Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Tis the Season! The Christmas music has begun to play and the Malls are beginning to fill with shoppers. Starting a Christmas list can be interesting. Deciding on what to buy for each loved one and friend can be a chore. For the past couple of years now I have found it to be much easier and less stressful to shop online. The Zappos website is a wonderful and user-friendly site to shop on.
While browsing there I found that they carry Burberry Shoes and other brand names. From flip flops to boots, they seem to have it all. I enjoy looking through all of the styles and colors they offer. They have clothing, accessories and even house ware items. There’s so much to see.
I think one of my favorite things about this site is that it offers free shipping on all domestic orders. That doesn't mean that the shipment will take longer, but it does mean it can save me money. You can't beat that. I will definitely be looking into the variety of stock that they offer!

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Rain in November

Crazy weather we've been having don't you think? We were having some days in the 70's not so long ago and now we are having rain with temps in the 40's. A bit of snow has fallen in the past week but it didn't last. We had some icy roads and driveways too but thankfully that has gone away too. I don't enjoy winter but if it doesn't get any worse I can put up with this.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hockey is Big Time Fun Where I Live

The article written by Frances Blevins

I was really surprised when my wife went out to lunch with me on game day wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey. She started watching the games on Satalite Specials with me but wasn't what one would call a big fan of the hockey. That was about ten years ago. Now there is a huge fan base of the Pittsburgh Penguins who are women, and they are more rabid fans than many of the men. I've never seen anything like it. We have the NFL and Major League Baseball represented here in Pittsburgh, but they don't get the female fans like hockey does.

I joke with my wife that it is because many of the players are French and the women are romanticizing the game. My wife and her girlfriends who are hooked on hockey all go nuts over Sidney “Sid The Kid” Crosby. I tell the girls that they only like him because he is a hockey player who still has all of his teeth.

Our team went through some bad times. They have won the Stanley Cup Championship more than once, but there were some lean times when there was bankruptcy and talk about moving the franchise out of Pittsburgh. Our town is still a blue collar town even though the steel mills are mostly closed and there are a lot of white collar jobs now. It must be in the coal dust particles that still are floating in the air because even highly paid executives are crazy for the Penguins.

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Me and my Mom

This is me and my mom at Thanksgiving. How appropriate. I am very thankful to have my mom. She is a wonderful Christian lady. She's such a blessing to the family. I love you mom!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blue Sky Scrubs

For my job I am required to wear uniforms. In some ways it makes life a little bit more simple. I don't have to think very hard about what I will wear to work that day. We are also required to wear a certain color each day. I sometimes mess that up, but it's OK.
Recently I was shopping for some new scrub pants. I can have a difficult time finding just the right pair with the right fit. It took me awhile, but was well worth the time spent.
Then I knew that I also better invest in some new scrub tops. That was an easy one for me. I don't seem to have an issue when it comes to the fit of a top. I'm thankful for that.

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Park Ranger

It was so much fun to spend time with our grandkids over Halloween. The youngest, Israel, was a park ranger. He looked so cute all dressed up.

A Refreshing Trip Home

Thanks for the article from Phillip Weaver

I've been living on my own now for about four years. It's been tough adjusting to living away from home and dealing with the responsibility that comes with being an adult. Often, I find myself feeling too worn out to go out with my friends. One thing that re-energizes me is going back home to visit my family on Thanksgiving. Now that we're in November, I'm definitely eager to get back home and be surrounded by loved ones. As usual, I bought my ticket home weeks in advance. I've even got most of my packing done already. All I pretty much have to do is remember to set my home security alarm from AllHomeSecurity.com before I leave.

I'm looking forward to seeing my entire family, but I'm especially eager to see my brother who will be visiting from his job in England this year. I know my parents will probably have something special planned to welcome him home. The last two years he's had to join us via Skype, so it will be nice to have him there in person and give him a big fat hug. I'm also looking forward to spending some time with my childhood friends Marissa and Laura as I haven't seen them in over a year and so I made plans to go shopping with the two of them the day before Thanksgiving.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Icy Roads

We recently had some weather related problems and icy roads. I just don't like winter weather any more. When I was young I didn't mind winter at all. My grand kids love playing in the snow. Maybe when they get older they won't enjoy it so much. For now I want them to have fun at everything they do. That doesn't mean I have to like winter and icy roads but I can allow the little ones to enjoy their time in the snow.

Best under eye cream for dark circles.

Have you ever noticed a person with dark circles under their eyes? I think as I am growing older I may be experiencing that a little bit also. There are products on the market that are suppose to help with this problem. You can find some of the best under eye cream for dark circles right out there on the internet. It's great to shop from home. Gotta love it!

