Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Online Degrees

For those of you out there that didn't think that there was a way to complete your college education, now there is and it's made available with their online degrees. Capella University of Minneapolis offers many opportunities. They are owned by Capella Education Company. With it's over 101 graduate and undergraduate programs and also 15 certificate programs, you are sure to find what will best suit your personal needs. The University now serves over 19,900 students across 50 states and 56 countries. They stand for academic excellence and balanced business growth. So, whether you are working presently or not, nothing can stop you now. Go online and see what is out there for your future advancement.
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Bill's Heading Home

My husband has been in New Orleans for a few days. He had never been there before and thought it was interesting. Didn't sound like he really cared if he went back though. He's bringing some pictures he had taken so I can see what it was like. He should be home soon.

God's Blessings

God blesses me and gives me the strength when I am weak. Some days I am just dragging, but God helps to lift me up. He reminds me of all the many blessings I have in my life and that we work unto God and not unto men. It can really change your attitude about things. Let Him change the way you look at life. :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Moving Companies

If you have ever had to move, you understand the stresses that come along with that huge task. It's difficult dealing with finances, detail, family, jobs and more. Trying to find a reputable mover can also be a chore. Now with Service Network they have brought great moving companies together for your choosing. These companies have been through a stringent application process. Only quality companies are selected for the network. They are licensed and insured. The network has helped out over 50,000 customers this year alone. Browse the site and you will see how easy and quick the process can be. The prices are competitive also.

American Idol

I am watching American Idol. Bill and I have been dedicated to watching the past few seasons. Our oldest son got us started. He said, at least watch the beginning auditions. They are so funny. Well, we did and we've been entertained ever since. It's fun to see if the person you are voting for will make it or not. Stay tuned....


One oyster said to the other oyster, "I am feeling pretty "fresh" today." The other oyster said, " I don't think you are all your "cracked" up to be." "Oh,loosen up and get out of your "hard shell". You can be a more enjoyable oyster too." Many people today love to eat oysters. Were you aware that you need to be informed, cautious, smart and sure, when it comes to oysters? Well with the Oyster Aware website you can find out more. Learn about Gulf oysters, undercooked oysters, awesome recipes and more. This talks about threats that are out there that you need to be made aware of in consuming some oyster. Click in and browse their site.

Food Chopper

Last week we bought a food chopper. It is just a manual type kitchen tool that chops up vegetables,fruit and other foods. We made soup tonight for supper and chopped up the veggies in this new chopper. I was really impressed with how well it worked. It usually takes quite some time to get stuff cut up but we were done in a very short time with this new chopper. What a time saver.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Grand Daughter

What a fun weekend. We have one of our grand babies staying with us for the weekend. Kaelyn is about 3 1/2 months old now and what fun she is. She likes to sleep, eat and smile. She's starting to try to talk and loves to grab for things and try to get her feet. I think she will really enjoy the warmer months, as she likes it when you take off her clothes and she's free to kick around. What a sweetie she is.

Weight Loss

So many people today are out there looking for the quick fix in weight loss. There are claims on low fat diets, low carbohydrate diets, famous name diets and also all of the quick lose that weight with diet pills such as Akavar and more. All I know is the good old fashion way always works for me, Watch what and how much you are eating and through in a little bit of exercise and activity. I still feel that is the best and quickest way to get your body in a more healthy state.

LCD Mount

We recently went shopping for an LCD TV for my dad. They are such nice TV's. Very beautiful pictures. The new HDTV is awesome also. Now with an lcd mount you can hang them from anywhere. If you want it against a wall or maybe just in the corner of the room, they offer everything imaginable. I think we may just have to consider one.

42" LCD TV

This weekend we had such a nice time. My mom wanted to surprise my dad and buy him a new 42" LCD TV. He has been watching a 27" TV for quite some time and was always use to much larger. So she asked Bill and Scott (our son-in-law) to start shopping for one. Scott found a really nice one in her price range, so we headed to their house. Dad thought we were all coming to go out for supper, so he didn't have a clue. When we got there and the guys unloaded the TV, he was in shock! He was so excited that he had a bounce in his step! It was enjoyable to watch. :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Credit Cards For Students

I can remember when we were younger, it was not easy to get a credit card or any type of credit at all. Today it is made easier and more simple to receive Credit Cards For Students. I know that I really appreciated my children having a credit card that they could fall back on if need be. They were all very responsible with them also. Now with with just a click of the mouse you can see a comparison of all different types of credit cards. They show some leading U.S. credit card issuers such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express and more. What an easier way to do your research and find what will best suit you or your student. Look into them today.


It is so nice to see the sun shinning this afternoon. It is so bright and cheery. It just gives you a little bounce in your step to feel that sun on your face. I think the temps are a little bit warmer also. What a beautiful day the Lord has made.


