Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I enjoy going to movies and I especially like comedies. Have you heard of the new movie 'Superbad'? It is by the makers of 'Knocked Up' and '40 Year Old Virgin'. Superbad has characters Seth, Fogell and Evan who are best buddies soon to go their separate ways after high school. You definitely need to go to www.superbadclips.com to see just how cool this movie looks. It is a Columbia Pictures movie that will be in theaters August 17th. Check out the clips on this site to get a preview of this outrageously funny movie. Another site you should check out is www.areyousuperbad.com where you can get free ringtones,screensavers and wallpaper of the movie. For one day only, on August 1st, you will be able to go to www.youtube.com to see five videos to find out more on this movie. It is rated R for crude and sexual content. You and your friends will appreciate the humor that is found in this movie. If you liked 'Knocked Up' and '40 Year Old Virgin' I know that you will think 'Superbad' is a must see movie.
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Monday, July 30, 2007


My Mom's friend fell awhile back and broke her hip. She couldn't get up and finally crawled to her bed and called for help about 9:00 AM. She has a very weak heart and they had to check with her cardiologist because she had to have surgery that following week. She was able to have the surgery and she did just great! She is recovering now and she's 89 years old. WOW! Isn't that something.


My Mom is a very versatile person. She was an Administrative Assistant for 25 years, then she helped out at Headstart, then made burritos and tacos at a new gas station in town. Then she went and got a job in an ice cream store and made malts and sundaes and loved to visit with people and had alot of fun. Now she is interested in PPP and that is the next area she would like to explore in her life. I'm glad she takes an interest in many things instead of just sitting and vegetating. She is quite the woman.

Miami Heat Tickets

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Bird Feeder

We have a hanging bird feeder in the back yard. As I am writing this we have a Goldfinch getting a little snack. These little birds are fun to watch. We used to put out different kinds of seed but now stick to thistle seed so we get the pretty little birds instead of blackbirds and others that we really don't care to feed. We have also been seeing more squirrels and rabbits as well. We typically don't feed these other animals but they like the apples in the yard. We try to keep the bird bath filled with water too so the birds have a place to drink and splash around.

Loaner Car

My work car is in the shop with getting the brakes replaced. It should be done yet today but if it doesn't get fixed I will be in need of a loaner car from the dealership. They don't mind letting me use one and I don't mind so much either but the cars they loan are usually dirty, low on gas and not as much fun to drive. You would think that the loaner cars would be nice ones from the lot so that people see how they drive and are inclined to make a purchase. That doesn't really apply to me since the car being worked on doesn't belong to me. I would rather drive something else though and have mentioned it many times. I guess that any loaner car is better than walking to work.

Vacation villas in Orlando

Throughout the years, my family and I have traveled across the United States. Some of our favorite vacations were spent in Orlando Florida. There is so much to do and see there. They have 52 theme parks, awesome resorts and vacation homes and of course the fabulous beaches just a short drive away. Vacation villas in Orlando are so much fun to spend time at. While there you can see Disney World, one of the most popular sites. For the golfer, there is some of the top rated courses. If you're looking to hold a convention, they have the second largest convention center in the world. We just never tire of visiting Orlando. Plan your next vacation for this great location. You're family will be glad you did.

Apples Falling

Our apple tree is already losing its fruit. The apples are not very big this year but seem to be falling early. It is a nice tree but I don't tend to see its beauty when I see the mess it makes with apples on the ground. There are years when I have a pickup load of apples to haul away. I usually have enough good apples to use for pies and also to give away. In about a year from now that apple tree, which is about 35 years old, will be coming down. A garage will be in its place. The tree will be missed for a short time and I am sure we will have pictures to look at from time to time.

Day Off

Since we had such a busy weekend I decided I would take today off to rest up a bit. Yeah right!! It has been anything but restful. I mowed the yard, which was definitely in need. We have had some rain lately so the grass grew quite a lot. It has been a weird kind of season, with lots of crickets, frogs and other creatures in the yard. The plants got watered also.
We did get some laundry done last night so that was one thing that didn't need doing today. Zoe, our dog, followed me most of the day. In fact she is sleeping on the couch next to me now. The dishes got washed, the car got filled with gas, bills got paid. Whew, what a restful day!

