Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Furniture Domain

I have been thinking about buying a Jewelry Armoire. I'm not sure yet exactly how big or the style that I would like to purchase. I found a website, The Furniture Domain, where I can shop and possibly find that piece. Not only do they have those by Powell, but they carry the Emeco Navy Chair and the Spirit Sleep thick pocket coil mattress. On their promotions page you can find bargains and discounts and they even run a special, that if you can find an error in spelling on their website then they will give you $10 off of what ever you order. They also offer a coupon worth $100 toward your next order placed with them, if you send a picture showing the placement of a piece of furniture bought from them. Look into them. I'm going to.
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Pork Chop

Today we played golf, again. We were given a light breakfast of rolls and coffee, lunch which consisted of deli sandwiches and then a huge supper that came with salad, beans and the biggest grilled pork chops I have ever seen. Not only were they large but they were about the best I have ever tasted. Thick, slowly cooked to perfection. Yum!

Cash Back Gas Credit Card

There are so many different credit cards out there today. A person just doesn't know sometimes which ones are best and could be used to their advantage. When it comes to the gas prices, wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to earn back money for the spending you have to do while purchasing gas? Almost everyone needs to fill the tank and it has almost become a hardship. Well, now there is this site, CardFusion, that can supply you with a cash back gas credit card. You can have some of that gas money returning back to you. Not only do they have that type of credit card, but also many many more. They are continually changing the selections of cards that are available. Bringing only the best to their users. There are as many as 100 different types to choose from. See what might meet your specific needs.

Josh and Di

It's been so wonderful to visit with my son and his wife (Josh and Di) this past week. They live so far away, down in Texas. Sometimes the weeks fly by and we don't have a chance to talk. It can make me sad. I start to feel disconnected. So it felt so good to reconnect and catch up on what's all going on in their lives. Their little baby boy is going to be joining the family very soon. Di is due late Oct. That will be an exciting time! We're going to be traveling down to see them all.

Seeing Zoe

Today when I got to Scott and Jenna's house Zoe was waiting at the front door. It looked like she was excited to see me after the past few days of being away. She handles being gone very well. I am sure she will like going home too. She has fun staying with Scott and Jenna. Sometimes she doesn't eat as well when she is away but that could be a good thing because she is a little on the wide side.


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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Personal Posts

I enjoy writing personal posts. It is fun just writing about the things that interest me. I also enjoy reading posts of other people. To find out what is interesting to others is fun to read about. I don't know how many we have written but I am sure it is hundreds. If you haven't read posts by others, check them out. You will enjoy many of them.

Night Time Golf

Tonight Scott and I were going to the driving range to get a warm up for the tournament tomorrow. We got a bucket of 150 balls and before we had hit them all, night time had fallen. It got dark very quickly and we found ourselves hitting the balls but not seeing where they were landing. I am quite sure they were going right where we hitting. Or maybe not!! Who knows where they ended up.. Your guess is as good as mine.

Miami Heat Tickets

Are you an NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL fan? Well, if you are and you would love to see a game first hand and in person, then this is the site for you. With Premium Seats USA, you will have access to a large selection in first-class tickets. Maybe it's the Miami Heat tickets you are wanting. They help solve the problem of not finding just the right seats for the event. No more worry about tickets being sold out immediately. Not only do they cover many sporting events, but also concerts, nationwide theater events, great Vegas shows and more. Check them out today.


WOW! It's going to be Thursday already. That's my last day of the week when it comes to working. I so enjoy my 3 day weekends. It seems like there is always so much to do and catch up on. They just fly by and before I know it, Monday is here again. The weeks and months go by. Faster and faster as I get older.


Why is it that there is always someone that is put into our lives that is hard to get a long with? I'm sure we all know individuals like that. It could be due to our personality differences or backgrounds. What ever it might be, we find that it can be more of a challenge to keep peace with that particular person. I think if we let it, this experience in life can often teach us different things. We can learn patience and how to walk in love even when we really don't feel like it.

Maui Condo

Who doesn't dream of traveling to Hawaii at some point in their lives? Most people do and will plan that vacation at some point. Well, I found that if you're wanting to stay somewhere classy, comfortable, spacious and with that wonderful Hawaiian touch, check out this website, Gebhart Properties. There you will find Maui Condo's that can sleep from 6 to 8 people. Now you can vacation with your whole family. What an experience that will be. These custom homes are located in some of the most elite resort areas. They have that special touch of artwork and custom furnishings. They are not only in Maui, but you can also find them on the Big Island. 3BR/3BA penthouse is located at the Waikoloa Beach Resort. It's ocean front view helps to make this one of Hawaii's top selections for your next stay. For all of the comforts of home and more, check into this site to create your dream vacation at 1-800-545-5151.


I must admit that having a laptop is pretty handy. We also have a desktop computer but being able to sit in the family room and be on the internet by way of the laptop is quite nice. We bought this computer from Jake because he was going to buy a new Mac. He has really liked his new Mac and hasn't regretted his purchase at all. I guess we are all happy.

Soft Fairways

Alright, I am bringing up golf again. Some are pleased with that and some are disappointed. The rain is causing some issues on the course lately, for those who ride in carts especially. There are areas that need to be roped off so carts don't damage the fairways. It is still possible to hit from these areas but you need to get to the ball on foot rather than by cart. I used to say that I played my best golf while walking until I played my best golf riding in a cart. I don't mind walking a round but I have to admit that I have gotten somewhat spoiled by riding so much this year. I can also get more golf in during the day if I ride. The rain has been nice but now I am hoping it stops for awhile.

Sweat Suits

It's very popular today to go to the YMCA, Gym or even go jogging outdoors in the nice weather. What does a person wear that will be comfortable and help shed those extra pounds as well? There is this great website,, where you can find all kinds of Sweat Suits. Attire for both men and women. For a cloth like look in a sweat suit, you might choose the Ultimate Sauna Suit by Realsaunna. It runs around $99. There are suits starting at a low price of $14.95. A person can't beat that. Do you have an area of greater concern? There are certain items that may help you out, like the neoprene workout shorts or the thigh slimmer belts. There are different features with the slimmer belts. When ordering, ground shipping is a low cost of $2.95 and quicker ways of shipping are also available. Click into this site and check it out.

Three Day Work Week

How many days each week do you work? I normally work five days, Monday through Friday. Sometimes, like this week, I take some time off and work less. This week I am only working three days. Wouldn't it be nice to work three days and have four days off? Or maybe a two and five could work also. Just think of all the cool stuff you could get done with more days off per week. It would be almost like retirement. I have a friend that retired about three years ago and for a time just did what he wanted. Then last year he took another job and he is having a great time in his new position. I think part of the deal is that his wife still works so he figured he should too. Or maybe it was his wife that thought he should go back to work. My wife says that she wants to quit work when I retire. That will be fine with me.


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Taking It Easy

Tonight was a night to just take it easy. That is, after supper was made and trash taken out. One of our neighbors has a great garden as usual. This year he tried his hand at making salsa and spaghetti sauce. He gave us a jar of the spaghetti sauce to try out. Wow, it was very good. I was impressed. We generally use the sauce from a jar and we have liked it just fine. I have to say though that spaghetti from a jar just doesn't compare to the home made sauce that we had tonight.

Dialaflight Beach Holidays

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New Saw

Several months ago I bought a new compound miter saw. I was going to use it when we did the new windows and trim, but we decided to hire some of the work done. So my new saw stayed in a box in the garage . That is, until this past week. I bought an organ bench and needed to cut some off the legs to make it the size of a piano bench. I didn't even know that a piano bench was shorter than that of an organ until recently. The saw made the job very easy. I hope to use the saw more often. It is one of the best tool purchases I have made.

