Saturday, February 28, 2009


Not every one likes to eat hot oatmeal, but Bill really enjoys it. He adds brown sugar and milk. I am not a big fan of it, but it is supposed to be good for you. It is so easy to make and quick too. Bill made some and tried to give it to our grand daughter, but she wasn't very interested either. The most we use oatmeal for is when we make cookies. I do love it in those. :)

Honeymoon Vacation

I am one that enjoys travel. With the winter we have endured, I am so ready for a warm and relaxing getaway. The Riviera Maya is a beautiful white-sand beach location. Whether it is summer or winter it is a place that anyone can enjoy. It a destination that is great for a honeymoon vacation also. The Karisma Hotels there offer a unique and all-inclusive way to stay. From the food to the luxurious accommodations, you are sure to be pleased. The entertainment and excellent service only makes these motels stand out above the rest. Don't waste time. Click in and check out these awesome resorts for yourself.

More Snow

The other day we got more snow. I was hoping we were done with snow for the year. We received some ice, sleet and a little snow. Just enough to make things messy out there again. Bill went out to shovel the little bit that was in the driveway. the sun is shinning today and it looks beautiful out there. Snow Snow Go Away don't come back until Fall!

Finally on Facebook

There are so many people on Facebook these days. I have many friends that keep in contact with each other by using it. Bill finally signed up last week. He wasn't sure if he wanted to get involved, but we talked him into it. It is a fun way to stay connected. I am sure he will enjoy it if he gives it a chance. My daughter got me started and I have enjoyed it. It is an easy way for us to share pictures and information. I think we'll keep up with it.


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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Under The Deck

Our dog, Zoe, has just loved to be out on the deck recently. We found out that there was a dead rabbit under the deck that Zoe had been smelling. Bill was taking down the Christmas lights and found the rabbit. It was not a pretty sight. I guess the rabbit had gotten under the deck and was unable to get out due to the snow around the deck.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Our grand daughter Kaelyn has started to make animal noises. She is learning so many new sounds. I just had to share this video that our daughter recently sent us.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

IDUG Contest

Have you ever heard of the IDUG contest? I didn't know much about it until I came across their website and learned more. I thought it was pretty interesting and I thought it would be worth passing along to others who might find it interesting as well. If you've never heard of IDUG, or haven't checked it out before, I encourage you to head over to their site today and see what they're all about, as well as entering in the contest going on. So what is this contest all about? Well, it's for developers of all walks of life. Whether you're a student, professional or hobbyist, this contest is for you! It has been created to help people become more familiar and aware with XQuery, XML and DB2. What's great is that they have 5 different racks to help meet the skill level of each person. Contestants can enter 1 or all 5.

The five tracks are in the form of a video contest, a gadget contest, XQuery Challenge, Port an Applicaion, and Develop an application. For the video contest, one can upload a video which will be judged by the community, and the prizes will be awarded monthly. The Gadget Contest gives people the cahnce to creat a small widget or gadget which will also be judged by the community with prizes awarded monthly. With the XQuery Challenge one will answer questions and the correct answers are entered to win large prizes. The Port an Application allows contestants to use XML, X@uery or DB2 and will be judged by a panel of judges. Finally, the Develop an application allows one to make a brand new application which will be judged. This is a quick overview, but you can learn more about them and enter at their site today!


Sunday, February 8, 2009


How easy is it for you to be honest? Recently I heard of a person who buys and sells on the internet who has made purchases, states that he didn't receive the item and refuses to pay. If there is no tracking number he can easily just keep the item and the seller has no proof that it ever got to the buyer. To me that is just dishonest. It shows the character of that person and what he or she is really like, less than honest.

800 Numbers

With today's economy it is crucial for a business to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Your incoming phone calls can play a huge roll in the success of your company or office. The 800 numbers available yet today can assist you in the much wanted or needed growth of your business. Many are quick to call a toll free phone number. I feel a person should check into having an 800 number.

Diet Pills

It seems to be much easier to eat then to deprive ones self of good food. With families on the go and busier then ever, we find ourselves eating on the run. Often those foods are not filled with healthy calories. As age moves on, it becomes more difficult to shed those unwanted pounds. There are many choices available to us today. It may be a diet pill, low fat or carbohydrate diets, exercise or some other form of weight loss. A person needs to research and find what works best for them individually. What is the healthiest route to take?

Internet speed

I know we have pretty fast internet speed but apparently there is even faster with other companies. We got a deal when we signed up but now I am wondering if we should switch to another carrier. It would be nice to be able to download faster. Ours is DSL and we could have cable. I would be interested in the thoughts of others on this issue.


There are many supplements on the market today that help people lose weight. Recently I read about Leptovox , a fat burning supplement that contains several anti-oxidants. One of the great things about this product is that it comes in a capsule form. You don't need to take separate supplements. If you are looking for a fat burning supplement to assist in your weight loss program, check into Leptovox and see if it is right for you.

Wireless Router

It used to be that we had only one computer and it was on a desk in our office. For quite some time we have had a laptop too. Actually we have owned several laptops. With our wireless router it is very handy to be somewhere else in the house and be able to access the internet. There are many times that other family members are online at the same time thanks to the router. It was easy to set up and it has worked great.

Garmin GPS

Recently we were interested in finding a GPS unit to assist us when we go on trips. We did a lot of research and decided to buy a Garmin GPS. The model we chose is one that we can take with us even out of the car. It is very handy and easy to carry in a pocket or purse. Each member of our family now has a Garmin and they all work great. Some friends of ours drove to Texas in December and we let them use our Garmin. They knew the way to their destination because they have been there many times but they enjoyed having the Garmin along. I think it added to the fun of the trip.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Remote Start

One of our vehicles has remote start and Bill's work car does too. What a great feature to have! Especially in this kind of weather. At work I can just go to the back window of the office and start the car and have it warm up while I get ready to go home. I know that you can have them added to your car but I am glad ours already had the option. I wonder how I did without it for so many years.

Online Degree

With today's economy many are finding it necessary to return to school to obtain their degrees. It has become difficult to progress and succeed with out that education. Capella University is an excellent place to start. This university is a fully online and accredited school. Adults can now find a place to receive a quality online degree. They offer degree programs in human services, education, information technology, public health and more. Like graduate Jeannie McGuire who earned her master's degree in human services, you too can fulfill your dream. Don't put off beginning your future career. Look into Capella University today.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Slow Mail

Bill ordered a flash drive on ebay in January and it finally got here the other day. He was starting to wonder if he'd been taken. He had written to the seller and was assured that the item had been mailed. Sure enough the package said it had shipped in January. It came from Florida, but I am surprised it took that long. I guess that is why it is sometimes called snail mail.

Weight Loss Diet Pill

I was one of the lucky ones. I sailed through my 20's, 30's and even well into my 40's without a concern about weight gain. Now that time has passed, the body is changing. With age seems to come an easier way of gaining weight. Then we find ourselves looking for help. Will it be a weight loss diet pill or maybe some form of diet and exercise program. I'm not really sure, but may have to look into it.


Now that my children are grown and on their own, things have changed. It use to be so easy to shop for them. They would hand me a list of ideas and wants that they were interested in receiving. Now when there is a special occasion, it is not always so simple. I was looking at the Nixon watches that are available today. The style and uniqueness of these products made me stop and think. They would make awesome gifts for my kids sometime. No more guessing.