Medical Uniforms

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Love Your Dog

Over the past year we have had several new tenants moving in and out of the rental next door to us. One person comes and goes and brings his dog, Seven, with him. Seven is a large sweet dog, but I feel so sorry for him. He is left outside both summer and winter without shelter, food or water. Once again he has returned and is sitting outside without water in this heat that we are having. I find myself carrying over water and food to him because I feel so badly. I wish if people didn't know how to care for a pet, that they wouldn't own one.

Easy Day

After being gone all weekend it is sure nice to have a day at home. First I made sure that I got rested before beginning my day. I have had a chance to catch up on my banking, checking, bills etc... Always fun stuff to take care of. Then I finished putting away everything from the trip and picked up around the house. I figured it was time to check my mail and do some of my blogging. I always enjoy that! Have a great day!

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Sunday, July 29, 2007


Well, we just got back from a wedding way up north. It was quite the drive, but worth it. Our son and daughter-in-law from Texas flew up for the occasion. Our daughter and her husband went with us. It was fun to get all of us together. We spent the night up there in a motel. Then went shopping and out to eat in the cities before the kids had to catch a flight back home. We took a lot of pictures, but time just went to fast. Our youngest son came and watched our dog for us. He enjoys seeing her. She use to be his dog before he went off to college.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ladies Golf Apparel

Golfing can be so much fun for some. My husband would live on the course if he could. He has been trying for years to get me out there. I always told him that someday when the children were grown I would learn. Well, that day is here and I'm thinking seriously about getting started. Most of my family are already into the game. I found that there is some really cool golf apparel ladies. So if your husband is pushing you to get out on the green, at least you can go in style.


Well, I finished redoing my upstairs bathroom. It turned out pretty cute. I spent the morning putting up the border. It just seemed to tie everything in together. The colors are tan and Burgundy. I really think I'm going to enjoy that for a change. The print is hearts and stars, kind of a country theme. I added many of the accessories to go along. It's fun to have a new look.


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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Excited Dog

This weekend Jake will be home and our dog, Zoe, is very excited. We have been telling her that Jake will be coming home and she cocks her head and stares intently. The two of them will have fun and keep each other company. Zoe was actually Jake's dog but the leash has been handed over to us. It would have been hard for Jake to have had her while away at college. She is a wonderful dog. I was the one that was the holdout and didn't want a dog. But now I have to say that I am glad we have her. She is very much a part of the family.

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Today one of the guys I work with was in an accident. He had to have some stitches but will be ok. I am not sure what happened or what caused the crash but it sounds like his car is beyond repair. Have you ever wondered how many accidents could be avoided by just taking a second glance in each direction? Seriously, many of them need not happen at all. As a matter of fact, most of them!! Be watchful as you drive.

Oil Change

I used to change oil in my vehicles but now I tend to take it to a shop and let someone else do the work. As I was growing up my dad owned a gas station and we had everything we needed to do our own work. I still have what I need but it is more of a hassle now to find a place to haul the used oil. At the station we had a 55 gallon drum we would put the oil in. Someone would come by periodically and collect the used oil. My car and truck take different oil and rather than buy a case of each and have to store in my small garage it is easier to just have the work done. The last oil change I got was about $20 plus tax. I think that is a pretty good deal.

Mailing Lists

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


This weekend we will be attending a wedding. It is going to be great weather and will be a beautiful wedding. The groom is a good friend of our older son, who is in the wedding, and is marrying a wonderful Christian girl from Minnesota. We look forward to seeing many of our friends and family at this event. We know many of the family members of the groom and they are all very musical and I am sure the wedding will have fantastic music within it.


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Gas Prices

It is too bad that we think gas is cheap if it is under $3.00. Tonight I filled the pickup with gas and spent $30.00 and the tank was about 3/4 full already. When the prices were even higher I spent a lot more so I guess I shouldn't complain. The price on the pump was $2.84 and with the discount it was $2.79 a gallon. It hasn't been that low for quite some time. I hope it continues to go down in price.


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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Watering The Plants

Ever since we planted our new flowers and shrubs we have been watering several times a week. It doesn't take long to get it done but it is important to remember to do it. I am not sure how much water these plants need so I just hose them down and hope that they are getting the moisture they need. They seem to look fine even though it has been quite dry. We have had a couple rains and could use some more. Until then we will keep watering.

