Friday, November 30, 2007

Car Donation

Today there are so many areas in life that are in need of charity and donations. A person can give to the church, Boy or Girl Scouts, Schools Activities, Cancer walks, Alzheimer's research and more. Now there is even a way to make a car donation for a great cause. It's quick and costless and can benefit greatly. It can be used as an IRS tax break and they have free pick-up besides. No hassles on trying to sell that vehicle any longer. You can now help single mothers, homeless, teen and adult rehab, food distribution, orphans and others. Look into them when you're ready to give away that used car you have sitting outside. Car Angel is a non-profit company. They use donations to make videos for kids and teens. They have given over 2.4 million videos.


I've been busy trying to get some Christmas ideas from my children. They don't always know exactly what they are wanting. I have done some of my shopping and have made a dent on it all, but still have a ways to go. Sounds like it's a good thing we got some shopping done yesterday with poor weather approaching our area tonight.

Order Christmas Gift Baskets

Are you searching for just the right gift? Now you can order Christmas gift baskets. Gourmet Gift Baskets are unique and fun. Whether it is for a sympathy gift or maybe a new baby, they will tailor make the basket to suit the occasion. They have Italian baskets, Texan baskets, Birthday baskets, thank you baskets, chocolate baskets and more. There is most anything you can imagine. They're filled with gourmet food and crafted with beauty. Gourmet Gift Baskets are a family owned and run business since 1940. These premium package will arrive fresh and eye appealing. Give them a try. You will be glad you did.

Winter Storm

Well, they are saying on the news tonight that a Winter Storm Warning is in affect. First it was a possibility and now it's sounding like a sure thing. Sure glad both Bill and I can be home where it's warm and dry. Won't have to fight the roads or the white stuff.

Christmas Baking

We have been busy traveling and visiting our new grand babies. Now I have to get serious about getting ready for all of the Christmas activities. Yesterday, Bill and I shopped from morning until dark. We made a pretty good dent in our gift list, but have a ways to go. Today and tomorrow I would really like to get some baking done. I need to get my cut out cookies and kringla done. Better get at it.

Used Cars Austin

If you are a person that enjoys finding the perfect used vehicle, then this is the site for you. With the Quality Auto Group there is a vast selection of pre-owned cars. It is located in south Texas, the Austin area. There are other locations across the south and central parts of Texas as well. Browse the online offers and sales. Whether it's a car or truck, they supply them. With their excellent finance department, it doesn't matter if you're a college student or someone without much credit history, they may be able to assist you. There is also a trade option available that may work for you. Used Cars Austin would love to hear from you. Check out their site today.


Email is a great thing to have. I was one of those people that said I never wanted the internet but now after years of having web access I don't want to go back to being without it. I know a postal worker that would rather we use the 'snail mail' but I am sure he has an email account too. The only problem is that I tend to keep too many email messages and need to clean them up more often.


With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to start organizing those lists for shopping. There's a great site, that can help you fill all of those packages under the tree this year. Whether it's special designer sunglasses for a women in your life or maybe holsters for that special guy, they can assist you. They offer quality brand name binoculars, telescopes, prescription goggles, range finders, spotting scopes, flashlights, and more! There is so much to see and so little time. Their prices are great and you can't beat the free shipping for any purchase over $29.95! They guarantee 100% satisfaction. They are your gift guide website that will ease your shopping stress this time of year.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Educational Toys

I have recently became a grandma for the first time. My oldest son and his wife and my daughter and her husband had babies just two weeks apart. Christmas will be so much fun this year. My daughter is a teacher as well as a mother and she shared with me about how much she loved Learning Resources educational toys. She would purchase them for her Kindergarten Prep classes. I felt blessed to be given the opportunity to receive some of their toys. The AlphaBall Elcectronic Word Game is a fun way for kids to learn about vocabulary and spelling. The Smart Splash toy is exciting for younger children to begin recognizing color and improving hand-eye coordination while also having a great time playing. Then there's the Spill Your Guts game. It's a neat way for children to begin learning the human anatomy and have fun at the same time. There are so many interesting, durable, colorful, educational, age appropriately marked games and toys that this company has created. You just have to check them out. Thanks Learning Resources for these awesome toys. I'm looking forward to spending some time with my grandchildren watching them play and learn from your toys.

