Sunday, September 30, 2007

4 door truck

We have a pickup with four doors. The back doors won't open until the front doors are open. The handles for the back doors are on the inside. It is a nice safety feature I guess. When Bill's mom rode with us it was nice because she wasn't able to get out of the back doors without our help. Since she has Alzheimer's that is important. There are sometimes when a true four door truck would be nice. Now the front seat occupants need to open their doors first. Maybe sometime we will get a different truck. Until then, we will make this one do.

Garage Storage

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Cooling Off

Last night we had the air conditioner turned on in the house but it never actually came on since it was so cool outside. Tonight we plan on shutting down the air conditioner and opening some windows a little bit. It only got up to about sixty degrees today and tomorrow will be cool also. We did get a nice rain last night but today was mostly dry. I guess winter is not far away.

Miele vacuum

We're having a busy weekend with family. It should be a lot of fun. There is a baby shower for my daughter and then we're having a surprise 80th birthday party for my dad in the evening. I thought I should clean house a little bit with a lot of the ladies stopping by. The Miele vacuum can come in handy about now. It is a modern style with lots of handy accessories. If you're in need of a new vacuum, check out this site.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Not long ago we got a DVR through our cable company. We are just getting used to the machine. We are hoping that we can record some of our favorite shows this season. Jake told me how to set up the DVR so that it will record the show series that I want. It sounded confusing at first but now I think I understand how to set it up. It is pretty cool to be able to record a whole series. It is much better than trying to remember week by week to record shows.

Business Opportunity

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Here it is evening and guess who is sleeping next to me on the couch. You are right, it is Zoe. Just now there was a loud bang of thunder and she woke up. She doesn't like loud noises very much. I don't know how she can sleep as much as she does. I think we should have called her Sleepy instead of Zoe. That name suits her very well.

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Nice Day

Today is a beautiful day. We have some things to do in the house but it is a day when outside jobs are more enjoyable to do. As soon as it dries off I am going to mow the yard. It is sunny and there is very little breeze. Many people in town are having garage sales today. It is a perfect day for that too. It would be nice to have this kind of weather all year.

Tattoo Lovers

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There are so many amazing things around us. Today I find it amazing that we are getting some rain but areas around us not too far away are still dry. It is amazing that we can buy what we want to eat and others have nothing. It is amazing that so many times during the day we take for granted little things. It is amazing that we think gas is cheap right now, even though it is about eight times as much as I paid when I was young. Most of all, God is amazing. Let Him amaze you.

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Monday, September 24, 2007


Today is nice and warm with a breeze. The weather channel had talked about some possibility of rain but right now it doesn't look like we will get that today. It was a good thing that we golfed Sat. when there really wasn't any wind to speak of. Bill was pretty happy that I was the one that suggested golfing. That is something that has never happened before.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Today after church we went for lunch at one of the newest establishments in town. It was pretty busy so the service was a bit slow. The food was very good though. We saw several people from our church there. I had some ribs and fries and Bill ordered a pizza which should be good for supper tonight and his lunch tomorrow too. It was big pizza. When we got home we fed Zoe and put the towels in the dryer. Now I think it is time for a nap. What do you think?

Baby Shower

So what is a baby shower any way? Today when there is a baby shower, the baby typically hasn't been born yet. That means that the baby doesn't yet need a shower, right? OK I am just being funny. A baby shower is really for the mom to be, to see her and to honor her on the big upcoming event. Many times there is a meal involved and several family members and friends gather to watch the mom open gifts for when the baby is born. Years ago the baby shower was held after the baby was born so others could see and hold him or her. Either way it is a fun time by all.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007


We have had four tires and rims in the garage for a long time. They came from Jake's Ford Probe and were in good shape. I had mentioned to some people in the past that we would like to sell them but they were still in the garage a year or so later. That is, until today. I checked again with a guy that I know and he said he would buy them. We weren't asking much for them and it is nice to have a little extra space in the garage. Many of the cars today take bigger wheels but I am sure they will serve someone well for a long time.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Christmas Gift Ideas

