Wednesday, October 31, 2007


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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I am hearing that the whether is going to turn chilly. It is already getting colder in the evenings. We've even had our first frost. The farmers are quickly trying to finish up harvest and it sounds like it's going pretty good. That's a blessing. I'm sure they are happy that the rain has let up.

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Waiting To Hear

As you can imagine, we are waiting for the phone to ring and hear that we are grandparents. When the phone has rung, we usually run to see who it is. No more 'honey, see who that is will you'. It is more like 'I'll get it' or 'hurry up and answer that will ya'. It is a great thing to have cell phones with us at all times. These are calls we don't want to miss.


Do you have a casino in your area? One had opened not far from us just in the past couple years. Many think that it is just the greatest thing to have a casino. It is true that casinos, and this one in particular, generate great income for the area. The local casino has a non profit side to it that funds each graduate that lives in the county over $4000 and it will probably be more in the future. It is also a social environment for people near and far. There are some down sides to the casino industry too. Some people can't handle their money well and tend to spend way too much in the casino. Some people also think that the casino is a place where they can get away with drinking alcohol in excess. Many casinos allow smoking which can be a hazard as we all know. So, we see that there can be benefits from the casino for there are also some negative things about them too.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Did It Again

Well, Bill did it again. I got home from work before he did and I was busy on the computer. Bless his heart, he started right in on supper. He made spaghetti and the sauce was absolutely terrific. He made sure to put all the extra little ingredients in that I like. I think I may just have him cook most of the meals from now on. He even cleaned up after supper.

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Day Off

I really enjoy my days off. Bill joked recently and said that he wouldn't mind working two days and then having five days off. I agree that would be a nice schedule but not very practical right now. I do look forward to some day retiring but that is a ways down the road. It is nice to think about sometimes, being able to travel or do whatever you want, when you want. We have some retired friends that say they are busier now than when they were working.

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Clean Up

There are a group of college age kids cleaning up yards today. I think that they are doing it as a service project for some of the elderly in the area. I noticed two groups at different houses this morning as they raked leaves. What a nice thing to do for those that can't do the work for themselves!

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This morning Bill needed to run some errands in town. He mentioned the word 'go' and guess who was ready and willing to do just that. Zoe, of course. She loves to ride. They took the truck and she sat on his lap and watched every thing that went on, Bill said. She has always enjoyed riding, even from the first day that Bill and Jake drove her home.

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I so enjoy blogging. The longer I have been doing this the more interesting it becomes. I now have people visiting my site. It's fun to then in return visit their blogs. It's neat to read and see how differently we all live our lives. I am meeting (in a sense) people from all over the world. The internet can be an awesome avenue to explore.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nothing But Blue Sky

The weather forecast was for rain but all we have today is blue sky. I am sure you have heard the saying 'it must be a great job to be a weatherman because you get paid to be right only part of the time'. They may be true but I am glad that we aren't getting any rain today. It is a bit cool outside but it is nice to see the sun.

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Well, for all of you coffee drinkers out there, I have put together a wonderful cappuccino that I thoroughly enjoy in the cool months of the year and sometimes even in the summer. It is so simple. Just make your coffee the strength that you like it. Add two scoops of coffee creamer, a packet of cocoa mix and stir. Then add a scoop of cool whip on top. You may even want to add chocolate slivers on top. It is so good! I have even added a little bit of ice cream caramel topping a time or two. Give it a try. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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Well, it is definitely Fall out there. Last night on our way to a city near by, we came across a group of black birds of some kind, traveling south. I have never in my life seen this many birds flocked together at one time. The path was wide and went for miles and miles. It was amazing. God's creation is without words. That bird instinctively knew to gather together and travel south. It is just so awesome! It also appeared that they were all the same type of bird. WOW!


It is a beautiful sunny day today. We have a wedding to attend this afternoon, so I'm sure glad that it's a gorgeous day for the bride and groom. It's crisp out and the Fall colors only add to the beauty. Bill and Zoe decide to take a ride on this lovely morning.

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Sensitive Skin

It seems that lately Zoe has had sensitive skin. She has some small sores, especially on her belly. She has had them before and with some medicine it has always cleared up quickly. She tends to lick at the sores, and she acts uncomfortable. I guess if a person had sores like that on their belly it wouldn't be too much fun.

Just A Little Rain

Tonight we are getting just a little rain. It is just enough rain that you need to have your wipers on as you drive. The farmers have been able to get back in the fields which I am sure they are happy with. It won't be long and winter will be here. Until then, a little rain isn't so bad.

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Friday, October 26, 2007


Tonight for supper we went to a rib place. It was very good. Bill and I shared a rack of ribs, beans and a salad. I prefer to have the pork baby back ribs like we had tonight rather than beef. Beef always seems kind of fatty. The service is always fast and the help is very good at making sure the patrons are enjoying their meals. We'll be going back.

High School Football

Some people follow their high school sports more closely than others. Since my kids are now out of school it is not as much fun to take part in as it was. As the season winds down even more fans take part, especially if their team is winning. A nearby town went on a road trip tonight and won their game 27-19. My husband has a friend in the town whose team won. He called his friend after the game and they spoke briefly about how well the winning team played. My husbands friend has been giving another guy a hard time all year about how they were going to win. The other guy, of course, disagreed and thought his home town team would win. It apparently had been a mostly kind exchange of 'my team will win' type of thing. My husband said that the ribbing will continue now and I hope all involved take it well.