Too Cold

I know that winter isn't even here yet but I am already too cold. It has been windy and damp feeling the past couple days. It might sound weird but I am ready for spring and summer. I am sure there are many people that enjoy the cold and snowy season but I am not one of them.


I don't about you but I am looking forward to the holidays. It is such fun to gather with family and friends, sharing time together. Have you started shopping for Christmas yet? That time of year will be here very soon. We go to the stores to buy some things but we also do a lot of shopping online. There are some terrific online coupons that can save you some serious money. At there are so many great deals that you just have to visit them to believe it. Many of your favorite stores have coupons that you can receive by shopping with CoupnChief. You will find great Target deals and also Best Buy coupons to name a couple. Aeropostale is a favorite store of my kids and they will appreciate the things purchased from there. Do yourself a favor and check out CouponChief today.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Flying VS Driving

I enjoy traveling by car because I get to see so much more than when I fly. I have to admit that flying is nice too because I can be at my destination so much faster. Bill would rather fly, I think, because he sometimes dreads that long drive home. We mix it up a bit by flying sometimes and driving others.


I enjoy seeing people dressing sharp and classy. Like for instance, when they go all out with all the accessories. Like men that will add cufflinks to an outfit. I know that generally you see this with a tux or in wedding attire, but cufflinks are also nicely used to dress up an outfit. It's fun to see what people come up with.

Beach Wedding Attire

Weddings are such a fun and exciting time. A couple of years ago our oldest children, who are twins, surprised us and said that they were getting married eight days apart. Needless to say we were very busy with the planning. At one time our son had talked of an out door wedding. Our youngest son thinks it would be nice to have a wedding on the beach. I've seen them done that way and they are quite beautiful. Good friends of ours recently had their daughter get married on the beaches of Hawaii. The pictures were absolutely stunning. There is now a website where a person can go on line and purchase beach wedding attire. You no longer have to hunt and search for the perfect thing to wear. With you can find clothing for men, women, boys and girls, down to the smallest person in the wedding party, a baby. There is something for everyone. They offer so many colors in a variety of styles. Shirts, slacks, dresses what every suits your needs. With free shipping on orders over $100 you just can't go wrong. Here is one of their men's shirts. It's sharp and classy, yet casual and unique. Thanks Fridays Shirts! Your clothes are amazing.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gas Mileage

Do you keep track of your gas mileage? Normally I don't but when we travel it is something I do write down. Of course we get better gas mileage on the open road compared to just driving in our town. When we do take trips I don't really get too worked up about gas prices because we are going to need gas if we want to go places. We do watch for stations that have lower prices but even on longer trips, a few cents per gallon really won't determine if we will travel or not.

Police Gear

For those of you that are interested in a galco holster, you just have to visit the Tactical Outdoors website. They have so much to offer. With all of their clothing , tactical gear, accessories and more, you are sure to find something you like and have been looking for. There are special freebies and sales to check into. Click on and see what you may find.
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Friday, November 23, 2007

Home Again

Today we got back from our visit with Josh, Di and Emry. We had a great time on our week long mini vacation. It was very wonderful meeting Emry for the very first time. He is a beautiful baby. He has so many facial expressions. He is a very strong little boy and is so fun to be around. We are totally in love with him already.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First Communion Invitations

When you have a special occasion such as a communion, baptism or baby birth, you like to let your friends and loved ones know about it. With purchasing first communion invitations or other types of invitations you can insure that they will know about the important date. Those kinds of things only happen once in a person's life. Make sure your loved ones are informed.


One night for supper we were going to make homemade enchiladas. We used to get our sauce from Texas and it was absolutely the best ever, at least in my opinion. Then, for some reason, we no longer could get the same brand of sauce. I now think that the company may have changed hands because we found the same sauce, with a different label. We are going to try it and hopefully it tastes like we remember.