Well, I guess it's that time of year. Tonight Bill and I have to go sit down and take a look at our taxes with an accountant. It will be different this year not having children to claim on our return. They are all officially grown up and on their own. I guess that's OK. It will all work out.

Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding can become very stressful and time consuming. There are so many details, not to mention all of the expense. On the other hand, it is a very big and important day in ones life. The internet can help a person in so many areas of their lives. Weddings is one of them. With just a click you can have so much material laid before you in minutes. The is one of those sites. They have been out there since 1997 and are a very comprehensive wedding-planning site. With their expert advice you can explore a variety of Wedding Ideas. The site offers free interactive planning tools, inspiration photos, an online registry system and some basic planning guides. Start planning your classy wedding with the today.


Sometimes Zoe our dog can be a pain. I came home today after working for hours to find that she had found a way to get under our bathroom sink and drag out all of the nasty garbage. Dogs can really be disgusting. She didn't care. She shredded everything and drug it around the room and hallway. Fun... Fun....

Morning Person

Bill is a morning person and I am not. He just hops out of bed in the morning and I have to take my time waking up. I guess it is good that we all are not just the same. How boring that would be. I used to stay up very late at night, like two or three, but not any more. That was before I started working outside the home.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spa Jobs

In today's world is has been made easier then ever to put your self out there and search for a job position. It is also nicer for the employer to search the net and find applicants that are possibly suited for the positions they are offering. With a new search engine, the beauty industry now has a job placement site. This site helps bring together the job seekers with the salons, spas and cosmetology positions that are out there. You can quickly explore opportunities that are out there in the cosmetology arena. Maybe it's the spa jobs you are interested in. What ever it may be across the nation employers can scan this site and find those potential candidates. What a great idea for the beauty industry. Click in and see what your future may hold.


I can often hear a dog in the neighborhood barking outside. With it as cold as it is I sure do feel sorry for any pet that is left outside for very long. We have a neighbor dog that is left out way to often. His name is Seven and he's a pretty dog. I feel badly for him when it's sub-zero temps out there. I don't understand people at all sometimes.

Another Week

WOW! Tomorrow is Friday already. I am not kidding, the days and weeks just fly by. We have been very busy at work with being short handed, so the days speed by and then the evenings are wrapped up in house work, bills, supper etc... Then it's off to work again. The weekends don't seem to slow down either. O'well....

Wedding Flowers

Planning that big day! Weddings are so exciting and fun to plan. Flowers can be a very important part of how that special day comes together. If you are looking for those wedding flowers, look no more. With it is easier then ever to find what you need at an affordable price. They offer great flowers such as calla lilies, rose petals, hydrangeas, peonies, daisies and more. They make it easy as well as affordable with their safe and quick delivery. These flowers can be used for all kinds of different occasions. Maybe you are planning a large event and would like those unique centerpieces for the table. They can help you. Click in and see all that they have available.


I am concerned that by the time the November election comes around, people really won't care any more. We have been so bombarded by political calls that I really wouldn't mind if I never heard another. I guess we need a president but it is becoming harder to stay motivated to the whole process.

Icy Roads

I hope the icy road conditions are about done for the year. There have been a great number of vehicles in the median and ditches in the past couple weeks. The road workers have done a great job clearing the roads. It isn't a job that I'd want to do. It would be scary with all the traffic on the roads today.

Price Of Gold

For all of you people who enjoy purchasing precious gold and metals, this is the site for you. With the Monex companies you will find some great investment opportunities with this American gold, silver and precious metals investment leader. They work with you and deliver immediately or make arrangements to safely store your purchase at a bank or depository. Monex has been in the business for over 30 years and can assist you in making wise decisions as to what to buy. With the price of gold continuing to sore upwards, it has become a way to help build your financial stability. Look into the Monex Deposit Company for your investment needs.

Wind Chill

Wow, was it cold this morning!! The temperature was around 20 below zero and with the wind chill it was 39 below. That is cold. I have said it before but again I need to say that I love warm weather. It is great that some love winter but I am not one of them. How about those that do the polar plunge? If you haven't seen it before, that is when a person jumps into icy water. I think I will pass on that.

Clock Winding

We had been having trouble with a regulator type clock stopping periodically. Bill took it apart and cleaned it. It now works great. We were wondering if it was even worth keeping. I am glad to say that I love the clock now. We wind it just a couple times a week now instead of daily.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mexico Vacations

Most people look forward to and enjoy a vacation. It's a time to relax and for some they really enjoy trying different types of foods while out relaxing. Mexico Vacations are a warm choice and Karisma Hotels can help you set up a wonderful memoriable get away. These resorts are unique, classy and all-inclusive. You can't beat that. They offer ocean views, white-sand beaches, hammocks, swim-up rooms, private stretchs of sand and more. You are sure to be impressed. Click in and check it out for yourself. You will love the experience that this place can bring to you and your family.