Home Fitness

Have you heard about It is one of the largest US based online retailers which provides products including medical equipment and home health care supplies. Do you need maternity and baby supplies or possibly home fitness equipment to help in your exercise program? has it all. They were formed in 1996 and have over one million customers. When you go to their website you are able to shop by brand, category or even by a medical condition that you may have. The site is very user friendly and has over 55,000 products. Also on the website you can sign up for a free eCatalog in which you can get discounts just for signing up.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Zoe's On Vacation

Zoe has been staying at Jenna and Scott's house this week and I am sure she is enjoying her vacation from us. We do miss her but don't miss taking her out several times per day. She's worth it though. She will be back home later this week. Zoe always enjoys staying with Jenna and Scott. It is nice she has a home away from home.


Why is it that so often boys and sometimes even girls are interested in guns and pretend? Well, there is a great site for those scenario paintball players. They have everything a person would need to get started and enjoy the game. The company, Ultimate Paintball, sells so many different brands. Tippmann, Smart Parts, Draxxus paintball gear, and Tippmann to name a few. Some of their best sellers are the Tippmann A-5, Smart parts Ion and Spyder Pilot ACS. With their great prices and free shipping, you can't go wrong. There are also awesome package deals. These come with everything you will need to get started on your game. Check out this site and begin today.

Good To Sit

After a long day of golf, cleaning and mowing it is nice to sit down for awhile. Once sitting though it is sometimes tough to get up and move again. It is warm outside and nice and cool in our house. The couch is comfortable too. Our dog Zoe is spending the week with Jenna and Scott so it is pretty quiet here right now. Zoe enjoys sitting with us but she also likes going outside several times a night. Then she comes in and thinks she needs a treat. It is tiresome dealing with her sometimes. Jenna enjoys having Zoe at her house and they get along great. After a week it will be nice to have Zoe back home but for now just having a quiet house to relax in without her ringing her bell to go out is not bad either.

Artificial Rocks

A year ago we decided we wanted to make some changes in our yard. We got some strong help and pulled up a lot of old bushes and trees. The next step was to decide what we might do to replace the now missing shrubbery. We sought out the experience and knowledge of a horticulturist. She guided us as to what we might replant. Next was to make a decision as to how we might outline the shrubs. After much shopping and thought, we put down some brick and also decided to frame our trees throughout the yard with the same brick. It is turning out to look quite nice at this point, but something is still missing. I have often thought that a large rock or boulder would look impressive in the yard. The only problem with that idea was that they weigh so much and are hard to move. Recently I found that there is a website that sells artificial rocks. These fake rocks are so realistic. They are not made of the usual fiberglass or polyurethane. They are made with a construction-grade cast stone. Only weighing about 50-60 pounds. Which makes them much easier to maneuver. These fake rock feel and look real. This Artificial Rocks Factory is quite the place. They can ship straight to your home by FedEx. They have a variety of the artificial rock. There are twenty different models, in three different shades of color. These fake boulders are hollow with an open bottom to aid in using to cover certain items you may not want showing in your yard. They are an eye-catching landscape piece. Check out this site. You can click on the images and view them from all angles. What a perfect touch for your yard. I know it can be for mine.
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Enough Golf

I don't think there is such a thing as enough golf. It is a great game and something a person can do for many years of ones life. From little kids to older men and women golf is a sport that is known around the world. My wife says she will try it some day and I hope she does. She has hit some golf balls in the back yard but has never played the game on a course. I am sure she will like it when she does give it a try.

Coke Zero

I have nephews who just love to create movie clips. Now there is Coke zero. This is a website that can aid you in setting up and making an awesome video of your own. It's very user friendly and you and your friends will just love it. Just go on their site and you too can direct your very own short movie. When completed, you can send it off to your friends and family. There are older b/w film clips that you as a director can play around with and make it your own creation. Your film is then entered to compete with other movie maker's clips. It's really cool. I'm definitely going to have to let my nephews know about this site.Check it out for yourself.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jesse's Visitation

Just got back from Jesse's visitation. He was only 18 yrs old and taken from this life. It just shouldn't be that way, ya know what I mean? He was on his way to a football career in college, had a serious girlfriend and was so full of life. Just so so sad. I heard someone saying that they just didn't understand why God would take him at such a young age. I don't believe God takes a life like that. I believe he allows it to happen, for what ever reason. We may never understand. But, things like this happen to often and I just don't believe God would want to take the life of someone so young. I do feel that God can and is using this terrible tragedy to reach and touch more people for Him. I'm glad Jesse is with Him today.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


We have one apple tree in our back yard. Some years we have had great numbers of good apples and others not so good. This year is one of those good years. I raked up some damaged apples tonight before I mowed the grass. I would imagine there were at least one hundred on the ground. As I looked up into the tree I saw hundreds more that need to come down. I don't know what kind of apples they are but they are the crisp ones that make great pie. I like to make pies but I don't need an over abundance of them. I sometimes go to the store and buy five or six apples for a pie. Right now I have plenty on the tree so I don't need the store's apples. In the past I have given away as many as three or four grocery sacks full of good apples. I have also gotten rid of pickup loads of bad apples. I hope that in a year or so the area that the tree is now taking up will be home for a garage.


It was a beautiful Saturday. Scott and Bill decided they better not pass up this dry day, so they headed for the golf course very early this morning. After 18 holes and a lot of fun, they were back home. My daughter and I slept in and enjoyed our time visiting while they were away. Then we headed to Applebees for Scott's birthday. It's one of his favorite places to eat. I took him a strawberry cheesecake, another one of his favorites. We did a little shopping and had a great day.


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Piano Moving

We had our piano in the basement since 1992. The piano had been taken downstairs by me and two friends. We couldn't make the corner from the kitchen to the basement door while it was upright so it went down the steps on end. On of the guys hurt his ankle in the process. Once in the basement the piano was taken apart, sanded and refinished. Since that time the piano has been a wonderful piece of furniture in our home. Two of our children took lessons and it has served a great purpose. Our daughter and her husband now have their own home and it was time for the piano to go to a new home. This time it was decided that I wouldn't have to move this heavy item so I called someone that has moved many large pianos and safes as well. It took four men to haul the piano up from the basement and into the back of a pickup. It is now in Jenna's house and it looks very nice. Our basement now has more room.

Rapid Search

Found this neat website,RapidSearch, where you can quickly find DVD's, music or games to your liking. It is so simple. I clicked on and looked for a movie that I just love, Old Yeller, and there it was with all of the information I would need to purchase the item. Then I thought I would check out some of their games. I found all of the Madden NFL '08 games, for PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, the Wii and more. How easy to Christmas shop or even to just by for myself. It's a great site! Entertainment organized from Amazon. Just pick the category of your choosing.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Scott's Birthday

Well, it's our son-in-law's birthday this weekend. We are planning to go up to visit them. I think he and my husband will probably go out golfing tomorrow morning. I will enjoy sleeping in and visiting with Jenna, my daughter. We'll have to go out to eat somewhere. Maybe Applebees? I think Scott enjoys their food. :)

Paris Las Vegas

A few years back, we took our family to California for a few weeks. During the trip we traveled to Las Vegas and stayed. We has such a great time. WOW, what a city! There is so much to see and do there. There are huge awesome hotels, like Treasure Island or the Paris Las Vegas. There are many to choose from. Our kids were wide-eyed at the sites. It was very hot there though. Our daughter did not enjoy that part of the trip.

Advertising Pens

I think one of the greatest ways to advertise is to use advertising pens. When you're writing, you are reminded of where that pen came from. It is a quick way to look up a phone number also. When I seem to get low on pens around the house, then we attain a new one from some company or office. I tend to have my favorite type of pen and so does Scott, my son-in-law. We are very picky about our pens.