America is a land of plenty. Today we see so many individuals that are over weight. With all of the busy lifestyles and quick fix foods, not to mention the fast food industry, we have become an over weight society. There are a lot of new drugs and ideas out there to assist people in weight loss. hydroxycut is one of them. I'm glad there are choices out there for each individual situation.

Drug Rehabs

Today in the media we are seeing so many of the rich and famous struggling in life. They are involved with drugs and alcohol. They have taken it to the extreme and are needing help. Several of them have entered drug rehabs to assist them in their recoveries. Thank goodness there are places out there that can help a person in trouble.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gas Prices

Gas prices have been going up all around the US. I just heard that the average price is $3.09 per gallon. We did see gas as low as $2.78 and I know that isn't cheap but we need to have it to get from place to place. There is talk that prices may go even higher. I would like to see it drop in price so we all could save money.

Bathroom Vanities

We are continually working on our home. I can't tell you how many times we have changed our bathrooms. Years ago we replaced the bathroom vanities in both bathrooms. Now I am thinking it is time to replace the one up stairs again. Maybe move that vanity down stairs. I'm not really sure yet. It is fun to look and see what is all out there today. There are so many different styles, shapes and colors.


Soon we will be heading home and will deal with the traffic on the road. We don't really mind driving on vacation but we know that we need to watch all the other drivers. You can't really drive for others but you can protect yourself by driving defensively. The weather should be fine and we will be home soon.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cosmetology Schools

If you are someone that has always had an interest in cosmetology schools and you were unsure where you might attend, well there is the Regency Beauty Institute located out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was founded over 50 years ago and continues to grow and expand. With their two campuses in Minnesota they have also branched out with 30 more across nine different states. It is expected that they will continue to grow. This Institute has a unique and different approach to Beauty School education. It excels with it's classy salons that offer excellent education and benefits the community and public at the same time. With on the job type of training, the student supplies a service to the public at a discounted rate, while under teacher supervision. Browse their site and see all of the benefits to attending and making your dreams come true.

Early Morning Mowing

While we were visiting Josh and Di at their home the maintenance personnel were busy mowing the grounds early in the morning. I am sure it was to make sure they beat the heat of the afternoon. The grass looked so nice when they were done. The campus they live on is very large and would take a team of workers to keep up with the task of mowing. There are times when I don't want to take the hour needed to mow our grass. I guess I have it pretty good.

Big Amp

A few years back our son Josh had his car broken into while at college and all of the stereo equipment was stolen. The insurance company went after the people involved and also provided Josh with new components. He used the new equipment for only a short time before selling his car. Since that time our basement has been home to a large amp and subs which are mounted in a very heavy box. We recently took all of the items to Josh so he could sell them. It is a very nice system and I am sure he will have no trouble making a sale.


In the fast pace of today's world, we see computers incorporated into so many different areas. At school, work and home the computer has become a valuable asset. To protect that asset a person must find an excellent security system. There are so many different software package out there. With Software Security Solutions you can now find a one stop shop ESET security software. They can help eliminate your security concerns. This company has brought together different types of protection to help secure and protect from all kinds of threats that are out there today. With research and testing they feel they are supplying one of the best security software package available today. Check out their site, you won't be disappointed.

Winning Bid

Last night Bill was watching ebay in hopes of having the winning bid on some golf clubs. He had seen them early in the day and planned on watching at about supper time to see how much the clubs were up to at that time. He put in a bid in the last few seconds and did not win the clubs. He was a little bummed but got over it quickly when I told him to keep watching for the right deal. I am sure he will.

Bad Credit

Today there are many people that have poor credit. Sometimes it is hard to find the right loan to assist in getting back on track financially. The upside is that there are bad credit loans available for those in need. At a person can compare many different loans from several major companies and find the one that best suits their situation. Whether it is a home loan, auto loan, personal loan or for credit card debt, is the place to find help needed to straighten out financial problems. Check them out today and find the help you need.
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College Life

It has been awhile since we have stayed on a college campus. The past few days we have stayed on the campus where Josh works and we have seen the busy lifestyles of college students. They are going to and from classes as well as lunch at the dining center. In the past, when we have come to visit, it has been a time when students are gone for the weekend or over holidays. It has been fun to visit while school is going on.

