Saturday, May 21, 2011

All Of A Sudden

It seems like all of a sudden the grass is green and trees have little buds. The past couple months have gone by very quickly. This is a great time of year. We see the little birds and rabbits in the yard. We have had welcome rains that make things clean. We enjoy sitting out on the deck when the weather allows, and it has been a great spring for that.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Free Online Dating

Boy, the times have sure changed. With technology advancing as it has, it has really changed the way we do and look at things. Now a days it isn't unusual to hear that someone has met their spouse or significant other on line. With all of the free online dating sites now, it seems to be a great way to meet people. Our oldest son met a gal on line and she is now a long life friend of the family. :)


Having grandkids is a wonderful thing. We currently have four but will have a fifth grandbaby by the end of the year. I love snuggling with a baby. They smell so nice and are just a joy to hold. They depend on you for almost everything and put their trust in you. God totally knows what He is doing!

Austin personal injury attorney

Iwent through a time when I was doctoring for migraines. They are a horrible condition to deal with. My doctor then started me on the drug, Topamax. I felt at the time that it may be a fairly serious drug. I had to slowly go on it and slowly ween off of them. After losing much of my hair, it was decided that I should go off of the drug.
Topamax is an anti-convulsant medicine used many time for treatment of epileptic seizures. They are now finding that it may also lead to birth defects and other conditions. How sad to think that something that was made to hopefully help someone can also hurt someone.
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Still My Sweetheart!

After 34 years he's still my sweetheart... It's great to be married to your best friend! I'm very blessed.

My daughter changes her mind

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

Last year my daughter decided she was really into running. We went out and bought all the latest running equipment and spent hundreds of dollars on shoes, tech gear, water bottles, you name it. She was really good for a while, and then she lost all interest. This year, she’s just as into soccer as she was running. I can’t say I’m not skeptical that her devotion to the sport will last but I suppose only time will tell. This time around I’ve got clear so I order most of her soccer supplies from clearance sales online. She complains that her stuff’! s not the same as everyone else's but I can’t be footing the bill for her just to change her mind again! She’s actually really good at soccer thanks to all her practice running, so maybe this one will stick. It’s a sport her school is really big on so maybe once she sees how much fun it is to be a varsity athlete she’ll stick it out till the end of school?

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Fun in the sun!!

We had such a great time on vacation! This is us in St Maarten at Great Bay Beach. The water was so beautiful!

Wooden Swing Sets

My oldest son and his family recently bought and moved onto an acreage. They are loving it. Now they are busy putting up a wooden swing set that they were given. It looks like it will be solid and nice for the kids. My daughter is now shopping for wooden swing sets. She thinks her children might enjoy that also.


We recently went on a cruise. It was a great vacation. I would highly recommend a cruise to anyone. There was so much food on the ship. Fortunately we did a lot of walking on board to work the food off!! We saw several shows while on the ship and there were great beaches at each port. If you have never been on a cruise, I would suggest that you consider it.
This is us in St Thomas. We were looking down at Megan's Bay!

Fayetteville beauty school

Are you a newly graduated senior? Are you looking for a career in the field of cosmetology? Well, the Regency Beauty Institute of Minneapolis still continues to expand. You can pick the location of your choosing. With over 80 campuses across 19 states, you are sure to find one that is a fit for you. The Fayetteville beauty school is one of their newest additions. Their campuses are upscale and on the cutting edge in the are of education and salon work. They are excited about all they are doing to train and educate their students. The public also benefits with discounted salon services under the eye of the expert faculty supervisor. What a great way to prepare for you future.

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Have you heard of Facetime? It is very cool. The program or application (or whatever it is) comes on the new iphone. It is also on my husband's new ipod. It allows you to video chat. We haven't used it much yet but the times we have it has worked great. There is so much new technology that it is hard to keep up with.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It seems that there has been more severe weather over the past years. Recently we have seen tornado ripping through communities, destroying everything in it's path. In some cases we find that only some damage has been done. In those cases you may find that this site can be of assistance. They are there to help with clean up of all kinds.
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