Well, it's almost that time of year again. With Fall here and the leaves changing, Christmas is around the corner. It always seems to come so fast. Shopping, baking, decorating and wrapping makes the time fly by. I enjoy shopping for family and friends. It sometimes becomes difficult to come up with the perfect christmas gift idea, but it always seems to work out. Between Bill and I, we seem to find those ideal gifts we're hoping to purchase. This year we will add two more little people to our list. We have two new grand babies on the way. That will be a lot of fun.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hurry Hurry Hurry

Hurry Hurry Hurry, the story of my life. Get up early everyday and try to do about 50 things before heading off to work. Stop home at lunch and read the mail, feed the dog, take her out, do some dishes, make some lunch, check my email and maybe post a little. Then it's back to work and home by 5:45PM to make supper, clean up , take care of the dog, do some laundry, post and maybe throw in some bills, baking, wrapping and who knows what else. Always something to do. It's the story of my life. :) But, life is great and I'm thankful for everyday, my health, my family and most of all my relationship with my Lord. Have a great day!


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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


With our new elliptical machine I plan on getting into great shape. It is fun and easy to use. I can't go too long on the machine yet but I am getting better each day. There is a little fan to blow air on you which is pretty cool. Bill has used it too but not nearly as much as I have. I guess I will just be in better condition than he is.

What's In A Name?

So, with grandkids on the way what are we going to be called? Will it be grandpa and grandma? Will it be papa and grammy? Can it be a mixture of more than one or does it need to be the same? As the grandkids get older will they want to call us something else? These are all great questions and we are working on the answers.

Cellular Sales

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Boy, this must have been the year for weddings. It seems they come in waves. We attended several this past summer and now have been invited to a couple more this fall. I enjoy going. It's fun to see how differently people think and the neat ideas they come up with. We'll still have one more wedding in our family one day. That will be a lot of fun. :)


I decided to run down to the freezer and see what we might have for supper tomorrow night. There was a roast sitting there ready to be crocked. I think I'll get up a little early in the morning and cut up some potatoes and carrots and put it all in the crock pot. I love walking into the house after work and smelling supper. Sounds like a plan to me.

Hair Schools

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Personal Posts

I find it quite fun to write personal posts. It gives me a chance to share what has been going on in our lives. I enjoy reading other people's posts too. As I read different ones I realize that some people are much like me, and some are so different. That is ok. Can you imagine if everyone was the same? Boring! I think we were made by God the way He wanted us to be. Sometimes it may be difficult to understand why but there must have been a reason. What do you think?

Out To Lunch

This Friday I am planning to take my daughter out to lunch. It will be a nice time to visit with her. I had gone to a recruiting event the other day and stayed with Jake. I took him out for supper that night. Now, when Josh comes home sometime I will take him out too. For now though, it is Jenna's turn. The big question now is, where should we go to eat? I think it will be the Pizza Ranch but we will see when the time comes.

Honda Radiator

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What do you think about the OJ deal? You know, the Juice. OJ Simpson. Remember when he played football? Remember the movies he has been in? Remember way back when he was on a world record relay team? Remember the trouble he was in when his wife and friend were murdered? Well now he is in the news again for an alleged robbery. Do you think he did what some say he did? I guess time will tell in this most recent saga of OJ.

Another Day

Have you ever heard the phrase 'another day, another dollar'? Where did that come from? And better yet, when did it come in to use? With costs as they are today and wages too, I would think that someone would change the saying to at least keep up with inflation. I mean to tell you that a dollar won't do a whole lot today whether we are filling our gas tanks or buying groceries. Especially for the entire day! I am thankful that most people make more than that in today's world although I have heard of places around the globe where one dollar does actually do great things. Sometimes I take for granted what I have and should be concerned of those less fortunate.

