Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekend Work

We have accomplished a lot this weekend already. We spent sometime at our daughters planting and rearranging plants in their yard. Then today we have done some planting in our yard. We also worked on hanging some new things in the house. I've been working on changing and updating some things in our home. I am almost done on the computer, so may relax and watch a movie with Bill. Here are some pictures at our daughter's home.

When growing up we had many pets. We moved to a farm and there had even more. I always loved our cats and dogs. Then when I grew up and began a family, we felt that maybe we were to busy for a pet. Our oldest two children went off to college and our youngest son talked us into getting a wonderful bichon puppy. Now that we are empty nesters, we are enjoying having Zoe around. She always greets us with excitement and is very loyal. I have recently signed up with It is a great website for pet owners. This pet social network is wonderful for sharing ideas that thoughts. It is informational and an awesome way to help pets! It's nice to meet others who truly care about their pets also. For all of you animal lovers, check it out.


After working on our yard last year, I am really enjoying planting in our yard. We have been adding new things and it's really coming along. We went to our daughters this weekend and shopped for some new plants and bushes. As we were helping her plant them around her house, the weather began to turn. It got very dark and started to pour rain. When it stopped we got the job finished. It's looking pretty good. Today, they were buying some rock to fill in on the front side of their home. It's going to look very nice with that as a finishing touch.

New York Movers

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NC Health Insurance

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good Timing

It was good timing for Bill to get the yard mowed last night. Today it has been raining all day and it sounds like it will continue until tomorrow. I know Bill would like to golf AGAIN this weekend. I say again because he got out on the course last weekend too. I really don't mind because I enjoy golf now too. If it rains too much he will just have to miss his golf outing for the week.


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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It is so cute to see all of the changes that our grandchildren are going through. Recently our daughter Jenna sent this video of Kaelyn beginning to crawl. She is quick and you really have to watch her. She is so much fun.


We have had a squirrel in our back yard feeding on an ear of corn. He/she is fun to watch and Zoe seems fascinated by it. It is amazing how the little thing can climb and hang in crazy positions to eat the corn. It is used to us watching and I don't think it feels threatened. Years ago we didn't see squirrels in the neighborhood but now they are plentiful.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

What a great day it was! I woke up with a clear head (no migraine) and it was beautiful outside. Bill had to work some today, but was home a little early. We planted some Hosta and grilled pork chops and cheesy potatoes. Then I made a rhubarb strawberry pie for dessert. It's time to go and have some. What a great day! I was able to get so much done.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Life Insurance Rates

Today there are so many different kinds of insurance out there. It can become quite over-whelming at times. There are the different companies for car insurance. There is insurance to cover your home and mortgage. There's the life and term insurances and many others. When looking for life insurance rates, where does a person begin? May it's right here. I'll have to check it out.

Checking Account

How many of you enjoy having a checking account? Or should I say, how many of you enjoy balancing your checking account. I know that through the years I have gotten worse about keeping up on all of that. It is important to do, because by the time I finally get it done, it usually doesn't come out. Sometimes it's in my favor and sometimes not.

Time To Go

We are going to see Jenna, Scott and Kaelyn tonight. Jake and Renee are already at Jenna's place. Jake decided to buy a different car today and we want to see it. Bill is already planning on driving it too. It is a 2004 Mazda with only 13,000 miles on it and looks like new according to Jake. We have gotten a lot done today and it is now time to go.

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It's that time of year. We're going to have to get out there with a ladder and clean our windows. They are always coated with dirt and dust at the end of winter. It feels so good when they are shinny and clean. Maybe we can work on that this week.


Today Bill and I are going to get our hair cut. Actually Bill is just going along as the driver and I am getting the hair cut. I don't mind driving but as long as he is going anyway he might as well drive. I know some women that just love to drive and I used to enjoy it more than I do now. I would rather just ride along.


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While out shopping today we were in need of some food. My husband Bill has eaten at a Quiznos before, but I had not. Boy, was it good. We got a toasted sub sandwich and cheddar broccoli soup. It was amazing. Such better quality compared to it's competitors. I will definitely return.

Lawn Care

How do your neighbors take care of their lawns? Do they mow and keep the weeds down to a minimum or do they just let it go? I personally like to see the neighborhood lawns look nicely groomed. Granted, not every yard has to be immaculate but it isn't hard to keep things looking decent.

Baby Stores

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I like to hear the birds singing in the morning. We have morning doves that are so pretty to listen to. We usually put out seed to attract birds to our yard. We found out that different seed will bring different kinds of birds. I am not sure what the doves eat. I actually have never seen one eating. They just sit on the ground or power lines and sing.