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Working Late

It has been a long time since Bill has had to work late. One of his coworkers had transferred and that left a night shift open. Bill was nice enough to cover the hours. He got home about 3:45 this morning and slept in a little bit. He is such a morning person compared to me. Today is my day off and I have been busy around the house and Bill headed out to get his workout at the YMCA. It is a little later than normal for him to go there but I am sure he will see some of the people that he hasn't seen for awhile.

Condos for Sale

My family and I have traveled quite a bit through out our lives. We've always enjoyed heading south where it's warmer. Now that the children are grown we have begun to discuss what we would like to do when we retire. We use to talk about maybe moving to Florida where there are condos for sale. Maybe just stay for the winter months. I don't know if we'll ever do that or not.


Last week my sister came to see me and we had a great time talking over lunch. Before we left my house she was nice enough to let Zoe out to go potty. When Bill got home that day he noticed that the door had not been locked and my sister said that she must have left it unlocked. Bill emailed my sister from my email and said that it was appreciated that she let the dog out but since the door had been left unlocked Zoe had gotten out and was later found by someone after calling the police. Of course this was just a joke he was playing on my sister. What's new??

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You always hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That seems to be the one that is most difficult to make time for. If I'm working, I'm usually up early and by the time I get ready I don't have time to eat. On mornings like today, I get up and start working around the house and don't take the time to eat. Well, I think I may have to take a break because I'm not feeling so good right now.

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It's not fun to wake up with a migraine in the morning. I have learned through out the years what my triggers can be. I stayed up to late last night and I should know better. My sleep patterns play an important roll in how I will feel. I was in bed watching TV, so I thought I would be OK. I won't do that again.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007


With this cruise coming in a few months, I know that I need to get into better shape. It's so hard to break old habits, but I'm going to work on it. Bill enjoys going to the YMCA. He always has. I however do not enjoy exercise of any kind. I'm working on that, but I also need to eat in moderation. That would probably help me a lot. :)

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Fall is here and things are turning color outside. My new plants that were put in this past spring are starting to look kind of sad. I'm sure they will lift their leaves up again next spring. There are a few of them that I'm kind of concerned about. We'll see if they survive the winter months.


Bill and I love watching CSI Las Vegas. It is probably our favorite show on this season. It's gotten to the point that you hate to miss one. So this year we got a DVR and we have it set to record every new CSI that is on TV. We are sure not to miss it now. We've tried the other CSI shows, but this one is still the best. I guess we like the characters.

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The weekend is almost here again. Boy, these weeks just fly by. I had Monday off from work, which really seemed to shorten the week. We have plans to go shopping tomorrow and Sat. we have a wedding. So the weekend will rush by also I'm sure.

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Well, the time is getting closer. Jenna had her Doctor appointment today and found out that her Doctor doesn't want her to go over more then a week. She set her up to be induced on Thursday morning if she hasn't had the baby yet. How exciting is that! We will be grandparents by next weekend for sure!! :)

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Big Moon

This morning I was talking to a friend and he said that he saw what he called ' the most beautiful big moon' he has ever seen. He is an early riser and was telling us that he thought is had been a full moon. Another guy then stated that tonight the moon will appear something like 17% bigger. I think I will plan on watching it tonight and into the morning. It had been supposed to have been rainy the past two days but it has been quite clear. It is very nice for this time of year.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Window Washing

A few days ago Bill washed the outside of the windows all around the house. They look so much nicer now. Sometime soon we will clean the inside too. We are like many others that are getting some jobs done around the house before winter. I know I don't really like to think that snow, wind and typical winter weather could be here soon. I like the other seasons better.

Prefab Concrete Garages

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Bath Time

Last night I told Bill that Zoe was in need of a bath. After supper tonight she got one but not before she took her walk around the block. I thought it was better that she get her walk before a bath in case she got dirty. She doesn't mind the bath as much as she used to. If fact, she tries to get in the tub herself. She does shake quite a lot while in the bath and we need to make sure she keeps the water in the tub and not on us.

Oak Beds

In working at redoing some rooms in our home, I have found that our bedroom would be a nice place to start. We have had our bedroom set for almost 30 years now. I was looking at an Oak Bed Collection on a website, It is a UK based bed company that specializes in leather beds. They also have a vast variety to choose from besides. Whether it's a bed or us or our children, they can suit our needs. This company has future plans to expand. The Oak line is one that is on top of the list. Browse their website and see all of the beautiful pieces.

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TV Night

Tuesday is one of our favorite days of the week to watch television in the evening. The show 'House' is on and even though the main character is somewhat of an inconsiderate guy we still enjoy the show. There are times when he causes others on the show to really dislike him. I can understand why by watching how he treats them. It is a show that makes us laugh and sometimes keeps us right at the edge of our seats.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Leaf Blower

We have quite an abundance of leaves in our yard. I don't think we have as many as some but we have enough. One of our neighbors has a gas powered leaf blower and is will to let Bill use it. I think that would be a great idea. He used it one time before and it sure did a nice job. We don't rake if we don't have to, we just mulch the leaves and grass and leave it as good fertilizer

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Getting Closer

Jenna and Di's due dates are getting very close and I am sure they are ready to deliver their firstborn. It seems strange in a way that soon we will be grandparents not just one time but twice all at once. We think the pregnancies have gone by very quickly but it isn't us carrying the babies either. In talking to the girls, it sounds like they have enjoyed being pregnant. I remember that I truly enjoyed it too. That was then though, and I am glad that they are ones having babies.