Personalized Baby Gifts

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A friend called me the other day and said he had listed his motorcycle for sale. He is in college and listed it on a site that is very common with young people. He received an email that said the person's 'client' was willing to buy the motorcycle. It was a bit strange due to the fact that extra money was going to be included within a money order to pay for shipping. Not strange enough? Well, then in another email the person advised to just forget shipping because they had their own shipping company. The motorcycle was going to be shipped by a company in California and taken to the east coast. My friend hopes that this is a legitimate deal but is somewhat skeptical of the whole thing. I hope it works out but it seems like some kind of scam.


Today I was thinking that chili would be great for supper tonight. You know how it is when you are hungry for a certain meal. I left a note on the counter for Bill to see if that was alright for supper. He had it just about ready when I got home from work. We usually like to have corn bread with the chili. I like to have jelly on my corn bread and Bill likes honey. It was very good and we have left overs too.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Recycle Day

Today was recycle day in our part of town. I had to haul stacks of boxes outside before I went to work. Bill usually does that but he was gone already. We had two heavy trash bags to go to the curb too. They were almost to heavy for me to carry. I guess I should appreciate Bill more in all the little chores he does around the house. He is keeping the garage cleaner and more straightened up, which I like. For awhile it was pretty messy. I usually let him know when I think the garage needs some work.

Starting To Rain

It is just about eight o'clock at night and it is starting to rain again. We got a nice little shower earlier today and it sounds like we may get more tomorrow. This is a nice time of year, knowing that it is still warm enough to get rain and not snow. I know, there is that swear word again. I guess we need the snow too. It's just that winter is not my favorite time of year. I am sure I will like it better when we retire and don't have to be in it unless we want to be. And I can assure you, I won't want to be in it.

Online University

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Elliptical Machine

We recently ordered an elliptical machine. It came by semi last Thursday. Bill said the delivery guy helped him get it into the house but wouldn't haul it to the basement. That meant that Bill had to get the big box down the steps and into the bedroom where we wanted the machine. I am sure it was a handful but Bill got it where it needed to be. He put it together and we have started using it. It seems like it is a good quality machine. It has some nice features like a digital display and a fan. I have been on the machine every day since and plan on using it very often.

Ready For A Walk

It is about that time of the day when Zoe is ready for her walk. She knows that each day she gets to go around the block with Bill. You can tell when she is ready because she goes to the box which has her leash in it. Right now she is sitting beside me whimpering and I know she is anxiously waiting to get outside. If I were to say 'walk' I am sure she would run to the door. In fact, that is what I just did. Away she went to the door. That means I need to tell Bill that Zoe is ready for their little outing.

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Tiger Game

Jake recently bought a Tiger Woods golf game for his PS3. He showed me how it works last night. It has wonderful graphics but I haven't gotten the hang of playing it yet. He is quite good already. He clobbered me in two games but I would like a rematch. The game allows you to take your picture and somehow insert it into the game so your face is on the player. I know, it sounds pretty weird. We played the game for about two hours but the time went by very fast. It was fun but I still want another try at beating Jake.

Old Cards

When I was very young it was a big thing to collect ball cards. I still have several of them to this day. I have baseball, basketball and football cards. I know, maybe it is different for a girl to have old ball cards but I enjoy taking them out once in awhile and looking at them. Actually I just as well try to sell them. I suppose ebay would be a good starting point. I just talked myself into selling my old cards.

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Boxes In The Mail

In the past two days we have had notices in our mailbox that we have packages at the post office to be picked up. I have been buying some kids toys online and they are starting to arrive. It was fun to get them home today and unpack the boxes to see what the toys were like. They are used but are all in very good condition. Many of them are just like the ones that my kids had when they were little. Now I am buying for our new grandkids and stocking the toy area in the basement. I know it will be awhile until the kids can play with them but it is fun to buy them early. I should also tell you that our first grandkids aren't here yet. By that I mean they haven't been born yet. We have two on the way and they will be delivered in October. Those are two packages I am really excited about getting.

