Saturday, March 31, 2007


It has been very rainy today. Last night we had lots of fog in the area. It is better than snow!! The grass is already getting green. It seems so much cleaner after the rain. Zoe has been scared during the rain storms. She isn't usually like that. I think she just needs to get used to the sound of thunder again.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's late

Another day and I'm up to late. Been posting and had some problems with one. Finally figured it out and got it accepted. I'm learning. It's tough sometimes, but it's going pretty good. I got three opportunities completed tonight. That's pretty good for me. Will try again tomorrow. More money making opportunities in my future. :)

Hotel Reservations

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I am not sure how many YMCA's there are in the world but I know we are very fortunate to have one in our community. It celebrated its 20th year recently and our family has benefited from it from the start. As our children were growing up it was a great place for them to learn how to swim or just hang out with friends.

Auto Insurance

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Zoe's Haircut

We have a great dog! She's a Bichon. The only problem is that she needs to have her hair cut about every 6 weeks. She looks so cute though when she comes home. She'll be all cleaned up and have bows in her hair. Her groomers name is Stephanie and Zoe knows it. She loves her. All you have to do is mention Stephanie's name and Zoe's ears perk up. Tomorrow's the big day.

Classified Ads

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


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Sunday, March 25, 2007


What a gorgeous day! It's in the 70's! I love it. We went to church this morning and then Bill went to visit his mom in the nursing home. She has Alzheimer's and isn't doing very well. He said that he couldn't wake her up. She was so tired. It also gave him a chance to visit a little bit with his brother who was there visiting also. Alzheimer's is a terrible disease. It steels away everything you knew about that person. They know longer know you or understand the simple things in life. It just doesn't seem fair.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Big Screen

Here we sit after a long day of shopping. We started out this morning by going out of town and boy was it foggy!! There was a small chip and crack in the windshield of the pickup so we stopped by a windshield repair place and got it fixed. On the way back home we stopped by mom and dad's with a desktop computer from uncle Neal. We got it set up and now they can use the desktop and their laptop. So, now we are home and have things put away. We are just going to relax with our dog Zoe and watch a movie on the big screen. We got the TV recently from BestBuy online. We saved alot of money and shipping was free. You can't beat that. We shopped other places but they wanted about sixty dollars for delivery.

Friday, March 23, 2007


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Thursday, March 22, 2007


I sure enjoy shopping. Bill and I have been doing more of it on line these days. Seems like we can find better deals there then traveling to a local store. We've bought everything from a big screen TV, DVD's, an IPod to smaller items such as hair products and makeup. It saves us time and money. Check out all the internet has to offer.

Computer Rentals

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Has Sprung!

Does it feel like Spring to you? I know we have lost lots of snow and there is grass showing, but it is still pretty cool outside. It is supposed to warm up this week. I am looking forward to that. I have always said that 'I would rather mow than shovel'!! Speaking of shovels, I cleaned up the garage a bit this afternoon and put the big snow pusher away for the year. I hope I don't have to get it back out til next year.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Well the weekend is here and trying to catch up at home. Went and bought groceries and picked up somethings for the house. Visited our daughter and her husband and got our dog Zoe back. It was weird to be without her for so long. She seems to have adjusted well. She's a great dog!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Security System

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Under the Cabinet TV/DVD

We recently found a great deal on a GE under the cabinet TV/DVD player. I had been looking for one of these for quite awhile. I had read up on many other brands but since we already had a GE cd player, I figured I would stay with a brand that had worked well for us in the past. It was easy to put in and it works great.

Artist Gallery

If you appreciate handcrafted art like I do, you may be interested in a website that I came across recently. Whether you are looking for something for yourself or trying to find a one of a kind gift for someone else, you will enjoy checking this site out. From apparel and jewelry to framed art and furniture you can find it with a click of the mouse. And if you are artistic you may be able to put your work online so others can see what you have to offer. You might want to buy from other artists or may be interested in selling art online. Either way, check out On top of all of this, there is a thirty day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Check them out today.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Still Nice in Texas

What a beautiful day again!! It was near 55 degrees this morning when we got up and the temperature should get to 80 this afternoon. We have some plans for the day but won't overdo either. Tomorrow we head back home after a great week at our son and daughter in laws place. We have enjoyed the trip and it is always nice to see the kids.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What a day

Had a nice day in Texas again. :0) Got up this morning to a little bit of rain and then it really warmed up for us. Went out to eat and did a little shopping. Then we headed downtown Dallas to the Medieval Times Dinner Show. That was a lot of fun. Reminded me of the Dixie Stampede we went to in Myrtle Beach.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

American Idol

We are watching American Idol tonight and since I am not 'musical' I don't always understand the critical comments given by the three judges. I think all of the contestants are good but I do enjoy some more than others. I asked my daughter in law, Diana, why she didn't try out for American Idol when it came to San Antonio. I would rather listen to her.

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Another day in Texas!