A young man of 18 passed away this week. A freak accident took his life. He was out with friends at football practice. They were all going from the field to the swimming pool when suddenly the coach heard a cry for 911. Jesse had fallen off of the back of a car and hit his head. He was unconscious and rushed to a Des Moines Hospital. He never came to. Just like that his life had ended. How difficult this must be for his parents, family and friends. It's just not the order of the way things are to happen. Ya know what I mean? But, I did hear that Jesse gave his life to Christ this past summer. He was given another chance and he choose the right one. He turned towards Jesus instead of away. He gave his life over to Him. What a peace that must be for his family, to know that he is with Jesus today. As his mother would say, "he is eating chocolate and visiting with Christ.

LG Washing Machines

Washing clothes is a non ending job, especially when the kids were still at home. We washed everyday. Now it's every other or so. Your washing machine becomes very important to you. What happens at your house if a large appliance like a refrigerator or washing machine break down? I know we usually go on line and try to research what appliance is best for the lowest cost. Then go out shopping for that item. Well now
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The rain has been so heavy for almost a week now. We are very blessed in that we have not had flooding in our area. Not far from here however, they have had a lot of flooding. Basements are wet and carpet and furnishing ruined. Roads have been washed out, along with homes. Lives have also been lost. It feels so good to see the sun shinning out today. Keep that sunshine coming Lord.

Small Fan

Every morning I have my routine. It takes me awhile, but I feel better when it's all said and done. I have my shower and then put on my make-up. I start to warm up while in the process and feel like I need another shower before it's all complete. I would often go and crank down the air conditioning. My husband wasn't wild about that idea so he went out shopping and brought back a very small little fan. It works perfect. I just set it out and it circulates the air in there for me. Especially when running the hair dryer. Thanks honey for thinking of me. ;)

Lapband Surgery

Losing weight, what a battle for some. There are just so many temptations before us. It's so hard to turn away sometimes. For that person that is really struggling with weight loss and needs that extra help, there is now a new lapband surgery being performed today. Journey Lite, a speedy expanding network. Has bariatric surgeons and a group of health care professionals wanting to help you in a least invasive surgical solution to your weight loss problems. There are comprehensive support programs to help aid you in the process. The lapband is surgically placed around the upper portion of the stomach. This helps to create a smaller area for food to sit,causing a feeling of being full and in return your not wanting or needing to eat more. Thus leading to losing that excess weight. If need be this surgical procedure is completely reversible and can be performed on an outpatient basis. These surgeons are some of the most skilled across the nation. There is also wonderful follow-up support. Look into them for your possible weight loss.

Zoe's haircut

Another haircut for Zoe our dog. I usually set her up for about every six weeks to have her trimmed. She gets so excited when you talk about Stephanie cutting her hair. When I get her to the office however, she begins to shake and get all nervous. She then seems to not be able to control her bodily functions and makes a mess on their floor. They're use to it there I guess. Poor little thing. Gets so worked up. She will look so pretty when I pick her up though.


Here it is Friday again. Boy, the weeks fly by. It's looking like we will be moving our piano up to my daughter's home tonight. She's been waiting for this day for years. We bought it many years ago when she first started taking piano lessons. She took them for 4 or 5 years. Our youngest son took lessons for a couple of years also. The piano was very rough looking at the time. It had been in a school where children had carved names and other not such nice things, into it's wood. I took it all apart and sanded and refinished the whole thing. It turned out so beautiful. Now, maybe another generation may learn on it also.

Dating Russian Bride

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DSL VS Dial-up

I remember saying I would never have the internet. What a laugh. I also remember when I thought dial-up was the greatest. It was a hassle because the internet would tie up our phone line but it wasn't too bad. We now have DSL and think it is fine. I know people who have cable and totally love it. Who knows, maybe we will change too. For right now though, DSL works for us.

Writing What You Know

It is so much easier to write about something that you are familiar with. Sometimes people have trouble writing or thinking of what to write. I remember in college trying to think of what to write for a paper. It was so tough, or so I thought. It seems so easy now. If I would only have known then what I know now! It is fun to write too. Just keep an open mind and start. It is that simple.

Simmons Jannace Stagg

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Friday Is Almost Here

The weeks are flying by. It is almost Friday again. I think the saying is right that says, time flies when you are having fun. I look forward to when I retire because then I will really enjoy myself. I am sure that I won 't just sit around and do nothing at all. I will keep busy with things around the house and seeing the kids but it will be nice not having to go to work. Then again who knows, maybe I'll keep working for awhile. Naw!!

Real Estate School Directory

My daughter and son-in-law recently purchased their first home. I had forgotten what was all involved with doing that. It is quite a process. I realized just how much a Real Estate Broker has to know and do to help guide a person in the right direction for their lives. For those of you who are interested or think you may become interested in the Reality business, there is a great website, FastClass, that will show you where all kinds of Real Estate Schools, appraisal schools and other types of licensing schools are located near you. Many of these schools provide online courses for the industry. If this may be you, look into this site today.
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Do you have some old coins that you are considering putting up for sale? I know a guy that has a few and he might try to sell some of them. I told him that he could hang on to them for many years but he might be better of just selling them. He has some proof sets from about 1969 to 1980. I don't know if they are worth very much. He also has a fifty dollar gold coin which I guess is worth about seven hundred dollars. I think if I were him I would go ahead and sell the coins. After the sale I would never want to second guess myself on the sale either. Take the money and run, or maybe walk to the bank.

Event Websites

In my field of work, I will often though out the year, receive event fliers. Sometime I can tend to misplace them and am not really sure what the event was going to be about or when and where. Let a lone when registration is going to be due and where to send my Conference Registration Forms. Well, now it is made simple with RegOnline. You can have an event obtainable on the web with easy access to registration. Just a click of a button. By going on this site you can find your event or place one. They are made very user friendly and eye appealing. Check out this site. Wouldn't it be great if it were always that easy to fine your next event you'll be attending?

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Little Bugs

Apparently we have some little bugs on our new plants. The guy from the greenhouse came by today and looked at the plants and told us that we need to spray some stuff on them due to some bugs. He didn't seem too concerned and said many people are having the same problem with their plants. We bought a small bottle of liquid that you mix with water to spray on the plants. We have to do this every seven days. Some of our plants look better than others. There are a few that have quite a lot of brown on them. Hopefully this spray with handle the problem.

Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk

Most of us realize that Alzheimer's is a terrible disease and many have dealt with it in some way. Several years ago my mother was diagnosed with Dementia. Over the next few years she realized that she was becoming quite forgetful. We would have just had a meal and dessert when she would bring out plates for dessert. She had forgotten that we had just had it. At first she was able to laugh at her forgetfulness. Mom would write things down on paper, not just things to do but simple things like the spelling of words. As recently as 2003 she was still writing checks and driving, although there were many times she got lost even in her own town. My dad was her caregiver and he would take her almost everywhere he went. Mom would sometimes leave the house unannounced and he would find her across the street or maybe even up town. From there she slipped quickly and we knew from doctors that mom had Alzheimer's. Many times my parents would come to our house and mom would wander around like she didn't remember she had been there before. She didn't feel comfortable going to large gatherings, even with family. Two of my children got married only eight days apart and I am thankful that she was able to attend even though she was very distracted. In February of 2006 my dad went into the hospital,never to come out. My mom went to the nursing home that same day since her caregiver was no longer there. Dad passed away and I am sure he was just worn out from all that he had done for mom. Now mom is in the Alzheimer's wing at the nursing home. She doesn't seem to recognize any of her family. This is a woman that retired from a career as a teacher. She was very sharp minded and good with her hands, knitting and crocheting.
The Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk is a nationwide event that is instrumental in raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer's research and support. People can make a difference in this country by being part of a Memory Walk. It is easy to get involved with and very worthwhile. It benefits so many people. Just twenty five miles from my home there is a town that has been involved with a Memory Walk. They are planning on having their next one on October 27 of this year and I would encourage everyone to participate either as a team captain, team walker or independent walker. I think that the people in my town would be very interested in holding a Memory Walk of our own. These walks are usually 2-3 mile walks held in the morning of a fall weekend. Please join with me and support the Alzheimer's Association with a Memory Walk. These walks are nationwide and it is very important that you sign up early.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another Day At The Office

Today was just another day at the office. Not every day is as exciting as others but that is alright by me. I switched jobs over a year ago and I have to say that the change has been fantastic. I enjoyed my other position too but am really taking a liking to the hours I have, all days. Oh, and no weekends or holidays to work. There are times when having days off in the middle of the week is nice, like to be able to go golfing. Of course, I can always take days off to do that. So just another day at the office is fine with me.