Miss Sensitive

Our dog Zoe tends to have sensitive skin at times. You can tell when she is irritated because she bites and licks at certain areas. She will also tear around the house like she is trying to get away from something. Today Bill stopped by the vets office and bought some antibiotic cream to put on Zoe. We have used this stuff before on her and it seems to work well. I put some on her just a couple hours ago and she already seems more comfortable.

Video Stock

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Bill went out in the yard the other day and sprayed some weed killer. I am not sure what kind of weeds we have had but they are like vines. They pull out of the dirt quite easily but they are annoying also. I am glad he sprayed them. I can already see that they are dying off. I think he might have to spread something in the yard before winter and then spray in the spring. I guess we'll deal with that when it comes.

Payday Loans

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You can tell it's Fall out there with the fields drying up and the colors changing. I like this time of year, but I don't like thinking what just ahead for us. I could skip Winter all together I think. Maybe a little bit of snow around Christmas would be nice. I'm not to picky am I? Anyway, it's very humid out today. We had been having some cool temps and now it feels like Summer again.

Bad Credit

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Grandma Dell

My brother and his wife have been married now for many years. Tonight Terry emailed and said that his wife Ginny, had a family emergency. Her Grandma Dell was put in the hospital. She is in her 90's. She's a very sweet lady and we've known her for many years. We're praying for her and the family as they go through this difficult time. God is in control.


Zoe's my little Bichon dog. She is my buddy. When home alone, she is such great company. She follows me around and enjoys sitting with me. When Bill is around, she tends to not know that I'm alive. She can be a stinker. Tonight she's been my best friend. :) I'm sure glad we have her.

Orlando Area Hotel

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Well, I did it. I finally went out and played 9 holes of golf. Bill has been after me for years to start up with the game, but I've been dragging my feet. We went down this weekend to visit our youngest son, Jake and his girlfriend, Renee. Jake really wanted me to join them in the sport. So I decided I would. I was glad I did. We had the best time, just laughing and playing. I wasn't very good, but maybe with a little bit of practice (or a lot of practice) I could do better. I don't really care. It's just all about having fun, right? :)

R.G. (Red Gac) Skin Revitalizer

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Why don't I always have wireless internet? That is a question I would like an answer to. We have a wireless router hooked up in the computer room and I usually have a pretty good signal out in the family room. For some reason I get disconnected once in awhile. It then tries to connect to my neighbors internet. I am not sure why it acts up. It is frustrating, especially when I am trying to blog or check my mail. I generally clears itself up but it is still annoying.


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Friday, September 14, 2007

A First

Tomorrow will be a first for me. I have never golfed before but Jake and Bill are getting me out on the course tomorrow. I am not sure how I feel about it but I plan on making the best of it. Jake started golfing more this summer and really enjoys it. As for Bill, he loves the game. Right now I don't know what he sees in it but maybe after I play, I will. The weather is supposed to be very nice. I hope the bugs aren't bad. Eagles, birdies, pars and bogeys. I have heard about these but really don't know what they are. Tomorrow is the day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


What a change in the weather. We recently went from warm and humid to very cool at night. This morning I had light frost on my car window. The bugs seem to be in hiding also. I am a fan for the warmer weather as a rule but the cooler temperatures feel pretty nice. I am sure we will have more summer like weather but it won't be long before winter. Oops, sorry for swearing.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm Tired

WOW! What a day! A gal took the day off so we were short handed. Boy, was it busy. I think we set a record on emergency calls and I've been there for many years. I have never seen it that busy. Everyone must have been thinking about their dentist this past weekend. When it rains it pours as they say. We survived, but now I feel like crashing. Think I'll watch TV and be a bum.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Clean Garage

Our garage is still clean after Bill and Scott straightened it this past weekend. It sometimes doesn't take long for our garage to get disorganized. It looks so nice right now. I hope it stays that way for awhile. The guys hung many of the rakes and shovels on the wall and it made room for other things that are normally in a garage. I can actually drive my car into the garage and have room left over. I love it!