The Big Blue Hotel

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Yummy Meal

I got home tonight and Bill had started supper. He made cream corn casserole and made fresh biscuits too. He is a very good cook and it was so nice to have supper going when I walked in the door. He had also started a towel load in the washer. This type of thing is not uncommon with Bill. He has always been a big help. I guess I trained him well. :)

Ladder Rack

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Outside Lights

We have outside lights that come on automatically. Bill set them to come on at dusk and go off after about 5 hours. They work very well and look nice too. We used to have other lights but they got broken and we had to replace them. I think the new ones are the same kind as we had before. They were easy to install and make the yard very attractive.

Theme Park

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Beautiful Day

It is just a gorgeous day outside. The morning started out crisp, but it is now sunny and warm. That of course brings out some bugs, but that's ok. Zoe enjoys sitting out on the deck when it's nice like this.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Sherrie's Specialty

My oldest sister Sherrie was quite the cook. She was ahead of her time. I was quite a bit younger and always enjoyed going over to her house and eating there. She passed on a great recipe that seems to be enjoyed by all. I am making it tonight for supper. I like to take it to family gatherings also because, it seems that it is always a favorite. It calls for browned hamburger and onion, sliced potatoes, a can of chicken and rice soup, a can of vegetable beef soup, dash of chili powder, dash of pepper, dash of seasoned salt and parsley. Top it with crushed potato chips and bake. It's so yummy!

St. Augustine Shopping

Florida is such a fun state. They have so much to offer and so much to see. I never grow tired of visiting there. They have a wonderful event they call Uptown Saturday Night. It is held on Oct. 27th and Nov. 24th this year. During these last Saturdays of Oct. and Nov., the theme is around antique shopping. The opportunities are endless. It is held in one of America's oldest cities, St. Augustine. ON San Marco Avenue you will see a party like atmosphere appear. The streets come alive with music, workshops, book signings and more. St. Augustine shopping is at it's finest. For the antique lover, this is a dream. You will enjoy shopping and finding those rare pieces you've struggled to obtain. If you're into learning more about the topic, there are great workshops provided for anyone to attend. Local bookstores will be holding book signings by area authors and the art galleries will have openings covering some of Florida's amazing artists. Just a few steps away, you will find the Nations oldest street, Aviles Street. The unique shops and antique stores line the area from Ripley's Museum to the Mission of Nombre de Dios. With Free Parking it is made easy to attend. The wine and refreshments are provided in select shops that add to the party fun. Uptown Saturday Night will be running from 5:00PM to 9:00PM on the last Saturday in October and November. It's a festive time! Come and join them.

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I don't think that the farmers are enjoying this rainy weather. It has been so wet that the farm equipment can't go out into the fields. There are some places that have gotten five or more inches of rain. Most of the beans are already out so that is good. Many acres of corn are yet to be harvested. I hope the farmers can get it done.

HD Film Stock Footage

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The babies are coming, the babies are coming! It won't be long now and both Jenna and Di will have their babies. We will then be first time grandparents. Actually first and second timers. We are totally looking forward to those wonderful events. Time has gone by very quickly for me and Bill, but I am sure that is because we aren't the ones carrying around a the babies.

Real Estate Test

There seems to be more and more people who are become interested in the Real Estate Business. I have known several that have taken the exam, only to have failed the first time. It is difficult and some say tricky. Now there is a website that can assist you in preparing for the big test. The CompuCram® test can be a valuable tool. It is greatly recommended by real estate schools and professionals. Look into them for your mortgage broker test.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007


If you like to watch squirrels in your yard you should put out some ears of corn for them. We recently got a bag of corn and I figured it would last a long time. We have already gone through two ears this week. I guess we must have some very hungry squirrels. I think we might need to get some more corn.

Photo Blankets

I have always been a person that loves taking pictures. It didn't matter what the occasion, I brought my camera and still do. I enjoy capturing the moment and what great memories I now have to look back upon. There is an awesome site where I can now take some of those snap shots and have created for me a very personal gift. At, they can make Photo Blankets. How awesome it that!? As you stay warm, you can also remember one of your fondest memories. Check them out. You'll be glad you did.
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Friday, October 19, 2007


Today Bill did some recruiting for his job at a local college. I think he likes doing that kind of stuff from time to time. There was a morning session for those students who were taking classes in the day and a night session for the night students. I called him to see if he wanted me to make supper or if he wanted to stop and get our meal. He brought Chinese food home, upon my suggestion, and it was so good. Now it is time to relax.

Healthcare Cart

I work for a local office. We have a woman that comes in every night and she cleans and vacuums for us. It is so nice to have all of that done for us. She has a handy housekeeping cart that she can put all of her supplies on. I recently found that there is a site that you can purchase all different kinds of carts. You can buy a healthcare cart, food carts and more. I always wondered where a person could purchase such items.