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Ronco Rotisserie

A big question in our house seems to be 'what's for supper'. Last night we had grilled chops and potatoes. Tonight we are having rotisserie chicken, greek spaghetti and corn on the cob. A friend told me about the Ronco rotisserie which is an indoor electric unit. It can be used right on the kitchen counter. It takes around one hour to cook a whole chicken. With a little seasoning it is so good. We have cooked two chickens in it at the same time which was fine but tonight we just need one. Yum.


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Monday, July 23, 2007

Garage Sales

My wife enjoys going to garage sales. She went to one recently and really found some bargains.
She bought lots of baby clothes and paid very little for them. The clothing is all in very nice condition. Two of our children will be parents this fall and I am sure they will appreciate the baby clothes that we find for them. The little clothes really don't wear out in the short time that they are used. The ones my wife bought don't have stains on them either. If you are in need of baby clothes, get out to the garage sales. They are worth it!

BP Factory

I'm sure most of us are concerned about the health of our environment. Recently in the Chicago Tribune there was an article written about the BP Factory in Whiting, Indiana. BP feels that they were misrepresented in this article. I feel that there are always two sides to every story and a person should be exposed to the information given by both parties and come to their own conclusions. On the BP Whiting Fact Sheet the Factory claims to be working hard to cause no harm to people or to the environment. They continue to improve and update their technology. They feel they are staying well within the legal limits provided and are dumping only treated water into Lake Michigan. The Chicago Tribune article stated that they are about to dump ammonia and industrial sludge into the Lake after years of effort to clean up the Great Lake. I was impressed with the fact that BP is working hand in hand with the federal, state and local officials to insure that the environment will be protected at all costs. If you would like more information about this subject, look into BP Whitings Refinery Fact Sheet. It's important to your children’s and their children’s futures. This is as paid post.

Able to Mow

With the rains we have had in the past week I was finally able to get the yard mowed again. It has been a long time since the last mowing and the weeds have continued to get bigger while the grass has gotten more brown. Even though all of the grass wasn't long, I mowed the entire yard. It looks much better. Most of the neighbors have kept up with theirs too. I hope we get more rain this week. If we do, I will be mowing again soon.


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Dog Toy

Our dog Zoe has favorite toys that she likes to play with. I think the one she enjoys most of all is her hippo. Even as I speak, I mean write, she is at my feet with this old and dirty stuffed cloth hippo. She has carried the thing all over our house since she got the toy. She even knows that it is her hippo. We can say 'Zoe, go get your hippo' and she brings it to you. It is fun to watch her play with it. She has other toys but the hippo is her favorite.

Grilling Again

Tonight we had pork chops and potatoes on the grill. We peel, cut and season the potatoes and then grill them in foil. Typically we have peas with this meal and then some apple sauce too. It is a supper that goes over quite well at our house. When I was a little kid you couldn't have paid me enough to eat peas, but now I really enjoy them. Jenna still doesn't like them. She would rather eat green beans. If you haven't had chops on the grill lately maybe it is time.


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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Do your weekends go by fast? Mine sure do. Friday after work we went to get groceries and Saturday we painted the upstairs bathroom. It seemed to take quite a long time but it turned out pretty well. I had mowed the yard on Thursday so that was one thing that didn't have to be done on the weekend. Today after church we went to a movie, a new one with Bruce Willis. Tomorrow starts the new work week but that is alright. The weeks go by quickly, not just the weekends. Next weekend we will be going to a wedding which should be fun.

Missions Travel

Today at church we had special speakers. They were a couple sharing what God has placed on their hearts. They are being lead to travel to Singapore and spread the Word of God. Travel today is very expensive. It can also be very time consuming to set up an itinerary. There's this great website especially for missions travel, Golden Rule Travel. In looking into this site I found them to have a christian based staff to aid you in your travel planning. A cell phone service is available 24/7 for any of your concerns or questions. Special contracts have been previously arranged with airlines, specifically for missionaries. There are also great testimonials praising the hard work and successful preparation on the part of this great site. If you or someone you know is traveling due to missions, please inform them of this awesome company. You can read about recommendations from many of their satisfied clients. This is a paid post.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fresh Fruit

