Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Fun

Our grandson Emry was having so much fun in all of the fallen leaves. Looks like they had a lot of them!


It has been a cold Fall and Winter is just around the corner. Now is the time to be thinking of warm clothing. It is also time to start Christmas shopping if you have not done so already. Every year one of the things I always like to get for my family is new underwear. Underwear seems to be the last thing that people think to buy for themselves. They will buy new jeans, slacks, shirts, jackets, gloves, boots, but underwear is the last thing they think of buying for themselves. To tell the truth, a great many people are running around in old worn out, tattered underwear but no one knows of course because it is not something that is seen from the outside. I think that is another reason people give it little thought. So I always feel a really good gift is to get everyone new underwear as a present and if you search the Internet, you can find really neat buys for both girls and guys. Not only that but you can use a coupon code and save quite a lot more on your purchase if you shop online before October 31, 2011. They have fabulous colors and styles for everyone and this is a gift every single person in your family will appreciate. I just find out their sizes and the styles they like and order from there. They are always pleased with the fine underwear I purchase for them.


Our son and his wife were going to be taking our grandsons out for halloween. We gave them a call to see if we could join them. They thought that would be a great idea. We went to their church for trunk or treat and supper. Then went into town for trick or treating. It was a lot of fun. Emry loved being a magician and Israel an astronaut!

Nursing Pins

When working in the profession of your choice, you have put a great deal of study into it in the past in order to obtain the position you chose. You studied hard and put in many long tedious hours so that you could finally reach your goal. Being a professional in the field of nursing is definitely a most challenging and rewarding position to be in. It is with great pride that you wear your uniform and you proudly were part of the graduating group who received their nursing pins. There are a great many types, colors and designs of pins for nurses. It all depends on the field in which they have chosen to work. By recognizing their efforts and positions in the nursing field, it gives them a good feeling and even more incentive to do the very best job they can. They can wear their pins with great pride and self assurance that they are recognized as special people in the world of medicine. We all know how important nurses are in our lives and I know that I, for one, always notice the pins that the nurse if wearing that is helping me at the clinic or hospital. You can tell that they take pride in displaying their nursing pins for all to see.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

grow longer eyelashes

Have you seen the commercials about growing your eyelashes longer. A person can now have thicker longer lashes in no time it sounds like with grow longer eyelashes As we grow older sometimes we find our lashes are becoming thinner and more sparse. It's good to know there are products on the market to help with this issue.

Orthotist Jobs

With the economy in the shape that its in, many are unsure of their jobs and budgets. The internet has made it quicker and easier to find jobs such as Orthotist Jobs and others. With the click of the mouse you can see what types of jobs are available in your area. It can still be a challenge to get that position and with relocating possibly.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Court Reporting

Absolutely correct court reporting is essential in every case. It is always important when you are taking depositions, that you seek out an individual that is very experienced in court reporting and has the speed and accuracy needed to turn out the most perfect deposition possible. Therefore, employing a company that excels in providing this type of court reporter is of the utmost importance. I feel cases have been won and lost on the accuracy of the depositions taken by a court reporter. Therefore, in Texas, it is best to search out the best deposition services available. One that serves the major cities in Texas is important, as well. Court reporters have many licenses and nationally certified reporters will provide those legal transcription needs. If a court reporting firm has a solid reputation and is in good standing with a great many people in the legal field, that will enable you to be much more confident in choosing a court reporter recommended by their firm. This firm is ready to support your needs not only in Texas, but nationally and internationally. It is easy to schedule depositions by calling their 800 number or fill out their online deposition scheduling form. Their expert team is ready to help you at any time and also with litigation services too.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Best tablet

It can be difficult to keep up on all of the technology changes. There is something new coming out on the market everyday it seems! The men in my family absolutely love all of it! They are into all of the latest. I'm sure they have researched the Best tablet a person can purchase or even the newest phones. They usually talk me into a new cell phone at least once a year. :)

Medical step stool

I think I am getting shorter. It seems that I have a tough time reaching those higher cupboards, shelves and tops of appliances. A medical step stool sure does come in handy. A person wants to be careful to not slip and fall. There are so many occasions to have one. Even my grandchildren can use them.


I was off of work for several weeks. The time went so fast! Over the past 5 or so weeks we have been packing and moving after 28 years. My dad also passed away during this time. I wasn't really ready to go back to work, but it was time. You sure find out during difficult times who really cares about you and who only cares about themselves. That's ok because God never fails me. PTL!
There is still a lot to do. But, it will all get done.

Walden University

As children grow up and graduate from high school, they often are unsure of the path that they will take. Many head off to college and begin to experiment with what interests they may have. Often they find themselves changing career paths several times through out the following years.
Now a person can learn about Walden University and all of their online programs. Having a full time job no longer has to stop a person from pursuing a college degree. You can find with Walden University's online degree programs that there are many choices out there. This school offers degrees in Health, Management, Education and much more. can assist you in completing your dream! Many are receiving their degrees while continuing to work full time. It's great to know that a person can do that!

"I have been paid for this post. My opinion has not been swayed in anyway."


I'm finally able to start cooking again. We have been in the process of moving over the past month. Boy, what a lot of work. Now my kitchen is usable and I am enjoying home cooked meals. Eating out gets old!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs

I have been in the medical field for many years. When I first started out, we simply wore white. We even had the nurses cap. As long as we were in white, all was good. Then we went to wearing lab coats. It felt good to have something covering my other clothes. There are times that materials can splatter, so it was protective in a way.
Over the years things began to change and soon we found ourselves wearing scrubs. It sure makes getting ready in the mornings a much easier task. You always know what you'll be wearing. Thank goodness there are companies out there that can assist a person with what ever style or color they may be needing. Our office rotates colors during the week. We also add a new color every year or two. It's nice to have a change. Check out scrubs for yourself at .

"I have been paid for this post. My opinion has not been swayed in any way."


WOW! What a month we have had! After 28 years we have recently moved from our home. It was God lead that is for sure. We would have never guessed that we would move and especially away from the town we have been in since 1982. It feels good and it feels right. We're excited to see what the future holds!