Colon Cleanse

There are a lot of people today that seem to have issues with their stomach. Is it the stomach or digestive system? I'm not really sure, but I know of people that are starting to try this colon cleanse. It is suppose to help cleanse and detoxify your system. It is to help promote health by cleansing and strengthening the body. People feel more energized and it can help with bloating and cramping.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Can you imagine what it would be like if we didn't have remotes for our televisions, stereos and other appliances? We are so used to having them that it would be hard to go back to the way we had it before. It used to be that we had to get out of our chairs and actually turn the radio or TV on or off. I guess we are pretty spoiled aren't we?

Office Furniture

About eleven years ago now, our Doctors built a new office. When moving in, we really weren't sure what types of office furniture we might need. Chairs can really make a difference. They need to be comfortable and adjustable. There's also the waiting room furniture that needs to be addressed. It also needs to be comfortable and durable. It's seems like often we are looking to replace a piece.


Well, soon we will be packing our bags and heading out the door to see our new little arrivals. We have two grand babies on the way and we're very excited about it. I was looking at our luggage and thought maybe we should look into some new pieces. We'll have to see if that's what we decide to do.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cold Room

Our addition doesn't stay as warm as I would like it. I guess it has something to do with the way the duct work comes off the furnace. We have checked into having it fixed so that we get more air flow to the room. It isn't bad, but it could be better. A few years ago we used a small electric heater in the room during the winter. We figured that it cost us $30 a month.

Commercial Collection Agency

Many business's today find themselves with clients or customers who owe them money. These delinquent accounts can hurt a business over time. At some point they may find that they need a commercial collection agency as a solution to their problem. A good collection firm can quickly and smoothly collect what they may not have been able to for quite some time. Give them a chance to improve your receivable accounts.

High Miles

Bill's work car still looks and drives alright according to him but it has just about 103,000 miles on it. He has had some major repairs done to it and I know that he would like to get a new one. Sometime in the next few months he will get to pick the car that he wants to order for next year. He can't just order anything he wants, but he will have a choice among three different cars. He will be able to chose the color. He will be glad to get a new one.

Monday, October 15, 2007

IndieMV - Musical Intercourse

Are you a person that truly enjoys music? There is now a social networking of independent music artists and fans. It has videos as well as a way of socializing among music lovers and fans alike. With the technology they have available, you will find music videos, interviews and more. Customize your own personal interests and preferences. Connect with other music fans. IndieMV - Musical Intercourse gives bands a chance for exposure. They are presently sending a band to Montreal, Canada. There are other opportunities coming out that will be on their homepage. Start setting up your profile and be come a part of this great website.

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Well, it's Fall and cool weather is upon us. I'm sure that people are starting to think about using their fireplaces. I know my daughter and son-in-law are thinking about it. Scott really wants to and Jenna is unsure. She would feel better if it were checked out first before using it. That's probably not a bad idea.

Cash Advance Centers

There are time when for some, cash can be short until the next paycheck comes in. Many people find themselves living check to check. Now there is a website,, where you can look into receiving that Payday Advance you have been needing from time to time. It is quick, easy and confidential. Write a personal check, get the cash right away and they hold your check. Easy as one two three. What a great way to meet those immediate needs. It's nice to know that they are there for you.
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Gas Prices

I know that $2.50 a gallon for gas is still expensive but it is nice to see that the price of fuel has gone down. We filled the truck last night and it took $33.00. Granted, the tank was only at half a tank but I remember last year the same amount of gas would have been close to $50.00. I am hopeful that gas prices will continue to go down. Some say it is all tied to politics. What do you think?

Coupons & Savings

It's that time of year again when we'll all be busy shopping. It seems to be easier today, now that we have internet shopping. For great savings you just have to check out They have amazing online discount codes and coupons. I enjoy finding deals with Dell, Kohls or 1800Flowers coupons. It's a fun way to shop and very user friendly. Kohls is one of my favorite. Click in and check it out for yourself.
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Phone

My cell phone had been acting up recently so I decided to buy a new one. The new phone looks similar to my old one and has about the same features so I am familiar with it. It is a little different color and it has a rubber back so it doesn't slide as easily. Bill has a cell phone from his work and is with a different provider than I am. He said that his phone is too basic and wishes he was on my plan too. Maybe next year he can change to my provider and plan.


I am sure you have heard about our dog named Zoe. Our kids named her when she was new to our family. They gave her a middle name also, which was Sue. They would sometimes call her Zoe Sue but she is also called other names too. One of the names that we call her is Susie. Our dog responds to most of the names that we call her. Zoe is the most common.

Silver Coins

For all of you gold and silver collectors, there is now a site that you should check out. With the Monex Deposit Company you can buy silver, gold and other precious metals. They will deliver or set up a convenient safe storage for your purchase at a bank or depository. With over 30 years of business, this company is at the top of their industry in investments. As you know, there can be a feeling of financial stability in the owning of precious metals. Silver is in high demand at this time and it is a perfect time to buy silver coins. For many centuries gold has been held as great value and purchasing power. Man has always been intrigued by it's beauty and power to transform lives. Protect your wealth today. Click into the Monex site and see for yourselves.