Isn't this season wonderful! I so enjoy all of the fresh fruit that is out right now. My husband brought home some watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberries. I like to cut them up and clean it all and have it ready to just pull out of the frig and eat. Yum! Yum! So juicy and good. Good for you too. Speaking of fresh, the veggies are good this time of year also. Picked up some ears of sweet corn. Looking forward to that. :)


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State Fair

Well, it's almost that time of year again. The State Fair will begin in just a matter of weeks. So much excitement! All kinds of animals on display, with competitions to follow. Talent shows from all over the state are enjoyable as well. For my husband the food is wonderful! He brags on the pork chop on a stick, cotton candy and the corn dogs. The exhibits are fun to explore also. Take sometime and visit the Fair this year!


Hair. Why is it that I am always thinking about what to do next with my hair? It seems like I just got it high-lighted and cut and now it's about time again. There is always about two weeks in there that it seems to style just perfectly and then before I know it, it's back to being unmanageable. I guess that I am very thankful for the hair I have and should not complain. It's nice that it continues to grow and a person can have choices as to what they want to do with it. :)


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We have been having gorgeous weather. It has been less humid, which makes such a difference. The temps are cooler and there's a nice soft breeze. My plants are loving it also. Zoe our dog, enjoys laying out on the deck on days like this. Letting the wind hit her in the face. She's so cute to watch.

Modern and Sophisticated Wedding Invitations

When both of my twins (son and daughter), informed us that they were getting married eight days a part, we knew that we were in store for a lot of fun. Weddings bring so many decisions. It can be difficult at times to know exactly where to go for a certain item. Well, when looking for modern and sophisticated wedding invitations, Wedding Needs is the site to go and explore. There are so many different styles and looks to choose from. Is it a European Flare you would like? Or maybe would enjoy something in a romantic red appeal? Would you be impressed by a scalloped or pocket style? There are so many choices and fun things to see. The site also has other options from wedding accessories such as favors and gifts to wedding planning and budgeting tools. It's a user friendly site and would be of an advantage to anyone planning a wedding. Look into them today.

Painting and Wallpaper

Well, we're spending our Saturday redoing one of our bathrooms. To begin with, we need to strip off the wallpaper that is presently up in there. That's not to much fun. We started ripping off the top coat of the paper and then bought a product that you spray onto the remaining paper and let it sit. After 15 minutes it helps to work off the remaining paper. Then we will continue with repainting the walls. I'm very excited about the outcome. It should look all together different.

Freeze It

As I get older I have found that I have some joints that are starting to bother me. At work I am on a computer much of the day, using my hands and fingers. It has gotten to the point where it is somewhat painful to even write. I have tried different products with not much success. I was given the opportunity to try this great new product, Freeze It! I applied some the Freeze it gel and rubbed it into my sore joints. It felt cool and refreshing at first and then seemed to go deep and sooth my aches. I also am impressed with the fact that I don't need to smell like a peppermint candy. It has a slight odor at first, but then you don't even notice it. Within minutes I was feeling better and could work with ease. It's effortless and inexpensive and there's free shipping for orders over $30! You can't beat that! Freeze It comes in a handy 4oz. tube or a 3 fl oz. roll-on stick. It is a fantastic advanced therapy for temporary relief of minor pain. If you have sore muscles, muscle sprains, arthritis, pain in your ankle, knee, hip or elbow, back, shoulder or even neck pain, this wonderful product can aid you in immediate relief. It is made simple to apply. Rub Freeze It on the affected area that is bothering you. Softly work it into the skin. It can be applied up to 4 times a day. Are you a person that enjoys working out, but doesn't enjoy the discomfort afterwards? Well, now you can apply this product during cool down following your exercise. Pain can affect your ability to continue that exercise routine. So if you're looking to improve your quality of life and complete those daily tasks without pain, look into this site today!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


WOW!! It was so great to get home and find that Payperpost was putting on some new opportunities online. It has been a long couple of weeks with not too many opps out there. Tonight they just kept coming. It's great!! Keep it up PPP and thanks!!

Orlando Vacation Rental

In past years we have enjoyed taking our family down to Orlando Florida on vacation. We have driven there and flown several times. There are always so many choices as to where we will stay. My sister and her family occupied an Orlando vacation rental for a week and had the best time! There's so much to do and see there. A person is never bored.