Interracial Singles

Are you single and wanting to meet new people? Is it a serious relationship you're after or maybe just wanting to enjoy someones company? Well, there is an interracial dating site where you can do just that. On this website you will find interracial singles who are interesting and fun. It is known as one of the number one interracial communities on the net. You can bring up profiles that allow you to get to know a little bit about a person. You may just fine that someone that is perfect for you. Join for free and browse the sea of possibility. It may be just what you've been looking for.
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Online Banking

Online banking saves so much of my time. I don't mind going in to the bank now and then to chat with the employees or do some banking but being able to do everything needed from home is great. I can transfer money from different accounts in seconds. I always said I would never have the internet but I was so wrong. We use the net daily in work and at home. If you haven't taken the step to do your banking online I would recommend that you give it a try. I am sure you will like it as much as I do.

In Between Rains

I was hoping to get home from work and mow the grass. It has been raining often and I wondered if I would get it done before the next rain. Well, I did mow the yard after work and it still hasn't rained. I am glad to have it done for another week. For awhile I was mowing twice a week but lately it has been once a week. Most of the neighbors have been mowing as frequently as I have. The grass has turned green again even though it is mid August. As I always say, I'd rather mow than shovel.

Distance Search Yellow Pages

Have you ever have difficulty navigating around the internet? Well, I have. I can search and search for that certain item, new article, product line or what ever it might be. Well, now there is a new distance search yellow pages. It's called Radiux. This great new search engine is going to meet the needs of many. The engine site has available many of the multi-used searches on the internet. It will assist in exploring quickly what you may need, without going to multiple engines. Radiux can be found at This release is in response to the users desire for a better suitable device in seeking out information on the web. This engine presently provides Google, Craigslist, eBay, Amazon results and more. Making it an awesome place to start your next search. Radiux is created by Colizer Inc., found in the San Diego area.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Christian Music

I so enjoy listening to Christian Music. It has really changed. There are so many types and styles to choose from today. Something for everyone. I recently started to listen to an artist, Mark Schultz. His music is so awesome! His songs seem to touch the heart. Last week he had a concert close to home, but we were unable to attend. Sure wish I could have seen and heard him. His songs "Walking Her Home" and "Letters From War" are here for you to listen to.

Football Season

Here we go again with NFL football. Can you believe that it is time for football already? The time has gone by quickly. I enjoy watching good games and I really don't care who wins. I have some favorite players more than teams. One guy I enjoy watching is Dallas Clark from the Indianapolis Colts. When Dallas was in his small Iowa hometown he was not nearly as big and strong as he is now. He helped as a DARE role model for three years during high school. The younger kids really liked him and he was very nice to them. He still seems to be a nice guy.

Chantelle Bras

I don't know about many of you, but I don't usually enjoy shopping for new intimate apparel. I find it difficult to find just the right item, fit and style. Well, while looking on line in Bitsoflace.comBits, I found all kinds of top quality, beautiful pieces. With their chantelle bras, you will be amazed at the comfort and excellent value. The styles are stunning. The materials used in these bras are brought from some of Europe's finest manufacturers with supreme standards. Check out the Chantelle Lingerie collection obtainable by this company. I think you'll be impressed. I know I was.

Golf Clubs

I had my golf clubs in the truck as we prepared to head out to Jake's for the weekend. But since it looked like rain for the entire weekend I put them back in the garage. Wrong thing to do as it got pretty nice out. Jake and I could have golfed some today I think. It would have been fun. Jake has taken an interest in golfing again and I am always willing to knock the little ball around the course. My wife will attest to that . She claims that I talk about golf to everyone, even the non-golfers. I know that is not true. I mean, all of you that are reading this golf,right? That's what I thought!!

Baby Sling

We are soon to be first time grandparents. Our oldest two children, who are twins, are expecting one day apart come this October. We are so excited! While anxiously awaiting the births, we have found ourselves "baby" shopping already. It is so much fun! There are so many neat and new things available on the market since we had our children. They now have what they call, a baby sling. They are a pretty neat creation. Slinglings can be a stylish and comfortable pouch. The perfect place to put your baby. These slings are made to carry your baby from birth to approximately 35 pounds. They come in a variety of fabrics and even come with padding around the leg area to protect babies soft skin. When ordering this awesome product you are given wearing instructions which are very helpful. These slings are comfortable and I think my girls will love them. Thanks Slinglings!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tired Dog

After a long weekend our dog Zoe is a tired little pooch. She slept some on the way home and is now crashed on the couch. I am sure the ride and busy weekend just wore her out. She is always very good when we go places and especially riding in the car. She has always loved riding, from the day Jake and I picked her up at the kennel. I know she would be good even on a very long trip. She always wants to sit up and see what is going on, watching cows and horses as we drive by the farms.


Do you ever tire of the same old look in your home? Well, I do and decided to redo a few rooms in our home. We have lived here for almost 25 years and still enjoy change. In moving our daughter recently into their new home, we found that we needed to address covering their windows as one of the top priorities. It's very difficult to change clothing at night when your windows are not covered. I was recently given an opportunity to look into receiving free wooden blinds for a window of my choosing! How wonderful is that? Working with Blinds Schalet was simple. I just went to their website and started shopping. They have such a great selection with Faux Wood Blinds, Wood Blinds, Aluminum Mini Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Fabric Horizontals. They even have a variety of shades to choose from. With their wood blinds I just clicked in and started to look around. There were different sizes , colors and types of wood. They even showed you how to properly measure your window so that the blinds would fit perfectly when you received them. They thought of everything. I then proceeded to order the blinds and in a short time I received them in the mail. WOW! What nice quality blinds. They are heavy and beautiful and so easy to install. They add such an aesthetic value to the room. Thanks Blinds Schalet! I would recommend your window treatments to anyone.

Tampa Real Estate

With retirement years around the corner, my husband and I are discussing what we might do with our future. Will we move or just travel around our great United States. We have talked about different locations and what we would like to see. Tampa real estate is one area of interest. We will have to look into it further and see if it might be a possibility for us.

Intranet Software

Do you have a business or are starting up a new business? Well, when it comes to setting up your computer system and intranet software, you may want to check into EPAZZ . They are able to help aid you in totally managing hosted solutions while managing your website content. They can work with group scheduling and improve manager and employee communication. They will assist you from start to finish. They are running a 30 Day free trial of their software. All you have to do is contact them to set it up. You too can save yourself and company money and at the same time expand productivity.

Home In Time

We were in Cedar Falls this weekend and came home today. It rained some while we were gone and was mostly cloudy this afternoon. We were only miles from home when we noticed the sky was getting quite dark. By the time we got our stuff in the house the rain started coming down heavily. It was a nice shower and enjoyable to watch from in the house but I am glad we weren't driving in it or standing outside with our luggage. We were glad to be home in time.