Cheap Auto Insurance

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Big Burp

When your own kids are grown it is sometimes hard to remember what it was like when the children were little. Being around the grand kids it is coming back to us now. The messy pants, the big burps and the crying in the night are some of those things that every parent deals with when they have babies.


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Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

Some mornings I wake up and think a good hot cinnamon roll sounds really good. Those quick Pillsbury rolls that you pop out and bake can sure hit the spot. I tried a new kind this morning. They have the cream cheese frosting. Boy, that was good. That was a good roll with out all of the labor. For your next quick fix for a hot roll, you need to try these.

Nursing Homes

As a person grows older it so often seems that we don't take the time to stop and think that someday we may have the concern of finding the perfect care for one of our loved ones. This became a reality for me and my husband in the past year or so. His mother has Alzheimer's and is slipping fast. We lost his dad and then suddenly we're in that predicament. I would love to have known about the information available on line today. With the website, bettercaring, we would have been able to click in and become better informed during the decision making process. Bettercaring helps to give answers to so many of those important questions we have and had in looking into nursing homes and the care of our loved one. They are committed to serving those in need. They also make available daily care news and views and have experts with tips on giving the best care available and more. There is a community forum where a person can discuss their own personal experiences and possibly help someone else. Look into this site and become informed before you may face the day when you will need to make some of those very important decision for your loved one. You'll be glad that you did.

What a day!

It has been so much fun to spend time with our son and his wife and our new grandson Emry. He is such a little sweetie. Last night he was fussing and mom was on the phone. All it took was to move his hand over toward his mouth and he grabbed his thumb and began to suck. He was so content that he fell fast to sleep. It looked so cute, especially when he's only 5 days old.

Blogger Cards

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Dorm Life

We are visiting our son at a college. He is a Hall Director there. I'm sure not use to being around all of this college life. We are staying in one of the dorms and it is after 1AM and you can still hear a lot of the students running around. Do they ever get tired and go to bed. I know I am. I'm heading there right now.

Parenting Resources

Two of my children recently had new little additions to their families. It is amazing how much information is available to them today. With the ease of the internet they can now find just about anything they might need or want to know. One of the greatest parenting resources out there today is The Knot Inc. They have a site, that supplies parent reviews on services, activities, products and local baby stores across the nation. They even have classes and child friendly dining spots for many areas in the U.S. For the perfect baby gear item you might be looking for, look no more, this site may just help you find it. For so many of those questions you may have, look to see what they say about it. Where should I get my baby's hair cut? Choosing just the right pediatrician, post partum classes and more. First time parenting can be a little overwhelming at first. This is a great site that can ease those jitters. Browse their website and see for yourself.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mild Weather

It has been so nice lately. Here in Texas it's been in the 80's. I am glad to have such mild weather for this late in the year. Some parts of the country have had very cold temperatures already. Just think, soon winter will arrive and the people with snowmobiles will be very happy. Some say that we are to have a mild winter this year. That would be fine with me.

Texas Trip

It is a long drive to Texas but well worth it to be able to see our new grandson. We took two days to get there and two to get home. I know some that have driven it in one day but we don't really like to drive that far unless we take more time. I guess that Bill has driven so much over the years with his job that he doesn't care to any more. The traffic in Oklahoma City was quite busy but heading into the Dallas area was just wild. I get very nervous in that kind of traffic. Good thing I wasn't driving.

Weight Loss Surgery

With all of the concerns of weight gain and a more health conscious society, we find people who are over weight searching for answers to resolve their issue. There is now Journey Lite a fast growing area of specialized surgical facilities that have exceptionally trained and seasoned surgeons and health care professionals that can offer a safe and less invasive surgery solution for the person who is wanting to get their weight under control. They now have the Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding , known as LAP-BAND® System procedure. With this weight loss surgery procedure, an adjustable band is placed around the upper part of the stomach, thus creating a smaller stomach area for food to pass through. In turn this gives a feeling of being full quicker. With that a person will tend to lose those unwanted pounds. Browse the site and read up about it. It is quite interesting.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Emry William!

