Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Animal Planet

I like to watch The Animal Planet station. I am not always sure why. There can be very sad stories on there. I was watching one that was about a dog that had been neglected He was on deaths bed. He was so thin and could no longer walk. His skin was filled with sores and bald patches. It was the saddest thing. Thank goodness for this dog, he had a happy ending. He began to gain weight and survived the ordeal. I just can not understand how people can do such a thing to an animal.


Through out the teen age years there can be many obstacles to hurdle. It doesn't take much for other kids to become cruel and mean to one another. Those teen years can often bring along situations with acne. Some cases are not so severe, but those in some situation it may call for medications of some kind. There are internal medications as well as creams and cleansers. What ever it takes, it is important to try different methods.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chris Rice

I was listening to some songs on YouTube tonight and came across the Cartoon Song by Chris Rice. I had forgotten all about it. We use to hear it once in awhile. It is a very cute song and makes a great point. Enjoy listening.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Thank goodness, we have finally gotten our air conditioning running again. They put in the new blower with in minutes and away she went. It is something how spoiled a person can be. We enjoy the luxury of not having to deal with the heat and humidity. Zoe is much happier also.


We recently installed new faucets in the kitchen and two bathrooms. They look very nice. It does take Bill and me a bit longer to do work like that but at least we got it done. Sometimes we just call our plumber but for small things we try to do it ourselves. Over the years Bill has gotten some tools that help with our projects.

PDA Medical Dictionary

Now with Epocrates PDA medical dictionary, physicians have some of the best technology at their fingertips. They have most recently launched a free drug reference for BlackBerry devices. They are also working with Apple to create a down loadable drug guide for the iPhone devices. These PDA Dictionaries are becoming a staple in the Doctor's lab coat. They can now have drug information at the click of a button without ever leaving a patient room. The drug guide makes available drug dosing, side effects and more. It is all immediate and easily retrievable. What a great idea and in the hands of over 500,000 health care professionals already. Browse and see this great technology. This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Air Conditioning

No Air! That's not a good thing to hear in the middle of July! This morning we had a local plumber here running a gas line for our new fireplace that we are having installed. As they were getting ready to leave, I noticed that the air conditioner had kicked on, but was sounding odd. I could tell it was not blowing air. The plumbers came back in the house and checked it out for us. Sure enough the blower on the furnace had frozen up. They said it would be late tomorrow or the next day before they could get in a new blower. You know what that means? I quickly closed all of the blinds and turned up all of the ceiling fans to medium. It doesn't feel to badly in here right now. We'll see what evening brings. I am most concerned for our dog. She gets so warm. She's out on the kitchen floor right now.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I have been away for a few days visiting my sister. We get together once a year and we hang out, shop, visit and just have a great time together! While we were out shopping this year, I found some new picture to put up in our living room. They were on sale half price. I was so thrilled. I purchased them at Kirklands. I love that store. Here is how it turned out on my wall. Click on the picture and see for yourself.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Zenni Optical

Have you ever heard of They sell only their own manufactured frames direct to the customer, cutting out the middleman and saving you money . Whether you need single, bifocal or progressive lenses you can get them at Zenni Optical. They have a very large selection of frames to choose from. You can order right online. One of the best things about Zenni Optical is that they advertise glasses as low as $8.00. Recently there was a special segment on Zenni on Fox News. I would encourage you to check out Fox and find out if Zenni Optical is right for you. There is a short video on Fox that you may be interested in seeing.


Bill and I recently got new cell phones and have a text messaging plan. We had not been able to send or receive pictures or videos until we were in the area of a tower owned by our provider. I just needed to update the phone while on their tower. I guess that makes sense, I just didn't know about it before. The last phone I had was able to send pictures right away when I got it. It doesn't really matter because now it works. Yeah.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Make Money

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Banking is a never ending job. I am always trying to keep up on figuring out my checkbook. I use to let it go for months and found I paid for it dearly. So now I am trying to balance it out weekly. It does feel good to know that it is correct. Most of the time..... ;)


I am having so much fun redoing our home this summer. I have picked up a lot of ideas from watching HGTV. They have great designers. It is amazing what some accessories can do. Whether it is candles, pillows, vases or pictures, they all play an important roll. Bring some much needed color into your space. You will love how it looks.

Bathroom Flooring

Well, today is the day! We are suppose to be getting in our new bathroom flooring today. The installers are running late. The man making our vanity called and is going to be delivering it soon. I guess it will have to sit in the hall and wait for the flooring. I'm excited to see it all put together. We also purchased a granite counter top. I think it will all come together nicely.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Online Shopping

If you find yourself short on time and to many things going on, then you are feeling like so many of us today. It awesome how a person can go online and shop without having to spend too much time and often more money. With, it has been made easier then ever. They will do the searching for you, finding what ever it is you are needing. Often at a great sale price. With more products to choose from and a variety of different stores, you are sure to be pleased.
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Baby's teething

This past weekend we were blessed to have gotten our two grandchildren together. It was the first time since Christmas and they have changed a lot. They are about eight months old now and are both teething. They have something in their mouths most of the time. They are dealing with a little bit of pain and discomfort also. It didn't seem to stop them from having fun with one another. I hope we can do that again very soon.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July!

