Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dodge Charger Accessories

My sons have always enjoyed their cars. Especially our youngest. He has owned several in his young life and loves to work on them. Accessories haven't always been easy to find when he needed them. The Dodge Charger accessories can now be found on line and with such ease. Isn't the internet wonderful. Now with a click he can find what he is needing and get the job done faster. He's glad for the new technology that is out there.

New Years Eve

When we got home tonight, I thought I better start repacking. We are heading up to our daughter's house for New Years Eve tomorrow. I'm putting together a bunch of yummy snackies and taking along some games. We will eat and play and maybe even watch a movie. Our youngest son is going to join us for the fun. He will have to head back to his home on New Years. Back to work the following day for him. I guess for me and Bill also. :( That's the way it goes.

Baby Shops

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Music can be an awesome thing. There are so many different styles. There's something for just about anyone. We all seem to drift towards a certain kind of music. I think it's so neat how a song can take you back to a moment in life. You feel and remember exactly where you were and what you were doing. There is just something about it.


Boy, it is amazing that a person can have so many stations and nothing to watch. I remember when we would have like 13 stations is all and would find something to watch. There are so many things on that are just not worth tuning in. Bill and I seem to enjoy some of the older shows more then anything.

Wedding Planning

Remembering back, planning two weddings at the same time, I sure could have used There are so many details to Wedding Planning and it can become a bit over-whelming some times. The has so much to over and is very user friendly. With their interactive planning tools you are sure to find what you are looking for. They can help you locate vendors close to your area or just give some much needed expert advice. Planning that classic wedding can now be easier then ever. Make your life a little bit less stressful and give them a try.


What a fun weekend we've had. Our grandson Emry had his dedication at church on Sat. We drove down and attended both the dedication and a surprise baby shower. We got to meet Diana's two nieces. They are sweeties. Ama is 2 1/2 and Yauhma is 4 1/2 months. The kids got a lot of nice things at the shower. Just not sure how they will get everything loaded to take back home. May be shipping some things.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Time To Eat!

Boy, I can smell supper cooking and I'm hungry. Been busy blogging and checking my mail. Bill and I decided to make scalloped potatoes and ham for supper. We had left over ham from Christmas. We both enjoy having this. I think it's time to go eat. I can taste it now. :)

Riviera Maya Resorts

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Maybe after supper we can relax a little while before going to bed. A bit of rest sounds pretty good right now. We got the house back in order, getting all the Christmas decorations put away. That is a time consuming job as most of us know. It is worth it though. I enjoy having decorations around the house. I think Bill would just as soon not decorate but that wouldn't be very much fun at Christmas time, would it?

Changing Diapers

This past week we helped change a lot of diapers. Even Jake volunteered to help. It brought back many memories of when our kids were just babies. I am sure we could have filled a whole trash bag with diapers. It seemed like one of the babies was always being changed. Josh would just get Emry a clean diaper and guess what, yeah he needed a new one. Then it was Kaelyn's turn. It was a fun time to be with those little ones.

Stock Options

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It is pretty quiet at our house tonight. Having the grand babies here this past week was so much fun. We enjoyed every minute of it. From holding to changing, it was great. I always like to have the whole family home.


Back to work after being off on Christmas break. It was very busy and we were short handed which added to the craziness. I was glad to get home. Some days can be like that. Had a lot to do at home also. Got down all of the Christmas decorations and cleaned the house some. It felt very dirty and messy. Feeling much better now.

Accord Radiator

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry Christmas! Thank you Father for sending your Son for us. Today we celebrate Jesus birth and remember all He has done for us. He is our Lord and Savior. May you all have a blessed and wonderful Christmas with your families.

Travel Insurance

Through out the years we have done quite a bit of traveling with our family. I can remember flying down to Florida and having a great time. Some of my husband's family came with us and we all rented cars so that we would be free to do what ever we wanted too. At the time we didn't know anything about travel insurance. Now when planning a trip, I know to look into that before ever leaving home. I like to have all of the details taken care of before the vacation.