We finally arrived! Emry is so sweet and precious. He has lots of long dark auburn hair. What a sweetheart he is. He's been a very good baby for his mommy and daddy. Sleeps pretty good and loves to be awake and checking everything out for himself. He's very alert and strong. What a sweetie he is.

Swiss Army

These days with two new grand babies, we find ourselves traveling quite a bit. It is so much fun! For years we have been collecting many different pieces of luggage. Some have held up and some have not held up so great. The Swiss Army brand of luggage looks to be a very nice set of luggage. They carry a wide range of styles and colors. I will have to look into them and see what might suit our personal needs.

Swiss Army

It seems that throughout the years we have collected many different kinds of luggage pieces. Airports can be pretty tough on them. There are such a variety of styles and brands out there. The Swiss Army luggage are a very nice line. They have the Messenger bag that can be very handy for weekend use or other types of short trips. We get a lot of use out of our luggage sets.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well, here we are. We're on our way to see our son, daughter-in-law and brand new grand son! We're so excited to see him! We had a great day today. We drove over 500 miles. Bill doesn't enjoy driving that far usually, but he even had to admit that it was a pretty nice drive. The weather has been great and the time really went pretty fast. We even stopped along the way and shopped a little bit. Tomorrow's the big day. better get to bed early. :)

Drug Rehab

Today there is a lot of talk of celebrities that have drug and drinking problems. They seem to have it all, but do they really? In some ways they seem very sad and empty inside. It is like they are trying to fill a void in their lives. We see them go in and out of drug rehab and continue to struggle. It's sad to watch, but I'm glad they are trying to seek help.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I have had a great time showing pictures of Kaelyn and Emry. Bill took some to the YMCA this morning and showed them around there too. It is so fun to show the cute pictures to everyone that is willing to look at them. Now that Emry is here, we need to get more pictures of him. We have a few.

Prime Dating Sites

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We have a new grandson! His name is Emry William and we can't wait to see him! We have seen lots of pictures of him, but we are looking forward to seeing him in person. He was born just yesterday and is doing great! His mom and dad are very excited too. This is their first baby and they enjoy taking pictures to send to grampa and grammy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Amby Baby

In the past week and a half we have become first time grandparents. Our daughter and her husband and our son and his wife have had a grand daughter and a grand son for us. We are so excited and it's so much fun to shop for them. I found the amby baby site and was quite intrigued by what they offer. I'm going to look further into it.

Life Insurance Policies

In todays world we find that we need Insurance for so many different things. We have it for our cars and for our home. There is also different life insurance policies and term insurance. It can be quite confusing at times. With new information available on line, it sure can help. I sometimes even forget exactly what we do have covered.

Charlie Brown

Recently I purchased several Charlie Brown DVDs and a VHS tape. We used to have fun watching some of these animated shows with the kids when they were younger. Now we have them for when our grand kids get older enough to watch them. Most of them are only about twenty five minutes long. I have been watching them in the past day or so and think they should be fun for the kids.


What kind of animal do you have? We personally have a dog and no other animals. No matter what pet you have you can find supplies it needs at This is a website that has found products from most online stores. Pets are just one of the areas that shopwiki can help you with. There are actually millions of products that can be found on their site. I am partial to the animal section because we buy so much for our dog. Whether the need is for dog toys,dog food,dog bedding or a multitude of other things, they can be found at shopwiki. It is an amazing place to buy online. I have never found another site like it. Check them out today. Remember that they have much more than pet supplies but your pet will appreciate any of the products at shopwiki.

Renee And Zoe

We were going to have Jenna and Scott watch Zoe next week but we had a volunteer step up and offer to watch her. Renee is Jake's girlfriend and she is such a sweetie. She and her roommates want to take Zoe for a week. That was such a nice surprise. We were a little concerned that Zoe would be a pain for Jenna and the baby. She is always snooping. Zoe has been around Renee and likes her a lot. Thanks Renee.

Monday, November 12, 2007


I feel that we are very patient people. As you know we are expecting our second grand baby any time now. Our fist was born on November 1st. Although we are patient it has been hard to be just that. I know that Josh and Di are very excited to have their baby and have been patient too. Come on baby, hurry up and be born. We are patient people.

