Saturday, August 30, 2008


Often we are gone on a Saturday. This weekend we were able to stay home and catch up on somethings. Bill was out in the yard much of the day. He has started to cut down our apple tree in preparation for his new garage. We're hoping to have the tree down this fall and work on killing the stump next summer. Then the following spring begin building. Bill is pumped! He has wanted to do this for many years. It will be fun to see his face when it's actually done. It has definitely been a dream of his. Now just to get that tree down. It's kind of sad really.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pop Up TV

We have an older television in our bedroom and it is on a wall mounted stand. It serves its purpose but doesn't look the greatest. Did you know that there are remote controlled lift mechanisms that can transform your television into a pop up tv? They would be especially great for LCD or plasma televisions. How handy would it be to just press a button on the remote and have your tv positioned to where you want it? I think it would be great.


The last few nights we have left the windows open at night. It has been pretty cool out. This morning it started to rain so we closed the windows a little bit. Tonight it is cool out so we have them open again. They are predicting that the weather will be getting much colder soon. Someone even said that we could get frost in the near future. I don't know that we are ready for fall weather quite yet. Summer just goes by to quickly.

Laptop Giveaway

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Apple Tree

This year we are planning on taking down our apple tree. It is in the way of where we want our new garage. We hope the tree is easy to take down. I know we could pay someone to do the work but I think we will do the job ourselves. Even if we weren't going to build a garage we would still cut the tree down. We will miss the apples for a short time, but not all the work of cleaning the yard as they fall to the ground. It has been a great apple tree. The apples are so great for baking.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Make Up Her Mind

Zoe is our seven year old Bichon. In the evening she just can't make up her mind. She wants to go outside and she wants to come in the house. It is a normal routine for her at night. Bill just took her on a walk around the block and now she wants out again. I guess she is cooped up all day long so she is ready to go out when we are here with her. She can be a pain sometimes though. Like right now as she is ringing her bell to go out. I guess with dogs come responsibility.

Auto Repair

In the past we have owned as many as six vehicles at a time, with that came moments of hunting for a great auto body repair shop. Life can bring along unexpected situations. The internet has made it easier then ever. With collision repair experts you can feel secure in knowing your car will be restored to its original state. On this website you will find experts in your area to meet your needs. Look into the experts today.


A year ago spring time we replanting and did some landscaping in our yard. This summer the plants have really taken off. They are growing and spreading. I think we may need to go out and trim back a couple of the bushes. It's nice when it all looks neat and trimmed. I think we will also be looking into cutting down one of our older trees this fall. That should be interesting.

Healthy Eating

Friday, August 22, 2008


It is wonderful to have a sister. My twin sister came to visit this past week. We took a day and went up to see my daughter and grand daughter. Sandy (my sister) hadn't seen them in quite some time. We had a great day! She got to see where Jenna (my daughter) was living now and also get reacquainted with Kaelyn (my grand daughter). We all went out to the Pizza Ranch for lunch and then strolled around the mall a bit. After shopping we decided we needed some ice cream from the Dairy Queen. It was fun to all get together and catch up on life.


While raising my children I discovered just how different children can be. All three of my kids have diverse interests. One son loves his music. He had a huge stereo system in his car and you could hear him coming from a mile away. My other son was more into fixing his cars up. He liked to "improve" them, as he would say. He would definitely be looking for a supercharger or turbocharger replacement when buying a different vehicle. He was always upgrading the engine or body of his car. Now he buys them already to go.


I just received a call from Slumberland. They are on their way and should be here with in the next couple of hours. When we started to shop around for furniture, we found that service was quite different from store to store. I am impressed with a store that will work with you some. I also like to have a large variety of choices. We actually shopped in two different Slumberland's and found there to be a big difference between the two. We feel that we were given a great deal and with great service. That makes it worth shopping around.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Auto Body Repair

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I sure enjoy my Fridays off from work. I often have plans on those days, but that's ok. Tomorrow the flooring guy will be here to finish up what they have started. Our furniture will also be delivered. I'm excited to get it all finished and see the final results. Our new 47" LCD TV was delivered yesterday, so it's coming together.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Golf Outing

Well, this weekend is the Reed Golf Outing! Bill really looks forward to it. Our son-in-laws family all get together and they rent the entire golf course for the day. They team up and play. Someday I may join them, but for now I will need a little bit more practice first. After the golfing is done and the scores tallied, there are prizes given out. We all then sit down to a wonderful meal as well. It's a fun day for all.

Blaze Media Pro Multimedia Software

My nephews enjoy creating movies and entering them into contests. They seem to be very good and the one nephew really knows his stuff when it comes to computers and putting the movies all together. There is an awesome powerful Blaze Media Pro Multimedia Software that I think they could really use. This software is an all inclusive multimedia application. It can video capture, video create, combined and extract, video editing, copies music CD's, audio and video merge, audio tag editing, convert WMV to AVI and more. They would be able to extract video files and save sounds to files. Video files can also be created from still frame images. It's easy to use and offers even more. Browse and see for yourself.