WOW! What a great time! We have had our entire family all together for several days. That just doesn't happen to often. We spent a night up at Scott, Jenna and Kaelyn's house and then everyone came to our home. We made it to an extended family Christmas, all together. We have been taking so many pictures. It's just great! I wish they could all be around like this all the time. Uncle Jake sure enjoys the babies also.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Sky Steward Website

Have you ever taken a flight or been shopping and had a negative confrontation with a flight attendant or sales clerk? If you have, you should know that you are not the only one. In fact, there is a veteran flight attendant named Gailen David that feels there needs to be better customer relations so that we as customers have better experiences in dealing with staff at airlines, hotels, stores and anywhere that customers deal with staff members. With The Sky Steward website you can find more information on how to possibly improve the quality of customer and staff relations. Following is a recent web release:
Press Release:

Flight Attendant Takes on Poor Customer Service

Miami, FL, October 29, 2007,--Are you tired of being treated with indifference when you travel by air, check into a hotel, or make a purchase at a department store? Don’t you believe that you deserve better? Well, Gailen David, a 20-year Purser Flight Attendant for American Airlines agrees. He has launched a global campaign to improve service offered to customers in the air and on the ground. His ideas don’t involve multi-million dollar renovations, or the redesigning of employee uniforms; instead his plan calls for a focus on improving quality of interactions between staff and customers. The campaign, JetSetiquette, is designed to “raise the civility level of the customer’s experience to new heights; one person, one kind action at a time”. He now provides his own customer service, business etiquette, and public speaking training to companies large and small that leverages his experience as a front line customer contact employee.

Gailen David was not always the polished professional he is today. At one time he was one of the surly crewmembers that could have you wanting to leave the aircraft mid-flight. His lack of motivation to deal graciously with customers almost had him quitting. He ended up taking a one year hiatus from flying. When he returned to work he had a new attitude and dedication to making a positive difference in all he comes into contact with. His dramatic turnaround was even the subject of a comical training video he wrote and American produced that showed his journey from surly stew to model employee. The video, shown during yearly training, encouraged airline employees to celebrate the power they have to make a positive, lasting impression on the customer’s experience with the airline and air travel in general.
David says, “Regardless of the information that is being delivered to employees at any company, it really is the choice of the individual employee to provide a particular level of service. It all has to do with the feeling that we want to leave the customer with. Do we want the customer feel important, valued, and special? Do we want to have an influence on the rest of the customer’s day by giving them a lift?” He says, "It is all about sincerely greeting the customer, being available to them; anticipating their needs; and thanking them for their business. These basics are what some customers have been going without. Being regarded as a professional for delivering this to the customer is one of the benefits of the job."

To that end, David has officially launched his live customer service workshop to front line management and staff which features several interactive training sessions. Attendees will learn how to: See through the eyes of the customer, Think like an owner, Project professionalism, Set personal standards, Keep customers for life, and much more. As a front-line employee himself, Gailen is able to connect to the audience in a special way. He also conducts a 2-day Speakers Training Camp for those who are ready to take their careers and businesses to new heights through public speaking. He also offers comprehensive course on World Class Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol. His dynamic, interactive seminars are covered in detail on the Speaking Events page of
For more information about the "Sky Steward" Gailen David and details on his training programs, visit

You may also contact Gailen David, The Sky Steward at or by phone at 1-877-SKYSTEW (759-7839), 4000 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Suite 470, Coral Gables, FL 33146

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I know that at this time of year the mail is somewhat slower than usual and is to be expected. We are waiting for some packages but nothing that can't wait a few extra days. I am sure there are many people do some last minute mail ordering trying to get those final gifts for Christmas. I guess we will get our mail when we get our mail.


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Parking Is A Premium

At our house parking is a premium. We have a single stall garage with a double driveway. The pickup is always parked in front with Bill's car behind it. The regular driveway of course is reserved so I can get my car in the garage. With family coming home for Christmas something has to go. We need more parking space and with the snow and ice on the road we can't just park on the street. Bill plans on parking his car in a city lot for the time being so we have room for the other cars. It is a bit of a hassle but is a must.