Quiet Day

Today has been a nice and quiet day. I have been busy doing some little things around the house but over all it has been very relaxing. Sometimes those kinds of days are needed. It is cloudy and cool outside and it is nice to be in the house today. I am perfectly content having a quiet day before going back to work tomorrow.

Shorter Clubs

I have golfed two times in my life and both took place this year. Bill thinks that my golf clubs are too long for me. They do seem to be plenty long. When I hold the clubs there is quite a lot of the grip end that I don't think I need. Bill said he can cut the handle off a bit or maybe just get shorter clubs.

Dallas Cowboys Tickets

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It seems like today there are names for everything. Whether someone has restless legs or some other issue, there is a name for it. I think that people just make up names and then market it so that people will buy an aid or medicine for it. I don't want to come across as critical but in my opinion there is too much emphasis on names given to supposed problems people have. Sometimes these 'problems' are just normal occurrences.


There comes a time during the day, like right now, that having a snack sounds good. Now it is time to decide what snack sounds the best. Maybe I can get Bill to find something for us to have. I don't want too much because Bill and I have been exercising regularly again. Our new elliptical has helped greatly. I used to like to have chips and dip but that just doesn't sound good. I think we should have something more healthy.

Vasectomy Reversals

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I've been sitting here posting for about 2 1/2 hours now. I think I'm going to have to take a break and stretch a bit. I'm feeling weary of sitting. Zoe just keeps following Bill from room to room. Wondering where she should sit and lay. I see she's joined me for awhile. Anyway, posting is fun, but I'm going to take a much needed break now.

Christmas Lights

Bill and I were just discussing how soon the weather could turn and we could see ice or that dreadful white stuff. I thought maybe he should consider putting up the Christmas lights out around the deck before that happens. We could get a call on the grand babies and have to leave and it not get done. We'll have to look at doing that this week sometime if possible.

Orlando Hotels

Are you and your family getting ready for a nice Christmas getaway? Or maybe in the spring time you will be ready for some nice weather looking to head south. Well Orlando Florida seems to be a popular place of choice. With the grand Orlando Hotels and all of the wonderful theme parks, you won't grow bored. They are located just 40 minutes from the beautiful beach line and have many popular sites to see. Disney of course is one of the main attractions in the area, but there are many other parks as well. If it's been a few years since you have visited, then it's time for a return trip. They are always updating and changing the parks and rides. Plan your next Orlando trip soon.

Computer Skills

It is amazing how good kids are with their computer skills today. I know that having computers in all classrooms has to help a lot. Children have computers at home too. I am sure that not all of their time is spent on school work but it still helps them get used to computers. By the time kids graduate from school they are very good with computers.


The weather isn't ideal today. It's is wet and foggy. It seems spirits are lifted when the sun shines, but we know that we are to be filled with joy regardless of the weather. I like to wake up in the morning and say, "I am blessed". It's a nice way to energize the day.

Sea World Tickets

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I think that glasses are a pain! I know several people that have had lasik eye surgery and they seem to get by very well. Bill said he would like to consider having it done. He thinks that his glasses get in the way. A few years ago Bill got contact lenses and used them mostly when he golfed. He said they were nice while golfing because he wouldn't have to clean glasses that got moisture on them. Now when he wears the contacts he has trouble seeing things up close, like his golf score card!


Today we made spaghetti for lunch. It turned out pretty good. Bill mentioned that he would like to make homemade pizza sometime soon. I don't think that sounds very good today but maybe he can make it for supper one of the nights this week. I like his pizza but over the years I have been 'pizza-ed out'. It seemed like we had pizza all the time. When the kids were little it was an easy meal to have. All the kids ate pizza and loved it. They still do. I don't mind it once in awhile but not all of the time.

W South Beach Condo

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Today with the rain it has been pretty hazy. I wouldn't say that it is foggy but there is a lot of cloud cover and dampness in the air. It is quite calm out too. I am glad to be in the house and not doing much outside. It was cool enough this morning that I took a sweater to church. Of course Bill just wore short sleeves. He would rather wear those all year around. I think there is a chance for rain tomorrow too. It may be a good day to take an umbrella to work.

Watching Golf

Today Bill has been watching some golf on TV. I know that he would like to be outside actually playing golf. That is something he really enjoys. To me, if he can play one or two times a month during the summer that is enough. Bill would like to golf a lot more than that! He said that someday when he retires he would like me to golf with him at least two times a week. I will have to see if I want to play that much. For now I am satisfied to play just a few times all summer. Maybe when I get better I will change my mind.

Moving Relocation Services

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Saturday, October 13, 2007


Our office is planning a cruise this winter. I've been working on the details and it's sounding like a lot of fun is in store. My husband and I really like cruises anyway. We will be attending some seminars, but there should be time for adventure. We enjoy traveling with this group of people. It will be here before we know it!


When we bought our new air conditioner we were able to apply to the city for the city dollars. These are vouchers that are in check form that can be spent like cash at almost all of our stores in town. I guess because the air conditioner was a certain size and had a rating that makes it more efficient we received these dollars. It is a great thing. We spent quite a lot on the unit but got $100 back. That is a pretty good deal.