I don't think I ever shared about how our day went with the flooring guys last week. It seemed to be going well, when all of the sudden one of the guys came to me and said they had a problem. They had applied to much glue to the floor and the linoleum bubbled. They were unable to smooth it out. So now they are going to be coming back to redo the job. Only this time it is going to be a much more difficult task. They will have to tear up two layers of flooring and smooth it all out before laying the new linoleum. Sure wish it was finished.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008



My recipe holder is over flowing. It is in desperate need of sorting and cleaning out. It's one of those jobs that I continue to put off. I say, "maybe this winter I can get that done", but it never gets done. What's with that? My daughter had a great thought. She was thinking we should take all of our recipes and create a Family Cook Book. It would be handy and nice to have. Hopefully we will do that someday.

Auto Insurance

The cost of Insurance is rising today. If it's not car insurance, then it's our home insurance. My daughter recently told me about how their insurance was going to be going up. I let her know that she may want to search to find a cheaper rate. There is online auto insurance available. It may be an option for them. She will probably look into it. I know I would.

Friday, August 8, 2008


The day is here! We have been anxious to have our new flooring laid. This morning two guys arrived carrying in boards, tools and other items. Quickly they striped the kitchen bare. I decided that Zoe and I better head for the office and stay out of the way. Zoe greeted them as she usually does. Soon she found herself under foot. I heard her squeal and run for the office. She has been camping out under the futon for awhile now. She seems a bit uneasy with this whole situation. I decided it was a perfect time to get some things done on the computer. I brought in some other projects I need to work on also. I won't have any trouble keeping busy.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beauty Schools in Texas

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Old Friend

Today Bill talked to one of his old coworkers. The guy isn't really that old but is retired. After retiring about five years ago he started teaching. He had substitute taught for many years but after retiring he became a full time teacher. Years ago, fresh out of college, he taught in northeast Iowa. It sounds like he and Bill had a nice chat and they plan on having lunch next week before school starts again.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I remember when we had dial up internet. We really thought we had something great. I guess we did at the time. We now have DSL and like it very much. I know some that have cable internet and it is really fast. I think we will stick to DSL for awhile unless the cable prices go down.

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There is a wonderful smell in the air. While I am blogging I think I hear supper under way. Bill is so great about taking care of business when I am busy. He just steps in and begins to start supper for us. I am not sure what is in store, but I’m sure it will be yummy. He has grown to be quite the chief. Thanks Honey!

Water Bottles

We have heard a lot about how important it is to drink a lot of water each and every day. I never use to carry around a water bottle, but now you will find me with one most of the time. I have one by me at work all of the time. If Bill and I jump in the car for travel, we never leave home without at least one bottle. We have even put a dish in the car so Zoe will have a drink when she needs it. Back when I was younger, you didn’t even see water in bottles. Times are a changing. Kinda makes you wonder???

Las Vegas Vacations

My family has always enjoyed traveling together. We have made some awesome memories. I would guess that they would agree that Las Vegas vacations are at the top of the list. I know that my husband and I would like to return again someday. It is so great that today you can click in and browse a site that will give you information about your travel destination. This site has Las Vegas Hotels, Las Vegas Shows, night Clubs, Vegas tours, attractions and more. They are dedicated to supplying the best Vegas has to offer. Enjoy the true local flavor of Vegas entertainment. They have the best shows and deals. Check out this site and learn more about it.


I hadn't been shopping by myself in quite sometime. I decided since I was out having my hair done today, that it would be a great time for it. I spent some time at the Mall. I always enjoy that. There were some throw pillows on sale and they were perfect for what I was needing. Bath and Body is also there and we were needing some products for the office and they were having deals, so that was great. Time went to fast that's for sure.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Clock

Bill has been in need of a wall clock in his office. I have encouraged him to buy one but he hasn't yet. I think if he doesn't find one soon I will buy one for him. He depends on the clocks on his phone and computer. I enjoy having a nice big clock so it is easy to see. I know he will appreciate a clock too.

Blister Treatment

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Feeding The Animals

Bill has been putting out corn for the squirrels in the back yard. They are eating about one ear of corn a day. The rabbits are being fed too. Some apples are falling to the ground and the bunnies enjoy them. Our dog Zoe likes to watch the animals from the window. She acts tough but I think she would like to go and play with them. Bill wishes the rabbits and squirrels would eat all of the apples on the ground. They make such a mess in the fall.

Baby Names

Have you noticed some of the names parents are giving to their babies? While some are totally traditional, others are very unique. Our granddaughters name is Kaelyn and our grandson is Emry. Both of these names are some that I have heard of before and are great names if I say so myself. I know that I am quite biased but they are nice names. There are some names that I have never heard of. Some will be hard for a child to pronounce and spell.