Advantage Auto Quotes

Through out the years we have had a lot of dealings with Insurance Companies. We've had our ups and downs. When you enter the world of three teenage drivers, two being male, you find that it is more difficult to keep the costs of your premiums down to a manageable fee. We had checked into several companies and it became quite frustrating at times. Today we could have gotten an online insurance policy with Advantage Auto Quotes. They seem to cover so much of what we were looking for in those days and even for us now. Coverage for a sports car would have been wonderful when one of our sons loved that type of car. I think they could have possibly given us better car Insurance rates. Definitely check them out for your families Insurance needs.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Moving In

Tomorrow we are going to see Jake and help Renee move back into her house at school. We are taking a bed to her. It seems like we just moved Jake out of the dorm last school year. The time has really gone by quickly! Jake has been working at his new job a few months already. He seems to enjoy it very much. It is a great job for him. He gets to do many things he likes to do, from computer work to helping with machining. It is pretty cool that those at his work will ask him how to do certain things that they can't figure out. Good job Jake.

Cookware Set

Having been married for almost 30 years, I have found that things in our home are not holding up like they use to. I have always said the I think we need an anniversary shower at about 20-25 years. After my two oldest children got married and had showers, I realized just how poorly my cookware set and other kitchen items were looking. I then started to slowly replace some of the items. It's a big task.


That same old problem seems to confront us so often. Weight gain. Use to be that when I was younger it was more of a problem in the winter months. Summer would come and the weight would come off. Now being more mature, I find that it doesn't just fall off cause spring has sprung. :( So I've been looking into different ways to shed the pounds and find hydroxycut to be an interesting option. It looks like people have had great results using this product.

Faux Wood Blinds

With moving the kids into their new home we were hoping that most of the window dressings would already be in place. Well, some of them were, but most of them were not. So off we went to shop and purchase what was needed. You can't go with out coverage you know. The faux wood blinds are very nice. Heavy and beautiful. They have a richness to them.


Tonight was our night to get groceries. It is always nice to be done with that job. My wife actually does the hard part, putting the list together. All I have to do is drive her to the store and push the cart. Oh, and before we do the shopping we go for supper which is nice. It is sometimes tough to decide where we are going to eat. It usually sounds like' where do you want to eat?' with a response that is something like 'I don't care, you decide'. We always make the right decision and go somewhere good. Then it is off to the grocery store. It is something we can do together.

Century Furniture

My daughter and her husband have just purchased their first home. They are so excited about it! When going from a smaller home to a larger one, they are finding that they may need to do a little furniture shopping. Well I found that Century furniture has a vast selection of style and comfort to meet the needs of just about anyone. They will have to look into all of the beautiful pieces they offer.

Addiction Treatment

I think it is so sad all that is going on in the world today. So many people struggling in their lives with all kinds of things. Thank goodness for the places that have been established to help assist a person with addiction treatment. It can help them restore a healthier lifestyle for themselves and they will feel good about doing it. I'm glad there are places people can go to when they really need it.

Texas Bed and Breakfast.

My oldest son got married a couple of years ago. Shortly after the wedding, we moved them down to Texas, where they are presently living. For their first anniversary, my son wanted to surprise his wife and take her to a really nice Texas bed and breakfast. Well, that's exactly what he ended up doing and they had the best time. They hadn't ever stayed at a bed and breakfast before.

Around The Block

Zoe loves to go for walks. She knows that the route she takes on her walk will be around our block. I think if I were to let her go alone she would eventually make it back home, after checking out all the cats and dogs in the neighborhood. I don't plan on letting her try that however. We have friends on the other end of the block that she loves to go see. When we get close to their house I will tell Zoe to go see Jack and Chick. She then goes right up their driveway to see if they are home. She is a smart dog.

Home Theater Seating

Several years ago we decided that we would add on to our home. We put on an addition that we now call our family room. We have started to purchase furnishings for the room and are still in the process of completing it the way we might like to someday. We have recently added a big screen TV and are now looking into home theater seating. I think that could really make it complete.

Kids Bedding

I can remember when the kids were younger, we would decide to change around the appearance of their bedrooms. With my daughter, at first we went with something babyish, like Fuzzy Bear and then moved on to Strawberry Shortcake. As she got older we took on a teenage look in her room. With each change came a new kids bedding. It seemed to always tie in everything together. It always looked so nice.

Investment Property

We have spent many years raising our family and working. Soon we will be looking at retirement and what that may all bring for our lives. We have talked about traveling and also about the possibility of getting involved with an investment property. We're just not really sure as of yet, where we would like to live during the winter months. We'll have to see how we feel when the time arrives I guess.

Wiley X

I love summertime. It's so nice to be outside and not have to bundle up. On a bright summer day there are times that I need a nice pair of sunglasses. I found Wiley X sunglasses to be quite versatile. They are made for the person on the go. If your hobby is to ride motorcycle, then these are the glasses for you. They can be purchased with prescription lenses and can also darken in the sun lite. With a lifetime warranty option , how can a person go wrong?!

Electrical Work

I am not an electrician but have done some small jobs around the house like outlets and switches. Recently we were at Scott and Jenna's house and they needed a different receptacle for their dryer. Scott flipped the breaker and away we went, starting to change the device. That is when I sensed a burning in my thumb that was touching a couple screws. I pulled away rather quickly, just before screaming. Just kidding about the scream but it did burn a bit. The problem was found to be that someone had attached a wire to two separate breakers. We did get a new breaker put in so everything is working properly.

Orlando Villa

Orlando is a favorite spot for many to vacation to these days. When traveling to an area where you may not be familiar, it is easy to be taken on the cost of things. There is so much available on line. Where does a person begin? Well, with Thinkflorida website it is made easier for the customer. They specialize in assisting the UK customer. Are you going to need a rental car service or maybe wanting to book that special Orlando Villa? They have private homes, condos, town houses and more. They can also aid you with their ticket service. The location is in the heart of all of the action, with Disney close by. In choosing the property you're interested in renting, you are able to do an online tour and see exactly where you will be staying. You will find heated spa's to play stations for the kids. They have thought of pretty much everything. Click into this site for your next Florida vacation plans.

Who Let The Dog Out?

It seems like our dog Zoe wants to go outside quite often in the evening. I take her out and my wife takes her out too. If the kids are home they help with the frequent task of letting the dog out. I think that Zoe enjoys the outside at night because she is in the house all day. Sometimes I get tired of letting her out but then again I guess she can't do it alone. She is a good dog and won't be around forever right?

Lab Band by JourneyLite

Feeling over weight is not fun for most people. I know I don't like it if I gain an extra 10 pounds. Well, for the obese person it is a much greater problem. There is now a procedure done through Journey Lite with a laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding called, lapband. It is placed around an area of the stomach to create a smaller area for holding food. Which in turn, gives a feeling of filling up quicker and also food moving through the stomach slower. You will find yourself eating less. Soon you should see the scale tipping in the direction that you want it too. Check into this procedure. It may be just what you're looking for in bringing about a healthier lifestyle.
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Piano Moving

Have you ever had to move a piano? How about one that is in a basement? Well, we are preparing to do just that. I have checked into having a professional mover do this job but have not heard back from him yet. I am also thinking about finding the strongest friends I have and getting them to help move this object. Years ago I had help from two friends getting the piano downstairs. One of the guys ended up with a severely bruised ankle. At that time we tipped the piano on end and took it down one step at a time. That was before we refinished it. Now that it is looking great I want to take it out of the basement upright. I think that we can put down a couple ramps and roll it right up the steps since it has wheels attached. It should be interesting.

Accord Radiator

Having had car problems in the past I know it can be difficult to find the parts needed to make necessary repairs. is a great place to find the automotive radiator you need as it has over 80,000 parts. Did you know that Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world? has a full stock of Honda and Acura radiators that come with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. I know of no other online site that gives such a warranty. If it is an Accord Radiator you need, you can find it here. For online help you don't need to be an expert mechanic. With all of the articles on it is possible to install a radiator yourself. If you choose to have someone else do the installation can help find a certified installation center in the area you live in. You can order directly from the distributor, by-passing the middleman, and save money. Look into them for your radiator needs.