Likes And Dislikes

Not everyone is the same. We all would agree to that. We have our likes and dislikes, in food, fashion, cars and everything else. It is a good thing that we are different from others. It makes us all unique, each and everyone of us. We like to spend time with some people and others we can really do without. I know someone that had worked with a guy that was quite difficult to deal with. My friend just had to deal with him the best he could, actually tolerate him. We do need to try our best to get along with those around us. It is the right thing to do even though it is tough.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Do You Enjoy Blogging?

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol!

Well, it is over and we all know who is the new American Idol! David Cook. I feel he is deserving of it. He is very good and quite unique. Even though he was not my first choice or does he sing my type of music, he does a great job. He and little David will both go far. That's my prediction.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kodak Gallery Coupons

Since I was quite young, I have always enjoyed taking pictures. At one point in my life I wondered if I should have gone into photography. As you spend time in my home, you will find that I have many photo albums as well as photos displayed. Kodak is a great company. With Kodak Gallery coupons you can receive those captured moments at a lesser cost. You can't beat that. I'm always looking for a deal. There are more at this great site, /

American Idol

WOW! Bill and I really enjoy watching American Idol! It is so much fun to tune in each week and cheer for the guy or gal you are voting for. It almost makes us nervous as we watch, hoping that they don't mess up, forget their words or do poorly. Now tonight is the BIG night. How exciting. Can't wait to see "who will be the next American Idol"?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wedding Excitement!

Weddings are such a special day in a persons life. Not only for the bride and groom, but also for their families. It is a day to remember. This magnificent event takes a lot of prior planning. My two oldest children were married eight days apart. Talk about exciting! These were very special days for us. Moments we will cherish forever. Words spoken, smiles given and hugs received. It will forever be imprinted on my mind. The time flies by quickly and you try to capture the highlights, not wanting to miss a thing. In planning for these heartfelt days, it takes a lot of time and effort to create just the right ceremony. Each wedding has it's own style, which the bride and groom breathe into it. You can feel the couple in all they do. With the website ,1st Class Wedding Invitations, you are sure to find the help you are needing in that unique and personal invitation. This site has an awesome user friendly Zoom technique. It allows you with only a sweep of your mouse to in large and closely critique each detail of a given invitation. The invitation is only the beginning signature of what is to come. Browse their vast selection of invitations. The Designer Jean M® Modern Leaf Wedding Invitation with Bow is one of my favorites.


Finally! Summer is here! The grass is green and plush. The birds are chirping and the flowers are beginning to bloom. Zoe is totally enjoying her time outdoors now. She and Bill love to go on their walk at night. I need to join them.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Handcrafted Jewelry

I have shared many times about how much I enjoy jewelry. If you begin looking, you will find that there is a vast selection of pieces to choose from, both on line and in the stores. I will never tire of receiving new jewelry. If you haven't, you will need to look into the handcrafted jewelry. It is quite beautiful. Designer Wendy Culpepper's website covers pieces like rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. With her free shipping and awesome return policy, you are sure to find something you must have. Browse and enjoy what there is in the world of handcrafted jewelry.


It has been a busy, but fun weekend. Friday I went along to my granddaughter's 6 mos baby appointment. She is doing great! She has gained over two pounds and grew about an inch. We're not to sure that is correct. We had a new gal who measured her twice and got two different answers, an inch apart. O'well, she is growing. Then Jenna and Kaelyn game back to stay with us. Her husband Scott is busy working. Sat. came and we traveled down to my brother's for his son's graduation open house. It was nice to see some of the family. We don't get together that often. After arriving home we were surprised that Scott could make it back to stay with us and our youngest son, Jake and his girlfriend Renee also made it back home for the night. It was fun to all catch up a little. Jake and Renee were heading up to a wedding about 5 hours away. Today we have another graduation to attend after church. I have been fighting a migraine, so we'll see how it goes.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Most people remember the great times they have had on vacation. When the trip is one of the most fabulous times in their lives they tend to remember it even better. Think about the best trip you have ever been on. Maybe it was one that you went on by yourself, met a friend at the destination or headed out as a family. One of my favorite vacations was going to Orlando with my family. My husbands parents actually took us to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Our kids were young, in fact one of them was only two years old. We had a terrific time. I think it is fun to explore on your own when on vacation but it can be very beneficial if you actually have someone take you to places you really don't know much about. There are tours you can take to help your vacation be even better than ever.
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Super Cloth

For Mother's day I received a neat gift from my son Josh, his wife Diana and little Emry. It is called a Super Cloth. It can be found on QVC. Diana's grandma loves to shop on there and had found these and won't do without them now. It is such a neat thing. With only water and wringing it out, you can go around and wipe just about anything off. Mirrors, furniture, TV screens, sinks, faucets, windows you name it, it cleans it and without leaving lint or streaks (pretty much of the time). I got started using it and couldn't quit. Give it a try. Clean with out all of the spray products.


