Thursday, March 29, 2012


Are you one to shop online? I didn't think I would be, but have found it to be so quick and convenient. Over the past few years I have purchased most of my Christmas presents that way.
I love these daily sites that run specials. I hear from most everyday. It's fun to see what they are running on sale. They have such a variety of items. There's entertainment, jewelry, beauty, accessories, clothes and even free deals. With nomorerack you are sure to find something you'll enjoy.
Not to often can you get something for free. Check them out for yourself.


Wow! What an awesome winter we have had! I can't believe it's already spring time. The snow (what little we got) has melted away. The grass is green, trees are budding and some flowers are blooming and it's not even April yet. I love it. There have been many years where we deal with so much snow and cold and spring comes late. I think we deserve this! :)

Cutting expenses

This guest post from Werner Rogers

My husband is a teacher in our local high school. The economy has been so bad lately, and it has affected a lot of people and businesses. In the latest faculty meeting at my husband’s school, he told me that they said they were going to have to lose seven teachers next year. They have four that are retiring so I am guessing that those will not be replaced. He has been there long enough that he is not in danger of losing his job. But he did say that there would continue to be mandatory furlough days where the teachers would have a day off from school on certain days and would not get paid for those days. So he said we need to be more frugal at home with our expenses. He said he was going to find cheaper ways of getting our utilities and would shop for a cheaper electrical company through Boy I hope our economy starts turning around for the better soon. I don’t know how much longer we can keep going like this.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 has free shipping!

My kids have small children. I can't believe all the stuff they have. There are so many new and different products available on the market these days. I'm sure they would be interested in knowing that has free shipping. Sometimes you find that the shipping is almost a much as the item you are purchasing. Good to know!

Vlc Media Player Download

Technology has sure changed. When I think back to my younger days, we didn't even own a computer. It is now easier then ever to find just about anything you might be needing. I plan our travel through the internet. I do much of my shopping through the internet. I see where it is presently free for the vlc media player download. It is a simple, fast and powerful media player. There is always something new coming on the market. I'll have to check this out.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I love to try new recipes. I found this one on Pinterest the other day. It's is a chicken parmesan. It ended up being quite tasty. My husband wasn't too sure about the croutons on the top. We may have it again.

Video Game Stores

Raising two boys I found they enjoyed the technology that was available out there. They loved their game machines. They spent much time and money at the video game stores. I think they would still enjoy them if they had more time. Now they are wrapped up with family and careers. There are a variety of games to play. My husband would enjoy some of them also.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Youngest Family Member

Caysen is the youngest family member! He is growing so fast. Now almost 4 months old, he is already holding himself up some and making those cute little noises babies make. I love his smile!

Marcus Nurse Uniforms

I've been working in the medical field for years. Times have sure changed. I remember wearing the old nursing caps when I first started out. You don't even see those anymore. We were told we would need to alway wear white pants and shoes, but could wear any color top we wanted. Then we began to purchase a type of Marcus nurse uniform. It sure makes getting ready in the morning a breeze.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Apidextra Review

As I grow older I find that the weight tends to go on so easy, but not always so easy to take off. Many women around me talk of the same thing. They are looking into different types of diets. Some are thinking of trying diet pills. I saw where you can read a apidextra review. It's nice to know how safe and effect they are before purchasing.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Can You Sing?

We enjoy watching American Idol. I am very impressed how well people can sing. I know many that can sing in a large group but to belt it out as well as those chosen to be on the show is awesome. There must be a tremendous amount pressure too. Millions can sing but to be at that level is incredible.