My single stall garage is getting smaller all the time, or so it seems. I have added a few things like the welder, bike, air tools and wheelbarrow. I know that the garage hasn't changed in size but it seems to have. I clean it up once in awhile but should straighten it more often. The sets of golf clubs take up some room too. And then there are all the shoes by the wall. Oh, I can't forget the ladders and saw horses. The mower is against the wall and pretty much out of the way. The grill is too. I suppose I could put the snow shovels up on top in the little storage area since it is only August. I bought a large fan to help blow the heat out and of course that sits in the wheelbarrow along with some shop towels and landscape lights. I am sure you are wondering where we put the car aren't you? Well, that goes in the garage also.

British Gas

Here's a recent press release about the new green energy tariffs by British Gas. One being the Zero Carbon, one of the greenest tariff offered on the market and the other Future Energy. This will help decrease the carbon emissions in the home and hopefully in the school systems in the future. I found this very interesting.

Press Release:


9 August 2007: British Gas has announced it is launching two new green energy tariffs, Zero Carbon, which will be the greenest tariff available on the domestic market and Future Energy. British Gas has launched the tariffs, in response to the increasing demand for green energy products.

Householders signing up to the Zero Carbon tariff will:
• reduce their household energy carbon emissions to zero through Kyoto compliant offset schemes which will meet the new Defra requirements
• help fund a direct increase in investment in renewable energy generated in the UK
• contribute to the new British Gas green fund which will:
o invest in developing new renewable technologies such as wave power
o oversee a programme to help schools in the UK reduce their CO2 emissions

GearĂ³id Lane, Managing Director British Gas New Energy said,”Our new tariff responds to consumer demand for truly green-energy solutions. It is essential that customers have confidence in green energy tariffs and that their credibility is not damaged by tariffs that claim to be green but in reality do not deliver any incremental environmental benefits. Green tariffs are moving from niche to mainstream products and we’re leading the industry by offering a tariff that will do more for the environment than any other product currently available.”

Under the government’s Renewables Obligation (RO), electricity suppliers in the UK are already required to produce an increasing percentage of their electricity through methods such as wind farms which, unlike traditional power plants, produce zero carbon emissions. For 2007/2008 this figure is set at 7.9%.

In a recent report, the National Consumer Council (NCC) raised concerns that some energy suppliers are packaging electricity which is produced under the RO scheme as “green”, yet it delivers no additional environmental benefits. The NCC called on energy suppliers to take steps beyond their legal requirements and offer green energy tariffs that provide genuine additional environmental benefits, in particular CO2 emissions reduction.

British Gas worked with Global Action Plan and The Climate Group’s “We’re in this Together” campaign to develop Zero Carbon which goes further than any other green tariff in meeting these requirements offering consumers the only zero carbon option on the market.

The tariff carries a premium of £84 per year, reflecting the higher cost of producing energy through lower carbon emission schemes.

Virginia Graham, Chair of Global Action Plan, said, “The British Gas Zero Carbon tariff delivers on all three of the essential requirements of a green tariff which are: additionality, transparency and verifiability. As such it is a very welcome new offering in the market. Consumers signing up to the tariff can be confident that they are getting 12 per cent more renewable energy than they would otherwise have got. The carbon emissions from their electricity and gas will also be offset with emissions reductions from projects accredited by the United Nations.”

Zero Carbon is one of the first initiatives launched through the ‘We’re in this Together’ campaign, which was launched in April 07 as an alliance of some of the UK’s biggest brands who are all working to help their customers reduce their impact on the climate.

Dr Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group and founder of ‘We’re in this Together’ said, “We’re committed to offering people ways to make a real impact on climate change through We’ve worked with British Gas to ensure that Zero Carbon is a genuine step forward in delivering more environmental benefits than any other tariff currently available.”

British Gas’s second green energy tariff, Future Energy, offers an alternative green electricity tariff at a premium of just £20 per year. Customers signing up to this tariff will contribute to a green fund which will provide solar panels and other renewable energy technologies to UK schools. Money from the fund will also be invested in development of future renewable technologies and sources.

To sign up customers can call British Gas on 0845 604 0055 or visit

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Our local YMCA is closed this week for cleaning and general maintenance. It closes about this time each year for the whole week. I normally go to the Y each morning and have been spoiled to have it so close. Now I just sleep in and head to work without the morning exercise. I know I could get up and run outside but it has been hard to do. I might just wait until next week when the Y opens up again. It is a nice routine to go in to the Y and then shower and get ready there. I know many feel the same way. For a small town we are very fortunate to have such a facility.


Have you ever vacationed in France? I haven't, but have always been interested in traveling there. In starting to research the area I found that there are a lot of interesting things to do and see. In setting up for Hotels in France I decided to look on line. There is a great website that can assist a person in looking for Hotels in Paris, which is where I think I would be most interested in traveling too. WOW! I found a beautiful Paris Hotel that we may want to check out. Next, I looked into where we might do some site seeing. The Louvre sounds awesome! It is a famous and prominent site. This museum has such history and compilation that is breathtaking. There are several exhibition areas including Roman Antiquities, Decorative Arts, Prints and Drawings and more. The most spoken of is of course the Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting. Who wouldn't want to see that? A person can also fine the Venus de Milo statue there. After a day at the museum, there is also shows that can be seen, Like "The Lido", meaning "Happiness". This show is set with a backdrop of beautiful music, outstanding lighting, special effects and more. The costuming and choreography is created by Pierre Rambert and is unforgettable. For hours of entertainment, this is the one. If you too are looking for an amazing vacation. Check into this site and visit France soon.


About half an hour ago I heard some thunder. Zoe heard it too. She doesn't like storms much and if it gets too bad she crawls under the bed. I am sure other dogs do that too. She never used to hide, but for some reason she doesn't enjoy the storms. I hope we get some rain tonight. It would be nice to get things washed off a bit. It has been quite warm the last few days and I have had to fill the bird bath several times. Come on rain.


How many of you have stocks and can do your own trading? I know I can't. I just entrust someone else to do it all for me. It has always seemed so complicated. I would like to learn to trade 'live' all by myself and with having a trading plan in place. A trading plan permits you to keep an eye on your trades, while also having your own goals in mind. There's this great website that can assist a person in doing all of this. It's Wizetrade. Wizetradeis a software program that can examine stock and carry out stock market analysis for you. There is an awesome video that is a neat learning tool. It lays out the software for you. The site is informative and interesting. Look into it today.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Apples On The Ground

It is that time of year when we have apples on the ground from our lone apple tree. One of my neighbors has four apple trees and is also tired of the clean up. We generally have several grocery bags of good apples plus a few hundred pounds of bruised and partially bird eaten apples on the tree and ground to clean up. It is a pretty tree when it blossoms but right now I am tempted to cut it down. Hey, that is a great idea! Actually it is my plan to remove the tree next year and prepare the area for that long waited garage. Oh happy day!


Do you find yourself entering contests hoping to win in the sweep stake? A cash prize would be wonderful. Or maybe just receiving free gifts. I'm not choosy. It's fun to just try and win something. Well, there's this great website, bid4prizes. My daughter tried it out and thought it was pretty neat. You bid to win a certain prize. The winner is the person who has the lowest unique bid. That is the person that has the lowest bid that no one else has also bid. It's seems to be very easy to play. Just pick up your cell phone and send a text with the title of what you're bidding on and the bid you are placing. They will text you back and let you know if you have the lowest unique bid or not. You can also go on line and type in your cell # and the amount you are bidding. Either way will work. There are many prizes from Apple I-Phone’s, SCion XB's, HDTV’s to Cash Prizes. There is a winner everyday. How exciting! Try it out today.