Dog Treats

It seems to never fail that after Zoe eats supper she wants treats. In the evening she begs terribly for more of her little treats. I know we probably shouldn't give in but we usually do. That is why she is much wider than she should be. She even gets treats when we go to the bank. I think it might be too late to change her feeding habits.

Masters Degree In Counseling

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Training Day

Bill had to go away for the day for some training. It had to do with an application interview board I guess. I am glad it was just for the day. When I got home from work he was already working on supper. I love it when I don't have to decide on and make supper all of the time. Good job Bill!!

FREE Encyclopedia

I remember when I was growing up, if I had a big project in school that would take some researching, my mom had purchased a set of Encyclopedias. I would have to go through many books and take a lot of time trying to find what I needed. Today with Ron Bongo's work as CEO of CorraTech, Ron offers a CRM package in the Open Source. He added to the World knowledge today. This is the future of FREE education. All that you can find on line is helping our young people today to succeed. Check out this website for yourself.

Taco Pie

When I got home from work the other night, Bill had supper ready. He made taco pie which we haven't had in a long time. It is a recipe that uses tortillas, hamburger,refried beans, tomato sauce, cheese and some spices to fit a persons taste. It was so good. We have been using more onion and green pepper these days and it really added to the flavor. It is an easy meal to make and he made it perfectly.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Funny T-Shirts

Throughout the years we have often picked up different t-shirts with all kinds of designs and prints. My son's love the funny t-shirts with the odd sayings or pictures. While traveling we would purchase the t-shirts with pictures or sayings of the area we were vacationing. It's fun to collect different ones. I often enjoy seeing and reading what people will wear. It can say a lot about you.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Bill has been watching ebay for some golf clubs. He had put in bids on some but is now waiting until tomorrow to try for some that he would really like. I told him he shouldn't have bid on any that he didn't want because he might have won them. He said there are two sets he is interested in. They are two different brands, but don't ask me which ones they are. I will just leave it to him to make the BIG decision.

Bull Bar

We have wanted a truck for many years and finally have purchased one. Now my husband is looking at all of the accessories that can be added to the vehicle. If you are interested in Bull Bars there is a website, that offers all kinds of great products. The bull bar is quality built and there are Steelcraft and T & H types. The Steelcraft Bar is made of a heavy 3 inch stainless steel. The T & H Euro-Tech style is a no-drill bolt-on type of installation, fitting each style of vehicle perfectly. These bars can assist in protecting the front end of your truck. Browse this site and see all they have to offer.

Around The Corner

Bill always says that as soon as January comes around, spring is just around the corner. His idea is that winter is downhill after the first of the new year. Even though we can have pretty crappy weather in the early parts of the year, he figures that we are past the worst of winter by then. In the job he had before he was out in all kinds of weather all year and he go tired of it. I think it was his way of staying focused and keeping a positive attitude.

Term Life Insurance Quote

There are so many different types of insurance out there today. Many of them are much needed and some are simply by choice. When thinking of our future there are life insurance policies and it might be nice to have a term life insurance quote. It's sometimes difficult to decide exactly what we feel will suit our personal needs. We'll have to talk it over.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Relaxing is something I don't get much of. It seems that we are busy most of the time. I don't mind because much of the time we enjoy getting things done around the house. I think that is why I like vacations so much. Even planning for trips can be less than relaxing. All of the planning and packing takes a lot of time. I am not saying that I don't take time to relax at all but I think I would like a bit more 'off' time.

Beach Club Hallandale

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Excited Dog

Zoe just came in from outside and she had one of those short lived running spells. Through the house she ran and then jumped up on the couch with Bill. I think she was cold and was trying to get warm. It is fun to see her act like a young pup once in awhile. She really likes playing in the snow and going for walks but it has been so sloppy outside that she has had to stay in the house much of the time.

Car Wash

With the weather we've had lately it has been hard to keep the car clean. I don't think it would do much good to wash it but I hate to see the salt marks and grime on it. Hopefully it will be nicer soon so we can wash the car and truck. Bill keeps the inside of the vehicles clean but the outside looks pretty much like all others around, messy.