Keeping Warm

I am thankful that we have a warm place to live. It is easy to take things for granted sometimes. We have had some cold days and nights already. I love being able to push the button for the fireplace to come one. I also enjoy turning the electric blanket on an hour or so before getting into bed. I know it sounds funny but it is little things that can make us happy.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Staying faithful to writers

Guest post written by Beth Walters

I'm not one of those people that skip around and just read whatever books they can find. I like the security that reading the same authors gives because then I know a little more of what to expect. I just hate uncertainty and surprises, so you can probably guess that I hate mystery novels.

One of the writers that I've always been able to depend on writing stuff that I'll always love though is Danielle Steel. I like to use my CLEARWIRE wireless internet to get alerts through Google about when she's coming out with a new book, so I'm always up to speed on her work.

And I'm glad that there are lots of Danielle Steel books to read and keep me busy. IÕm kind of a slow reader and it at least takes me a few weeks to finish even the shortest books because I read them bit by bit. So that every time I finish a book, it seems like thereÕs another Danielle Steel book waiting there for me to read and finish.

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1st Birthday!

We had another wonderful birthday party today. Our grandson Kaden turned one. He is such a sweetie. He began walking this past week and looked so cute walking across the room. They are so little when they start out. I love watching!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Enjoying My Lunch Break With Co Workers

This guest post from Norris Beard

Sometimes I watch Cannon Satellite television during my lunch break, but since I like to socialize a lot as well, I try to get as many people to break with me as I can. Sometimes I have to wait longer to eat but we have so much fun when we get together, it's not a problem for me to wait. Since the break is not that long, I try to prepare my own lunch the day before. Since our break is only about an hour and a half, we have to hurry out of the building. Depending on how busy we are for the day, we may not be able to finish our break. On these days, I usually sit in the break room with everyone else and we try and make the best of it.

Sometimes if our boss expects us to be busy for the day, he'll bring lunch for everyone. This works out great on days that I don't have any money and don't have time to get home and eat. I try to bring in snacks like fruit and celery sticks to eat on during work so that when it's time to break, I won't be as hungry and if I want to go home for my break I can. I do this a lot the closer it gets to payday.

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Shop Shop Shop!

What a day. My husband and I went about thirty miles to a bigger city today to do some shopping. We had a great day! We picked up a few more Christmas presents, groceries for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner and my birthday present! Bill bought me a new watch. I was finding with age it was growing more difficult to actually see the face of my old watch. This one is bigger and I think I'm really going to like it!

Friday, November 19, 2010

A turkey for two

Guest post written by Kelly Allan

I really did buy the smallest turkey that I could find at the grocery store for mine and my husband's Thanksgiving dinner together, so I think that we're going to be eating a whole lot of turkey leftovers for the next week or so too. I've fixed turkeys before but it's always been in the kitchen with my Grandma, so I was really just watching her or I guess that you could say assisting her instead of doing it myself. I'm a little worried about the outcome, but I know that my husband's going to pretend to like it either way anyway.

I've been consulting a lot of directions to figure out how to cook this turkey for the big night and one of those times when I was looking for that I came across some info about a wireless company that I want to try out so I decided to click now and sign up for the service.

After reading all of those directions I think that I have a pretty decent idea of how to make the stuffed turkey.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010


I absolutely love this picture!! My daughter-in-law took this of our grandsons in their new kitchen sink. How precious is this?! A picture to keep forever!

Buy Gold Bullion

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Boy, this brings back some fun memories. My son and his wife are enjoying their country living and all it has to offer. They recently hung this tire swing in their yard for them and the kids. :) They say they will get me on it someday. They probably will. I use to love swinging on ours when I was growing up.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No More Blues

Guest written by our friend Trent Horton

There are no more blues being sung in St. Louis, that's for sure, not with the kind of defense not seen since the Great Wall of China kept out a bunch of thieving Mongolians. No sir, the St. Louis Blues don't even allow shots on goal, that's how stout their ramparts are. We're talking the fewest shots total in the NHL. And even if some lucky puck shot were to get through, guess what happens next. That's right, red hot and burning goalie Jaroslay Halak, that's Halak with one L and a thousand invisible but not silent W's, is stopping everything in his way like a punctuated period. That is how Halak rolls, and when the Sharks and Bruins come to town he is going to shut them down too.

So confident that we are on the way straight to drinking beer out of Lord Stanley's mug that I have signed up for NHL Center Ice with my basic package I get from direct tv dvr packages. Normally I am content to catch the game on internet streams, but now that I've got a high definition TV, only the highest picture quality will do. Now I watch my defense bring the pain and real folk blues to all the suckers in the NHL every night from the comfort of my couch and overweight dog which I occasionally use as a seat cushion.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Veterans Day

It was great to see all the media and social networking sites mentioning Veterans Day. I want to thank all of those men and women who are serving or have served in the military. What a service for our country. Please know that you are appreciated. We have many family and friends who are veterans and we are proud of them all.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weight loss pills that work

Isn't it funny how as we grow older many of us who have never struggled with weight now find ourselves fighting those unwanted pounds? We look for those weight loss pills that work or a new exercise program. There are hundreds of different diets a person can also try. It's just not much fun.