Do you enjoy airplane flights? It isn't one of my favorite things to take part in. I do like getting from point A to point B quickly but driving is really what I prefer. I know some people that totally love to fly. We just took a trip and did fly and I am glad we did on that particular vacation.

Auto Insurance

There are so many types of Insurance out there. At times it can become quite confusing to the average person. Through out the years we have had a lot of different types of auto insurance quotes and coverage. With three children all driving during the teen years, we found ourselves searching and researching insurance. We needed the best at a great price. It's worth checking it out.

Remote Starter

The car we bought recently has a remote starter on it which is very nice. It is a used vehicle and the previous owner had the device put on professionally. We have used it almost daily. I would hate to be without it after getting so used to it. Bill is going to get a new work car this year and it will have a remote starter on it too. He will love it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Logo Pens

Sometimes when you've been somewhere and you return home, you find yourself forgetting where it was you have been. No I don't mean you are losing your memory. I just find it useful when I have logo pens or other logo items that help remind me of something or somewhere that I have been. I don't have to look it up. The info is right there in front of me.

Wedding Rings

Anyone that knows me knows that I love jewelry. Ever since I received my very first diamond over 30 years ago from my husband, I have been fascinated with jewels. Wedding rings have to be one of the most precious symbol’s we give on another. They stand for our unity and continual commitment to one another. I'll never tire of my wedding rings.


The weather hasn't been very nice but Zoe, our dog, was begging to go out for a walk tonight. It is snowing and the wind has picked up but she really doesn't care. She loves to go out and play in the snow. The problem is, she gets snow stuck to her fur and has to thaw out. I guess if she doesn't mind, I don't either.

Checking Account

In today’s world there are so many options for making payments. You can use a credit card, cash, savings account, debit card or the old fashion way by using your checking account. I still find myself using our checking account to do many of our monthly bills. It is nice that with computers you can now go on line and see where you stand at any moment.


There are so many cool cell phones that it is hard to decide what to buy. Bill is next on the list to get one. His is a very basic phone without even a camera. Can you believe that? No camera!! Actually it wasn't long ago that these high tech phones were really unheard of. I remember when people had the bag phones. They apparently worked very well but things have sure changed.

For those of you looking for great herbs, oils, incense, powders, seeds and more, look no further. On you will find what you are looking for. This Kona Kava Farm is located in Hawaii. They strive to sustain culture, communities, and forests without chopping down their trees. They are carrying products that are difficult to find anywhere else such as Shaman Rattle Root. Their Kava product line has become quite popular. Not only do they have a great variety of products, but their service is amazing. Click in and read the testimonials and see for yourself what you have been missing.

Rough Road

There is a local county blacktop that has a tendency to have areas which are very rough. One spot in particular gets very bad. The road just kind of sinks so there is a nasty dip. If someone isn't used to the road they can bottom out their car. The road gets fixed but soon it is bad again. This winter weather is hard on lots of things.

Monday, February 18, 2008


It seems as though we are always working on our home. I love to see change and improvements done. Schlage hardware has a very nice line of door decor. With their many styles and designs you are sure to find something to suit your fancy. The quality is right up there and you can feel secure in your purchase. You will have to check them out for your next home improvement.

Friday, February 15, 2008


We just got back from a wonderful cruise to Cozumel. We left out of Fort Lauderdale Florida. It was so nice to be in warm climate and enjoy green and flowers. Now we are back to the gray and cold of the north. I guess we choose to live here, but seriously, I would highly recommend a cruise with Royal Caribbean. They do it right.


There are so many people out there today looking for new and improved nutritional suppliments to aid in improving their health and appearance. Most everyone's lives have been touched or affected by cancer in some way today. There is Resveratrol that can help fight bacteria and fungi. It is also known to assist in the anti-aging process. You can research this product further by clicking into

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Babies In The Paper

Our local newspaper allows people to put in certain things for free. For example, when a child is born their picture and birth announcement can be placed in the paper. We recently gave Emry and Kaelyn's information to the staff at the newspaper. This week the babies pictures were in print. It was so fun to see them and to read about them. We bought extra papers so we could give to the kids.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Imprinted Promotional Products

I sure do enjoy shopping on line. It is so easy and such a time saver. You can compare products with just a click of the mouse. There's this great site It offers all kinds of imprinted promotional products for purchase. Whether it's a new weekender bag or maybe it's a personalized key chain with an L.E.D. flashlight, they can help you out. You will have to check it out for yourself.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Zoe is Happy!!

Zoe sure was happy to see us when we got back today! She has been staying with Jen and Scott the past week...and although she loves it there, she is always happy to be home. I'm glad that she is so comfortable staying with them while we're away. It's nice to know that we don't have to worry about her. She's always loved and taken care of while she's there. I know that some people have to take their dogs to the vet when they go on vacation, but it's nice when you don't have to do that if possible.