Isn't it sad what's going on around us these days? The latest with athlete Michael Vick and all of the evidence they found at his estate. I've always enjoyed animals, but since owning one, I really have a love for them. I just can't understand what kind of person could be involved in such acts. I am hoping that our legal system will make sure that the individuals involved, will be held accountable. We need to stand up and support animals everywhere.

My Daily Veggies

WOW, I find myself not really wanting or receiving the proper amounts of veggie intake per day. It's difficult if you're not a big fan or you find yourself eating from the other food groups more often then not. I was wondering how I might obtain a more balanced diet and healthier lifestyle. I came across this website, www.drinkyourveggies.com. When looking into the product, My Daily Veggies, I realized that it is for the person on the go. If you're someone that is busy and life is hectic, this is the perfect product for you. If you enjoy camping, it is simple to take along and incorporate as a daily dietary supplement. You are sure to get those much needed daily vegetables. Drink My Daily Veggies also has great recipes to aid in a more healthy lifestyle. Use the product in some of your favorite recipes and add flavor and taste. It's great in soup, chopped meat or in a pasta sauce. Can make such a difference in Mac and Cheese or a rice dish. It's an awesome alternative vegetable supplement. Healthy living is important to all of us. Our daily vegetables play an important role in that. This is a paid post.

To post or not to post

To post or not to post. Is that really the question? I have been posting for awhile now and I don't think there is any answer but, yes POST! I enjoy taking some of my busy life and spending time blogging. There is some serious money involved too. I know people who have their blogs set up and are connected to different sites that pay for blogging, and they just don't take advantage of the opportunity. I for one plan to continue even if others don't.

Home Decor

Do you often get tired of the same look or style that you have in your home? I enjoy checking out websites that have new and trendy ideas for decorating. I was in a site, ToastTheTrends- Home Decor. It has so much to see and read about. There are categories from candles, mirrors, rugs, shelves, vases to tips on how you might frame one of your favorite posters. You could even have a chance to win an IPod! There is a contest you can enter right on the website! Looking for something new and different? You will have to visit this site. This is a paid post.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


What a great weekend I had visiting my sister. We went shopping in the big city from morning until dark the first day. Boy, I think I'm showing my age a bit. When I laid down that night to go to sleep, my body ached all over. I guess we're not as young as we use to be. The second day we spent shopping in a different location. We didn't go quite a long as the first day, but sure had a great time! We laugh and visit and I guess, spend a lot of money. :) At least it's only once a year, right? Looking forward to next summer already.

Fitness Dating

Are you single and fit, wanting to date someone a lot like you? Well, now you can go on line and find yourself possibly finding several fitness dates. He or she may have some of the same interests you already have. There is this great website when you're in search of that someone who enjoys going to the gym like you do! It is the perfect fitness dating site. You can find profiles on many different types of people. You can join free and be on your way to possibly finding that perfect match for you. It's great! You can search by age, area code, man or woman, it's made easy. Very user friendly. Check them out today. You'll be glad you did. This is a paid post.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Buying Online

This buying online is getting to be fun! I recently purchased a couple new golf clubs, one from an actual golf company and the other from an individual. I am excitedly waiting to receive the clubs. I told a friend about the purchase and he wanted me to watch for a deal for him also. Well, a deal I found! I should say deals as in plural. The first was the club that he initially wanted and the cost was only $9.95 plus shipping. I then was watching for one of the clubs that I had sent for and, you won't believe this, got it for $3.26 plus shipping. My friend will be thrilled. I can already hear him laughing. You have to know him to realize that his laugh is quite noticeable.

Participating VS Watching

Yesterday there was a golf tournament in town. Each hole was set as a par three . There were very nice prizes on each hole for someone to win for closest to the hole and IF someone were to get a hole-in-one. Some of the prizes included a Harley Davidson motorcycle, a motor home, cars, riding mower, big screen TVs and more. There was a need for people to watch each hole and document who winners were. That was my job on hole number 14. This hole is 173 yards and has a huge green. One might presume that by appearances it is an easy hole but it can be quite challenging. Many good shots were seen and although there were no hole-in-ones one gal hit a nice drive with the ball rolling onto the green towards the hole and just lipping out. The ball came to rest just eighteen inches from the hole. Wow, what a nice shot. It was fun to watch but it would have been more fun to be a participant.

