Friday, October 29, 2010

Anti Wrinkle Creams

Recently while traveling to Las Vegas I found their climate to be quite dry. Unfortunately I enjoy sun bathing a little bit too much also. After a few days my heals were extremely dry. I could also see aging on my face. The anti wrinkle creams and lotions were calling my name. I can see what the sun can do, but yet I still put my skin through it all.

Weight Loss Programs

We like many are struggling to keep our weight down. Age plays a role, but we must also work at maintaining. There are weight loss programs out there that are helping a large portion of our population. For me it means to be cautious of quanity and types of foods I am eating. Exercise is a plus also.


It's that time again! I had to run Zoe our Bichon over to the groomer. About every six or seven weeks she is ready for a haircut. Her hair is so curly and can begin to matt if we're not careful. The first thing they did was weigh her this morning. She is doing so well keeping off those extra pounds. She has lost seven or eight pounds now. The groomer even said they thought she looked like a totally different dog now. :) Yeah Zoe!!


Well, as my husband and I grow older we are finding it easier to gain those unwanted pounds and much harder to lose them. We are often trying out a new diet or increasing our exercise, but it seems we need more then that. I know there are fat burners such as Lipofuze and others on the market. Some chose to go that route. I just wish a person could enjoy all of the wonderful foods out there without the consequences.

Accredited Online Bachelor Degree

My oldest son recently completed his Master's Degree on line while working full time and he also has a family. What a great accomplishment. It has really been an asset to his career. Now our youngest son is looking at accredited online bachelor degree programs along with others programs. It's so nice to know that they can continue working while gaining that much needed education.

Build Muscles Fast

My nephews have really changed over the past year or so. They have filled out and seem to be in great shape. I would guess that body building is their thing. They were wanting a way to build muscles fast. We just viewed the ones senior pictures and WOW, you can tell he's been lifting weights. It really does make a difference. Good job Caleb!

Migraine Treatment

I have suffered with headaches since my twenties. When I entered my thirties they began to increase in number and severity. After doctoring I found that I was suffering with migraines. I can have such a clear head and then suddenly it come on me. Last night I took a migraine treatment and this morning am feeling better. It sure isn't much fun to deal with.

Las Vegas

Last month we took a trip out to Las Vegas. We saw and did a variety of things. We spent a couple of nights walking up and down the strip seeing all of the lights, water shows, The Sirens of TI and the Mirage Volcano. We also took in the Fremont Street Experience, the Pawn Star shop, "O" Cirque Du Soleil show, shopping and wonderful eating. It was a great week!

Vitacost Coupons

Last year in starting my Christmas shopping, I found that online shopping saved me time and money. It's that time again once again. We've started our shopping. I've done a lot of online and it sure is handy. I watch for deals like the vitacost coupons and more. It's nice when there is free shipping included also. No more fighting the crowds. I can get it done from home.

Malignant Mesothelioma

I sometimes ask myself why there are so many suffering with cancer today. Often I have thought that our surroundings are contributing. Well, if you have been diagnosed with a malignant Mesothelioma type of cancer, then has been brought on by your environment. They are saying that it is an asbestos caused cancer of the membranes that are around the body's vital organs. What else in our environment today could be effecting our health and well being?

Advanced Forex training

My son is starting to get into the Stock Market now. He like so many young people, are wanting to invest wisely. There are different avenues that a person can explore. Whether it's with an advanced Forex training or simply experimenting on your own, there is a place to invest and a good time to do so. I know we are watching how we are investing these days. A person can't be to careful.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Benzaclin Reviews

Over the years we have raised three wonderful children. In those years there were challenges and a variety of issues. During the adolescent years we found that each child dealt with acne to some degree. Technology didn't allow us to research like a person can today. You can go on line and read benzaclin reviews and other information. The internet has a treasure of information about all sorts of topics.

Still Working

After two years, we find ourselves still working on our home. We have a fan sitting out in the family room on the floor. We still need to install it in one of the bedrooms. We finished some wood trim going down stairs and are looking to hang a new TV in a bedroom. The list seems to never end, but we are enjoying the results.