Options Trading

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Our Grand baby

Well, our daughter gave us a beautiful grand daughter just over a week ago. Now our son and his wife are about to give us a wonderful grand son. Diana is in labor as I type. How exciting! We are just waiting on the call! They live several states away so we will be taking off to see them in a couple of days. How much fun is that? :) Can't wait!

What nice weather!

Wow, I can't believe how nice the weather has been so far. Usually by this time in November, we're beginning to see some colder weather, but amazingly it has been very pleasant out so far. I hope that this weather continues, especially as Thanksgiving and travel draws near.

Executive Placement

Whether it's a middle to executive placement or top CEO type of management or even associates to partners and from analysts to managing directors, A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc. can assist you in filling the position. A.E. Feldman Associates have maintained a level of excellent standards of service and commitment in the recruiting industry since 1967. They are known for their success due to the up-standing reputation and consistency in placing the perfect candidate in a job. The recruiters are very experienced in their fields of work. With their knowledge they are better able to make that perfect match for the job in question. So if you are looking to fill a position, check with Feldman Associates today.


Bill went to church last night. There is generally a Bible study time and then prayer time. There is usually a small group that attends on Sunday night. It starts at 6:30pm and goes to about 8:00pm. The senior pastor typically leads the the service. I am glad that he has been going.

Warming Up

Yesterday was very nice for this time of year. I am sure that the temperature got close to 60 degrees. The weatherman is talking about rain in the next couple of days. I don't mind a little rain, it is so much better than snow. We have neighbors that have their Christmas decorations up already. Bill would have put ours up but we had several lights that weren't working.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wedding Planning

As our children have gotten older we now find ourselves attending more and more weddings. I think it is fun to see how differently people plan their weddings. With all kinds of tastes and styles out there, it is quite interesting. Now people can have assistance with that Wedding Planning. The has been addressing this concern for brides and grooms since 1997. Their website can help in the areas of just about anything you can imagine while doing your planning. With one click you can browse this site and find free interactive planning tools, expert advice, a local vendor guide, inspiration photos, a patented online registry system and more. To make that wedding extra special, classic and wonderful, look into this site.


Friday Bill went to a retirement coffee for one of his division heads. He saw several of his co-workers and said that everything went well. It is nice that people go to functions like that. It seems like when a person retires they get forgotten by those that had worked with them, sometimes for years.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Hamilton Beach Mixer

I have had an old electric mixer for along time. In fact I believe we received it as a wedding gift many years ago. I have been frustrated in the past when trying to mix a large batch of cookies and it bogs down and doesn't want to completely mix up the dough. It just doesn't seem to have the power that I need. I have been looking into the Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer. With this Eclectrics® Mixer I would have more power with it's 400 watts, to mix even the largest batch of cookies. It would also help in making my frosting's even creamier. It has a 2-way rotating head for hands free mixing, which can be very important when adding all of my ingredients to the bowl. The mixer comes with a 4.5 qt stainless steel locking bowl with handle. I love the handle idea. Also included is a flat beater, dough book and wire whisk for a variety of mixing. There is a pouring and splatter shield to help avoid those messes all over the kitchen. With a 3 year warranty you just can't go wrong with the Hamilton Beach® Mixer. I have a great Pumpkin bread recipe that has been in my family for many years. I think it would be great to have a powerful Hamilton Beach® Mixer to beat the bread mixture until smooth. Here's the recipe my family enjoys, especially this time of year.
Pumpkin Bread
3 Cups Sugar
1 Cup cooking oil
4 eggs
1 1/2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Nutmeg
1 tsp. Cinnamon
2 tsp Baking Soda
2/3 Cup Water
1 can Libbys Pumpkin
3 1/2 Cups and 1 Tbs.Flour
Mix ingredients. Grease 2 bread loaf pans. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hr and 15 mins.

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Kaelyn Sue

We have a new baby grand daughter. Her name is Kaelyn Sue. She is so sweet. She has been a very good baby for her mommy and daddy. She must have been up some in the night because Jenna (mommy) is sound a sleep still. I'm glad she is getting her rest. She will need it. I think I better find something to eat now before everyone is up for the day.