What a weekend! We went to a family reunion yesterday, by a beautiful lake. It was a great time. The people are fun and the food was fantastic! Today we had a reunion on my side where I got to see a lot of my cousins that I haven't seen for quite some time. These are the cousins I grew up with and we spent a lot of time together as kids. We reminisced about all of the silly things we did growing up. It was a lot of fun and once again, we had so much great food!
Clip courtesy of AP / AOL

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Computer Trouble

We have two laptops that have both been having problems. Bill took them to a friend of his who is a wiz at computer stuff. He actually has a business on the side where he fixes computers. I am sure we will have them back soon, if they are fixable. I miss having a laptop around the house.

Baby Gifts

This year has been a big year for new babies. There have been several people close to us that have recently had a new addition to the family. It is so much fun to shop for baby gifts. Times have sure changed. There are so many neat and new gadgets out there that wasn't around in my day of having children.

Micro SD

Cell phones are amazing. It's hard to believe that we ever did without them. They are so handy to have in case of an emergency. I think it's a great way for parents to keep in touch with their children throughout the day. If you are needing a cell phone or accessories, you should check out and see all that they have to offer. They have micro sd card, the top selling bluetooth, cellphones of all kinds and more. It's an awesome site.


We now have a gas station in town that has E85 fuel. Our car is old enough that I don't think it is set up for E85. Apparently it is better for the environment but I have heard that you won't get as good of gas mileage with it. It is considerably cheaper right now which is a big help.

Beer Pong Tables

It's summer time and young and old can enjoy the fun beer pong tables. They are easy to move and functional. You know longer have to use your dining table for fun and games. They come in all different designs and are made to be durable and strong with their lamanent covering. When you are finished playing you can tuck it away in a closet. What a neat game table.

Nokia N810

My son and son-in-law are very much into the latest technology. When ever there is a new phone presented, they soon seem to own it. They would enjoy shopping at where they have the Nokia N810 and many other types of cell phones for purchase. There is a large assortment of brands and types to choose from. They will have to check it out for them selves.


I enjoy shopping when I get the chance. Bill is a pretty good sport, as a rule, to go with me. There are times when he might sit down on a bench and wait for me but usually stays with me in the stores. We haven't gotten to go shopping for awhile but we plan to soon. It has just been to busy with working, helping out Jen and Scott on their home and working on our house.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Midwest Auto Recycling

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Blogging is a great past time. Some of my family are involved in blogging for PayPerPost. My son's blog was "blog of the day" on their site today! I am so excited for him! It's always fun to be recognized and it also draws a lot of traffic to your site that way. Congratulations Jake!!


You can sure tell when the humidity kick up. I can seem to deal with higher temps if the humidity is low. Today, it shot up and the air conditioner is working over time. I would sure hate to be without it. Everything feels sticky and dirty when it's humid. Even Zoe, our dog, struggles more when she goes on her walks in this weather.

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Dog Shampoo

Well it's that time again. With the weather being nicer, Zoe our dog, loves to go on walks and be outside. With that comes a very dirty white dog. Well, she's suppose to be white anyway. A few years back I purchased some dog shampoo from a dog groomer. It smells so good and now, so does Zoe. :)


I can remember the old days of using a typewriter. That is all we knew and we thought they were great. Then came the word processor. They were somewhat better, but who can beat the computer. It is quick and fast and none of your errors ever have to show on the paper. That's wonderful!

Presidential Dollars

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We have not been to a movie for quite awhile. The theater in our town really hasn't had anything that I have wanted to go to. There are a few movies coming out soon that I would like to see. Sometimes we just wait until they come out on DVD and rent them.


Lately there have been several scams trying to get money from people. One of the biggest ones is a letter that indicates a person is a sweepstakes winner. The person receives a check and is requested to cash it, then send a majority of it to another country. The persons sweepstakes winnings are then supposedly sent to them. Most banks know of the scam and won't cash the checks. Be aware of scams like this and don't be taken in by them.

Djembe Drums

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Lately one of our favorite television channels is HGTV. We enjoy watching people showing their homes and what updates they have done. I have gotten several ideas from these programs and have changed some things around my home. It is amazing how much money people spend on their homes, from purchasing to remodeling. The other night it showed a very small one bedroom apartment in New York for several hundred thousand dollars. It makes me appreciate my own home.

Vanity Top

We are having an oak vanity made and recently bought a granite top to go with it. I am looking forward to having it put together. We have the top in a box in the garage and have looked at it several times. I had to help Bill carry it because it is so heavy. It is going to look great.

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