Monday, May 31, 2010

New Carpet

We are planning on having some new carpet installed in three bedrooms and the hall. Two of the bedrooms have had the same carpet for about twenty five years. It is time for a change. The carpet has held up pretty well but you can tell it has just lasted about as long as possible. We found some carpet that we really liked, only to find out that it had supposedly been discontinued. At least until this past Saturday that is what we thought. We then found out that there was such a demand for that particular brand and style that the company is still going to produce it. We were very pleased to hear that. The store ordered a roll of it since they know it is a good seller. They will then come and measure our rooms to determine how much we need. We think that we night have new carpet by the end of this month. We are very happy about that.

Investing In Gold

Looking out into the future, no one knows for sure what it may hold for us. The economy hasn't proven to be very stable as the markets climb and crash. Some say to buy gold coins. They are the investment of the future. Gold has always held it's own. When thinking about retirement, investing in gold could be the wise commodity of choice. Over the generations we have seen this precious metal bring great returns and financial security for some. It is not likely to drop in value. A person may want to consider this gem for it may prove to be a worthwhile investment. Browse this website for yourself.

**I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.**

Running Outside vs Inside

Bill enjoys running and prefers to run outside. During the winter he either runs on a treadmill or uses an elliptical machine at the Y. But in the spring and summer he would rather run on the roads in town. He says he thinks he gets more out of his workouts when he runs outside. Maybe that is true, I don't know.

Great Weekend!!

We had a great weekend, being able to see all of our kids and grand kids! Jake treated us to a Japanese supper on Saturday and on Sunday we took part in our grandson Israel's baby dedication. We got a lot done in the two days and are now back home relaxing. What a fun time we had.

Louisiana Beauty School

As we raise our children we are in hopes that they will do well and succeed in life. They graduate and begin to explore what they may be interested in doing for the rest of their lives. If someone has an interest in the field of Cosmetology, they may want to research the Regency Beauty Institute. It was founded over fifty years ago in Minneapolis Minnesota. They continue to grow with nearly thirty campuses such as the Louisiana Beauty School. Across nine states you will find an amazing cosmetology education available. Their techniques are of the cutting edge, with modern and upscale salons for experience. Browse their site for more information.

**I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.**

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby Birds

It is that time of year when we are seeing baby birds in our yard. I know there are some people that don't want pesky little birds messing up things but I really don't mind them. They are fun to watch. We have a neighborhood cat that likes to watch them too. Zoe kind of has some fun with them also. :)

Life Insurance Quote

We, like many others are watching our budget. The economy is so uncertain these days. There are some simple ways that a person might be able to save themselves some money. We began looking in our insurance. While checking out a life insurance quote we also found that we could save on home and auto. It's worth the time spent to check it out for yourself.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Brotherly Love...

Is this not about the sweetest thing you have ever seen!! Our grandson Kaden is about 6 months old. He has recently begun sitting up on his own. He now enjoys playing and interacting with his big sister Kaelyn. It is so cute to watch them....

Urban Clothes

Anyone that reads my blogs soon finds out that I enjoy shopping. What a wonderful set-up with everything at our fingertips today. That is as long as you have some self control, right? Well, clothes is a passion of mine. It is amazing how you can find urban clothes as well as just about any other type of style, simply by clicking the mouse. What a time saver!


In this fight to lose weight, a person has to be careful not to fall for everything that is out there on the market today. It is easy to find information regarding this subject, on the internet. Be sure to do your research on drugs you are considering. There are many on the market today such as lipozene and others. Some are great and some are questionable. Are you getting what you are paying for. I know that I want too.

Best Fat Burner

As I have spoken about before, weight is a big issue for many today. Watching the scale go up and down is not much fun. It often takes work and discipline to take off those unwanted pounds and keep them off. You can research the best fat burner or diet pill, but you need to do what is best for your personal health and well-being. It can feel like an up hill battle at times.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cheap Health Insurance

People today are trying to find ways to make ends meet and improve their personal budgets. One area that some are turning to is to find cheap health insurance. With Insurance rates sky rocketing, it is difficult to do. It is so worth the time spent if a person can find a better rate and save money over a years time. I know we have.

