot. It can guide you through the night sky on it's full-color LCD screen. It can make a great gift for young and old. There is even free UPS for orders over $29.95 and the lowest prices guaranteed. You can't beat that! You can also find at many other items such as binoculars, microscopes, spotting scopes and much more. Well known brand names like Simmons, Bushnell, Nikon and Burris to name a few. I now know where to look for great gift ideas. Check them out! You'll be glad you did!

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Saturday, June 2, 2007


What a weekend. I finished stripping the paint off of the cedar chest. That was a bigger job then I thought it would be. Took two to three layers of the remover and then used steel wool . Got most of it off. There's a little bit on the under side. Not going to worry about that. I may stain and varnish it yet. Will have to think about it. Bill stained the deck and it sure looks nice. Also planted some hosta in the back yard. Looking good out there.

Hotel Reservations

When you are getting ready for a trip do you fully plan out everything from where you will stay, car rental and airline? Or do you just go with the flow and not really make plans at all? Well, I am the type of person that likes to know exactly how I am getting somewhere, when I am getting there and where I will be staying while I am away.
That is why I am impressed with the website Hotel Reservation. Whether I am wanting to go somewhere in the US or go International I can get the help I need at this site. It is easy to book a flight, find a rental car or hotel. Maybe you would like a vacation package. At Hotel Reservation you can rely on someone else to make all the necessary plans for you. You can also try one of the many vacation rentals that are offered. If you aren't familiar with vacation rentals you can find out more by reading on their site. These types of plans usually include separate bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens and may include a washer and dryer. Towels and linens are provided and there is maid service available. These plans also are at a set price for the vacation rather than paying per person like at most hotels. I really like the whole idea of the vacation package and plan on checking into one the next time we travel. I am sure you like to save money on your trips, right? Well, how would you like to save up to 70 percent? That's right, 70 percent. I like to see such competitive prices when I am shopping for great deals, don't you? You can get great discounts on your next trip whether your destination is within the states or worldwide. As I mentioned before, this site is so easy to use. It allows you to plug in the place you want to go and when you want to leave and return. At Hotel Reservation you will have a Lowest Internet Rate Price Guarantee! How can you beat that? You can also book your reservations by phone if you would rather.
So what are you waiting for? Check out this great site today and save.

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Cedar Chest

Well, I have a new project underway. I have a nice big cedar chest from my mother in-law. It has a coat of paint on it and I would like to strip it and bring out the beauty that is hidden. I did that with our piano years ago and used a product called No Flame. Well, I guess that company is no longer in business so I will have to try something new. It's called TM3. Hope it works as nicely as the No Flame did. Looking forward to seeing how things turn out.

Stop Your Addictions

If you are in need and choosing a drug rehab curriculum, it is a very important decision. It can become confusing with having so many different methods out there. You will need to consider the qualifications of a program and costs can be imperative also. Everyone is different and so are their needs. This website can be a good starting point for you. They answer questions like, "Why are Drug Rehabs Important in Addiction Recovery"?, "What is an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center"? and more. They will aid you in a better understanding of drug rehab. Found in Michigan, it's a brand new 28 day drug treatment program. Look into this site today. You'll be glad you did.

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