Mortgage Brokers

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Well, it's Sunday and I was looking forward to going to church. I got up early and was already to go. We took off and started for church and I didn't feel well. Got to the point that I needed to have Bill turn around and take me back home. What a bummer. Not sure what's up with my tummy. Anyway, turned on the TV thinking I might find a good pastor preaching on there. Wrong! Nothing to watch. That's to bad. Messed up my day.

Gold Coins

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

What a day!

Bill finished getting most of the apples off of the apple tree today. There may be 50 or so left way up high where he couldn't reach them. We have 3 grocery bags full of good baking apples. We'll have to find homes for them all. They are to good to waste. I spent time working in the house. I was cleaning kitchen cupboards and putting away some new dishes I bough. Then I washed down some Little Tike toys that I purchases yesterday and started to set up our little play area for our grandchildren. It will be so much fun when they arrive.

Reading Tutors

I'm a mom of three. Raising my children through out the years, I found that each child was quite different. They had different interests and personalities. While attending school we saw that each one had their favorite subjects. Reading happened to be an area that was more difficult for a couple of the kids. It's so nice to know that the Score Learning Centers are there with their Reading Tutors to assist a child in the learning process. With their help a child can excel academically. Score helps children from ages 4 to 14. If your child is struggling in an area, look into Score.
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Today Is The Day

Today is the day that I am going to clean up apples from the ground and try to get most of the apples off of the tree. I can't believe how many apples our tree produced this year. I think I can get at least a grocery sack full of good ones to give away and make pies. Someone suggested that I put down a tarp under the tree to make it easier to clean up. I need to rake up the damaged apples and get them into trash cans so I can get them to the local compost site. It is not a job I am looking forward to doing, but it has to get done.

LED Fluorescent Replacement Tubes

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Apple Pie

Lately we have been having apple pie quite regularly. My husband took some to work and shared some with a co-worker who asked if I had made the pie. Bill told him that he in fact had made the pie. He is the one who has been baking them and they have been so good. He had picked some apples tonight and got everything together so there is another pie in the oven right now. He also brought some ice cream home from the store so I guess we will be having some with our pie tonight.

Innovative Tutor

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Thursday, September 6, 2007


After a long day at work and then getting so much done around the house and yard, I am ready to relax. I think Bill has that pie baking in the oven and he's ready to drop also. Now is when we like to sit down and watch the Rifleman. It's an old western show that we really enjoy.


There are so many people who love reading. Now it is made easy to shop for all kinds of different books on line. Last Christmas I was hunting for a certain book as a gift and could find it on the internet. Shopping made easy. Just click and purchase the book you've been waiting to read. Used or new a person can find what they need.

Cordless Phone Battery

We have so many different kinds of phones in our home. There is one located in every room just about. The phone in the family room is a cordless. It is starting to act up on us. It doesn't seem to hold a charge anymore. I think it is due for a new cordless phone battery. That would probably fix the problem. I don't like losing a call because the phone dies right in the middle of talking with someone. We'll have to check into that soon.


Week after week, month after month, clean clean clean. If I could save the hours spent on house cleaning, I bet it would be amazing. We came home and washed clothes, cleaned house, mowed the yard, made supper and now I'm blogging. Boy, we've gotten a lot done. Bill is baking an apple pie from some apples off of our tree in the back yard. He's the best pie maker. Yum Yum

Best Radar Detector

Let's face it, most people have exceeded the speed limit at some point in their lives. Even if it's not done purposely you can find yourself speeding before you realize it. I can remember my son saying that one of his friends had the best radar detector. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but they do serve a purpose.

Cash Advance

Today it seems that it gets tougher and tougher to make ends meet. People find themselves living from paycheck to paycheck. Even then finding that they can't hardly make the money stretch. Well now there is a website where you can find assistance with a cash advance. This can hold you over until that next paycheck arrives. It's nice that it is available to those who are in need.


