Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gas Prices

Gas prices have been soaring. I hope it doesn't go any higher. It would be nice if the prices would go back down. Do you think we should be drilling in the US? Should we be producing our own fuel or is it best to buy it from other countries? Those are questions we are faced with. I think we should be producing all that we can and not depending on foreign countries.

Learn More

In raising three children we found a variety of challenges. Each child is quite unique and special. Through out the adolescent years those challenges were even more diverse. There were some acne issues and we began to learn more about the different types of treatment available. Today you can find so much information right from your own home. You can click in and read for yourself.

PC Desktops

In our household we began with a pc desktops. We still own one and probably always will. We now also own a laptop, netbook and Ipad. They all come in handy now and again. Each one serves a purpose. The netbook is great for travel. It's so light weight and small. The laptop is wonderful to work on while sitting on the sofa. My husband loves his Ipad. I guess we're happy with all of them.

Data Backup

Just a few short years ago we didn't even own a computer. Now we have a desk top, laptop, netbook and an Ipad. Are they all necessary? I don't know, but they sure come in handy. We keep a lot of information on each one so we're finding it even more important that we do a data backup periodically, so as not to lose vital information. Technology has it's perks that's for sure.

Taco Pie

Have you ever heard of taco pie? It is a meat mixture in between layers of tortillas. It is so easy to make and very good. About 1 1/2 pounds of browned hamburger is mixed with taco seasoning, a large can of refried beans and other spices for individual taste. A tortilla is placed in a glass pie dish. I think it is best to preheat the tortillas in the oven. A layer of meat mixture and cheese is then placed on the tortilla. Continue with a tortilla, meat and cheese for about 3-4 layers. A tortilla will be on top when done preparing. Heat the meal at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes and you have a great meal.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Valentines Day!

Guest post written by Rob Benson
Last weekend, I went downtown to do a few errands. I got some new Miracle Ear Digital Hearing Aids for myself, and after wards I decided to do some early Valentine's shopping for my sweetheart. It's not very often that I get a whole lot time out by myself these days, so I thought I'd really take advantage of it. I get a few decorations, some candy, and a few extra gifts that I plan to stash away in secret under the bed. I know my wife is going to love everything. To be perfectly honest, I've always enjoyed Valentine's Day and it's a pleasure to take a day and show my lady that I care about her.

On top of all the little gifts I purchased, I also need to make a special reservation! to a place that will really excite her. There is this new Italian restaurant in town and I think she is going to go crazy for it. I have always done a great job with special days, and this one isn't going to be any different. Valentine's Day is going to be great!

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorite Shows

We have our favorite shows on television. They may not be the same shows that others enjoy. We like to watch Survivor, American Idol and CSI. There are times when we miss the show but we don't miss too many. We make sure and set the DVR so we can see our shows. I guess it is good that there are so many different shows since we don't all like the same ones.


Ten years ago we didn't see such a concern for our drinking water. Now there are house water filter systems as well as bottled water. With the PuriTeam CT-12 countertop water filter a person can assist in saving on the wear of our planet. The house water filter has the same result as the water contained in our bottled water. That water is simply filtered tap water. This Puriteam drinking water filter is priced right! At only $99 you can secure your drinking water right in the privacy of your very own home. What a great deal and awesome tap water filter system. Help save our planet and check it out for yourself.

Old Movies

There are many older movies that we like to watch. We enjoy the old westerns but there are lots of older mystery movies that are great too. Even some that were made in the 1920s to current day are liked by our family. On some of those cold winter days when we really can't go anywhere we like to sit and watch a movie and maybe eat snacks. What fun!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Almost every year we see some eagles in our area. We have seen immature and mature eagles. The mature bald eagles are so awesome to watch. Typically they can be seen feeding on an animal carcass, usually a deer. They are huge birds and it is fantastic to watch as they soar. For those that have not seen one, they are missing out.

Feather Flags

Have you ever set up an appointment and found yourself hunting for the location. Not all cities are easy to navigate. When feather flags are posted it sure can be of assistance. It's like a red flag for the customer. The ease of finding that company or office is greatly enhance. I would recommend having one for your business. I don't enjoy driving around in circles trying to find my destination.

Apple Pie with Grampa!

Our grand daughter Kaelyn recently showed an interest in making an apple pie. So while we were spending time with them recently, her and grampa made one. As you can see by her face, she was thrilled! It was very tasty!