Home Improvements

Through the years, Bill and I have done many things to do our home. It went from being a simple ranch style home to a very unique looking home with a lot to offer. It's often brought to my attention how much we've actually done to it over the years now that my daughter and her husband are are working on doing some things to their house that they recently bought. It's fun to watch them transform their "simple ranch style house" into a home that they love and can easily raise a family in with all of these great home improvements that they've been doing!!

Movie Watching

Today Bill and I watched a movie called '3:10 To Yuma'. It was pretty good even though westerns aren't really my favorite. A couple main characters in the movie are Russell Crowe and Peter Fonda. It is fairly violent throughout the movie. I didn't really care for the ending very much. I won't fill you in on that in case you see the movie.

Women's Health

It seems that I continue to learn something each and every day. A condition called fibromyalgia, is something that I had heard of before, but never knew much about. Recently I had the opportunity to learn more on a very interesting women's health site!! I always enjoy learning knew things, especially when it comes to my health. Aside from this, I also learned more about different supplements and things that are good for women of all ages who may be dealing with PMS or other conditions we women face. It was quite interesting if you ask me!!

Shopping for Grandbabies

It's been a while since we've had little babies around the house, so when our very first grandchildren were recently born there was a lot of memories brought back. What a joyful time it is to be grandparents! It's so fun shopping for the two of them...especially since there is one girl and one boy. When I'm out shopping it seems that I always stumble across baby toys and baby furniture that are new to me. When my children were young we didn't have all of these different things to keep the children busy. It's amazing what they come up with. So many items out there today really seem to help enhance a child's development while giving them age appropriate toys and furniture to use. I was even amazed at how much baby cribs have come along. There are so many types and styles...really a great selection for parents to choose from!

New Carpet

Our church is preparing to put in new carpet and also new coverings on the pews. I think they are also replacing the lights in the sanctuary. I am not sure when the project is supposed to be done but they have been working hard on the jobs. It is in need of the carpet, which has been in place for many years. It will look very nice when it is finished.

Very First Home

My daughter and her husband bought their very first home this past August. So far they are really enjoying it...especially being able to do certain projects that need to be done. The most recent project was putting up a divide a large room into a bedroom and office area. They've also put in a very nice front door and done a lot of painting. I think the next thing on their "to do" list is to replace some light fixtures. Their home was built over 40 years their are some very dated fixtures that could use some updating. I'm happy for them...they really seem to be making this house their "home" which is great!

My Golf Game

Being that I just took up the sport of golf this past summer, I'm still learning everything there is to know about what it takes to be a great golfer. I have found that it's not too hard to hit the ball, but I still have to get my game down and hit the all far when I need to. I was thinking maybe I should buy some of those women's golf balls...the ones that are supposedly specially made to go straight and far. I'm not sure if this is just a gimmick, or the real thing...but I'm thinking I may have to test it out this summer when I get golfing again.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Warming Up

It was cold again today but tomorrow it is supposed to warm up to the mid 20's. My hope is that this will be the start of spring. Maybe it isn't quite that time of year but I am sure ready for it. Last weekend we had temperatures around 40 which was very much welcomed.

Baby Shops

Now there is a great site for all of you parents out there. The Knot Inc. has released a new web site, This huge expansive search engine offers reviews of local stores, classes, baby shops, baby products and more. You can search and find baby gear and services. There are real reviews from parents like you from all across the United States. This information can be as helpful as talking to many of your friends or making phone calls with questions you might have. It's an awesome way to communicate and retrieve information quickly. Have some questions of your own? Click in and see what you will find.

A Mom's Balancing Act

I sure do remember the day of being at home with my children. I loved it, but a lot of people thought that I had it made because I was home. They think there is so much time and not much to do. They seemed to forget that there is so much to balance as a mom, even a stay at home mom. It's a full time job and it's the best. You have the rewards of watching your children grow and change. , hopefully, never missing those "firsts". I have found a great new blog, A Mom's Balancing Act. It really gives you a feel for what a stay at home mom deals with on a daily bases. There is so much good information to gain by reading this blog. It's all about children, products, family, home life and more. You should definitely check it out.

Light Supper

Last night we weren't very hungry for supper so Bill just made us a bacon sandwich. We like to have that kind of meal once in awhile. We just make toast and spread peanut butter on before putting on a few pieces of bacon. Add a little of your favorite juice and you have a nice little meal.

Cheap Land For Sale

Property has become quite expensive today. When looking to purchase land or a home, most will find that it will become one of the hugest investments they will encounter. While out there hunting you can find some cheap land for sale. You just have to know where to look for it. Research and it will be worth it to you.