Tomorrow is my day off and I'm sure looking forward to it. I'm going to meet my daughter in a town close by. We're going to do some shopping. With two grand babies soon to join the family, there are so many cute things to look for. I heard that this store we're going to, has some great buys. I'm excited about it.

Pulse Oximeter

This time of year can be tough on me with my allergies and asthma. I don't like to take medications all of the time, but have to do so these days. It's so nice that now there is medical equipment available for home use. A pulse oximeter sure can come in handy to check my oxygen/pulse rate. It's as easy as slipping it on a fingertip. With the great quality, it's a great buy.

Truck Accessories

For many years my husband has wanted to own a pick-up. Well, about a year and a half ago, his dream was fulfilled. We purchased a club cab type of truck. He really likes it. I found that suddenly he was in need of all kinds of truck accessories. He likes the tonneau cover, bed mats, chrome step bars and much more. I don't think we're quite done shopping yet.

Ping Golf

Boy does my husband love to golf. I think he would go out on the greens everyday if he could. He just never seems to get tired of it. Wait until I tell him about this website I found. There is Ping Golf equipment and accessories. You name it, they seem to have it. What ever ping items you may purchase, you will find top quality. They even have Ping apparel. If you're a golfer, this site is a must see.


Our dog Zoe is a Bischon. She is so sweet. When I come home at noon or in the evening, she is right there to greet me. She never lets me down. Then she follows me around and wants to see what I'm up to. She follows Bill around even more. She will look up staring at him and literally run into his heels. She is definitely his dog.

Math Tutors

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Why is it that sweets have been my thing since I was quite young? I can remember as a child, wanting candy. Of course I didn't always get it when I wanted, but it was still a desire of mine. I can remember telling my mom that someday when I grew up, I would have candy dishes all around my house. Well, they aren't everywhere, but I do have some. I just have to have that little bit of sweet after a meal.

Obesity Surgery

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Clock Trouble

We got a wall type Regulator clock from Bill's parents and it looks very nice in our family room. There is a problem with the clock though. For some reason it doesn't stay wound the way it should. It is very scary to wind too. As you wind the clock it sometimes can spin the key right out of your hand if you aren't watchful. I think that the clock may have been over wound at some point. I would like to find someone to fix it so it works properly.


We have been busy doing some home improvements. It took us several years, but we have finally decided to replace our windows and do some other things. With the Anglian Home Improvements site, it is made easy. They have windows with the Double glazing for a more insulated window. This company has been in business for over thirty six years and is well known amongst the UK homeowners for their excellent quality and service. Check into them for your window needs.
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Fun To Write

'If only I would have been able to write better when I was in college'. That is what my husband has been saying lately. He seems to think that he can come up with ideas and do some blogging. Maybe he can, but so far he hasn't wanted to start his own blog. He said when he was in college he was a procrastinator when it came to his school work. I might have him do some blogging to see if he is right. Then we will see if he thinks it is fun to write or not.

Contemporary Office Furniture

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Our church has had prayer group on Wednesday nights for quite sometime. Our pastor had been in prayer about more people attending and God gave him the number 5. He was to seek out 5 new members who would attend. So on Sunday mornings for a few weeks that is what he did. God is so awesome! We need to learn to listen. We'll that is exactly the number God has provided each week. The prayer group has now grown and they are discussing holding the gathering on Sunday evenings now.

Disney World Tickets

When traveling with my family, I was usually the planner. Everyone else just hopped in the car and went for the ride. We have always had a great time when traveling to Orlando Florida. Of course if you asked the kids they would always say, "we have to go to the Disney Theme Parks". Well now it has been made easy with the Orlandofuntickets website. There you can find the Disney World Tickets at a great discounted price. Not only theme parks, but they also have dinner shows and other attractions that they can assist you with. If you become confused by all of the choices out there, your options are made easy for you with this site. The best part is that they have the lowest discount prices available for all of the Orlando dinner shows. If you enjoy the Medieval Times dinner show, they have it. I know we did. Maybe it's tickets for Sea World, Universal Studios or the Kennedy Space Center. You will find them here. A one stop site to fulfill your desires. Click on their site today.