Monday, August 13, 2007


One of my co-workers is going to be transferring to another location. He has family in the area where he will be living so I don't blame him for leaving. It can be a nice thing to live near family. Now some of the others will be applying for his current position. If someone from my office gets the job, it will be a promotion for them. They will then have their own office instead of having a cubicle in the main part of the room. I am sure they are all excited of the possibility of being promoted.

Brownsville Personal Injury Attorney

Have you or someone you know been in an accident of some kind? Maybe it's an auto accident or motorcycle accident. Perhaps you're a drunk driving accident victim or there has been some type of wrongful death. Could be that you've had a trucking accident or maybe a problem in the area of premises liability. What ever it might be, if you're located in the Rio Grande Valley area of Texas, then you may want to look up a brownsville personal injury attorney. O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath are based in Austin and are waiting to assist you. Initial consultations are free and are made convenient for you the client. They will be working intensely on your behalf. They are just a click away. See that you get what you ought to have.

Neighborhood Dog

Over the past several months we have had a smaller light colored dog in our neighborhood. It did have a collar on for awhile. I have fed it a few times and it has gotten closer to us each time it visits. It took a treat from my hand today but still won't let me pet her. Our dog Zoe would like to play but being on a chain can't quite get close enough to this neighborhood dog. Years ago my dad made a friend with a small dog that would come to his gas station. As I recall it took dad 13 weeks of putting food and water out for this dog to come up to him. I suppose I really shouldn't be feeding the dog as then it probably will never leave.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Busy Weekend

Boy, we had another busy weekend. It was a lot of fun though. Friday night we went to the new movie "Rush Hour 3". It was so funny. You just have to see it. Except for all of the swearing that they usually have, we really enjoyed it. Then on Saturday we went up to my daughter's where Bill played in a golf tournament. It was a lot of fun. Today was spent working around Jenna's new home. It is really coming along. Looks great!


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New Door

Today Scott and I put a new steel door and full glass storm door on their new house. It was a job that a carpenter could have done in a fraction of the time but at least we got it done. So what if it took most of the day. It was perfect weather to do a job like that. No problem with bugs, wind or rain today. The doors look very nice and Scott got the caulking done. Yes, we had the idea that if we got done in time we could go golfing but that did not happen. That is alright. We will get to golf again in a few weeks. If you are planning on putting in a new door but have never tried it before, go ahead a give it a try. Take your time and remember to measure twice and cut once.

Friday, August 10, 2007

RC Cars

I don't know what you think about RC cars, but the men in my house think that they are pretty cool. My youngest son has always been fascinated by the RC planes and helicopters. These types of "toys" are quite impressive these days. They even have RC tanks and military vehicles. They appear so realistic. I enjoy watching them in action.

Golf Day

Tomorrow is the big day! It is the day of the Reed Family golf outing. The plan is to golf then have supper. Now, I have mentioned this event before and said that the day will be fun but I need to say it again for those that hadn't heard of the event. The weather has been ideal for this yearly gathering for the past 20-30 years it has been told. Tomorrow should be no exception. It will be hot but great for golf.

Financial Reporting Software

If you're like me you keep your own books and make sure that you are updated in your checkbook register. It can be time consuming, but is a must. I feel that at times it would be advantageous to have some type of financial reporting software. Most people could probably use that extra financial advice. I know, I think it would come in handy.

Sore Joints

Isn't it something that as we get older we sometimes find that some of our joints begin to ache. Well, I have a thumb joint that can sure flare up. It has been very tender lately. I received samples of this new Freeze It gel that I have been rubbing into it. It has seemed to give me some relief. It works deep and soothes away the pain.

Disposable Underwear

For a time my youngest son worked in a nursing home. We are so proud of him. It takes someone special to do that kind of care. He thought a lot of the elderly and enjoyed getting to know them. Many had bladder control problems and were in need of adult disposable underwear. He bathed and feed several of them. He stood, as to give comfort, as some of them passed away. He is a loving and wonderful young man.

Parking at the Fair

Today at the state fair there were lighted signs saying that all parking on the fair grounds had been taken. That meant the people had to find other places to park, such as street parking and private yards. There were many people in the neighborhoods around the fair grounds that had signs in their yards or were standing in the yard trying to attract those who needed parking spaces. The prices were typically six to eight dollars for parking. In the past the state troopers who worked the fair would be able to park inside the grounds but this year they too had to find parking in the lots like everyone else.

Air Jordan

Throughout the years my son's were involved in different sports activities. With their feet continually growing and the need for a different type of sports shoe, we would go shopping. They made it simple on me because it was always Air Jordan shoes that they would desire. With the choices that are out there, I found it interesting how they seemed to be drawn to this specific brand. Recently receiving a new pair of black air jordan shoes, it took me back to all those years with my children and all of the memories we have shared. Even a pair of shoes, like a song, can bring those memories flowing back from years gone by.


It is so awesome to be involved with Payu2blog. I love posting for them. I have received several products to try and it's fun to give my opinion on what I am using. Often as I am walking through a store or maybe listening to the TV, or I could just be reading a magazine, I will see the products that I have written about. Thanks Payu2blog for giving me this fantastic opportunity.

Hot Tubs

Over the years I have noticed property that have hot tubs in them. I have often thought that it would be pretty cool to own one. They look so comfortable. There was one that I observed people sitting in even when winter was approaching. You could see the steam rising. They have hot tubs now where you can seat as many as 8 people at a time in them. They can even come with a CD player built in. I think I may just have to look into one sometime.

Rush Hour 3

Have you seen the new movie Rush Hour 3? We went to it tonight and liked it a lot. The was about the same amount of swearing as the first two movies and I think we laughed just as hard watching this one. The movie was action filled and the stunts were enjoyable to watch even though they may have been far fetched at times. If you haven't seen it you might consider watching this movie.

Advance Restaurant Finance

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Baby Appointments

I just had my son and daughter-in-law call about their baby appointment they had today. It's so much fun to keep updated on the latest for our new grand babies to come. Our daughter is also expecting, so we stay current with them also. It so exciting to hear how they are growing and moving. It won't be long now and we will be holding them!

Online Yellow Pages

As a business-person you can find that it can be quite time consuming to search out another business you may be looking for. There are all types of different online directories out there, but many have aged outdated data. With Colizer Inc, of San Diego, bringing us one of the newest online yellow pages, we now can feel secure in knowing there are over 14 million US businesses posted, that are kept current and reliable by their electronic generated feedback systems. This awesome directory system is climbing to the top with their 8.5 internet ranking. Look into this site for your listing needs.


This past spring we planted new bushes and shrubs around the house. Most of them are doing quite well, but we have a few that seem to be struggling. I'm not known for having a green thumb, but have done everything I've been told to do for the health of these plants. There are a few of them on the far north side of the house that are not looking the best. I'm not sure if we have over watered them or what. I did call the greenhouse today and they are going to stop by and take a look and see if they can tell what might be the problem. I hope they know.


I have grown up in a beautiful area where snowmobiling is a very popular sport and great winter fun! In high school I knew a guy that would compete and race with other people on snowmobiles. It's become the trendy thing to do. As I get older, times have really changed. The gear that is available to aid you in keeping warm, is amazing. The Snowmobile it self has also been modified quite a bit. They are now lighter and faster. For all of you sledding fans there is a great website, SLEDtv, with a wonderful snowmobile forum. You can chat with fellow sledders about anything you want too. Check out this awesome site today. This is a paid post.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


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Baby Shower

My daughter-in-law is having her first baby shower this coming Saturday. It's still hard to believe that only a few short months away and we will be holding our grand baby. I couldn't decide for sure what to purchase for her, so I looked into her registry and a website that has a list of needed items. It's so nice that today a person can select items they feel they will need and then hopefully receive exactly what can be of use for them. It's so much fun looking at all of those tiny little things. :)

Orlando Hotel Reservations

Over the years my family has taken many vacations. I can remember sitting for hours at a time trying to make arrangements before the big event. I would call and order motel books and information regarding the area in question. Today it has been made possible to quickly and easily find the needed information for the area of travel. Orlando Florida is one spot that we have always enjoyed vacation too. is a great site where you can find competitive prices on a vast selection of hotels. They also offer car rentals, flights and more. For finding your next orlando hotel reservations, you're just a click away.