Orlando Villa

Today it is a must to quickly find the much needed information that we are needing for a certain reason. Travel is in big demand. With Thinkflorida you can browse their full service informational site. They have been involved in Florida property sales and rental since 1947. With one location in the Kissimmee Florida area, they are supplying rental car service, bookings for Pool Homes,Condo's, Town Houses or an Orlando Villa. What ever might suit your personal need. If you find a specific unit you like and you book it, it is the unit you will have! Serving the UK area, they can offer airline tickets with accommodations a close second. They will be pleased to receive a great deal while also having exactly what they had envisioned ready and waiting for them when they arrive to the Florida area. Look into them today for your travel needs


Awhile back we were at Jenna and Scott's house. Bill took his drill along to drill into the basement wall so we could hang a decoration above the bed. I guess I didn't realize that there was a certain type of drill bit that was needed for a block wall. It makes sense now but I had never seen one used before. I think the ones Bill has are getting dull because it took some doing to drill a small hole. I will have to get him to buy another one

Stereo Cabinet

With today's technology, we own so many different units. We have receivers, VCR's, DVD players, a DVD recorder, Cable boxes, surround sound and more. That's where a stereo cabinet comes in handy. It can hold some of the items. It makes it easier to store and use each player. I'm not even sure how to run everything. I get so confused.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Neighbors In The Yard

Well, my neighbors are out in their yard which means that tonight I have to be in my yard too. It is like a rule around here that if someone in the block is out cleaning up the yard or mowing then we all have to. It wasn't really what I had in mind to do tonight. I know that when I am done with the yard work I will be pleased that my neighbors were taking care of their place, making it look nice.

Home Security

Have you thought about getting a home security system? They are so nice to have. It can give you peace of mind when you are at home or away. Security Cameras used to be very expensive and there are still some that are quite spendy but there are others that are very affordable. Some people want to have cameras to watch for intruders and some for monitoring their young children in or out of the house. Cameras can be hidden or in plain view. Those that are seen by a potential thief might be just the deterrent needed to send them on their way. Did you know that you can even get wireless systems that are not very hard to install? Ease your mind and check in to a home security system.
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Saturday, October 6, 2007


Scott had said he had some leaves in his yard. He wasn't kidding, although I don't think 'some' would be the appropriate word. I would rather use the term 'yard full'. He was going to get his uncle's mower with some vacuum attachment to clean the yard. As we came down their street it seemed as though most of the neighborhood leaves were in their yard. We left Zoe there for the week and as we left this morning she was playing in the leaves. Scott should probably let her play before he cleans the yard.

Sexy Lingerie

For all of you women and men out there that enjoy sexy lingerie, there is a great website that you have to check out, They have all different kinds of items to purchase. If it's Christmas or a Birthday coming, they can fill the bill for that perfect gift. They have great customer service and testimonials to back it. Look into them for you gift shopping.

Birth Announcements

Well, it won't be long now. Our oldest children, who are twins, are both expecting their first child any time now. We are so excited. They have had their baby showers and sent out the cutest thank yous. I'm sure once the precious little babies are here, they will be working on birth announcements. I always enjoy seeing what people send out. I sure they will be nice.

Gorgeous Day

Boy it is a gorgeous day out today. We went to Scott and Jenna's last night and had a good time. We went out to eat and then Scott worked on my new cell phone for me. I got the MOTOKRZR with Verizon. It's a really pretty crimson color. Anyway, it was getting quite late so we decided to just spend the night up there. We got up early and headed up. We have a lot of little things to get accomplished today. It's just so nice to be blessed with such a beautiful day.

Dodge Charger accessory

Isn't it something how different your children can be? Through the years as my youngest son was growing up, we could see he had a lot of diverse interests. He enjoyed working with the elderly, loved technology, enjoyed working on his cars, played the guitar, piano and saxophone just to name a few. In his teen years, his cars were the main interest and time consumer. He will love this website,, with it's car accessory equipment, since he still has a strong interest in cars. They have so much to offer, for example if you own a Dodge Charger then you click into the Dodge Charger accessory tab and it's laid out before you. It's so user-friendly.

March Madness

My oldest son is a sports fanatic. He loves to get autographs and photos with players. He enjoys going to scrimmages and games and looks for good buys for season passes. He has collected all kinds of memorabilia through out the years. He tries to plan ahead to be assured that his tickets are bought and ready. For example during March Madness he might look into the future and go on line and purchase the tickets for the event in question. He's always on top of it.


Have you been seeing all the pumpkins around town? We usually have one on the steps each year. I enjoy reading the newspaper articles on the large pumpkins that people are growing. Some of them are just huge. It is hard to imagine that they can be that big and weigh so much. I am sure some of them have to be moved with a skid loader type machine.

Home Theater Furniture

A few years ago we decided to start a collection of our own of some of the latest movies out there today. Well, presently we are up to over 300 movies. If we get a quiet night, its fun to just go and choose a movie and sit down to watch it on our big screen TV. The only thing missing is the home theater furniture. They have some great stuff out there now. We'll have to look into it.

Charlotte Cosmetic Dentist

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Pizza Or Pizza

Tonight we are going out for supper and we'll be having pizza. It is just a question as to whether we go to the Pizza Ranch or Jakes. They are both very good. The Pizza Ranch might have the edge because they have a buffet. On the other hand, we haven't been to Jakes for quite some time. Such a decision.