Outside Lights

Our daughter called tonight and wanted to know how to hook up a new outside light. I explained the process to her and gave her some pointers on how to do the job easily. She is quite good when it comes to repairs and I am sure she will be able to get this job done. It is something that she has not attempted before but she is willing to give it a try.

TV Problems

Josh called tonight and said that their TV has some major problem. Apparently it had a surge of electricity go through it and caused some circuitry to go bad. It is repairable but will cost around $600 to fix. They plan on watching for a good deal on a new TV. The one they had was quite large and they liked it a lot. Hopefully they can find another one to fit their needs.

Credit Card Reward Program

I remember when I was first married, we couldn't hardly get a credit card. It took setting up a loan with a bank and proving ourselves worthy, before anyone would allow us to have one. Now a days a person receives one or two applications a day, in the mail. I'm never really sure who to trust or which one might be wisest to use. Well now there is a site, CreditCard Search Engine, where you can compare all kinds of different credit cards. Some are set up with a Credit Card Reward Program. Is it a low interest you are looking for? Or maybe you want rewards for your spending. It's user friendly and you can quickly access the card of choice that meets your needs. They feature cards such as Bank of America, Visa, Discover, Mastercard and more. Check into this site today.

Nursing Home

Ever since Bill's mom went in to the nursing home we are more aware of the care people are getting. She has Alzheimer's and is in the special unit in the nursing home. Thank goodness there is a place for her to be and for people willing to take care of her. Most of the time she just sits in a chair. She will walk down the hall with help sometimes but not often. She never speaks any more and generally has a blank stare. It is sad to see her in that condition.

Terrible News

It seems like there has been an over abundance of terrible news lately. From shootings to traffic accidents the news has been busy reporting things that I am tired of hearing about. I don't want to get so used to the bad news that it becomes normal. Many of the car crashes talked about in the news could have been avoided since most are alcohol or drug related. I think we all need to watch out for each other and be there to help when needed. I know we can't be everywhere at once but we might be able to pay attention to the things around us and look for potential problems before someone gets hurt. For example, when you see the car full of young kids driving fast down your street you could approach those involved and let them know how dangerous it is to do the things they are doing. Also, don't be afraid to call your local police when you see something that just doesn't seem right.


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Engine Light

Today as I headed home for lunch I noticed that there was a little light that stayed on up by the speedometer. It was the shape of an engine. From reading the car manual I learned that the problem could be several things from poor quality gas, not having the gas cap on tightly or some sensor issue. It is due for an oil change so we will just have the mechanic check it out next week. No big deal.

Zoe Gone Wild

When there are people or other dogs walking by the house Zoe makes a lot of racket. She will run from one door to the other and bark at whoever is outside. She sounds so tough but really is very friendly. This morning as kids were walking to school I noticed a group of three girls and one boy stop at the curb to talk to Zoe. You could just tell that they wanted to come into our yard and pet the dog but as Zoe barked the kids headed down the street. It was funny to watch because tough Zoe was barking at the end of her chain but her tail was wagging.

Vacation Homes In Orlando

My family and I have always enjoyed traveling. One of our favorite spots is the Orlando area. It's fun at Christmas with all of the lights and glitter. Spring Break is a great time to get away from the cold and snow and enjoy the sunshine and a drive to the beach. Just about anytime is fun when you go to Orlando. With 52 theme parks, beaches, resorts and more, you'll never get bored. Vacation homes in Orlando are awesome. You can find yourself staying for far less then most places. Of course Disney World is one of the largest attractions found there. You won't want to miss it. The city continues to change and if you haven't visited the area in the past few years, you will want to make a return trip and check out the new attractions. To make great memories, take your family to Orlando soon.

Work Day

Most people have to go back to work after a Holiday. I am one of those people. It will be nice to get to work and catch up on some things from the long weekend. We have been busy, with around the home jobs and also a little golf. The golfing was fun but it didn't go very well. Some good shots were made but some seriously bad ones also. Have you ever heard the phrase,'a bad day golfing is better than a good day at work'? I enjoy my work but golfing is at least as good.