VoIP Call Center Phone Systems

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shopping Is Done

I am glad to say that we are pretty much done with Christmas shopping. It has been fun to shop for the all of the kids and the new grand babies. There are so many cute little things for babies. The stores have been busy for the past several weeks just like they usually are just before Christmas.

Dog Supplies

Went shopping and had to look for some dog supplies for Zoe our Bichon. She is a very spoiled little dog and we love her. With the new grand babies around she is just a little nervous. We're not really sure if we can trust her or not so we purchased a dog mussel. She may be forced to wear it if she can't settle down around the babies.

Chinese For Supper

On the way home tonight we stopped at our favorite Chinese restaurant to grab supper. We haven't eaten there in quite some time. The egg rolls there are probably the best we have ever had. The nice thing about the supper is that there is always enough for left overs. Zoe likes the rice too.

Discount Disney Tickets

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Ice Storm

It has been bad weather in some states lately. With all of the snow and ice it has been very tough on people living in those states that have had the ice storms. There have been many people without power which is pretty sad. I hope they get their power reconnected soon.

Grocery Day

Today was grocery day. It is quite a chore to get my list done and load up on all the things needed at the store. Bill usually goes along to help haul stuff from the store and into the house. It is always nice to have the job done. We generally just get groceries one time every two weeks and may pick a few things up on the off week.

Wholesale Flowers

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Thank goodness we had a gorgeous day out there today. We have had a lot of ice and snow. The temps haven't been so good either. But, today the sun shined and the wind didn't blow. It was still cold, but am thankful for the dryer weather. Keep it coming.


Another day shopping. Bill and I took the day off and went shopping. We finally got finished and are ready to go. It is sometime difficult to come up with just the right gift ideas for some. We feel pretty good about what we ended up doing this year. It should be a lot of fun. We also seem to keep right on buying for those new little grand babies. It's so much fun.

Las Vegas Shows

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Christmas Programs

This is a great time of year to watch Christmas programs on television. It would be nice if they were shown all year long. Hopefully many will realize who Jesus is while viewing some of these fact based shows. Most churches also have programs that show the Christmas story. I hope you will enjoy some of them.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Poor little Zoe didn't get much attention this weekend. Our grand daughter, Kaelyn, was here and received more loving than Zoe I think. Kaelyn has changed a lot and has grown since we saw her last. Zoe actually did pretty well but I don't totally trust her when the baby is near. Soon our grand son, Emry, will be here too. That will be fun.

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Sunday, December 9, 2007


The other night we had waffles for supper. It is one of those quick meals that is also easy to clean up. We like to have some bacon with this meal and maybe juice. I don't like pancakes very much but waffles taste pretty good. I know that there isn't a lot of difference but I prefer waffles.


We had a fun weekend. Boy, they go too fast though. Scott, Jenna and Kaelyn came to stay and went to church with us this morning. The weather wasn't the greatest, but we survived. Kaelyn is sure growing and what a sweetheart she is. Zoe our dog is still unsure about her. She is doing better, but still gets quite nervous around her. She just can't figure her out.

Capella University

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I know that winter has really only just begun but I am already thinking about how great the spring and summer will be. It has been cold and windy lately with some days of light snow. They were actually predicting more snow but thankfully we haven't had much. Some like the snow, but I prefer the warmth.


We talked with our son Josh yesterday and he was sharing about the changes that Emry (our grand son) has made already. He is starting to sleep better for them now. He can sleep up to 6 hours at a time, which is sure nice for mom and dad. I wish we could see him more. I'm sure he has grown a lot. They will be home for Christmas time and that will be fun!

Villas in Orlando

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Tired Early

It seems like I have been more tired lately. I think it is because it gets dark so early and also due to the cold. Once you come in from the cold it is so easy to just sit and relax. I would like to do more of that. This time of year is always very busy. I have been baking cookies and fudge. Bill helped me with the sprinkles and also the eating of the baked goods. :)

Decorative Wreaths

I've been busy with all of the Christmas rush. I enjoy having the tree up and hanging garland and lights. I think that decorative wreaths are fun also. I love to drive around and look at all of the different ideas that are out there. People find such creative ways to decorate. This year with having two new little babies in the family, we will have more added fun. I'm really looking forward to it all.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Electric Heater

We have a small electric heater in our addition. It works pretty well but it may be too small for the room. I think I am going to check into finding one that is a little bigger. I like the ones that oscillate and also have a blower. I have seen them for much less money than they used to sell for too.