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I decided that I better check with the Greenhouse and make sure that all of my newer plants that were planted last spring, were doing OK and going to make it back this summer. There were a few that I had some concern with. A man came down to the house and he took a look for me. He showed me that they are all budding and green with life in side except for one small plant. We will keep our eye on it for the next couple of weeks and see if it returns to us.

Best Wrinkle Cream

I don't know about all of you out there, but with age I find little surprises. I can remember in my 30's I began to see new little formations around my eyes that had not been there before. They call them crows feet and chicken skin. It's not a pretty sight by the time you are well into your forties, but that's life. I do use a cream that I think is the best wrinkle cream around. It makes my face feel refreshed each day and I am hoping it is slowing down the aging process a bit. I guess time will tell.


Sounds like it's been very warm down in Texas where our oldest son Josh lives. They were out to eat for Mother's Day yesterday and pulled up by a car with a dog left inside of it. How sad is that? In weather like that and someone would leave their poor little dog inside the vehicle. It had to be like an oven in there. I asked my son to call a dog humane center to help the animal.


While growing up my daughter Jenna always seemed to enjoy reading books. We would buy her a serious of books that she was interested in at the time. She is still very much into reading, but her time is much more limited these days since she is a mommy and wife. She was telling me that a friend of ours has just released a new book about her story as a small child with cancer. It is called "Diary of Destiny A true story of a miracle". It was written by Normajean Ashburn. If you enjoy reading like my daughter does. Look for this book. It's an amazing story of a mother and her child's journey.

Drug Rehab

It is sad to see all of the struggling people out there today. They are turning to drugs and alcohol for some relief or what they may call a release. They then find themselves with an addiction and bigger problems to deal with. It is great to know that there are drug rehab clinics that are available to those who are in need. They can gain the assistance that they are in search of.

Baby Dedication

We went up to our daughter and son-in-law's this weekend. Our granddaughter Kaelyn Sue was being dedicated on Sunday at church. There were quite a few of the relatives there in attendance. That was good to see. It is a special time to dedicate back the precious gift, Kaelyn, God has given to them. She is such a sweetie.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Music Station

We enjoy having our digital television with its music channels. Actually all we listen to is the contemporary Christian station. There are no commercials which is very nice. Some of the songs are older ones but many are very up to date. We are listening to it right now. It is uplifting and very easy to listen to.

Invert Mini

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There are times when I wonder why I even pay attention to the news. It can be very depressing to some and very discouraging. My opinion is that the media slants the stories how they wish. They have quite liberal views and many times I don't agree with them on topics. Right now all we seem to hear about is the political race. I think people are getting tired of it all and may not want to vote in November.


I used to sleep right up to the time that my alarm went off in the morning. I now tend to wake up before the alarm. I think that must be normal. I mean, many people my age seem to also wake without the alarm going off. Maybe I should try not using an alarm and see if I still wake up on time.


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I am sure feeling my shoulder tonight. I don't usually have a problem with that, but I think it's from sitting in front of the computer all day and then all night tonight. I may have to call it quits and finish tomorrow. The old body doesn't want to keep up with me tonight.


Tonight we had scrambled eggs and left over fried potatoes for supper. It is one of our favorites and so easy to make. We have been so busy with the house and now posting that it works in a pinch. Last night we had fish. Boy, that was good. I dipped it in egg and then crackers and fried it. Not really good for you that way, but it tasted good.

I can sure enjoy a hot cup of coffee, especially in the mornings. I know that there are a lot of you like me that truly enjoy their coffee. Well, now at konakavafarm.comyou will find organic certified Kava products that are wonderful. This coffee is grown in the fertile volcanic slopes of the Kona's Hualalai Mountain. The temperature conditions are perfect and the soil is nutrient rich. Their coffee is famous and highly sought after. The Kava Root allows the ancient wisdom of Hawaii to help heal and restore balance to your life. The Hawaiians feel strongly about this. They feel " if you drink too much root, you must walk backwards, so the ground does not come up to greet you". Go onto their website and find what you are missing.


If you have been traveling lately, I'm sure you have found that the prices of gas are off the charts. It is terribly expensive to drive let alone fly anywhere these day. I was looking on line for flights for my son and couldn't believe the prices. There were flights for over $800 a piece round trip. That is awful. I'll keep shopping.

House Hunting

We really enjoy watching the HGTV programs. A person can pick up a lot of new tips for your home. It's fun to make changes and additions to your home. We have been working on a few new projects and are beginning to like the outcome. Tune in and see what you might learn.