AC vs Open Windows

This time of year you have to go day by day to see if you need to have the air conditioner running or just have the windows open. We shut down the AC last night and left windows open all day while we were gone. When we got home we quickly shut the windows and turned the air back on due to the heat. Tonight we will probably open the windows again. I, for one, do not easily complain about the heat because I know that before we know it, the cold weather of fall and winter will be upon us again. The nice thing about winter is that my new job keeps me indoors where it is about 70 degrees. That hasn't always been the case as I used to work outside in all sorts of weather. I don't miss it.


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Labor Day has come upon us and for many that means they don't have to work. They,in fact, have to labor. It would be nice if everyone could take the day off from their labor but that is not possible. Many jobs require someone to be working 24-7. I know that we should be thankful that those working as firemen and police officers are on the job even if we have the day off. Can you imagine what it would be like if we didn't have police working to make our communities a safe place to live? Be thankful for these workers and when you see them, let them know that you appreciate them.


You know the Christmas season is right around the corner. It's difficult at times to find the time to do all of the shopping, looking for those special prices. When at the same time going to work and taking care of so many details that come along with the Holiday. Now there is a wonderful website, CouponChief, that can assist you with finding just the right gifts for those special people in your life. I know that my youngest son's wish list will most likely include something from Dell. No Problem, they have discounts and specials on all kinds of items, from cameras to computers. You can find it there. I will often find that perfect something for my daughter and daughter in law at Target. No problem, there are special coupons especially for Target shoppers. you name it, there are many stores to choose from. With up to date coupons and awesome support, this website is a must see. For you next online coupons check out this site for yourself.
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Monday, September 3, 2007

Wedding Reception

Tomorrow night we are going to a wedding reception. I have known the bride and her parents for a very long time. In fact her dad has been one of my best friends for about twenty-five plus years. No matter how often or how seldom I see him our friendship never seems to change. His daughter recently got married in Hawaii and the reception will be held back home so other family and friends can celebrate with the couple. It should be a very fun evening.

Lunia Quest Guides

Do you enjoy playing video games. I have two sons that absolutely love it. They both seem to watch and are well informed when the next new game is about to be released. They don’t want to miss a thing. If you are a game fan and have checked out the Lunia game, you will be glad to know that there is a Lunia Forum where you can have Lunia Quest Guides. All you have to do is create an account and get started. You can then share information with fellow Lunia fans like yourself. It’s always fun to find out the latest , but watch the sarcasm, it can get you banned. Check it out and have fun.
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A Dog Named Reggie

Tonight Zoe and I walked around the block as usual. A neighbor was dog sitting their son's dog, whose name is Reggie. The neighbor told me what kind of dog Reggie was but I don't remember it. I do recall that she said Reggie is one year old and chews everything from electrical cords and table legs to about anything else he finds. She said that Reggie is very high strung and that he is 'outside' a lot. Reggie looked as if he wanted to play with Zoe but Zoe stood just far enough that Reggie's chain wouldn't allow it. I hope the neighbor's house can stand up to Reggie.

Night Guard

How important is your oral health to you? If you're having problems with grinding your teeth at night, you may need a protective device for your teeth. Words associated with such a problem might be Night Guard, TMJ, Bruxism, Tooth Grinding, NightGuard and others. Over time grinding can affect your TMJ and a break down of your teeth. Stress can also add to this problem. Look into this site and see what they might have to help assist you with your bruxism.
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Garage Cleaning

Today was a good day to clean the garage. I hadn't done that job for quite awhile. Scott was here and helped me with the huge task. I thought I was going to need a dumpster but we were able to squeeze most everything into garbage bags for the trash pick up tomorrow. It took several hours cleaning and straightening my single stall garage. I was surprised how much stuff was there. It looks much better. Hopefully it stays that way.