Roofing Job

Today one of our neighbors had her shingles replaced on her house . The crew that worked on the house was comprised of four or five people. They started out this morning quite early by tearing off the shingles and when I got home about 5pm they were just finishing up the job. It looked like they did a good job and cleaned up the mess very well. They are a local crew and after seeing their work I may consider having them do my roof someday.

Favorite TV Shows

I think most people have their favorite TV shows. We don't watch much on TV until later at night. One of the programs we enjoy is The Rifleman. Do you remember that one? Lucas McCain and his son Mark live on a ranch and usually end up in the town of North Fork facing bad guys. Lucas has a Winchester rifle that he is very good with. Lucas is played by Chuck Connors and there is usually a good ending with a moral to each story. Another show that I enjoyed years ago was Branded. This show also starred Chuck Connors who played Jason McCord, a court- martialed Calvary captain. I have not seen the show in a long time and am not sure if it is on any more. The acting in some of these shows were actually pretty good. Even in black and white the shows are enjoyable to watch.

Wedding Gifts

Our two oldest children, who happen to be twins, came to us one day and informed us that they were going to both be getting married just eight days apart. Well, you can about imagine the planning that went on for the next several months. At that time I would have appreciated knowing about, a great website that can help aid the future bride and groom (not to mention the parents). This site shares expert advice, ideal photos, a local vendor guide and more. With their online registry system, it is the perfect place to shop for Wedding Gifts. It can ease the time used in planning that ageless and fashionable wedding. All you have to do is go into this site and and make your planning painless and hassle-free.


This morning I went for a run outside. Wow, it sure was foggy. I suppose I should have done my running inside the YMCA but I didn't. I made sure to watch for traffic. It was pretty light by then but still a bit hard to see pedestrians . I wouldn't have wanted my little kids out in that kind of weather and some people probably thought I shouldn't have been out either. Maybe next time it is that foggy I will just stay inside.

Family Gathering

This weekend my son in laws family is having a yearly gathering. It is nice that they invite us too. There could be as many as fifty people there. It starts with a golf event in which anyone that wants to participate can golf nine holes on a very nice course. We try to get a few extra holes played when possible. After golf we have a great meal together. It is a fun time and I think everyone enjoys the day.

HD Stock Video Library

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Old Clock

I have an old hanging clock that came from my parents. I think it is one that my dad put together. We have been having trouble with it lately as it seems to stop frequently. I think the winding mechanism is not working properly. I wonder too if I over wind it . Last night I made sure it was working and within an hour it had stopped again. I am not sure if I can just buy a new part so that it works the way it should. It is such a nice looking clock. I just want it to work correctly so I don't have to wind it every day.


How many miles do you drive each year? We probably drive 10-20,000 per year in our personal vehicles. I drive about 25,000 per year in my work car. My current issued car has about 99,000 miles on it and I know I shouldn't complain, but I am ready for a new one. This one is working fine now, after the new air conditioner and computer. I know that cars can go well over 100,000 miles but I get tired of a car by then. I think I have to wait to order a new one until next year. By then my car will have close to 120,000 and I will really be ready for a new one. I will just baby this one until then.

Wine Gift Baskets

Do you ever have a difficult time thinking of what you might give as a gift for a special occasion or just because? Most people will at some point in their lives. Gourmet Gift Baskets can take the guess out of your decision. This site seems to have everything when it comes to specialty baskets. If you know someone that has recently moved into a new home, they have the housewarming basket. Whether it is for a man or women, for someone at work, family or friends, they can detail it to suit your needs. With their wonderful chocolate baskets, wine gift baskets, snack gift baskets, sweet gift baskets and even a Texas gift basket filled with food from the state, for that person with a heart for Texas, it's a must. Do you know someone that is soon to have a baby? Well, they have great new baby gift baskets perfect for the occasion. These baskets are filled with the highest quality items and are carefully packed and sent world wide by FedEx. When that special someone receives their gift basket it will be obvious to them that great care has been taken in preparing the gift. Give this great company a chance and you will find that you to will be glad that you did.

State Fair

Have you ever been to a state fair? I haven't been to our state fair for several years but tomorrow I am going just for the day. In my work we have many divisions with one department and we have a job recruiting booth set up each year at the fair. I am sure
to see many people that I haven't seen in a long time. Some retired and some current employees. It will be quite warm as usual. There are many great sites to see and terrific food. One of the guys I used to work with goes to the fair each year and manages an ice cream shop. I am looking forward to the day.

Innovative Tutor

While raising our children we found that each one had their very own special talents and interests. When it came to school our children were also very diverse. Academically one of the kids might find that it a struggle when it came to the subject of math or possibly reading. While trying to help them at home didn't always work out, I found that there was a great website where you can find an Innovative Tutor. It is an advantage to both parent and student. They help children from ages 4-14. Look into this site for your children's future needs. This is a paid post.


WOW! Has it been humid. It seems a little bit better today, but still sticky out there. My youngest son's girlfriend just got back from a couple of months out in California. It was good to see her. Felt sorry for her coming back here after being where the weather is nice and dry. I guess we choose to live here, right?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Are you a fan of some of the neat PC games that are available today? Well, there is this great website, (a StarCraft fansite), where you can find all kinds of updated information on the PC games starcraft, Brood War and upcoming game StarCraft 2. In watching some video on the new StarCraft 2, I found it to be quite interesting. I think it will be filled with excitement! You'll have to check it.
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Cute Dog!!

I'm sure there are many of you out there who have pets, maybe even a dog like we do?! I know that I write about our dog Zoe a lot, but we just love her to pieces! She is very well-behaved, and so smart. I think our favorite thing about Zoe though, is the way she really seems to attend to what you are saying to her. She shows her interest in what you are saying by cocking her head to one side or the other. We often joke about how she seems like a little human. She's very loving and I find myself stopping to give her hugs and kisses whenever I get the chance. She just such a cutie!! Don't you think?! :) We also find ourselves taking pictures of her the one above. This is a picture of Zoe at my daughter and son-in-law's new house. She always enjoys a big window to look out of and at Scott and Jen's house, the back of the couch in front of their big picture window is her new favorite spot!

Halloween the movie

I used to watch more scary movies than I do now, but still enjoy watching some of the older ones like Jaws every once in a while. Some people may say that Jaws isn't a very scary movie, but in it's day I remember it was pretty scary. The movie was just so intense and that do, do do, do do...that just added to the intensity and fright of the movie! It seems that as years go on, movies get more and more scary, but the classics like Jaws will always still be scary to me. I think the intensity and scare that Jaws brought to the screen, will be similar to that of Halloween the movie, written and directed by Rob Zombie. The main difference between the two movies is that I believe Halloween the movie will be much scarier and probably far more intense. The graphics, music and things people can do with technology now a days is just amazing, and I'm sure that will add to the movie a lot. Rob Zombie I'm sure will add in his own creative tastes, making the movie very unique and one of a kind. I think we can all expect something much scarier than the first Halloween movies that have been around for years...don't you think!?! If you're interested in learning more about this scary movie that comes out August 31st, check out their website. This is a paid post.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Wow, was it humid today? I went for a run outside this morning but cut it a bit short due to the warm and humid weather. It was already 74 degrees at 6:30am. I saw one guy who had steamed over glasses when he got out of his car. The air conditioning sure felt good today. I am sure that those who worked outside all day got very hot. I did get the yard mowed when I was done with work. Within an hour I was totally ready to be done. It was great to be done, and the yard looks much better.