Friday, January 30, 2009

She's a big girl!

Our granddaughter is sure growing up fast. She is walking and talking and as busy as she can be. She wakes up in the morning smiling and talking. She gets that from her Grampa. hehehe.... Here she is all dressed up and ready to go to church.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Uncle Jake

Our grand daughter Kaelyn loves her uncle Jake. Here she is saying "meow" for Jake's kitty Mylie and she is also saying "Jake". She is a sweetie!

Diet Pills

With the holiday season just ending, many find themselves thinking about loosing those unwanted pounds. There are many methods in which to research. I have found there to be low fat or low carbohydrate diets. There are also diet pillsthat assist in reducing fat and appetite. Some feel that weight loss is based on exercise. So I guess you need to decide for yourself what works best for you personally.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Josh, Di and Emry went out and bought a dog when they returned home from Christmas. They have been patiently waiting to move to a location where they would be allowed pets. They recently received the OK. :) They were so excited! Wall.E is a cocker spaniel. It sounds like he is mild tempered and very patient. He's seven years old and came from a Cocker Spaniel Rescue. Emry seems to love him also. He's learning "nice touches" and they are getting along great! We're anxious to meet Wall.E!


Today we got groceries so we are stocked up again. We generally get our big load once every two weeks and then go back to the store on the off week for a few things. It is nice to have a supply again. The store was quite busy today even though the weather was not so nice. I guess others had the same idea as we did. It seems that when the weather is poor, people panic and think that they may starve. It's really strange.

New York Restaurants

In our traveling we are planning a trip to New York City soon. I have heard about the Village Voice alternative newsweekly. They are known to tell it like it is in reporting. I like that. Winning the Pulitzer Prize three times is quite impressive also. Their website has been recognized for its quality journalism and content. Being a past winner of both the National Press Foundation's Online Journalism Award and the Editor and Publisher Eppy Award for Best Overall US Weekly Newspaper Online, gives this website great credibility. The Restaurant Review site shares information on New York Restaurants of all kinds. You can quickly search by restaurant name, cuisine, location or cost. What ever you are looking for is at your finger tips. Check it out for yourself.


Today we were supposed to have mild temperatures and some wind. They forgot to tell us that there may a few flurries in the air too. Actually more than flurries. And wow is it windy!!?! Several cars are stuck on the highways due to drifting. At times it is like a blizzard. If you don't have to go out, I would suggest that everyone stay at home.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Walking Little Girl

Our grandchildren are starting to walk all over the place. The kids sent this new video of Kaelyn walking. She had begun to walk just before Christmas and then she got sick. It delayed her progress and now she is feeling much better. She started to pull her self up and walk all over. It's so cute to watch them.

Family Vacation

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No More Getting Stuck

Jake traded his Mazda last week for an '06 all wheel drive BMW. It has all the bells and whistles. We saw it for the first time on Sat and were very impressed. He doesn't have any trouble getting around on snow or ice any more. With his old car he wasn't even able to get up his little incline to his garage. With this car he can drive up any hill he wants without a problem. He is very happy with it and is finding more options each day. From built in Bluetooth to heated seats and fancy gauges, this car has about everything you can think of. Bill told him he can trade us for the truck. Jake just grinned. I don't think he is going for that one. Sorry Bill.

Silk Ties

Since my husband has taken on a new position at work, he now wears a suit and tie to work everyday. At first it was kind of a hardship to purchase a variety of suits and clothing he was in need of. Now it has been a few years and he has accumulated a vast selection of silk ties, suits, shirts, shoes, belts and other attire. It has been fun to see what he comes up with. I enjoy seeing him all dressed up.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snoring Pooch

Our dog Zoe had a tough day yesterday. We left her alone while we were out of town for much of the day. We met Jake for lunch and were able to see his new car. It isn't actually new, but it is new to him. Zoe is always glad to see us when we get home. Right now she is pretty content, snoring on the couch. Her tummy is full and she is warm and tired. Actually I think she is tired most of the time.

Gold Coins

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Saturday, January 10, 2009


Every year at this time I gather all of our financial information and make plans to have taxes done. I used to do them myself, but now we take them to a tax professional. It has been working out pretty well. I feel that I actually do a lot of the work, but am still glad to not be doing the actual paper work. It only takes her a matter of minutes, looking at my information that I have brought to her, to tell us the final result. I will probably continue to do it this way though. It is a hassle to get everything together, but it has to be done.

When Will It End?

Do you think the snow and ice will stop soon? It seems like we have had more than normal. It has been very cold too. Texas has even been getting freezing rain and iced over cars. That seems crazy!! I am glad it is now January because winter is downhill from here. That is what I say to make myself feel better. At least it isn't October and snowing this much.

Wedding Favor Ideas

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kaelyn and Emry

Before everyone began to arrive for our family Christmas, we decided we would try to capture a few photos of the babies. They are such opposites. Their schedules are opposite of one another and so are their personalities. If one was happy and rested then the other was tired and sleepy. It made for a challenge to get some pictures of them together, smiling. O'well.......

Term Life Insurance

As my children grew they had many questions about life. They were setting up there homes and beginning their families and had some insurance concerns. There are so many types. With accident insurance, term life insurance, car insurance, home insurance and more, what was important for them to purchase. It is definitely a personal choice. What a person needs for the comfort of their family.


This is a picture of my extended family. We use to always get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now we see each other at Christmas only. We have grown to such a large number that it is more difficult to arrange a get together where all can attend. We were blessed to have all there except my nephew Tyler and my brother Larry's family. Tyler was down with the flu. Many family members had been ill the week before and the week to follow. Everyone in my family ended up with the flu except for me. I have a cold, cough, fever and runny nose. Not fun. Sickness didn't rob us of a great time anyway.