Stuffed Animals

As my children grew up I found that one of their favorite things was to receive stuffed animals. They all three had collected all different kinds of them. Often it went with the latest craze. Maybe it was the Ninja turtles or Alf. What ever it may have been, they loved to collect them. Elmo was a much wanted item also. Now you even see some of the fast food chains giving out smaller stuffed animals.

Outdoor Lighting

We have been putting sometime into our home this year. It is fun to have change and it really tend to improve the look. We decided to pull up some shrubbery and plant new bushes. Along with that, we thought that some new outdoor lighting was in order. We put out some landscaping lights, which I really like. Then we replaced lighting on the house. It's great how small touches can make such a difference.

Neighbor Kids

It is that time of year for the neighborhood kids to be selling scout popcorn and nuts. We have already had several kids at the door this week. We usually buy something from them. I always look forward to the girl scout cookies too. We have our favorites and buy several boxes. They keep well in the freezer.

Digital Cameras

Do you remember back when cameras took rolls of film? Between the film, batteries and developing, it would get quite spendy. I held back for several years before finally starting to look into the digital cameras out there. They are awesome! I thoroughly enjoy mine. It is so easy to maneuver and you always have film. Down load the pictures taken and you have room for more picture taking. They are an awesome device.

Safety Utility Knife

My husband and I usually try to tackle most household projects by ourselves. Throughout the years I think it has probably saved us a lot of money. In the early years, we didn't have to many tools. We would buy some of them and we would receive some as gifts. Now we have built up quite the collection. I find the Ssafety utility knife to come in handy for many different types of jobs. I'm glad we have it.

Weekend Ahead

The weekend is about here and it should be pretty relaxing. Bill might have to mow again but we don't have a lot planned for a change. I have been using our new elliptical machine almost every day so I will probably continue that even on the weekend. It might be too windy to do much outside anyway.

Condo Hotels

Through out the years my family and I have taken many trips. We enjoy traveling and seeing the sites. We once took a trip out to California for a few weeks. Some of my extended family joined us also. That is when Condo Hotels come in handy. Everyone can stay together and have a great time. You can kick back and relax or hit the city and see the nightlife. We have made some great unforgettable memories. You can't replace that.

Mail Boxes

Through out the years we have put up several mail boxes. They become rusted and wore. The door doesn't always stay closed or a hinge breaks. The color also becomes dull. It hasn't always helped either that some of our neighbors have been hard on them. I have seen children beat on them and sit on them. Also, winter comes and snow is pushed up on top of it. We just need to purchase a tougher built mail box.


In these days of frequent travel we thought it was a good idea to get a passport. It is an easy process but quite expensive. You have to pay $67 for the passport and $30 to the courthouse. You also need to have two pictures to take to the courthouse with the paperwork. You can actually take your own photos but it is just as easy to have the photo shop take it. The pictures need to be a certain size and have rounded corners. At least now we will have the passports for when the time comes that we want to travel.


Today's world seems to be run by computers. Most businesses and homes now have them. At the same time you must be sure to secure your information with some type of software. Trying to figure out just what type of security software you may need can become a challenge. Well, with Software Security Solutions the hunt is over. They offer top notch computer security software. They are aware that there is several
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Tall Tree

A friend asked me the other day if my apple tree is a dwarf or regular size. I don't know how big a dwarf tree gets but ours is tall enough that even with a two section fruit picking pole, while standing on a six foot step ladder that is in the bed of a pickup, Bill can't reach the apples towards the top of the tree. I think that makes it a regular size tree.

New Shows

I think it was last week that some of the shows on TV were from the new season. There are a few shows that we watch regularly. We sometimes have to record them if we aren't able to watch when they are scheduled. The bad thing is when we can't get the previous show watched before the next one comes on the following week. I think we are too busy.

Baby Store

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Heat Of The Night

The weather just can't make up its mind. Actually the weather doesn't have a mind. That is just a saying. If it did though, it isn't doing the greatest job. I am not complaining about the weather, of course, but the past few nights it has been very cool and right now we have the air on. That just seems strange to me. It seems more like summer.

Online Casino

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Time For Pie

I am for some reason hungry for apple pie. Bill has been in the baking mood the past few weeks. I am going to try to convince him that a nice pie would be a good thing to make tonight. Hopefully he will agree. I think he has made four pies and one apple crisp and they have been so good. The people we have shared them with seem to agree. Pie anyone?

Innovative Tutor

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About the time I have been going to work the sun is really bright as I head east. It is a time you have to be extra cautious because of all the kids walking to school. Some people don't take the time to clear their windows which can be very dangerous. I would rather head out a little early or even be late rather than being involved in a crash.

Math Tutors

I have three children. While raising them it was clear to me that they were all very different from one another. During the school years I found that they enjoyed and excelled in many classes. There was the subject of math that was not always so easy. My husband and I were even challenged at times. It is so nice to know that there is the Score Learning Centers out there. They have Math Tutors just waiting to help your child. Working with children from 4 to 14, they aid them in progressing academically. Look into them for your children's needs.
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Trash Day

Today was trash day in our neighborhood. It was also recycle day. Even though it was raining we got to put everything out except the cardboard. I guess they can't use the cardboard unless it is dry. Most of the recycle stuff can fit into a plastic container. Sometimes I put the sack of papers in the container too so it doesn't get damaged by weather.