Taco Supper

Bill asked me tonight what I wanted for supper. We decided to order tacos from one of our favorite places in town. I usually get two hard shells and Bill gets a large soft shell taco. We also got a small order of spicy chips that are covered in cheese, meat and tomatoes. Yum yum. Not having to make supper tonight was a big plus too.

Buy Gold Bullion

Are you looking to find a wise investment. With the economy scare today, many are struggling financially. Not sure where to turn. Precious metals are on the rise. A person can buy gold bullion, silver and other precious metals through the United States Gold Bureau. Gold is known for it's purchasing power and stability. The Gold Bureau can arrange for personal delivery to an independent bank or depository.
Silver is in high demand at this time. You can find it in coin or ingot form. The ingot form is of pure bullion cast. It is conveniently sized.
Gold can also be found in this form. It has been known for centuries as a way to preserve your wealth. Check it out and see what might fit your budget.

**I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.**

Friday, May 14, 2010

Brush Brush Brush

I thought this picture was so cute! Our grand daughter was busy brushing her teeth. Even out in the living room. :) Good girl!

A New Recipe

Tonight I am trying out a new recipe. It is like a pizza bake type meal. Noodles, meat, sauce and Parmesan cheese. I got it prepared earlier today and then put it in a baking dish to bake for one hour. It is smelling pretty good with about 40 minutes to go. There are so many quick and easy dishes. Sometimes it is fun to try something new.

Funeral Cost

You know, at a young age a person thinks that his or her parents will be around forever. Then time slips away and we find ourselves dealing with the loss of a loved one. What does a funeral cost? It was the furthest thing from our minds. Until the day came and we were in the middle of it all. It's such a difficult time. You are grieving and at the same time suppose to make all of those important decisions. We all face it at some point in our lives.

24 hour towing

While raising our children we came to a time when we had purchased many vehicles for each one to drive. They were all older cars, so they had their mechanical problems. I can remember that in one year we had towed four different vehicles for one reason or another. 24 hour towing sure comes in handy at that point. You just never know when you may need that road side assistance.

Electronic Cigarette

For many years my dad has struggled with the addiction of nicotine. He has tried to stop smoking several time, but always seems to return to that nasty habit. It is quite the addiction. I'm not sure if he has ever tried the electronic cigarette. It sounds like a safe effective way of hopefully quitting for good. It gives a person the feel of still smoking without the harmful affects. I'll have to mention it to him.

Unlocked Phone

Cell phones have come a long ways. We started out with a big, bulky, heavy cell phone. It wasn't convenient and we were only allowed 30 minutes of air time. Now we are all carrying a cell phone and they are light weight and small. With all of their fancy gadgets, a person has to be careful that it is not left sitting as an unlocked phone. We have found that in a pocket or purse, the phone has been bumped and called someone on the contact list with out our knowledge. Not a good thing.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Grand daughters!

We have one grand daughter. She is such a sweetheart! Her momma sent this picture to us recently. It has got to be one of the sweetest pictures I've seen....

Testosterone Creams

There are many out there today that are dealing with hair loss. I was reading where testosterone creams can assist in that area along with muscle enhancing and other things. When an individual is trying to cope with certain issues, it can affect their lives. Sometimes it can be as easy as using a medication or a cream of some sort. It's wonderful to be able to research so many avenues with just a click of the mouse.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Auto Insurance

With the economy in the shape it is in, many individuals are trying to find ways to trim their budgets. In watching what you are spending on, we sometimes don't think about auto insurance. My husband and I found that we could save a lot of money per year simple by switching Insurance Companies. It is well worth a person's time to check it out for themselves.

Office Furniture

There are many people working from home these days. It is convenient and a great way to have a business. With that comes setting up shop, so to speak. There is some awesome office furniture available. It's easier to shop and find what you need and what best suits you. I love shopping on the internet!