Friday, July 13, 2007

IBM Memory

Boy, now a days we sure use our computers a lot. Sometimes wonder how we ever did without them. If I'm not checking my mail or blogging, then I'm doing a project for work or play. They are the greatest thing! We have found at times that we are in need of added IBM memory. We fill our computers with so much information. Now it's made easy to shop on line and find just what we need for our personal computer. Technology is wonderful!


Well I'm at my sister's and we're having a good time. We love to visit. Don't get to see each other enough I guess. So much to catch up on. We were just checking out our blogs and talking about how much we enjoy posting. It's the greatest!


My daughter and son-in-law recently purchased their first home. They are going to have so much more space. Extra bedrooms, a family room and much more. They have quite a bit of furniture, but will probably need some added pieces. They will have to shop on line at Bush furniture. They have some really neat stuff at discounted prices. They even carry a line of office furnishings. My daughter may want to look into that to set up her home office area.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dental Appointment

I had plans to see my sister tomorrow. She was going to travel here for a dental appointment. We were going to go out to lunch with my daughter, but now she had to cancel her appointment and won't be able to come after all. Bummer, but I understand. Things happen. I'm actually going to go down to stay with her for the weekend. That should be a good time. We always enjoy shopping, eating and of course visiting. :0)

Real Estate

Recently my daughter and her husband were out shopping for real estate. They found exactly what they wanted. They purchased their first home. They are so excited and soon will be moving in. Now comes the fun part of packing and living around all of those boxes. I don't think that they're going to mind that part of it, just knowing that soon they will be all settled into their new home.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Light snack

I have been trying to cut down on eating so much and in particular, eating late. Tonight, however, I really needed something to eat. Well, maybe I didn't need it. I had a bowl of cereal which I figured wasn't too bad of a snack. I have cut down on the pop and cookies though. My weight seems to be about the same as it was. Even with all of the golfing that I have been doing! Although, it might make a difference if I walked instead of riding in a cart.

Business Women Directory

In business it can be tough going at times. If there is a support system out there, I think most would like to know about it. Well, there is this website that is a great news source for women entrepreneurs! It has a wide-rang of links on subject matter significant to today’s business women. It's the perfect site for women to find other women who may be able to give some support, service, product or even if interested in possibly taking on a new partner. It offers women from all over the world a buy-sell-barter system. They feature business in the areas of health and fitness, retail, media, consulting, sales and marketing, communication and much much more. They give women a way to efficiently set up their services and products for others to view. One example given was a mystery shopper. I found this one to be very interesting. It really caught my attention! There is so much to see and read on this site. You will just have to look for yourself.

July 7th of 2007

Had you heard that July 7th was the most popular day of the year to get married. Even the births on that day are said to be special. We did go to a wedding that day. I guess since it is the one and only 07/07/07 we will see for a long time it might be pretty special. I am sure that those getting married on that day had thought that the day would be unique. It is a way to better remember your anniversary too. No more forgetting to wish your spouse a happy anniversary. Congratulations to all who got married or had a baby on that day.

Nice Rain

Saturday night we had such a nice rain. It started to thunder about 10pm and shortly thereafter we got rain, a much needed rain. I heard that it amounted to about an inch. That is the most rain we've had in quite awhile. The forecast looks like we might be getting some more rain soon. That would be great! I think one of the last rains was just after I washed the car. How many times has that happened to you or someone you know? People sometimes joke about having rain after washing their car or they might even say that they are going to wash their car so it will rain. I know it doesn't work quite like that but if people believe it, so be it.

Personal Finance

My son and daughter-in-law recently were shopping for a new vehicle. They were looking around for some great auto financing options. There's this great website, Goldstarcredit. It is so informative! When it comes to cars it not only has information on auto loans, but much more. It has great tips in purchasing your next vehicle. There is even a loan calculator, so you can figure out just how much you think you may be able to afford. It's awesome!
There are also areas on business credit cards, student credit cards, reward credit card, loans, mortgages and even a debt management section. They can aid you in about any financial question you may have, from student loan consolidation to safekeeping your identity. They have it all! Check out this site. You will be glad you did.