Well, we're having fun down here in Texas. Weather was just gorgeous this morning. Would love to have bottled it up to take home with us. We went to a Wax Museum. It was awesome! It had a full section on the life of Jesus, from his birth to his Resurrection. It was so cool.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Time in Dallas

We have been having a great time in Texas. Today we took the train to Dallas and visited the museum near where President Kennedy was shot back in 1963. We also had lunch downtown Dallas. It rained a little last night but was very nice weather today. It sounds like it will be pleasant tomorrow too. We talked to our daughter and it sounds like it was nice at home too. We hope that more of the snow is gone by the time we get home.

Projector Rental

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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Well, we're here! Bill, Jake and I flew down to Texas to see our son Josh and his wife Diana. WOW is it nice here. Been in the 80's! We're heading to downtown Dallas tomorrow. Going to go see where Kennedy was shot. Also going to try and take in a Medieval Times Dinner Show. It sounds like it's kind of like the Dixie Stampede Show we went to in Myrtle Beach. Should be fun.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Grand Babies!!!

We are so excited!! A couple of weeks ago we found out that our daughter is having a baby, but was not to tell anyone about it yet. She is due Oct. 28th. Then our son called and they told us that they are also having a baby and are due Oct. 27th. Well, we all finally through three-way calling, each couple told the other and then called their younger brother and told him also. Boy, was everyone surprised! :) Can't wipe the smiles off of our faces. What an exciting year it will be!!

Trip to Texas

Spring break for the kids and time to get away. With our son home from college we are going to see our other son and daughter in law in Texas for a week. We are looking forward to going where it is warmer. I hope that a lot of the snow is gone by the time we get home.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Windows and Siding

Yeah, our new windows are in and the siding will be done by the end of the week. What a project!!! It was one of those jobs that needed to be done. We thought about doing this big job ourselves but now we are having a construction company do it. We are very glad we hired out the job. It may have taken us until summer to get done. Maybe even longer!!

Computer Power Cables

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sunny day

What a beautiful sunny day!! It looked so nice from the living room window. Outside however,it was cold and the roads were icy. We drove to see our daughter and son in law. Travelling was not very good but it was nice to see the kids. We also got to see our dog, Zoe, who is staying with them for awhile.

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Friday, March 2, 2007

Snow snow go away!!

I am so ready for the snow to be gone. My son and daughter in law are in a warm state and I have been hearing how hot it is there! I would personally prefer mowing over shoveling. So much snow it is now hard to throw it over the already heaping piles. I hope tomorrow brings sun and warmth.

Book Review

As I read an excerpt from the collection, Hunger and Other Stories by Ian Randall Wilson called ‘A Wire Man’, I found myself kind of caught up within the story. I am not typically a reader but found this story to be one that was hard to stop reading. I felt that within the story one could see what some relationships between fathers and sons are like. In ‘ A Wire Man’ it spoke of a man who had a business and had no time for anything else. The man had a son who worked in the business but wanted more, including a better relationship with his son than he had with his father. Although he tried to do things differently, he pretty much ended up like his father. Whether you are a reader or not you may want to check out this book and others by Ian Randall Wilson. I think it would be worth your time. This is a paid post.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Although it really isn't that cold outside, it sure is nice to be in the house after shoveling. Sometimes it is easy to take for granted all the simple pleasures we have. I feel bad for all those people in areas that have had even worse weather than we have. From tornadoes to flooding to blizzards, all can be terrible things. Stay safe.

American Idol

Well, tonight's the night. On American Idol they will decide which two girls and which two guys are going to go. It's been fun watching from the beginning. I really enjoy when they are traveling from city to city. So many funny people. Bill and I just crack-up. Laughter is a good thing. :)


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Sure is quiet around here. I enjoy being home. I think I may make some homemade soup. That always sounds good on a cold winter day. Bill just finished scooping the deck off. He said he doesn't think he's ever moved that much snow off of there. Sure do miss our dog Zoe. She's still staying with Jenna our daughter. We figured she wouldn't do so good here at home while they are working on the house.

Online Coupon Codes

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Woke up feeling a migraine today. Still kinda hanging on, but think I need to just go take a nap. That usually helps some. Thought the windows/siding guy would have been here today, but can understand why he can't make it. He comes from 40 miles away. I wouldn't have come either.

Jeff Childress

Boy, do I enjoy Christian music! When I was younger there weren't as many choices out there like there is today. Now it seems there is music to please just about anyone. I came across this christian singer, Jeff Childress, and listened to some of his music online. WOW! I was impressed! He seems to sing from the heart. He covers areas that touch many of our lives. He has a song titled "Little Things". It's a very catchy tune. It speaks of being thankful for the things that God gives us including the beauty that surrounds us each day. He sings of the beauty of God's masterpiece. What makes our lives complete? As he sings, it's not the amount of money we have or the earthly belongings that dictate our success, but the blessings of God which include our family and friends. I would encourage you to check this artist out and see for yourselves what you might be missing. Thank you Jeff for using your talents for God's praise. This is a paid post.


What a day. Not nice out there at all. My husband and I both went to work and thank goodness are back home early. It's like a blizzard out there. Wasn't fun driving home. We're probably getting about 2 or 3 inches of snow an hour. It's crazy how people are out and about when they don't need to be. They're closing roads around us already. Think we're in to stay.