Trick or Treating

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

Halloween this year is going to be an adventure of first experiences. My son is six and this is his first year to carve pumpkins. He already has his carving templates picked out and cannot wait until the Saturday before Halloween. Traditionally, I always carve the pumpkins the day before. My goal is to never skimp on the details and always try to have the most detailed and creative pumpkins on my block. This is also my son's first year of school, so he is extremely excited to dress up in his chosen costume and roam the neighborhood of schoolmates collecting all the candy in the land. We've recently moved to a new neighborhood and there are several hundred kids, so we will also be stocking up on as much candy as possible to pass out to the hungry hoard of ghouls, ghosts and comic book characters. I am almost as excited as my son for Halloween this year and cannot wait to see what the neighborhood looks like all dressed up. We have several streets to roam as the neighborhood we are in is away from any major streets. Safety first is always our motto. When our feet are sore and our candy bags are full, we will come home and turn on the Direc4u TV to watch all the Halloween specials.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I like to use my netbook but it is quite small. I had to get use to it because I was more familiar to a laptop. The keyboard is tiny compared to the larger computer but I have begun to enjoy using it. I do have to admit that it is easy to take with me when I travel. Over all I am glad I bought it.

Voice Changer

Safety in our world today. What makes you feel safe? There are many devices used for a variety of reasons. GPS tracking is becoming quite popular now. We have it on our cell phones and also in some vehicles. If a person is needing to be found or located, these units can be of assistance. There are surveillance cameras of all types. These have been found to protect small children from an out of control baby sitter perhaps. There are also voice changer devices. You can change your voice to a higher increased pitch simply by attaching the device to your telephone handset and adjusting the selector. It can go higher or lower. In the choices for these devices you can find the Portable Professional Voice Changer. It is user friendly and will do the job. It is interesting to see all that technology holds.

MP3 Player

My MP3 player works pretty well and also I have an iTouch but the other day I saw an iPad and what they can do. I know some say that the iPad isn't a computer and I agree. There are some things that they aren't able to do but they are sure a nice tool/toy. I wouldn't mind getting one some day.

Gold Bullion

Many of us are carefully watching the money markets, stock markets and our investments. We have lost a third of our stock investments, there is a concern as to what to do for our future. It is sad to see those who have had to delay retirement due to this decline. Now with the United States Gold Bureau you can purchase silver, gold bullion and other precious metals. The Gold Bureau will insure a safe and secure delivery to the bank or depository of your choosing. Gold can be bought in an ingot form or a gold coin. The ingot form is a pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. Click in and browse for yourself.

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Recently we did a little Christmas shopping. Actually it was about two days worth of shopping. We got a lot accomplished in those two days, believe me. In between stores we got to eat some of our favorite foods. We ate at P.F. Changs for lunch on one day and Hickory Park the next. It was awesome! Funny how we enjoy our food so much! :) The motel we stayed at was wonderful also! It was a Drury Inn. They now serve a night time snack (more of a meal) and breakfast all for the cost of a stay. Very nice!!

4 Wheel Drive

Our two vehicles both have 4 wheel drive and I am glad for it. I was one that said we would never get a 4 wheel drive because of the cost and the idea that if it is bad weather we just wouldn't go anywhere. But now that we have them, thanks to my husband, I am so glad we do. I never worry at all if I am going to be able to get to work. I have more confidence driving around town, especially in the Ford Escape.

Depuy lawsuit

We find that there are many health issues plaguing our society today. When it comes to illness individuals may feel that a hip or knee replacement isn't really a very serious condition. Well, even with a surgery of this type you can find yourself in a lot of pain. That's what they are finding has happened to many of the 93,000 patients that may have received the Depuy orthopedic hip implant. After suffering with severe swelling and pain these individuals may want to seek out some legal assistance. The firm of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers, can help you with what might be a Depuy lawsuit/liability claim. These attorneys along with their educated and experienced staff may be able to help. You can contact them at:

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am not one that remembers jokes very well. Some people can rattle off several jokes in a row and I appreciate that but it just isn't something I can do. There have been times when I have been in the middle of telling a joke and I forget the punchline. I know there are many of you just like me that are terrible joke tellers. Don't worry about it, just enjoy listening to those that have the ability to tell the jokes .

