Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Martin Hanaka

I was compensated for the following post, however all opinions are my own.

My husband receives frequent emails from golfsmith.com.  He enjoys going to their site because they can have some pretty good deals.  I see that Martin Hanaka is chief executive officer of Golfsmith. 
Hanaka had also been involved with other companies such as Staples and The Sports Authority.  With all of his experience he is a great asset to the company. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Herbal City LLC Smoke Products

Guest post written by Shelly P
Many people want to have something they can use in order to improve their mood. When looking for such things they will want to look for a place to get them. Fortunately for those seeking these products can get them from a reputable company known as Herbal City LLC. The company known as Herbal City LLC allows you to get a number of smoke products that can help you relax more easily or enhance your mood. When looking for these products you will be able to find a number of things such as mood enhancers, party powders and incense. With these products you will have a number of things to enjoy.

You can visit their website here: http://herbalcity.com/

When getting the various products from Herbal City LLC you will want to look for something that can benefit you both when you are alone and in social settings. One of the products to get is mood enhancers. This is a kind of product that allows people to become mellow and make themselves feel more at ease. Using mood enhancers will help an individual and group become more calm and therefore allow them to be less stressed. As a result this is a very good product with some considerable benefits.

One of the things that make the products of Herbal City LLC among the best is the fact that they come in a variety of brands. The brands that y! ou can get with these products include King Kong, KO, Funky Monkey, Madhatter and Joker. Due to the many brands you can get you will have many forms of this product to purchase. As a result you will have little difficulty finding the right products for your needs in terms of mood enhancers. Using Herbal City LLC provides you with a number of quality options in this regard.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Diabetic Dog

We have a diabetic dog.  She gets two shots a day and seems to be doing well.  Our dog does get a bit timid knowing she is going to get a shot but all in all she handles it pretty well.  I do think her sight is getting worse.  She used to be able to grab a treat out of the air but no so much any more.  She has lost weight, which she was in need of doing.  I guess we will just see how she deals with this new ordeal in her life.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Accounting Jobs

There are many people searching for jobs in todays job market.  Where does a person begin?  It's nice to know that there are websites that can assist you.  ICS is one of them.  There you can find the dos and don'ts of interviewing.  This can be stressful in itself.  They also have resume tips to help in preparing what needs to be said.
Are you wondering how to land the ideal job?  Well, they can help you from beginning to hiring.  There is a variety of questions they can answer for you.  There are many types of jobs they can help you with.  There is a list of accounting jobs ready for you to check out.  By location and job type you will be on your way to finding what you are wanting.
It's great to find a site that can smooth the way as you are job searching.  Check them out for yourself.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Platform Beds Los Angeles

We've been working on homes over the past five years.  First we redid our home we had for 28 years.  Then when we were finished, we decided to move.  We purchased a new home and are now decorating and fixing it up to our liking.  I was looking at beds.  There was a site that had platform beds los angeles area and more.  I may have to see what they are like.

Credit Card Factoring

It's a new year with new ideas.  My son-in-law has been contemplating starting up a new business.  There is a lot to consider when approaching such an endeavor.  The internet is such a great resource for many of his questions.  There are sites that can help financially with credit card factoring and cash advances.  It will be exciting to see how this may play out for him.

Car Wash

I know its plenty cold to wash the car but it was very much needed.  The roads have been very sloppy and I don't  recall the last time I washed my car.  I tried the new car wash which has a blow dryer to make sure the car is dry.  I then drove straight home and put the car in the garage.  It looks great, all shiny and clean.  It was nice too that I didn't even need to get out of the car while it was being washed. I will definitely use that car wash again.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finding a Dentist Near You at Monarch Dental

Guest post written by Collin R

Monarch Dental aims to deliver smiles across the nation with affordable financing options for patients both new and old. Whether you're in need of a pediatric dentist or are an adult seeking a highly qualified dental office, Monarch Dental can help you to find a location near you that offers trustworthy, professional services to give you a healthier smile today. Make the most out of your next dental experience by visiting one of more than 400 affiliated locations found throughout the nation. From Washington to Florida, Smile Brands offices may be right next door.

Most Monarch Dental offices accept all dental insurance plans and will file claims for you for your convenience. When selecting a dental treatment plan based on your needs, affordable financing options are available for all patients to take advantage of. No more struggling to pay those dental bills when financing options can be tailored to fit all budgets. Because Monarch Dental believes that everyone deserves routine and emergency dental care, they make it their mission to bring affordable services to everyday patients.

From general dentistry services to emergency dentistry need at last minute, Monarch Dental offers it all. Take advantage of routine teeth cleanings on a regular basis to maintain that white, healthy smile. X-rays, oral exams, fillings, braces, orthodontics, teeth whitening, crowns and denture services are also available at most Monarch Dental offices around the country. Easily request an appointment today that can be worked around your busy schedule at your convenience at an office location near you.