Little Bird

Tonight I was watering the flowers and plants outside and noticed a baby robin in the back yard with its mom. It was still in the area an hour later so I found a little cricket and fed the bird. The little thing opened its mouth and I dropped it right in. I don't know if they usually eat crickets but the bird seemed fine with it. It has been so dry that I wasn't able to find a worm for the bird. It didn't seem to matter to him.

Internet Problems

Just when you are writing a blog, bam, no internet. What a bummer. I get a little frustrated when some message comes up saying that you can't connect. I then called the local phone/internet provider and, of course, was on hold. Then, out of nowhere, my internet was available again. Just in time to get a post done. If you have not experienced this problem, good for you. If you have, join the club.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Browsing on Ebay

Have you spent some time looking at all the stuff on Ebay? Do you buy some things now and then? I enjoy searching for items of interest and mostly just look but sometimes I order some things. Right now it happens to be time to look at golf clubs. There are some great deals on new and used clubs. You do have to be watchful and make sure you read the small print but you can definitely find some great deals. I bought a new Taylor Made driver and am waiting for it to arrive. Don't tell anyone but I am now checking out the fairway clubs! You might even consider just doing a Google search for the clubs and finding another store to buy from online. Give it a try if you haven't already.

Gothic Dating

Are you someone that loves meeting new people? Maybe you're looking for that someone special? Well, I found the perfect site for those of you who want to goth date. This website has thousands of gothic personals. It's free to join and is dedicated to gathering as many gothic singles together, in one place. Here you can meet great girls and guys who carry the same interests and lifestyle as you. Many members have interests in techno, punk rock and goth music to name a few. Sign up soon and you too can be on your way to possibly finding that ideal member that suits you perfectly.
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We have been seeing such pretty little birds feeding outside our addition window. We have a sock-like feeder and the birds really seem to like it. I am not sure what all kinds of birds we have seen but one was a Goldfinch. They are fun to watch. We have had a few squirrels also. We haven't had too many of them in our yard before. I am still not sure if we have the right kind of food for the birds but they have started to hang around more than before. We have not had as many blackbirds which is a good thing. Maybe that is because of the type of food we have.

Latina Dating

Are you single and looking to find love? Well, it sure isn't always easy these days. I found this great website online, latina dating. Here is where you can find latin singles. You can join for free! It takes only a short time to sign up and begin your search for that special someone. In joining this community it will make it easier to possibly match you up with other members. This is an awesome latin dating site. There are different types of groups, for example, latin babes, latina chicks, latina models to name a few. So if you are seeking a good looking latin woman or man, this is the site for you!
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Babies on the way

In October we will welcome two additions to our family. No, not construction type additions to a house. I am talking about two babies that will be born in October. My daughter and son-in-law are expecting their first child, and my son and daughter-in-law are also expecting their first child. What an exciting time it will be, and is already. We are very much looking forward to being grandparents(at such a young age). They will be a great blessing of the Lord. It will be fun to have little ones around. You kind of forget how small they are don't you? It will be a blast!


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Friday, July 6, 2007

Knee high by the Fourth of July

I am sure everyone has heard the phrase 'knee high by the Fourth of July'. Well this year it is more like 'chest high'. The corn has really gotten a great start hasn't it? I haven't heard any negative comments about the projected yields either. I hope the farmers have a great year of farming. I guess when they do, everyone else does as well. We also drove by a field the other day that is on a sod farm. It looked as nice as most golf courses. Such nice grass! There were special machines that cut the sod and other vehicles loaded and ready to deliver the product. It was very interesting.

Home Furniture

My daughter and son-in-law recently bought their first home. They have quite a bit of stuff and I think they will have no problem furnishing most of the rooms. However, they will be in need of some home furniture to finish off some added space that they didn't have before. We will have to check out this furniture site and see what we can find. I love to furniture shop!

Zoe's Haircut

Today was the day scheduled for Zoe's haircut. She is always so excited to go see Stephanie. We usually drop Zoe off and come back several hours later. Today was no different. She was taken in about 8:00am and we picked her up about 3:00pm. Zoe really has a good time and we are told that she is always very good and well behaved. It is nice she doesn't mind hanging out for such a long time. It is handy for us too to leave her for that length of time.

Swiss Army Watches

I have been looking at watches lately and came across a site that has swiss army watches. I never realized how many different kinds are out there. They make them for men and women. There are different colors and types. The Swiss Army Active is for the person on the go. They even have a pocket watch. I know my son would think that was awesome! Check out this site. There is something to suit just about anyone.