Friday, October 22, 2010

Using our DVR for School Purposes

Authored by Leandro Delgado

As a home schooling mom, I am always looking for ways to supplement the curriculum I use with my children. Thanks to our satellite TV DVR that we got after comaring "directv versus cable companies", this is easier than it has ever been. I can record programs for them to watch that coordinate with what they are studying in school and we watch them when it is convenient. If we are studying Christopher Columbus in two weeks and a program comes on discussing his explorations, I just record it. When we get into the meat of the curriculum, we will take a morning and watch that instead of using the school books. It works perfectly for us.

When my children show an interest in a topic, I try to include that in their curriculum also. To expose them to a wide variety of topics, I will often record educational programs with the DVR. When we finish our school work early, we sit down and view one of these programs together. As a result, my son has developed an interest in aerospace technology and my youngest daughter has shown an interest in landscape design. We are now studying both in school. Without my DVR, this may not have been possible. The more my kids are exposed to, the more they learn. My DVR makes this happen.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ceiling Fan

We have always had ceiling fans in our house. Recently we replaced one of them. One of the home shows on television said they were not in style any longer but I really don't care. I think they serve a good purpose and they look good too. Maybe my house isn't totally in style but we are going to keep our ceiling fans.

Buy Gold Bars

The economy has been shaky at best. Many have found that the stock market has not treated them well in the past couple of years. There are those that are struggling to make ends meet and have delayed retirement. Now with the United States Gold Bureau a person can buy gold bars, silver and other precious metals for that future financial portfolio. Precious metals give back to a person that purchasing power. Gold and silver can be purchased in the ingot form. This is a pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. Delivery is made secure and quickly. Browse their website for yourself and see what you may be missing.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Emry and Israel

Last weekend we spent sometime on the farm with our son and his family. Emry and Israel love it out there. You can see some of the flower garden behind them.

How to remove blackheads

I have a co-worker who use to work for a Dermatologist. She has shared some of her comical moments in that medical office. There was a time when she actually went out to the waiting room and called a patient by their skin condition instead of their name. I'm sure at the time the individual didn't appreciate that. She has also shared more important facts like how to remove blackheads. Ways that you can even do it from home. People live different lives don't they? :)

Best Vitamins For Men

Over the past few years my husband and I have decided that we should look into taking some vitamins. We wondered what was the best vitamins for men and women. We presently take a one a day type of vitamin, Vitamin D and E. We like many are seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. We know that we are given only one body and we need to take good care of it.

Learn More

Does your skin change as you grow older? My sure has. In my twenties it appeared tight and smooth. In my thirties I began seeing lines and wrinkle. And now the lines continue to deepen. I know that this is a normal process, but like most I too want to slow down the process and learn more about wrinkle eye creams. The creams also make my skin feel great.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Slow Computer

Don't you hate it when your computer goes really slow? I don't think ours is overloaded with programs but at times it is way to slow for me. We have tried to delete some stuff to help but it hasn't helped too much. I guess we may need to upgrade and buy a newer model some time. For now I will put up with the slow speed from time to time.

Cosmetology School in Phoenix

We have raised three children. Each one different and unique. Each having their own interests. They are now grown and are experiencing life in their own way. If you are one who has thought about the world of cosmetology, then the Regency Beauty Institute may be the place for you. Regency was founded over fifty years ago in Minneapolis Minnesota. They continue to grow an expand, now having over 80 campuses to choose from. Perhaps you are interested in a cosmetology school in Phoenix AZ. Or if it's another location you are seeking, check out over 19 states in which Regency currently has campuses. You are sure to find one for your liking. They can provide a unique learning atmosphere with great experience. Click in and browse for yourself.
This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051

Gold Coins

Last year some time I saw on ebay that someone had nearly twenty gold fifty dollar gold coins for sale. At the time they were going for about $900 each. Wow. What a nice collection to have. I would have loved to own that many. Actually I would like to have one or two. I would have sold them too.