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Well, I got right up and started to blog. It's now almost 10AM and my stomach is talking to me. I think I'm going to need to take a break and have some breakfast. What should I have? Cereal, toast, donuts, I'm just not sure. I'll have to go out to the kitchen and check it out.


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Last night we watched CSI. CSI Las Vegas is probably my favorite show of the season. Bill and I have liked it since it first came out. Last nights show was a two hour. They combined their show with the show, Missing. I think that's what it's called. Anyway, I kinda like when they do that. It brings in another group of actors and stirs it up a bit. Keep up the good work CSI.

Reminder to S Corporations

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Days Off

It has been nice having some days off from work to help Jenna with her new baby. It is a lot of work trying to do all of those household jobs when you are trying to handle the needs of an infant. Everything is going well and I am sure it will continue to be a blessed time. Tonight Scott and Bill gave Kaelyn a bath and I took some pictures. They did a very good job and the baby hardly even cried. Scott said that he is the one that kept her so calm. Maybe he is right.


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Sleeping In

Sometimes it is nice to just sleep in and not get up so early. My sleeping in is much different than it used to be. Now if I get the chance I enjoy not getting up until about 8am. I know that might not seem like much but it gives me a good two hours extra sleep. I remember in years past, when the kids were little, I could sometimes stay in bed until around 10am. They were such good sleepers.

Cartridge Finder

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What Is It?

I think Zoe is confused right now with a new baby around. She has never been around one before and I am sure she means no harm but she is a little hyper. Zoe smells the baby clothes and tries to get right up next to her. We are trying to keep her away so she doesn't scare or scratch the baby. It will be nice when they are familiar with each other. And of course we have Emry on the way too. Life is good.

Light Fixtures

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While Jenna and Scott got their hair cut Bill and I walked around the mall and pushed the stroller. We saw four lady friends and were able to show them Kaelyn. They thought she was a beautiful baby. We did a little shopping and it was fun just pushing the baby around. Things like strollers and car seats have changed dramatically since I had my kids. They are very high tech items now.


Today more people are knowledgeable about Alzheimer's than ever before. Many have friends or relatives that have the disease and have had first experience with it. Until recently I had not heard of the Alzheimer's Foundation of America. My mother and uncle both have Alzheimer's and are at different stages of the disease. It is very hard to watch how people decline. For my mom it seemed like she was getting forgetful and she even laughed at herself for forgetting simple things. Soon she was forgetting how to do tasks she had done for many years, like finding her way home from town or housework. She had been a teacher for many years and kept herself quite busy after retiring by knitting and reading. If you know anyone who has the disease you know that it is very important for Alzheimer's patients to have special care. They can become very agitated and hard to deal with. Again, I have seen this firsthand with my mom. She is in a nursing home and is receiving wonderful care. I would rather she was able to live at home but it just isn't possible. The Alzheimer's Foundation of America has an online store that people can purchase from. They have beautiful jewelry on their site and the great thing is that all proceeds go to benefit the Alzheimer's Foundation of America. Wouldn't it be terrific to have a cure found for Alzheimer's? Money raised to help find a cure would make multitudes of lives better. What a great time of year, with the holidays just around the corner, to buy a holiday gift from this site and have your money go to such a worthwhile cause. Even if you don't want to purchase an item you can still donate to the Alzheimer' Foundation of America. I am very glad that I found this site and can share it with others. I would encourage you to check out this website today.

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What a change in the weather. One day it is warm and sunny, and within a few days we get cold and windy conditions. I guess that can be expected at this time of year. I am more of a warm weather person but have gotten used to spring as well as fall. It is winter that I just really don't enjoy. Slick roads and snowy conditions don't make for much fun. Kids sure enjoy it though. Some like it because they like to play in the snow and some others due to school letting out.