Business Performance Management

With a business comes a lot of responsibility and concern at times. Now with PROPHIX automated service, it can be made easier for you to control, automate, manage, plan, consolidate and report what is needed. It is a safe business performance management. Accuracy, reliability and consistency is there for you throughout the process. Not only that, but it will get rid of extra steps and added expense that you may not need. Browse their site and see for yourself.

Ice Melt

If you live in a climate like ours I am sure you are familiar with products that help to melt ice from your driveway and sidewalks. It just so happens that due to the recent storm, all of the stores are out of this item. I know they will get more but for now people are trying other methods of getting rid of ice.

Collaboration Software

If you have a business and would like a 30 day free trial of collaboration software, this could be the site for you. It's as easy as contacting them and they will help set it up for you. There are total manage hosting solutions, group scheduling, business email solutions, In-Depth Personalization, one-point secured access and more. They are helpful and can make it a seamless integration working with your enterprise's back-end systems. Epazz will be there for you from beginning to end. Check them out.

Rolling Over

Kaelyn is only a month old but has been rolling over from her tummy to back since she was under three weeks old. That is pretty early for a baby to be rolling over I think. Scott hadn't gotten to see her do that until Jenna had taken some video of her while rolling over. She was at the doctor's office today and tried to roll over while on the table.

Vacaciones Hoteles

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Strong Boy

You should see how strong Emry is. It is hard to even try to straighten his arms or legs out. I am sure you could force them but he really can grip and pull. It is sometimes hard to remember how babies act and how fast they grow. To watch them develop into little people with special personalities is really fun.


I was in a hurry today because after a lunch meeting at work I had to come home to let Zoe out. As we were eating supper I remembered that I hadn't even gotten the mail from the box. I think I will ask Bill to bring it in the house. It is so cold, I don't really want to go outside.

Vacaciones Hoteles

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


With the Holidays and the busy schedules people are holding, I find that the TV tends to have a lot of repeat shows on right now. It's probably a good thing since most of us don't have the time to be watching right now anyway. We'll catch up in Jan. That's when American Idol will start up again. We enjoy the show.

Fitness Equipment.

With age my husband and I are finding that we are in need of some fitness equipment. The pounds seem to come on easier and it's much more difficult to shed them. We have been looking at different kinds of machines and ways to get fit. We know that our diet plays a big part also and we must learn to control that also.


My husband and I both like to work and play on the computer. We finally purchased a laptop so that we can both sit down at the same time and work on things. He usually uses the laptop out in the family room. It's so convenient to sit out where everyone is hanging out and watching tv. When I am on the desk top computer, I am often by myself.


Today some of the surrounding area received sleet. We did get some snow flurries but no sleet. There is still quite a lot of ice under the snow. Many people have already fallen and either sprained or broken arms and legs. I think that there are some that forget how to drive in winter weather after having clear and warm conditions during the summer.

Wine Of The Month

You can now give the gift of Ultra-Premium Wines from California's best small wineries. You can also request that the wine be given in a one-of-a-kind, artist-commissioned, illustrated gift box. It is beautiful and has a great keepsake box. These make a special gift that people love to open and receive. Along with the Wine of the month comes the Wine Press newsletter. This is a very informative newsletter. The one that I received has an article about the Hambrecht Family Wines, Home of Venerable Belvedere and Bradford Mountain Wineries. It is a very interesting history of this family and their vineyards. You can find recipes and wine judging results to keep you up on the latest. In receiving the wine of the month gift came Belvedere Chardonnay and Bradford Mountain Zinfandel. With having a white and red wine a person is all set. Whether you are sitting down for a chicken supper or some roast beef you can dress the table with the correct wine for the occasion. Thanks Gold Medal Wine Club!

