Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Buy Silver Bullion

With our economy on shaky ground, what is a person to do for financial security? Some are saying to invest wisely is to buy silver bullion and other precious metals. The United States Gold Bureau has made available for purchase silver, gold and other precious metals. The process seems simple and easy. Your order is delivered conveniently into a bank or depository of your choosing. Silver can be bought in coin or ingot form. These are small and conveniently sized. It sounds like it could be a great way to preserve one's wealth for future years to come. Investing is an awesome way to secure purchasing power. You may want to look into it for yourself.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skinny Dog

Recently our dog Zoe was put on a special canned dog food to help her lose some weight. She absolutely loves it. We can hardly get the food in her dish before she starts to gobble it down. Several people have commented on how she is looking thinner. We look forward to the next time she gets weighed at the vets office because she is definitely much lighter. Way to go Zoe.

RV Insurance Quote

We are from a community where some of the most well-known RV's are made and sold. The Winnebago Company was established here over 50 years ago. Today you can see more and more people choosing to travel in an RV in their retirement years. They most likely are in need of an rv insurance quote to help meet their budget while traveling. It sounds like a fun way to spend your later years.

The Addams Family

We recently took a trip to NYC! We had such a great time. This was the Broadway Show that we saw. It was very good! Quite entertaining. :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I love jewelry and accessories. There's something about a nice necklace or Breguet watch that really sets an outfit apart from others. Even the simplest thing can add so much style to an outfit. I have the jewelry I wear every day, but also like some of the more bold and colorful fashion jewelry as well. It's fun being able to mix and match the accessories I have with different outfits. I'm now getting into purses too. They can also be a great accessory and are fun to have a variety to choose from.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kim Possible

This is a guest post by Brittney Garmon

For young girls, I think a great show to watch is "Kim Possible." I always allow my own girls to watch this show, because it reinforced the idea of female empowerment and inspiring young girls to achieve their goals. Whenever this program is on, I enjoy watching it with my daughters on our www.tvbydirect.comsatellite tv.

The television show is centered around the life of Kim. Kim is a female superhero with extraordinary powers. She is able to overcome any obstacle in her way. I love the way that this character inspires my own girls to overcome problems and obstacles in their lives. Just the other day, I watched as my girls attacked their math homework "just like Kim Possible!" This show has had such a positive influence on my own family that I would not hesitate to recommend it to other people.

For a show that teaches young girls to fight for themselves, I wholeheartedly recommend this program for young girls. "Kim Possible" has taught my girls that anything truly is possible with a confident attitude and a hard work ethic. Girls will be able to achieve their dreams without anyone stopping them, if they watch this program. In a society where young girls can often suffer from a lack of confidence, this show beats the odds and teaches girls to be confident in themselves.

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Friday, June 18, 2010


Here are some photos of the damage left by the tornado activity on Thursday night. They say the one tornado reached over a 1/2 a mile wide.

Tornados in Iowa

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cost Of Gas

Lately the cost of gas has been dropping. It is nice to see. For awhile gas prices were very high. I know it seems strange to think that $2.45 for a gallon of gas is cheap, but it is much better than it was. I hope it stays at a lower price for summer time travel.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Gold bars are an important part of protecting one's wealth and preserving one's purchasing power. Thankfully there is the United States Gold Bureau where you can purchase silver, gold and other precious metals and coins for immediate personal delivery. They will also arrange for convenient and safe storage if you prefer too. Silver is available in ingot form which are a convenient size and shape.

If you're someone looking to buy silver bullion, you may want to consider doing so sooner than later. There has never been a better time for buying because the World demand for silver now exceeds annual production. You can learn more about how to buy gold eagle coins by visiting the US Gold Bureau today!
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I think that most people enjoy going on vacation. I like to vacation more that Bill does. Don't get me wrong, Bill enjoys time away but soon starts thinking of home. He is a good sport almost all the time we are on vacation. I don't mind leaving the house and chores when I have a chance to go on a trip. Hopefully we can get away sometime again.