Xbox skins

My son is into the XBox game units. He has owned the XBox and now has the Xbox 360. With Christmas around the corner I was looking into these new SkinIt's. They are quite unique and can become a protective covering for your player. The Xbox skins are very easy to apply and remove. With a vast variety of choices, you are sure to find a pleaser. The website is continually updating their artwork so a person can make changes when ever they would like too. I think they would make an awesome personalized gift idea. Check them out for yourself.


I really like jewelry. I would like to shop for it even more than I do but I have my limits. I have yellow gold rings and also white gold rings. I prefer my chains to be yellow gold. I guess it is good that people have their own tastes in jewelry. It would be pretty boring if everyone had the same rings and necklaces. Bill thinks that I may run out of fingers to put rings on. I told him that I can always wear different ones on different days. He can keep buying them for me as long as hewants to.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I enjoy blogging. It is fun to just share my thoughts and opinions with others. When looking into other blogs, I find out just how different we all are out there. Isn't it awesome how the internet has brought together such a large group of people. There are now thousands of us blogging. I also enjoy the opportunity to post and make some extra cash while doing it. It's fun to research products and sites and share my thoughts with others.

How to meeting Russian Brides

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Bill mowed the grass again last night. It may be one of the last times he needs to mow this year. The grass is still green and it is growing, just not as fast. It has been raining quite often and Bill hasn't had the days to mow lately. Some of the neighbors have been letting their grass grow while some have kept theirs neatly trimmed. I am glad Bill takes the time to mow like he does.

Garage Storage Cabinets

If you are like me you know how the garage area can get messed up and look terrible. We store gasoline and other fluids in our garage and the wood shelving just isn't the best place for those things. I am very interested in getting some new cabinets and making my garage more attractive and safer by having things inside cabinets and not out in the open. I am not sure which garage storage cabinets to get but since I found the website I am sure that I will find just what I need. Check them out today and see what they have to offer. Turn your garage into a fantastic looking and organized room that your neighbors will wish they had.
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Well, I have the day off, but it's not for play. I have to go to the Dermatologist and have some minor surgery. It shouldn't be to bad though. It's kind of a rainy day and I have a ways to travel. Hope it lets up a bit. I've been busy this morning having my picture taken for my passport. I need to get that done soon. I think we'll be traveling some this winter. Gotta run.....

Maytag Dishwashers

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Cool At Night

It has been very cool at night. We had a bedroom window open last night which was nice. There has been so many of those little black 'no seeum' bugs. I don't know if that is their actual name but it fits them just fine. They can get in through windows so easily that I hate to have windows open during the day. Once the weather stays a little colder I hope that those bugs disappear.


The leaves have been falling and the wind is moving them around the neighborhood. I have a neighbor that is just sure all of the leaves end up in his yard. He does seem to have more than others because of how is house is situated on the corner. There is a farm field across the road from him so he gets corn leaves as well. He is one that keeps his yard looking very nice so the leaves bother him a bit. It won't be long before the leaves will be gone, either by raking and hauling away or by mulching them up like we do.

Lapband Surgery

Are you over weight and have seemed to try everything you know to lose the extra pounds? Now there is a lapband surgery that is out there helping many people do just that. Journey Lite is a large group of surgical facilities that are highly trained health care professionals wanted to help people like you to safely lose the weight. The lapband surgery is not very invasive. The surgical band is placed on the upper portion of the stomach. This causes the stomach to appear smaller. Thus causing the person to feel full faster when eating. Eating less helps lose those unwanted pounds quicker. The procedure is completed on an outpatient basis and recover is quick. Look into this method today.

Wireless Internet

Isn't having a wireless internet connection great? I sure think it is. I can be in another part of the house and be working on the internet while someone else in the family uses the desktop computer. I really don't know how it works but I guess I don't need to, as long as it works properly. We have had only a few minor problems and those were easy to correct. We have neighbors that have wireless too. Ours is password protected which I believe is a smart thing.

Sports On TV

Do you watch sports on TV? I don't mind some sports but a little goes a long way in my book. I know some watch any sport that comes on but I am glad my husband doesn't do that. Bill enjoys watching some of his favorite players but doesn't spend hours upon hours watching football, baseball and basketball games. I have to admit that he does like to watch golf on television. Since I started playing golf a little I can see why he likes to watch it. Although, I can't see myself watching a whole tournament.

Home Medical

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Due Dates

As many of you know Bill and I are soon to be grandparents. That is so exciting. We are totally looking forward to the big events. If the babies come near their due dates we will be grammy and grandpa towards the end of the month. We know several friends who are already grandparents and they love it. We will too. The weather should be fine and we will be seeing two new family members soon.

New Shows On TV

This week the new series starts on TV. We enjoyed watching some of the shows last year and hopefully they will hold our interest this year too. There are certain shows that we like. I am sure that other people like shows different from us. Tonight we are going to try to record one of our shows on the DVR. I hope we have it set right.

Password Protection

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