Much needed rain

We were driving towards Minnesota the other night and saw some very dark clouds. We ran into a little rain but it didn't last. Apparently southern Minnesota got some very heavy rain and some tree and crop damage due to high winds. I am sure they were in need of the rain but not the storms. Back at home we didn't get any of the rain. Hopefully we will get some rain soon. Although, I am glad we didn't get the rain today since I went golfing. Sixty-three holes between 8:00am and about 4:30pm. I know that isn't a record or anything but it is quite a lot of golf in a day.

Florida Vacation

Have you ever taken a Florida vacation? We have taken our children several times. We have driven there and also enjoyed flying. The drive was interesting because we could take in so many different sites. We live about 1500 miles from Orlando. When you go to Orlando you have to take in the Disney parks of course. My family enjoyed Universal parks as well. We have a lot of great memories.


It sure is work to get groceries. I try to get them about every two weeks. By the time I write up my list and we drive 30 miles to Walmart. It is sure time consuming. Then it's back home to put them all away. But we have to have them I guess.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Innovative Tutor

Who wouldn't want to help their children? There comes a time in our children's lives that education becomes an important factor. While going through these years, our children can become frustrated with certain areas of learning. Now there is the Score Learning Centers. They have an innovative tutor that can assist a child from ages 4 to 14, in what ever area of concern there may be. It can help them excel academically. Check this site out. I think you'll be glad you did. This is a paid post.

Lazy Day

It's kind of fun to just have a day to do nothing. Not to often do I get that. In order to force myself not to do some work around the house, I must be away from home, so I'm staying at my daughter's house for the day. It seems like when I'm home I can always see something that needs doing and I can't just sit and let it slide. So I'm going to just enjoy myself. :)

Reading Tutor

While raising three children I found that while in school there can be difficult subjects for everyone. You try to help them as much as you can, but sometimes it becomes a struggle and some outside aid is more advantageous. For example with the subject of reading, there are reading tutors available to assist your child in making progress academically. The Score Learning Centers are wonderful and can help children from ages 4 to 14. Look into their site if you're wanting to facilitate you child's learning.
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Day Off

Boy, it's sure nice to just have a day off from everything. We've been very busy and on the go. We had a fun 4th of July! Went up to see our daughter and son-in-law. Went to the lake with Scott's family and enjoyed taking in some water sports. There was a lot of wonderful food available also. Always like that! Ended up the day having a nice picnic supper by the lake with some more of Scott's family and then watching the fireworks display later. A good time was had by all!

Shopping Coupons

How many of you enjoy shopping? Some of us do and some of us don't. It can be a lot of work with having to take the time to travel to wherever it is you want to shop and the expense of travel and paying for what you need to purchase. Many of us have busy lives besides, and taking time out of our days to go shopping isn't the most ideal thing to do. You not only spend time shopping, but you also find yourselves stopping to grab a bite to eat since you are away from home. I am one of these busy people and sometimes shopping is more of a hassle than it's worth. That's why I'm excited that now there is this great website that offers awesome coupon codes. You can look for just the store you want to shop at and go directly there through their link and you will find so much. For example, I enjoy Walmart's link. I often find myself going to Walmart for so many different things anyway. Here it is a one stop shop. I can go to the Walmart link and decide what I want to look for and then check out all of their coupon specials. This is a paid post.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Another day of golf, maybe two!

The Fourth of July is upon us and many people will be going to parades and watching fireworks. It is also a day to relax and do the things that are enjoyable. For me, the enjoyable is golf. So tomorrow morning Scott lined us up a tee time. It is supposed to be a nice day too. Thursday is a work day but not Friday! Friday is another golf day. Yeah!! It makes me wonder sometimes why we live here and not somewhere we could golf year round. I suppose then I would get tired of golf. NAW!

Score Learning Centers

Have you ever seen your children struggle with a particular subject in school? Most people have an area that can become more difficult for them. Math was one of those areas that were not always my child’s favorite subject to deal with. There is the Score Learning Centers that are out there and willing to aid your children with math tutors. They help kids from ages 4 to 14. It can make a significant difference academically. When kids love to learn they will learn. Check them out. You'll be glad you did.

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