We are having scalloped potatoes and ham for supper. It has been a long time since we made it so we are looking forward to the meal. Bill and I both enjoy cooking so it was a joint effort tonight. Don't tell him but he is quite the cook. Actually I have told him that many times over the years. I don't mind having some meals made for me sometimes.


As the world watched, our economy had taken a turn for the worse. Many have lost a third of their retirement funds and now face an unsure future. The United States Gold Bureau has made available for purchase silver, gold and other precious metals. The delivery process is safe and convenient. They will deliver to the bank or depository of your choosing. You will find silver and gold sold in a pure bullion cast. These are called ingot and are a convenient size and shape for storing. This may just be a way of investing for the future. I may look into this further.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Clean Dog

Our dog Zoe had a bath last night. After being outside so much over the weekend she was filthy. I brushed her hair after the bath and she is as soft as ever again. She isn't a big fan of having her face get wet in the tub so I cover her eyes with a wash cloth while cleaning her. That seems to help.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Acne Products

While raising three children we found many challenges. Each child had their own goals, concerns and even health issues. Through out the adolescent years we researched a variety of acne products. Though our children didn't have a huge problem in this area, we still had to address it. Depending on the severity, each one had different needs. It's nice that there are many products on the market today.

Apple Orchard

We had such a great time at an Apple Orchard on Sat. Our daughter and her husband invited us along. It was sure fun watching our grand daughter trying out everything. She had a blast. I strolled Kaden around as he watched big sister. What a great place for children!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Buying Cigars

As a child I can always remember my dad smoking either a cigarette, pipe or a cigar. He enjoyed it and still does to this day. There was definitely a difference between the smells of each of them. The cigar was the best. In buying cigars I guess you can purchase a variety of types. Each one having their own taste and smell. I'm not really sure if dad tried different types or not.

Time To Mow

The grass needs to be mowed but we will wait until tomorrow. I don't think it is something we need to do on Sunday. The weather has been and will continue to be very nice and warm. We did have a brief rain shower yesterday morning and the grass is still growing even though it is mid-October. Even if we didn't get the grass mowed again this year, it really doesn't matter that much.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Royals Doing Decent!

Contribution by Archie Watts

Last Friday, September 19th, I went to the Kansas City Royals vs. Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball game. It was a blast! Considering the Royals lost to the Indians the two previous nights, I was very happy with the fact that we won 6-4. At first the Royals were behind three runs, and at that point my dad and I left to go to the concessions.

Usually to let off our steam, and because they are delicious, we get hot dogs and funnel cakes. Then, as we were standing up in the nose bleed section with funnel cake shoved in our mouths, we see on a little LCD TV that the Royals made a run! If I wanted to watch this on a TV, I would be at home watching it on my satellite TV from Obviously we head back to our seats as quickly as possible to watch the ultimate win.

The rest of the game was great, with Zack Greinke pitching pretty well and the Indians, slowly but surely, tiring out. As I already said, we won 6-4. I can only imagine how Royals' manager, Ned Yost, felt about the win. Especially since they have lost most of their games this season.

We play Cleveland again this weekend. I hope we will do just as will in these coming games as we did on Friday.
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Friday, October 1, 2010

Wizard of Oz Cuties :)

There is not much else to say about these two except absolutely darling!!! These are two of my grandchildren, Kaelyn and Kaden.


Over the past couple of years have you been concerned with the economy and our stock market? There are many who have been. They have watched as their investments have literally disappeared before their very eyes. The United States Gold Bureau wants to improve this situation. They can assist you in the purchase of gold bullion, silver and other precious metals. Delivery is immediate and safe. They will arrange to conveniently deliver to your bank or depository. The buying of gold is one way that a person might preserve wealth. It can be great purchasing power. You can browse and look into it for yourself.

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