Have you seen the new iPod? Technology just keeps changing doesn't it? These little gadgets can do a lot. Bill bought one of the previous models and it works great but he wants one of the new ones now. I am sure he can sell his easy enough. It is hard to keep up with the newest electronics.

Skyline Library

Guest post of the week by Jeffry Warren

I started attending Skyline College this fall. Since I'm easily distracted by the television set, my roommates and I prefer to head over to the library to study for quizzes and tests. Unless one of us decides not to go, we always set the home security alarm (online offer adt San Jose) up before departing for the campus library. One thing I noticed immediately about the library over at Skyline College is smaller than most. It encompasses only one floor and the computer area comprises less than 20 computers. Curiously, the other floors all seem to be classrooms for which I nor my friends have ever had a class in.

Regardless, we usually head into one of the five study rooms to commence our work. While laptops are allowed, I try not to bring mine unless it is absolutely necessary because I don't want to spend my time browsing through the latest sports scores or something like that. Usually if I really need to check my e-mail for an assignment or something, I can just use one of the computers at the library. All that is required to use the computer is to enter your student ID and your school PIN number. So far what I like best about the study rooms here are that they allow you to bring food. For whatever reason, I get tired incredibly fast unless I have something to munch on while I study.

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Strong Wind

Recently we have had strong winds in the area. It has been very nice to see clear skies though. For those that haven't raked their yards, their leaves are now in a neighbor's yard. I know that winter isn't that far away but the longer we keep nice weather, the better.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Mums day out at the County Fair

Thanks for the post from Irving Ayala

Every year I take my elderly mother to the local county fair. We both love going there because the atmosphere is so friendly and there is just so much to do. My mother knits, so she takes along a few knitted scarves and jumpers and gives them to a charity stall, I think it's her way of paying back the community for all the love and care she has received from them.

My mum loves to watch the bull riding, grown men pitted against beast, of course the bull always wins as the riders can never stay on long, but it is all fun. I like to watch the sheep sheering contests, seeing who can sheer a sheep the fastest, no real prizes, just the honour of being the fastest sheerer in town. Many of the prizes for some of the contests this year are baby pigs, but I have nowhere to put one, and that is my excuse for not entering the talent contest. My mum wanted to enter the singing contest, but I could not be that cruel to anybody with hearing, so I told her not to. We turned around and began to head home, my mums favourite programme is on direct tv tonight, and there way no way that she was going to miss it.

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Light Lunch

Do you ever make just a light lunch? There are times that we do. It may be soup, cheese, sausage and crackers or just a sandwich. We find that we really don't need that much for lunch. It seems like the more we make, the more we eat. So it helps us to make some lighter meals.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Still Together on the Golf Course

Guest post written by Shannon Tracy

It’s funny how some things never change. The older you get, you would think that some of your old hobbies and activities might alter, but Bill and I have had the same little hobby for years. Bill and I love to play miniature golf. I’m not sure what it is about it—probably the good-natured rivalry it brings out in us. We always enjoy a little competition!

We used to take our kids when they were very young, and now that they are grown up and have kids, we take the grandkids our there too. There’s always been something very familial about miniature golf, and the special feelings that we have for it have kept us coming back, even without kids in the house.

Bill was looking for new hearing aids on HearingAids.Miracle-Ear.com the other day when he got distracted and started looking up places to stay in Myrtle Beach. He heard about all the miniature golf there and told me he wanted to go there for his birthday. I thought it was a fabulous idea, and I look forward to taking our new hobby to a new locale!

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It is something how over a couple of weeks time I find myself with quite a list of things to do. We recently traveled to a larger town near by to do those extra errands. There are always those little things I need to pick up here and there, but also needed to purchase some new uniforms. As with so many other things, they now longer carry the styles I like to wear. So that meant trying on a new look. I ended up ordering, but still feel that they are not as comfortable as my others. What's a person to do?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Packing; the Adventure Before Camping

Thanks for the guest post by Kennith Kramer

Just packing up the van to go camping is an adventure when you have kids. I don't know how other people do it, but when we go camping it takes us three van-loads to pack and we only have one van. This is why we go to the campground two minutes away. That and the fact that we have to come home periodically to feed our 7 pets.

How does a family with two kids fill three vans? First there is the tarp to set the tent on, the tent, four sleeping pads, 4 sleeping bags, 8 pillows and 10 blankets. Then we put in the table that we keep inside the tent and the tarp we place over the tent in case it rains. That's load one.

The next load holds all the clothes, shoes, bathroom stuff, camp chairs, grill, cooking stuff, food, tons of water, a parent and two kids.