Stock Option Trading

Although I know a bit about stock option trading there is definitely room for growth and learning more. I realized how little I actually knew when I came across a great option trading website that offered free tutorials for people like me who are a bit inexperienced with the whole thing. What's great is that there's a free 14 day trial offer to use their PowerOptions product to see if it's something I'd like to use. PowerOptions is an internet based provider that offers SmartSearch technology that helps people find out what the highest returns will be with option trades. I thought that was pretty neat! This is a service I definitely would need to take advantage of if I were to get more involved with option trading. It helps you to sort, filter and analyze the stocks and options available and offers all the tools you need to get started. I was happy to have come across their site and information on the this topic and thought others would appreciate it as well. Learn more by checking out their online user guide and utilizing their toll-free support.

Our Grandchildren

The other day we were able to spend some time with our granddaughter. It had been a couple of weeks and boy had she grown in just that short amount of time! It got me thinking that she and Emry are already 9 months old! Where does the time go?!? I can't believe that in only a few short months they will be 1 years old. It hardly seems possible. I feel like just yesterday we got the calls that they were being born. It goes to show how truly important it is to savor each and every time that we get to spend with them because they grow and change so quickly!

Basement Remodel Project

Over the past couple of months our daughter and her husband have been working hard to get their basement finished. They moved into a home that had a partially finished basement which just wasn't going to work for their growing family. Now they have a very nice, carpeted space that will work as a family room, playroom and bedroom. The only problem they found was that the sump pump was positioned right in the middle of the room! Thankfully we have some handy people in our family. My son Jake designed a great book case that would go right in front of it so that no one would ever know it was there. Scott and Jake worked hard this weekend putting it together and I am so proud of them for the end result! Doesn't it look great?? My daughter recently sent me pics of it in place and stained...I just love it. What a nice, solid piece of furniture!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Baby Shops

It is so great all of the information that is available today through the internet. How quickly you can find just about anything. My daughter and daughter-in-law are first time moms and are having the time of their lives. I will have to let them know about The Knot Inc. website. It is a massive search engine that supplies parents with a variety of information. You can find reviews on baby shops, baby products, classes, Doctors and more. is a site that supplies reviews from real parents. Instead of making a phone call to family or friends, you can click in and find the answers too many of your questions, 24 hours a day. Technology is wonderful and I hope the girls will take advantage of this website.


I started golfing last year and have been a total of four times in my life. I am not very good but Bill and Jake have encouraged me to stick with the sport. I like to play golf but I am not much into watching the game on television.
Bill, on the other hand, could watch golf most of his waking hours. I would like to take a few lessons. Bill taught me some of the basics last year which was good, but lessons from an instructor would help me to become more proficient.


Have you ever wondered how difficult it would be to accomplish our daily tasks without the proper tools? I was thinking about that today when I pictured some of the things around the house that Bill has made. He gets by pretty well with the tools he has but he could use more sophisticated ones for some jobs. Jake and Scott made a type of bookcase this past weekend and it turned out very nice. If they had not had good tools available they might still be working on the project.

Honeymoon Vacation

I have known people that have decided to get married in a far away place. They end up taking their honeymoon vacation right where they are married. There are some awesome romantic tropical destinations. My son has spoken of them. If you decide to marry at a resort you can join together at the oceanfront gazebo, covered in flowers. Walk barefoot in the sand, under the palm trees in the moon lite. I can truly be a unique occasion. The Riviera Maya is a great romantic location. You will have a memorable day and unforgettable honeymoon. Relax in the sun and create your own memories.


My youngest son, Jake, has been contemplating as to whether or not he should have a pet. He had finally decided that it was between a ferret or a kitten. Thank goodness he went with the kitten. He named her Mylie and she is a sweetie. He bought a FURminator brush and Soft Claws. The brush is amazing. It will leave the kitten pretty much non-shedding. The Soft Claws are a plastic that coats the sharp little paw nails. It really works. More stories to come on the new little kitten.


This past weekend it was my mother's birthday. She turned 75. We decided to all meet for supper at Carlos O'Kellys. Mexican is one of her favorite foods. We were delayed by a little bit and her and dad were enjoying their cheese dip, salsa and chips as we arrived. After a wonderful meal and great conversation we headed home. I hope she had a great birthday.

Shower Chairs

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Saturday, August 2, 2008


Our dog Zoe is a lot of fun. She is a Bichon Frise and is about 7 years old. She has slowed down a little bit since she was a puppy, but can still run with the best of them. Maybe not quite as long. :) I was outside checking my plants and flowers while she set on the deck. When we returned to the indoors she started what we call "her running spell". She loves to just go crazy and run from one end of the house to the other. I chase her and clap my hands and it motivates her to go even faster. She's pretty tired now, laying out by the front door (her favorite spot in the house).

Unique Baby Gifts

It has been almost a year since our first two grand children were born. When we first heard the news of their approaching births, we were so excited and went out shopping. I was looking for unique baby gifts and found that there are a variety of items out there. The times have sure changed. There are so many neat toys, clothes, nursery products on the market. It is sometimes difficult to choose.


There are times that I feel I need to slow down and relax. I have never been much for reading, but would like to take some time to read a little bit. There are a variety of books out there and I know many that really enjoy spending time reading. To sit in a lounge chair with a glass of lemonade and a great romance story, sounds appealing. Now I just have to tell myself to take the time.