Plumbing Fixtures

With owning a home comes a lot of up keep. It seems there is always something to work on. We have had some problems with our kitchen sink through out the past years and my husband has some plumbing fixtures he has bought and placed underneath the sink so he can repair it sometime. I think it's getting to be that time.

Cute Clothes

I am having so much fun buying our grand babies some new clothes. There are so many cute things to buy. I don't remember having all of the choices in clothes back when my kids were little. The baby clothes now are really stylish. Right now they are growing fast and they will be needing some new outfits so grammy better get busy shopping.

Davol Bard Hernia Patch

If you have had Hernia surgery and know that you have had a Mesh Patch placed. You may want to research and find out if it was the Davol Bard Hernia Patch. They have been recalled by the manufacturer, Davol, Inc. (parent company: C.R. Bard, Inc.). There were numerous reports of injury, such as bowel perforations an/ or chronic intestinal fistula, or abnormal connection or passageways between the intestines and other organs. If you are experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort, the law Firm Mark & Associates, P.C. will look into your case for free. The Kugel Mesh Patch was created to enhance hernia operations while reducing post-surgical problems. The patch has not worked out the way they had hoped. For a Free Legal consultation if you are concerned about the mesh patch used in your surgery, give them a call today.

Asking Again

I may have asked people this before but it won't hurt to do it again. I have only golfed twice in my life, both times just this year. Bill would like to get new golf irons and I don't really know what kind to buy. His are not a name brand and I want to get him some that are. I am not sure if that makes a difference but since his are the knock off kind I want to buy something other than that. What should I get him?

Time Flies

Where do the days go? They just seem to fly by, don't they? It makes a difference that we stay very busy. Whether at work or home, when we are busy the days just zip past. I would rather be busy than have nothing to do. Bill says that when we retire it will seem pretty strange, not doing all the things we do now. I agree, but it will be nice.

Personalized Baby Gifts

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New Golf Clubs

Bill would like to get some new golf clubs for Christmas. He is looking at some new irons I guess. The ones he has are several years old and are what he calls knock offs. He said they are still good clubs but he wants some better ones. Right now he is waiting to see if the prices drop because of Christmas and also due to the fact that new models will come out soon. I think he should just get what he wants now, although he can't use them in the winter anyway.

Parking Tickets

Today while driving to the store I noticed that there were a couple cars with parking tickets on them. These cars were parked on the street near the college. There is a local ordinance that says you need to move your vehicles from the street when it snows. I think that is a good rule because the street cleaning crew can't get close to the curbs with cars parked there.

World Series Tickets

In 2206 the World Series title was taken by the St. Louis Cardinals. With a new year of 2007 brought each MLB team looking to win the World Series. There will only be one team that can win and take it all. Who will it be? First each MLB Playoff team is put through intense playoffs. You want to make sure you get those tickets for that next World Series. That's not always easy to find. Or at least it didn't use to be. Now with you can find that premium seating and your world series tickets. This is an internet site that offers consumers an easy and reliable way to buy tickets to some of the best sporting events as well as concert and theater tickets. Click in and see for yourself.

CD Covers

Bill has been busy making CD covers for our movie cases. It is a big job, not hard but time consuming. We have our movies in order on a stand and have them in an alphabetical list on the computer. We have watched most of them but some are new to us. It is just hard to find time to sit and watch a movie.


We had been getting a weekend of stormy weather. It started Friday night with a little snow and this morning it turned to sleet. It has been pretty windy too. Bill scraped the driveway a couple times. He also put some of my Christmas stuff outside for me. I was baking some Christmas cookies and was staying warm. I got a new pastry cloth and cover for my rolling pin. It makes a BIG difference having the new ones.

Online Credit Card

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Bill and I have gotten so much accomplished since returning from our month gone visiting our new grandchildren. The Christmas decorations are up. I've started the baking and have made the things that take a lot of time. I've been working on the family Christmas Letter. I always get input from our children on that before completing. And then there's the shopping. We've had a couple of really good days and have gotten a lot done. Christmas will be here before we know it.