Wednesday, June 13, 2012

General liability insurance cost

I think its always worth the time spent to check out insurance quotes. For example the general liability insurance cost can really vary. We found that we saved hundreds by shopping around. It's important to be covered these days. Protect yourself, get the insurance you need.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Our youngest grandson is so smiley! He always seems to be happy! He makes my day!

Playground equipment richmond va

I remember years ago. My children were quite young. They built a new elementary and had great playground equipment brought in. I'm not really sure where it was purchased but know that you can buy playground equipment richmond va, that is amazing. Our kids had more fun. They make the neatest things these days!

Serenata Flowers

Need some beautiful flowers for a special occasion? Maybe you just want to get that special someone some flowers just to surprise them. Have you ever considered buying flowers from Serenata's online shop ? They have speedy service and a huge variety of beautiful flowers. You get terrific discounts on beautiful arrangements for any occasion, birthday, anniversary, just to name a couple. They even have FREE flower delivery if you order them before 8 p.m. Perhaps you have decided to get a potted plant instead but you don't know how to care for it. By checking the Internet you can find out all the information you need to take care of potted plants, as well as, caring for a flower garden, or planting seeds and just about anything you can think of as far as caring for your flowers.

Zenni Optical

Why is it that somewhere over 40 years of age, you suddenly find that your being able to read is not quite as clear as it used to be? So you trot off to your local optometrist to see what can be done about it. I quickly found out just how important it is for choosing the right glasses for your face. I was really surprised at how many types of glasses there are. I found out you should decide first of all what shape your face is - square, round, oval or heart shaped. You want the glasses to compliment your face. Then there is the matter of what material you want your glasses to be made of. If you are like me, you have a lot of silver and white gold jewelry so you don't want to buy a metalic frame that is gold color. It could be quite complicated matching your jewelry with your glasses. The color should also compliment your hair color so they don't stand out and could actually look ugly on you. It is best to choose the right frame from a company that has lots to choose from so you will not only look your best but when you get the lenses, you will be seeing everything so much better. Check out the Internet and deal with a company that has everything to offer you in great glasses.


Our youngest son is getting married on Saturday to a sweet girl we all love. It is very exciting. They are being married in a very unique place. It is in the mountains. Not only it will be a big event for our family, but it will be partly vacation at the same time. I know we will all have a great time celebrating this happy occasion with them. We can hardly wait.