Midwest Auto Recycling

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New Look

I am changing our home a bit by creating a new look. We are bringing in more black and nickel coloring instead of brass and gold. So far I am liking it very much. Bill hung a new light in the kitchen last night and also attached new hardware on the cupboards. Sometimes it is nice just to change things a little.


As we watch American Idol each week we see some talented young people who can really sing. Whether it is on television, in church or on another stage it is awesome to hear great singing. I have often thought that there are probably even better singers out there that have yet to be discovered. I am impressed.


As of February 15,2007 coming from Agoura Hills, Calif., a leading provider of UNIX and Linux security administration solutions, announced that its powerbroker and PowerPassword-User management edition (UME) access control solutions can now fully support the new HP Integrity servers running the HP-UX 11i v3 operating system. Symark's solutions now help safeguard proprietary information and also comply with federal and industrial regulations. They are looking forward to working with their customers as they move forward and upgrade their IT environments with HP's new expansions. With the easy use of this product you can limit access of information and systems established by pre-defined policies and privileges. Check it out.

Wet Deck

Zoe really doesn't enjoy going outside when it is rainy. Tonight it has been raining and the deck is wet. She was at the door and wanted to go out but she came back in within about 20 seconds. We keep a towel by the door for times like these. When it quits raining I am sure she will want out again.

Mother's Day

Can you believe it's going to be Mother's Day this weekend? Time is sure flying. We're going to be busy most of the weekend, so I am planning to get over and see my mom on Friday. I think it's important to find some time to help make Mother's Day special for her. Be sure to not forget your mother this weekend.

Family Vacation

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Our youngest son's girlfriend is going to be graduating from college this weekend. How exciting! She is majoring in Health Promotions. I'm not really sure what that all entails, but she seems to really enjoy the field. Her grandparents are coming from California for the special day. That will be fun for her.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Internet Shopping

The busier I get the more Internet shopping I find myself doing. I find some great deals and specials. It saves me time and gas these days. I can look and shop right from the comfort of my home. If I don't like something, I can always return it. I now do most of my photo orders on line also. It is so quick and easy and I no longer have to stand in long lines in the store. They are ready to pick up or be delivered. The Internet sure comes in handy.

NOD32 Renewals

Whether you own a business or you just enjoy having a computer at home. I'm sure you have found that you need to have a Software Security Solution. With this company you will find the best in computer security software. Their one-product-protects-all method is a success. The NOD32 renewals covers the threat categories of the Anti virus, Exploits, Firewalls and Anti Spyware. This product can save you time and money. With this "self-service" computer security, you will feel secure in knowing you are protected. Look into this site today to cover your Internet security needs. You won't be disappointed that you did.


It was such a beautiful day today. It was in the mid 70's and the sun was shinning. The wind was mild and the air was fresh. It is so nice to see things greening up again. The smell of fresh cut grass is in the air. The flowers are starting to bloom. I just love this time of year!

John Deere

Our youngest son Jake, works at John Deere as an Engineer. He is loving his job and excelling. He really enjoys and loves his niece and nephew. When they were born he bought them each a John Deere outfit. They are now growing into them and they sure are cute. Uncle Jake proudly displays them in their outfits on his desk top at work.

Wholesale Flowers

If you have ever helped plan a wedding you are fully aware of the details involved in this special event. wants to help eliminate some of the stress a bride to be has to deal with. This florist can help provide painless customer service that will ease the stress. With their express shipping and service FiftyFlowers can assist you in finding the perfect flowers for the occasion. They cut out the wholesalers in turn saving the customer up to 75% on their purchase. So now you can have the ease of ordering, delivery and savings by clicking into this website and checking out the wholesale flowers that are on hand.


Our outside plants are starting to look better than they did a few weeks ago. I was wondering if they were going to come back at all from last year but they seem to be doing well. It is supposed to rain the next few days which will be fine for our plants but I don't think the farmers want it. I think the farmers are anxious to get their planting started.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Green Grass

It sure is nice to have green grass finally. Zoe is loving it and enjoys just sitting out on the deck watching the cars and people go by. This morning it started to rain while she was out there. The lawn is freshly mowed and guess what surprise I found waiting at the door? Zoe is white and she was now green with grass and soak and wet. I carried her just like a child, to the tub and bathed her. Silly dog.

Certified Coins

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chipmunks Movie

Have you seen the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie? We haven't watched it yet but ordered it on our On Demand service. The previews make it look like a very cute movie. I think we have it for 24 hours so maybe tonight we can watch it. I thought it was an animated movie but it isn't. It looks good.

Travel Time