The last load has two bikes, bike pump, two scooters, floating noodles and boogie boards (in summer), metal detector, dog and other parent. Just before leaving for good, or until dinner time for the pets, the remaining parent sets the ADT Alarm and joins the rest of the family where we spend the next 2 hours setting up our home for the next 2 nights.

That night we all fall asleep early.

"I have been paid for this guest post."

Home Improvements!

We are still enjoying updating our home. Every little thing makes a difference. Change can be a good thing! :) The next thing on the list is to hang our new TV in our office and find a different entertainment stand for in there. We'll see what we come up with. This is a fan we just installed in our guest bedroom. I like it!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Monster Cookies

Last night I mentioned to Bill that monster cookies would sure taste good. Well tonight, without me saying anything more, he made them. They are very good too. Just when I think that he isn't listening, he surprises me. He even cleaned the kitchen when he was done. What a guy. Keep up the good work.

MBT Shoes

We have been doing a lot of shopping lately. Actually we've gotten a great start on our Christmas shopping. Online has made it easy and quick to find what I am looking for. I saw some great mbt shoes that looked very comfortable. I'm still thinking on what I may purchase for a couple of the kids. I'll have to check it our further.

Cards Direct

When my husband and I were first married I worked for Carlson Craft. They were a company that printed, cut and shipped a variety of paper products to buyers. I was considered a slitter. I cut business cards. Now there are companies that have cards direct printing and will do other types of printing for a fraction of the cost. It looks simple and easy to order. There is so much at our fingertips these days.

Door Knob

Our dog Zoe is a silly animal. When she was small we were training her and found that when she needed to go outside we wouldn't hear her at the door unless we were standing close by. This made for a few messes that we really didn't want to deal with. Then someone told us about putting a bell on the door knob. When she wanted to go out she would ring it (or bat at it). Sure enough within a couple of days she had the hang of it and to this day she will ring her bell when needing to go outside.

Travel Deals

I enjoy so much taking a vacation now and again. It's fun to see the sites and just get away from life as I know it. I love to surf the net looking for great travel deals. A co-worker of mine enjoys traveling as much as I do. They are scheduled to go to Cancun four times this year alone. I'm hoping to get away soon.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Cell Phone

In the near future I can get a new cell phone. I like the phone I have right now so it isn't an important issue to me. If I didn't like my current phone I would be more excited to get a new one. I really haven't had this one overly long but time flies I guess. Soon I will start looking to see what new and modern phones are available. I know a gal that has had the same phone for several years. Whatever works I guess.

Gold Bullion

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Our doctors were recently gone for a week and a half. So had a mini vacation. It was sure nice. The time flew by so fast. We were actually only home for two of the days. We spent some time moving our son and his family to their first home. Then we took a couple of days and went Christmas shopping. We are almost done. Yippee!! We also had a baby shower, birthday party and appointments besides. Sure glad I had the time off.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays, however it is fun to see our grandkids all dressed up. Kaelyn was Dorothy from the Wiz of Oz (I loved her hair and outfit), Emry was an Army guy (wearing some patches from his great Grandpa Forrest), Kaden was a timid Lion (suited him) and Israel was a Park Ranger(he looked so cute). Kaelyn was freezing in this picture. It was chilly outside.


Have you or anyone you know had concerns about our economy as of late? There are many who are hurting and have lost jobs as well as investments. Most are not sure what is the safest way to invest. Now the United States Gold Bureau you can buy silver, gold and other precious metals. They can insure an immediate and safe delivery to a bank or depository of your choosing. Silver and gold can be sold in an ingot form. This is a pure bullion cast made into a convenient size and shape for storing. Presently they are saying there has never been a better time to invest in silver. The demand is greater then the production rate at this point. It may be worth browsing what they have to offer.
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We took a few minutes out of the birthday celebration to take some pictures of Josh, Di, Emry and Israel. The leaves added to a nice Fall picture. I'm not sure if they will use this for their Christmas card or what, but I think that it did turn out nicely.

3 years old!!

WOW! Hard to believe that our little grand daughter turned 3 years old this week! We have a nice time at her party on Sunday. She loved her gifts and had the cutest Hello Kitty cake! Her mommy and daddy did a nice job!

Buy Gold

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Little Israel, what a sweetheart. When the kids were here recently we had the boys in our office watching one of their videos. Israel is such a happy little guy. Emry was next to him glued to the show. What fun to have our grandchildren close by!

Nintendo Wii

Over the years my sons have enjoyed different types of video game units. Recently they have taken an interest in the Nintendo Wii. It is quite the little gamer. You can purchase the Wii console or add on additional Wii controllers. We even found ourselves buying the Nintendo Wii steering wheel for it. There are such a variety of things a person can do with this game unit.