Sony 46inch LCD

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pumpkin Bars

I am enjoying my time at my daughter's house. She just had our first grand daughter. She is so tiny and sweet. Her name is Kaelyn Sue. She has beautiful olive skin and dark hair like her daddy. While here I decided to bake some pumpkin bars. Thought it might be a nice treat for everyone. Of course Kaelyn can't have any yet. ;)

Thinking Alike

Bill just home from a walk with Zoe and asked if I had made cookies while he was gone. It is funny because I had been thinking about the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies that we like so well. The recipe was given to me years ago and it is still a favorite. The only difference in my thinking and Bill's is that I figured he would make the cookies.

Capella University

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Tuesday Night Shows

Tuesday night is when we watch the show House. That is about all we like on that particular night except of course, The Rifleman. It seems that Tuesday just isn't a great night for television viewing. Many times the news isn't even worth watching. Most of the news isn't positive and upbeat, it is sad and always what has already happened. I want to know what is going to happen. Speaking of which, the other night our church had a video in reference what many would say is prophecy. It dealt with issues in the middle east and with the war that is going on. They referred to the book of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. It is worth reading.

Logo Table Covers

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Treatment Of Others

I am sure you have heard that we should treat others how we want them to treat us. That is so very true. Stop and think about how you want to be treated by the people around you, at work or school or anywhere else you may be. Then make the decision to treat others that same way. Things around us would be very different if we did that. We all should try it and see what happens.

Sensitive Teeth?

Throughout the years I have had many mouth and dental issues. As a child I had a lot of procedures done that since have caused my teeth to become more sensitive and susceptible to bigger problems. Over time with very large fillings I have found that it can and has lead to breakage and loss of fillings, further causing nerves to die and ultimately root canal therapy. That is not a fun thing to deal with. When I am having a tooth problem, I then find that it can make my teeth in general overly sensitive. I have tried Tylenol or Ibuprofen with not much relief. Now there is Biotene. It is a new sensitive tooth paste. It would have been great to have had it in the past with all of my dental concerns. With their new break through formula, they have combined potassium nitrate and Enzyme LP3 Complex. Potassium Nitrate fights against sensitivity while Enzyme LP3 Complex aids in the treatment of dry mouth, with it's soothing action. Biotene is set apart by the fact that it doesn't just cover up the problem, but assists in resolving it. With it's awesome multi-protection formula it will help in promoting healing of bleeding gums and inflammation. It also comes in a mouth watering flavor which is a plus! Try it out for your sensitivity problems.

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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Excitement Builds

I know that I have been talking a lot about our new grand babies but I really can't help it. I don't want to stop telling everyone around that we are grandparents. My daughter had a daughter and my daughter in-law is soon to have a son. That is so exciting. A friend of mine just told me the other day that she couldn't explain how it feels to hold your grandchildren. She said you just need to experience it for yourself. She was right. We have held our granddaughter and will soon be holding our grandson.

Reading Tutors

Years ago I heard it said that readers are leaders. Reading is something we do everyday throughout our lives and it is important to be able to read as well as possible. As children go through school some excel and others seem to struggle. If kids learn to read well early on it will only help them as they get older. Having three children I know first hand how important learning is to help kids succeed. No matter what the subject, SCORE learning centers have proven themselves to be successful. Our children deserve the best opportunities to learn. SCORE can help. They can provide Reading Tutors to help kids accomplish great things.

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Friday, November 2, 2007


WOW! I am so excited! Our first grand baby has arrived. Our twins (a son and daughter)were expecting our first and second grand babies this Fall. Well, our daughter Jenna had her baby last night. They had a baby girl, Kaelyn Sue. She is the cutest, sweetest little girl. I can't wait to get back up to see her tonight. She has olive skin with very dark, almost black hair. God has truly blessed us all! Now, we're waiting on the next call from Josh and Diana! We are so blessed! PTL! God is good.

Garage Storage

Many of us are dealing with the headache of a messy garage on a daily basis. I could never figure out why it always has to look like such a mess out there. Then I took a look and realized that it needed to be organized with some type of garage storage units. We had stuff sitting in piles and stored in boxes. My husband did build a few shelves that helped our a little bit. Well, I found a great site at where you can purchase all different kinds of storage cabinets. There are metal, aluminum, stainless steel and more. I think that is what we are needing. It can transform that garage into looking like the rest of our home. Check into them. I think you'll like what you see.
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